Here Are My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2019 (June Release)

Hi there,

How would you like to lose weight, have the body shape you imagined, be tone and trim, look 10 to 20 years younger, have glowy skin, a smoother complexion, and even fuller lips – all without any effort?

What if you could also slow down, or even stop the aging process, altogether?

If you are saying “yes” to yourself, then you’re going to love what I discovered during my recent Astral Travel!

* (In case you don’t know what astral travel is, it’s where I detach my Astral Body (AKA: Energy Body) from my physical body, and use as an energy vehicle it to travel anywhere in the universe. When traveling with my Astral Body, I can see, hear, talk, smell, and taste, the same as I can in my physical body.)

I Blasted Off Into Space

It was Saturday morning, around 3:00 AM, when I finished my last sip of green tea, and then closed my eyes to blast off with my astral Body, out into the universe!

I had no idea where I would land, until I came to a sudden stop!

I felt my feet land on something solid, and as I looked around, I could see I landed right in the center of something that looked like a sacred circle!

The next thing I saw purple looking people sitting in front of me with welcoming smiles on their faces.

One of them signaled me to sit beside him…

…and this is how I met the Morphatites!

Who Are The Morphatites

The Morphatites are from a galaxy they call Monon (Moe-non), and besides being purple, the first thing I noticed about them was how trim and tone their bodies were, how gloomy their faces looked, how smooth their complexions were, how they had nice full lips, and how they all looked so young!

When I sat down in this sacred circle with them, their leader, introduced himself to me, Hi name was Calpon.

After talking with Calpon for several hours, I discovered the Morphatites have unlocked the secrets to the cosmic code that allows them to:

– Never gain weight

– Use the power of Mental Morphing to create the body they desire

– To look 20 years younger than they are

– Have glowy complexions

– Have fuller lips (if they want this)

– And to never look old,

– And have the flexibility and physical energy of a 30 year old, no matter how old they are!

When Calpon told me this, I was blown away! Because I had never met any beings capable of all of this before.

It turns out that Calpon was 103 years old, but he looked 40, and moved like he was 25!

So, I asked him what was the secret for losing weight to look exactly like you want, having a physical shape that most people would die to have, looking so young, having glow skins, smooth complexions, fuller lips, and slowing down the aging process?…

…and this is when he told me about Xaclaxoniz (Zax-lacks-own-iz), which is the name of the secret Universal Code that makes all of this possible!

It is the Secret Universal Code for unlocking beauty and youth within a person.

Don’t procrastinate or you will miss out on this rare opportunity! Make sure to answer the 3 questions below and send them back to me ASAP!

Understanding The Secret Universal Code Of Xaclaxoniz

Calpon explained there is a Universal Code, called Xaclaxoniz, and once unlocked, it has the ability to activate “beauty energy” within a person, making them skinnier, trim, toned, beautiful to look at, have glow skin, a smoother complexion, fuller lips (if they desire this) look 20 or more years younger, slow down the aging process, and maintain the flexibility and energy of a 25 year old.

And he explained that once this Universal Code has been unlocked by a Spiritual Master, the Spiritual Master can then transfer this energy to others. And once this energy has been transferred to a person, they will experience all of these results!

So, he spent hours showing me how to unlock this Universal Code…

…and after several hours of training, I succeeded in unlocking it!

Once I unlocked it, he taught me how to properly transfer the powerful beautifying and youthifying energy of Xaclaxoniz to others!

My Best Friend And The Transference Of Xaclaxoniz

The first thing I did was have Calpon transfer the Power of Xaclaxoniz to me. And almost instantly, people began commenting on how I looked so much younger!

They even told me my skin looked so nice and glowy, I didn’t have any wrinkles, and they even commented on how I had nice lips. Strangers started coming upon to me and asking me my secret!

And let me tell you, the weight began dropping off of me like butter. Then, I noticed my joints seemed to move much more easily. I actually feel like I am 21 again!

Sol, I just had to call my best friend Chuck!

I told him all about my experience, and he was immediately interested in experiencing it this himself. Especially since he’s had such good results with things like this, which I had performed on him in the past.

