How Eno Codo Soulo Can Change your Life Instantly! (Get ready to be amazed!)

Hello again,

What I’m about to share with you is probably one of the most interesting experiences I’ve ever had in all my years of astral traveling!

I mean, it was mind-blowing!

I began preparing for my astral travel in the usual way: I got up around 2:30 am Saturday morning, ate my banana, had a cup of hot green tea and then sat in my “astral travel position” to get ready to take off.

In case you are new to reading my emails, I astrally travel for around 8 to 14 hours every Saturday morning!

Astral travel is when a person detaches their energy body from their physical body, which allows them to travel anywhere in the universe.

And when I astrally travel, I can see, hear, touch, taste, and smell, the same as I can with my physical body, while retaining full consciousness.

So, let me share with you what happened during my most recent astral travel. 

The Plane Zano And Fascinating Ghuraks

I never know where I am going to land when I first take off in my astral body. I just let the universe guide me to wherever I need to go…

….and this time, I landed on the planet Zano!

The Planet Zano is over 1,000,000 light-years away from the earth and is located in a galaxy called Tocke (toek).

I discovered that the inhabitants of the planet Zano are called Ghuraks (Gur-aks) and the Ghuracks are quite amazing beings.

What makes them so amazing is this:

The Ghuraks are such highly evolved beings that do not need to have physical bodies because they have evolved to the state of pure consciousness. So, you can only see them when they make themselves visible!

And they were the most fascinating beings I had ever meet before!

How An Entire City “Magically” Appeared In Front Of Me

So, when I first landed on their planet, it reminded me of Hawaii! Beautiful oceans, tall trees swaying in the gentle warm winds. Tall mountain ranges outlined by violet and light green skies, with clouds that were the most beautiful blue I had ever seen!

Then suddenly, out of thin air…

…an entire city appeared right before my eyes!

And this city was full of life with Ghuraks walking all around!

At first, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me because one moment, I’m standing in the middle of this beautiful untouched land, then the next minute…poof! I’m standing in the middle of a city, which is full of life!

I was so in awe, I was literally unable to speak for a few seconds!

And thank goodness I was standing on a sidewalk because there were all kinds of flying vehicles zooming up and down their streets!

Then suddenly…

A Voice From Behind Spoke My Name

Suddenly, I heard a voice behind me saying, “Hi Tana! Welcome to Zano. We have been excitedly expecting you!” 

And when I turned around there was this very tall, handsome man standing right behind me. I mean, he looked like a model!

He reached out his hand to shake mine and introduced himself as Pokaun (Poe-con). Other than his name, everything about him seemed human.

He then informed me I was on the planet Zano, and that they had been expecting me. Then he asked me to follow him to this beautiful building.

As we entered this building, he led me into what looked like a giant meeting room, which was empty. Then he motioned me to close the door.

And then…

They Appeared Out Of Thin Air!

After I closed the door, suddenly, out of thin air, a long table with around sixty people sitting around it, appeared out of thin air! All of these people looked like humans, too! Then they all said hello to me.

I later discovered that since the Ghuraks are pure consciousness, they can take on any form. So they take on the form of whoever, or whatever being they are met with.

In other words, it was a green alien, they would all have appeared as green aliens. But since I am a human, they appeared to me in the form of humans!

And ALL of them looked liked human models! (I definitely wasn’t going to complain about being surrounded by all of these handsome men!)

Then Pokaun offered me a seat and began explaining how I had been guided to land on their planet.

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He told me the reason I landed on their planet was so they could teach about something called an Energy code. Which it turns out is the genetic code of a person’s soul.

Understanding Your Energy Code 

Pokaun then went on to say:

“Your Energy Code is literally the genetic code of your soul! The same way you are born with a specific DNA, you are also born with a specific Energy Code!

As human Scientists already know, when you make a small change in a person’s physical DNA, it can cure disease, health problems, physical problems, emotional problems, or just about anything!

Well, a person’s Energy Code is a complex bio-ectoplasmic “Soul Code” each person is born with.

How Your Energy Code Gets Programmed

It turns out that all humans have an Energy Code, which is the genetic code of your soul.

And each person’s Energy Code is as unique to them as their fingerprints.

