Help Prevent The Energy Earthquake And Be Rewarded With The Priceless Gift Of The Crystaline Throne! (Please Read This)

Hello there,

I am shaking a little as I write this email to you because this is the first time anything like this has ever happened on planet earth before…

….but thank god I am able to warn you about it!

So, let me get right in and tell you exactly what I am talking about!

I Had An Unsettling Psychic Vision

Two weeks ago I woke up feeling extremely disturbed after having a very long and unsettling psychic dream!

In my dream, I saw my mentor, Macar, my Ascended Master Guide, and 12 Archangels sitting in a sacred circle…

…and whenever a sacred circle is formed, it means something VERY serious is about to happen!

So, when I saw them sitting in a sacred circle, I knew right away it was because of something very serious!

So, I was invited by Macar to enter the sacred circle, then over the next 6 hours, I was told about something extremely scary that I had never heard about before…

…an Earth Core Earthquake!

The Earth Is Going To Shake At Its Core

After I sat down in the sacred circle, Macar stood up and began the meeting with the following words: 

“Tana, we have formed this sacred circle due to the urgency of what we are about to tell you! There is going to be an Earth Core Earthquake. Something so hazardous, reckless, and unpredictably powerful. that it can only be discussed in the sacred circle! 

An Energy Core Earthquake has only occurred one other time in the history of the earth. And that was when the great flood mentioned in the Christian Bible occurred! 

An Energy Core Earthquake ONLY occurs when the earth needs to be cleansed of all evil! And Tana, another earthquake is going to be happening again again! 

So, we have called you here to warn you!”

I was very concerned by the serious look in Macar’s eyes, as Macar continued on:

“There is going to be another Earth Core Earthquake, which if not stopped, is going to wipe out the entire earth and many lives will be lost!:

Tana, when the first Earth Core Earthquake happened, it was at a time when the entire earth needed to be cleansed of all of its evil. And the only way to cleanse the earth at that time was by flooding the earth… 

…and only the most righteous people on earth would survive it! 

The Energy Core Earthquake shook the earth at its core, triggering the great flood to happen!” 

Needless to say, I was quite shaken hearing this news in the sacred circle because I knew what was going to come next would not be good news…

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The Bad News That Followed

Next, Macar said: 

“Tana, we have gathered here in The Sacred Circle to inform you that a second Energy Core Earthquake will be hitting the earth again soon… 

…and this one will be even more disastrous than the one that triggered the great flood over 2,000 years ago! 

When this next Energy Core Earthquake hits, the entire planet earth will become consumed in flames and the entire earth, along with everything on it, will be burned to ashes!”

I was trembling as I asked Macar what caused this next Earth Core Earthquake to happen? Then, he looked right at me and said:

“Tana, there are more evil people in the world right now than ever before. Political figures are trying to create dictatorships, corporate giants are taking advantage of people in every way they can, as many around the world live in fear, having no idea what they can do to stop it! 

School violence in America is becoming an everyday occurrence in the news, along with human trafficking, the rise in homelessness, wars between countries, the fight to control the world’s oil supply, along with manipulated gas prices that benefit the rich and cause everyone else to suffer. Along with many other underhanded dealings! 

Even health care is only for the people who can afford it, while those who can’t are left to suffer. Minorities are being treated as less than human, and the list goes on and on!

 Tana, greed is overshadowing compassion, control and violence are overshadowing love and compassion, and the welfare of others is overshadowed by selfishness and self-serving interests. 

And it has to be stopped before it’s too late!”

I Asked If It Was Too Late?

I was literally shaking when I asked Macar if there was any way this Earth Core Earthquake could be stopped from happening, and here is what Macar said:

“As sad as this is, an Earth Core Earthquake will immediately wipe away the evil from the earth! 

Tana, there is another way, that can also eliminate all of this evil, and prevent the Energy Core Earthquake from happening… 

BUT the only way this will be possible is if you can 50 people to help you…otherwise, the earth as you know it will come to an end!” 

He definitely had my full attention!

I told Macar I believed there were enough good people who would not want this to happen to the earth who would be willing to help because I felt sure inside those people who knew an Earth Core Earthquake was going to happen would be willing to do whatever it takes to prevent the earth from becoming consumed in flames! 

So, over the next 5 nights, I was trained by Macar in my dreams on how to train a special army of light seekers, who would help me stop this tragic Earth Core Earthquake from happening!

The Cosmic Lightning Bolt Is The Answer 

Macar said the ONLY way to stop the Earth Core Earthquake from happening was by using a technique specifically designed by the Greek God Zeus, the Archangel Michael, and Saint Germain, to stop this earthquake from happening!

Macar said:

Tana, this technique has to do two things in order for it to work and that’s why it needed to be designed by the highest-level beings in the universe: 

1. It needed to 100% be able to prevent The Earth Core Earthquake from happening! 

2. It had to have the power to cleanse the earth of all of the evil I explained, otherwise it would be of no use in preventing this terrible earthquake! 

So, it had to include both of these things, otherwise, it would not be effective!” 