I guess you could say that Chuck is my testing person, so I can physically see the results for myself! And he’s always more than willing to let me “test” the things I learn on him!

He told me he didn’t want fuller lips, and I explained if he didn’t want that, that it would not happen.

I explained to him that the only things that would occur, were the things he desired to change about his physical appearance!

That’s the beauty of the power of Xaclaxoniz!

The Unbelievable Results Of Chuck

So, I instructed him on how to sit, then over the next hour I transferred the powerful energy of Xaclaxoniz onto him!

It was so weird because I immediately noticed how his face seemed to relax.

But upon closer inspection, I realized it was not his face relaxing I was seeing, but what I was seeing was the disappearance of the fine lines on his face – right before my very eyes!

Then his skin actually began to glow, and his skin even looked smoother!

And afterwards, his wife immediately noticed it, too!

I was blown away!

But what happened next, I wouldn’t have believed unless I saw it for myself…

…over the next few months, his body began to change shape!

People even started complimenting him on his working out, and how the results were showing, but the weird thing is…

…Chuck has never went to the gym!

He was becoming toner and more inshore, right before my very eyes!

People actually started asking him what he was doing to make himself look so young! (He is 48 and people were guessing him to be around 32)

Chuck also told me he noticed his body becoming more flexible than he ever remembered it being since he was a teenager…

…and that all of this happened without him doing anything but having the powerful energy of Xaclaxoniz transferred to him!

After seeing Chuck’s transformation, I couldn’t wait to share this with you, too!

Don’t procrastinate or you will miss out on this rare opportunity! Make sure to answer the 3 questions below and send them back to me ASAP!

What The Transference Of Xaclaxoniz Energy Will Do

When you experience the powerful transference of Xaclaxoniz energy, you will find that:

– Gaining weight will become a thing of the past

– You will be able to mentally visualize the type off body you want to have, and once I teach you how to do Mental Morphing, your body will begin to take that shape over time!

– You will start seeing the years fade away from your face, and find yourself looking 20 years younger – without doing anything!

– Fine lines will begin to disappear!

– Your skin will become more glow

– Your complexion will get smoother

– Your lips will become fuller (only if you desire this!)

– You will grow old gracefully, always looking much younger than you actually are!

– You will find your body moving with the flexibility of someone who practices yoga!

– You will find yourself having more energy to do all the things you want to do!

– You will feel better than ever before!

– Plus much, much more!

Once this amazing energy has been transferred to you, you will be amazed by the results you begin to see!

How To Apply For The Transference Of Xaclaxoniz Energy

There is going to be such a demand for this powerful, life-changing experience, you will need to apply to be chosen, as one of the lucky people who get to experience the transference of Xaclaxoniz energy.

And the only people who apply for this should be those people who really want to bring out their best appearance, have the body shape they envision, look younger, have smoother skin, a more glowy complexion, fuller lips (if they desire this) be more flexible, and have more energy than ever before,

Applicants will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis. So, you will be considered according to when your email is received.

** So, I recommend answering the 3 questions below and sending them back to me ASAP! Or you WILL miss out on this!

Only 59 people are going to be accepted for this! So DO NOT procrastinate on applying for this!

To apply for this powerful experience, answer the 3 following questions right away, and then email them back to me at this email, right away AND MAKE SURE to include your phone number, so if you’re chosen, we can contact you to reserve your space for this!


Answer These 3 Questions To Apply

1. I would like to apply for this because?

2. How I feel this would help me is?

3. I promise to never misuse this energy in any way that would harm others. (Y/ N)

Now, after answering these questions, send your answers back to this email, to right away, to be considered for the powerful transference of the beautifying and youthifying Xaclaxoniz Energy.

Once I receive your answers, you will be contacted within a day, if you are one of the few lucky people to be accepted for the powerful and sacred transference of Xaclaxoniz Energy!

You are going to be amazed at the results!

So, don’t procrastinate!

Make sure to answer the 3 questions right now, and send them back to me WITH your direct phone number, so you don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity of being one of the lucky 59 people who are chosen!

I look forward to having you experience The Transference Of Xaclaxoniz Energy!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. Here are my latest Psychic Predictions for 2019 (June Release)

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