But unlike your physical DNA, your Energy Code is determined by your soul’s karma, which is the karma from all of your past lives that accumulates in your soul.”

And your unique Energy Code is a result of:

– The accumulated karma from ALL of your past lives

– All of your past life deeds

– The karma of the mother and father

– The karma of all of your past life families

Your Energy Code Makes You Who You Are 

Pokaun explained that a person’s Energy Code makes them who they are because just like your human DNA, your Energy Code will dictate many things about you!

For example, your Energy Code dictates:

– Your attitudes about life and the world around you

– The kind of person you are. For example, if you worry a lot, get uptight, stressed out often, or are able relax and enjoy life most of the time, etc.

– If you’ll have addictions, compulsions, or habits

– Your behavior

– Your personally

– Your daily energy levels

– How you speak. For example, can you express yourself well or do you often come across to people the wrong way?

– Plus many, many other things!

So as you can see, your Energy Code determines many things about your life and also who you are as a person!

Your Energy Code Influences Your Life Experiences

And what I found to be even more mind-blowing is that your Energy Code has a large influence on what you will experience in your life!

For example, it determines:

– Whether or not you will be successful in love

– How much financial wealth you will be able to acquire in your life

– Whether the opportunities you’re presented in life will be good ones or bad ones

– It determines the type of person you are and will become

– It influences your emotions as to whether you will tend to be more of a happy person, depressed, upbeat, or somewhere in between

– It determines the impression you make on others and what others will think about you

– It affects how easy or difficult it will be for you to gain weight

– It also affects how easy or difficult it will be for you to lose weight

– It determines how much fun you’re able to have in life

– It affects whether or not you can say no without feeling guilty

– It influences if you will have good luck or bad luck in this life

– It plays a role in your health and longevity

– And many, many other things, too!

So as you have probably figured out by now, how your Energy Code is programmed has everything to do with what you will experience in life, the opportunities or lack of them you will have in this life, who you are as a person, why you are as you are, and even if others will like you and how others will receive you!

And if there are things you don’t like and wish you could change…

…don’t worry because I have some really exciting news for you!

The Power Of Reprogramming Your Energy Code

What Pokaun told me next almost made me jump out of my pants with joy!

Pokaun said your Energy Code is so powerful that if there are certain personality traits you want to change, or if you want to change some of the experiences you’re having in life, your Energy Code can be reprogrammed to make any or all of those things happen!

He also said by having your Energy Code (the genetic code of your soul) reprogrammed, can create a positive shift in your attitudes, behaviors, moods, personality traits, help you express yourself better, and will even change other’s opinions about you in a very positive way!

People will begin seeing you as the amazing person you are and even begin acknowledging you for all the things you should be acknowledged for!

Reprogramming your Energy Code will also improve your love life, dating experiences, financial stats, weight loss, the impression you make on others, what others think about you, and even your good luck and longevity!

In other words, you can actually have your Energy Code reprogrammed according to whatever it is you want to change, create, or have more of in your life! 

So, if you don’t like how certain things about yourself, your relationships, the experiences you’ve had up to this point, where you are going in your life, how your life is unfolding, or anything about you or your life whatsoever, your Energy Code can be reprogrammed to give you the kind of life you want to have!

In other words, your Energy Code can be reprogrammed to change anything you can think of for the better in your life!

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The Amazing Results Of Eno Soulo Codo

I discovered that the Ghuraks are the most knowledgeable beings in the entire universe when it comes to Energy Code Reprogramming.

And the technique they use to reprogram a person’s Energy Code is called Eno Soulo Codo.

Eno Soulo Codo will rewrite your Energy Code so you can experience the changes in your life you want to see occur – and the changes will occur rapidly!

For example:

* If you ever find some of the same love problems repeating themselves in your life, such as you keep meeting cheaters, people afraid of commitment, dishonest people who stretch the truth, people who tell the truth by omission, alcoholics, drug addicts, or sex addicts. Or if you find yourself continuing to experience the same love problems over and over again, then your Energy Code needs to be reprogrammed!

Once your Energy code has been reprogrammed with Eno Soulo Codo, you will find these things completely begin to change! Instead of meeting losers, you’ll begin meeting keepers!