So, to accomplish both of these things, they created what they called The Cosmic Lightning Bolt!”

Macar further explained:

“Tana, The Cosmic Lightning Bolt will cleanse the evil from the earth, without physically harming any human being in the process!  So, not one soul will get burned up in the process!

And at the same time, preventing the earthquake of mass destruction from happening at all! 

He said how the Cosmic Lightning Bolt works as it cleanses the evil from people’s hearts and turns them into the loving compassionate beings they were created to be! And once their hearts have been cleansed, the world will begin to return back to a place of love, harmony, peace, and joy! 

Being nothing short of a miracle, The Cosmic Lightning Bolt will neutralize the Energy Core Earthquake and stop it from happening at all!

“It will place a love so strong in evil people’s hearts it will erase their hate, separation, greed, and selfishness! And love is what the world needs more of right now! 

The Cosmic Lightning Bolt will place deep love in the hearts of many humans! 

But Tana, you must get the help of 50 humans, otherwise, this cannot be prevented!”

Looking For People To Help 

If the Earth Core Earthquake happens, it will wipe what has taken the earth thousands of years to accomplish! Affecting not only this generation, but all future generations to come!

I am not trying to sound negative, but there is no way really to sugar coat an Energy Core Earthquake because this is VERY serious! So, as you can see, I need 50 people to help me prevent this from happening!

Each person will have their aura infused with The Cosmic Lightning Bolt, so that the evil hearts of the powerful people in control will be cleansed of their evilness, turning them into the loving compassionate beings they were created to be!

And once their hearts have been cleansed, the world will begin to return back to a place of love, harmony, peace, and joy, saving the planet because the Earth Core Energy Earthquake will become instantly neutralized!

We will all go to sleep peacefully that night, knowing we have just saved the world from a disaster the rest of the world had no idea was even coming!

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You Will Be Rewarded With A Crystal Throne 

What Macar said next, left me speechless! I literally couldn’t believe what I was hearing!

Macar said:

“Tana, the 50 people who participate in this mission to help save the planet you will have bestowed upon them one of the highest honors in the universe any human can have… 

…they will be rewarded with a CrystalineThrone!”

So what does being rewarded with a Crystalline Throne mean?

Make sure you are sitting down right now because when I explain to you what this means, it’s gonna knock your socks off your feet – in a good way!

What he explained to me is that anytime you sit down on a chair of any kind, whether it is a kitchen chair, sofa, or any type of chair, such as an outdoor patio chair, a chair in a restaurant, and even a movie theater seat, it doesn’t matter what kind of seat you are sitting on…

Because whenever you sit down, anywhere and at any time, wherever you sit will be energetically transformed into a Crystalline Throne.

And anyone who is sitting on a Crystalline Throne is recognized throughout the universe as a queen or king because only queens and kings are permitted to sit on a Crystalline Throne!

So, all light beings in the entire universe, including but not limited to, guardian angels, spirit guides, fairies, elves, gnomes, and many others, will see you are sitting on a Crystalline Throne, so they will bow before you, the same way a person would in front of any queen or king!

All throughout the Universe, you will instantly be recognized by all of these spiritual beings as one of the 50 people who helped save the future of the earth from destruction!!

Being bestowed a Crystalline Throne is one of the highest honors in the entire universe that anyone could ever achieve!

But that’s not all!

When these remarkable light beings see you are sitting on a Crystalline Throne, they will then begin to work in your favor in ways you have never imagined possible…

…and here’s what they are going to do for you…

The Incredible Power Of The Crystalline Throne

Aside from now being recognized as a queen or king of the universe, this is only the tip of the iceberg because being privileged to sit upon a Crystalline Throne comes with many honors, privileges, and benefits other people are not privileged to have!

So, here are just some of the privileges that will be bestowed upon you once you have been rewarded with the Crystalline Throne:

– Since you are now royalty, if you are single and looking, you will magically find your prince or princess because every king and queen needs a spouse! So, all of the invisible beings in the universe will be summoned to search the world for your perfect match to sit beside you on your throne! 

– If you are already in a committed long-term relationship, your significant other will also be bestowed with a Crystalline Throne, receiving the exact same privileges and benefits! 

As a matter of fact, your entire immediate family will be bestowed upon them a Crystalline Throne and they will all be treated like members of the royal family, anywhere they go… 

…you will literally become a “royal family”! 

– Queens and kings need lots of wealth and abundance to live the lavish lifestyles they are meant to be living. So, money will just naturally be there for you like never before! 

NO MATTER what your current financial situation, it will drastically improve so you can begin living the life of the queen or king you are! Your cup will begin to runneth over with wealth and abundance! 

– Fairies, elves, gnomes, angels, archangels, spirit guides, and all other invisible beings of the universe will stand before you, waiting to carry out and fulfill your deepest desires and wishes. Things you simply think about will begin to magically appear out of thin air! 