* Does money always seem too low? Or do you ever find yourself worrying about money more than you’d like to? Do you worry about losing everything one day, or sometimes worry you’ll be homeless? Does money flow into your life the way you know it should? Does it ever feel like something is blocking money from coming to you?

When your Energy Code gets reprogrammed with Eno Soulo Codo, not only will you being to worry less about money, you will also see an increase in the flow of money coming into your life!

* Do you ever feel like you could be happier? Or at times, do your moods go up and down like a yo-yo? Do you ever wish you could feel more at peace, or more relaxed inside? Have you ever felt like sometimes your moods prevent you from being as happy as you could be? Do you ever feel like negative emotions rob you of your energy?

Eno Soulo Codo is excellent for reprogramming a person’s moods! Once it has been performed on you, not only will you feel happier than before, but you will notice yourself having the stamina of a teenager!

* Do you find when you gain weight, it seems impossible to get it back off? Or even worse, do you notice the pounds keep piling on, year after year, regardless of what you do or try to prevent it? Or maybe you have a little success, only to put it all or even more, back on again?

It’s not your fault because how your Energy Code is programmed will affect your weight gain and your ability to get it back off!

The good news is, Pokaun said Eno Soulo Codo can be a positive turning point for a person who struggles with weight gain!

* Do you ever worry about what others think of you, or the kind of impression you make? Your Energy Code is also the energy you radiate, and the energy you radiate influences what others think about you and the first impression you make!

* Do you ever feel like bad luck seems to follow you around? Or do you ever feel like a gray cloud follows you around?

Any bad luck is the result of past life Soul Karma, but once it has been reprogrammed, your luck will begin to quickly turn around!

* These things and many more are just a few of the things that will rapidly change after having your Energy Code reprogrammed with Eno Soulo Codo!

Once your Energy Code has been reprogrammed, changes will happen almost immediately! 

Chuck’s Experience After Eno Soulo Codo 

I called my best friend Chuck right after my amazing astral travel and told him all about Eno Soulo Codo.

I explained to him what I learned about Energy Codes and he was very excited! Naturally, he wanted me to perform Eno Soulo Codo on him to reprogram his Energy Code.

So I went to his house and it took about an hour. And afterward, he told me he felt brand new inside! He said he could actually feel the reprogramming as it was taking place inside of him!

Afterward, he was very relaxed, and he looked happier than I had seen him look for a very long time! He just couldn’t quit smiling!

Over the next two weeks, the following things happened to him:

– He lost 8 pounds without even trying

– His love relationship problems transformed in an unbelievable way and they decided to stay together

– He said “I had so many women flirting with me I practically had to beat them off with a stick!

– He won $10,000 from a scratch-off

– He didn’t experience any anxiety, depression, fear, or worry

– No matter what happened around him, he didn’t feel bothered at all

– His feeling of happiness increased by 100%

– His good luck increased – he got another raise

– He found two brand new $100 bills laying on the sidewalk

All of this happened in only two weeks! And I’m sure there will be many more things to report in the upcoming weeks!

How To Get Eno Soulo Codo Performed On You

As you can see, Eno Soulo Codo is very powerful!  Just the same as changing the genetic code of your DNA would create major changes in your physical body, reprogramming the genetic code of your soul will create major life changes in all areas of your life!

The changes you will experience after Eno Soulo Codo is so incredible, I’ve only begun to scratch the surface regarding all the positive changes it will create in a person and their life!

Eno Soulo Codo is by far one of the most powerful things I’ve learned about up to this point in my life!

Who is Eno Soulo Codo for? Eno Soulo Codo is for anyone ready to experience positive life changes, begin feeling the way they want to feel and is ready to have the life experiences they deserve to have!

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The truth is there are no words accurate enough to describe the amazing benefits of having the genetic code of your soul reprogrammed with Eno Soulo Codo! And if you are one of the lucky people who do take action on this so you can experience it, you will understand exactly what I mean.

If you wait or put this off, when you hear others talk about the amazing changes Eno Soulo Codo created in their life, by then it will be too late!

So, go ahead and click here and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page to reserve your space so you can be guaranteed not to miss out on this life-changing experience!

I can’t wait for you to experience this and I’m so glad I was able to share it with you!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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