For example, maybe you were talking about how nice it would be to go to Hawaii and then suddenly, someone invites you to go with them on an all-expense paid trip to Hawaii! Maybe you were thinking of how nice it would be to have a bigger house and suddenly, an amazing deal for a bigger house, with a price that is almost giving it away, appears out of nowhere!  Or imagine you were talking about winning the lottery and then you find out you have the winning ticket! Things like this will begin to happen because these powerful spiritual beings of the universe will use their powers to make your thoughts, wishes, and desires, magically happen! 

– Amazingly and unexplainably, wherever you sit or wherever you go, people will begin treating you differently…they will begin treating you like the royalty you now are! 

– Like royalty, people will begin opening doors for you, restaurants will give you the best seats, bankers will stand up when you walk in, business people, clients, associates, bosses, coworkers, and even your friends and acquaintances, will begin treating you like royalty – including people who have treated you badly in the past! 

You’ll secretly smile to yourself when you see the people who used to look down or you or treated you badly before, suddenly begin bending over backwards just to please you and make you happy! 

– Waiting in lines will become a thing of the past as you will quickly be escorted to the front of the line! Even slow-moving cars on streets and highways will naturally love out of your way anywhere you go! 

– And that’s not all! Like all royalty, you (and your immediate family) will be surrounded by spiritual bodyguards, anywhere you go! You and your immediate family will be protected by Ascended Masters, Archangels, fairies, elves, gnomes, along with many other higher-level beings, giving you the ultimate protection and safety- anywhere you go! 

– All of these things, PLUS many, many other amazing things like these will become a daily occurrence in your life! 

These are just some of the many rewards you will receive as a way of thanking you for saving the earth from mass destruction!

Please help save the planet and be rewarded with a Crystalline Throne! Please click here now and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Scheduling Page and you will become one of the 50 most honorable people on the entire planet!

The Releasing Of The Cosmic Lightning Bolt

I was instructed not to mention the date when the earth would become consumed by flames, in order not to create fear in the hearts of people. But I can tell you this, the time at which it will happen is not too far away!

And that’s why I need 50 people to help me with this because The Releasing Of The Cosmic Lightning Bolt needs to happen within the next few months.

First, we will all meet online where I will magnetize everyone’s aura to prepare their energy bodies to receive the power of the Cosmic Lightning Bolt.

Next, each person will have a Cosmic Lightning Bolt properly placed beside them!

Then everyone will be instructed on how to release their Cosmic Lightning Bolt out into the Universe and this releasing of the Cosmic Lightning Bolt is what will cleanse away all the things causing these imbalances on the earth, WITHOUT harming any human in the process!

The Releasing Of The Cosmic Lightning Bolt is a very compassionate approach that will heal and cleanse at the same time without hurting or harming any living soul. Unlike what would happen if the Earth Core Earthquake is not prevented!

Once released, these Cosmic Lightning Bolts will cleanse this evil from the planet and turn the hearts of all people into the loving compassionate beings they were created to be!

After this has been performed, we will begin to see the world begin to return back to a place of love, harmony, peace, and joy!

The Releasing Of The Cosmic Lightning Bolt will prevent the Energy Core Earthquake from happening and save the earth for future generations!

Immediately after The Releasing Of The Cosmic Lightning Bolt has been performed, each of the 50 people will instantly be bestowed a Crystalline Throne and the results will begin to be seen right away!

This is how it will work!

What To Do Next

Hopefully, I’ve explained everything to you clearly and now is your opportunity to join me and 50 others to help save the earth.

Sadly, I’m sure you know people who think to themselves “There will be plenty of other people who will do this, so if I don’t participate in this it won’t make a difference!”

Well, as we all know, this is the exact same thing many people say to themselves about voting in the election, and look what’s been happening!

What these types of people don’t realize is this sad truth: Most people leave things on the shoulders of others to take care of and then they wonder to themselves how things ended up in such a mess!

Yet, they could have helped but didn’t…when suddenly – it’s too late!

Fortunately, most of you who are reading this email aren’t the type to sit back and wait for others to do It for you, trying to push your part off onto others because I know that most of my clients understand we are all interconnected and in this together…

…that’s why I am so blessed to have clients like you!

So, if you would like to help prevent the mass destruction of the planet and then take your place upon your well-deserved Crystalline Throne then click here and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Scheduling Page!

Participating in this will be something you can be proud of and tell your family, kids, and grandkids about!

Imagine how your life and your family’s lives will be positively changed when you suddenly begin to be treated like royalty wherever you go!

A person who takes action, instead of expecting others to do it for them, is considered by the higher beings to be the most honorable and respectable person in the Universe…

…and it’s for this very reason you’ll be rewarded with The Crystalline Throne and live a blessed life of royalty afterwards for participating in The Releasing Of The Cosmic Bolt!

So, if you would like to help save the planet click here now and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Scheduling Page and you will become one of the 50 most honorable people on the entire planet!

Please don’t procrastinate because I cannot do this alone! I need your help to make this happen! So, please click here and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Scheduling Page and become one of the 50 special people who will join me on this powerful mission!

Thank you in advance for your help!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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