Here are my latest Psychic Predictions for October 2020

Hi there,

Something very unusual happened to me the other day that was very uncommon.

Most of the things I learn and share with you happen as a result of my astral travels, but occasionally…

…they happen right here on earth!

Let me explain what I mean…

…I got up at 3am last Saturday, to begin astral travel, only this time was different because right when I woke up, a loud invisible voice, coming from the air said, “Get dressed, get in your car, and drive out to those mountains you love!”

So, without even thinking, I got dressed and drove to my favorite mountains – at 3am in the morning!

When I got there, the voice said, “Park here and walk on that trail! in front of you”… 

Here’s What Happened Next

I walked almost a mile when suddenly, there was a tall shadowy figure waving at me as if to say “Follow me!”

As I got closer, I could see it was a tall, alien-looking being, who at first glance in the dark, looked like a very tall human!

But as I got closer, I could see his features were very different looking than humans would look. He had two ears on each side of his head, four eyes on his face, and his skin was an orangish-red color.

So I followed him and we walked about another half mile deeper into the trail and when we stopped, a whole group of them was waiting there!

And this is when I discovered they are called Terons and they came here to earth from the planet Tero, just to deliver me a message!

The Teron who lead me down the trail was named Yazu and he explained the reason they wanted to meet me on earth was that if I entered their galaxy using my astral body, it would have burned up, due to the vibrational temperature differences body between their galaxy and ours.

I had heard once before that it was possible for your astral body to get burned up, but never encountered it myself. So, I was thankful they came to earth to visit me, instead.

All Humans Are Covered In Energy Ick

It was during my meeting with Yazu that I learned about Energy Ick and what it is.

Here is what Yazu said:

“Energy Ick is an ethereal, tar-like substance, floating around the entire planet, which was caused by humans drilling into the earth for gas, oil, and other natural resources. This deep drilling is what caused the Energy Ick! 

Drilling that deep into the earth releases an invisible gas into the earth’s atmosphere.  And this gas was never meant to enter the atmosphere ion the earth. It was supposed to remain deep within the earth. 

You may notch, but the earth’s moon plays a huge role in protecting the earth! So, the moon tries to eliminate this toxic gas from the earth’s atmosphere by sending out powerful energy beams to destroy it. 

And when the moon’s beams hit this gas, it transforms this gas into a tar-like ectoplasmic substance called Energy Ick. And like any tar-like substance, this Energy Ick sticks to the energy fields of humans. 

And when Energy Ick sticks your energy field it will cause you all kinds of emotional problems! 

With so many years of drilling on your planet, tons and tons of this gas have been released. Creating unimaginable amounts of Energy Ick! 

So much so, that every single person on the planet earth is covered with 200 pounds of it!”

And this was the other scary part he told me, “There is so much Energy Ick out there, it will also cover newborn baby on earth – for the next 500 years!”. 

Why People Can’t Stop Doing The Things They Do

Yazu explained that Energy Ick is created as a result of the moon doing its job to protect the earth from this toxic gas.

And he told me this gas is so toxic, that if the moon did not neutralize it, many babies would be born deformed, and many humans would die from “mysterious” unexplainable causes!”. 

He explained to me that the way Energy Ick affects a human is it affects our emotional states by causing their brain to go haywire.

Which in turn, causes our thoughts and emotions to get trapped in a hamster wheel!

In other words, this Energy Ick has caused us, humans, to get caught up in repetitive thoughts, actions, and behaviors that don’t serve us in a positive way, and we are almost entirely powerless to change them on your own!

Let me show you what I mean…

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The Negative Effects Of Energy Ick 

Think about these things below and you will see the many ways you have already been affected by Energy Ick, without even realizing any of these things were even caused by it!

If you ever find the same thing happening to you, over and over again, these repeated occurrences are caused by Energy Ick (EI) and these repetitive patterns have a name, they‘re called Cosmic Pattern Repetitions (CPR).

Let me explain…

You can think of Energy Ick like a type of negative energy glue that gets stuck on your physical body AND your energy body. And because it is invisible energy – you cannot see it!

And when you are covered in Energy Ick, it causes you to experience Cosmic Pattern Repetitions (CPR’s) in your life because Energy Ick keeps you energetically “glued” into a repetitive pattern!

And here are some examples of being “glued” into repetitive patterns in your life:

Have you ever had a bad habit you can’t seem to break?

Like biting your nails, smoking, overeating, drinking too much, using other drugs, picking at things, and maybe some habits too embarrassing to even talk about? A habit you have to hide from others?

And yet, no matter how hard you have tried, you might break them for a while, only to return back to them again, or you can’t break them at all!

Causing you frustration, low-self-esteem, or having to just give in and just try and accept having a habit you don’t like, and sometimes have to hide from others!

It’s not good for our self-esteem or self-image to have to accept things about ourselves we don’t like because we are powerless to change them!

The repetitive habits you can’t break are a sign of being covered in Energy Ick, which keeps you stuck and unable to break them!

Have you ever noticed a repeating pattern with people you get involved with?

A few examples might be, do you keep dating the same types of people where they end up being someone different than they pretended to be?

Or looking back, do you find the people you have dated seem to have some of the same negative characteristics in common? Such as, they either turned out to be dishonest, unfaithful (or both), have trouble committing, drink too much, smoke too much pot, aren’t very communicative, or some of the other characteristics of your ex’s?

Attracting people with the same repetitive character traits is another sign you are covered in Energy Ick, which will keep you stuck meeting the same types of people, over and over again!

This is the hamster wheel effect Yazu was referring to!

Have you ever noticed a repeating pattern with your work life?

For example, do you find when you take a new job, you eventually get bored, just like your jobs before? Or does your boss not treat you the same way he or she treats your other coworkers?

Even worse, do you find your boss doesn’t even take the time to acknowledge all the hard work you do?

Do you seem to see a pattern of having trouble with certain coworkers? Or worse yet, getting fired unfairly! Or an assortment of other repetitive patterns that keep happening in your jobs.

These repetitive work patterns are a sign you are covered in Energy Ick, which will keep you stuck repeating the same situations in any new job you take!

Have you ever noticed a repeating pattern with your friends?

For example, maybe you meet a new person and think “I really like this person! They seem like they’d make a really good friend!”. At first, they seem like someone you really bond with, but eventually, they end up either not being the person they portrayed themselves to be.

Or they end up doing something that a true friend wouldn’t ever do? Doing something you just can’t believe friend just did!

Or, maybe they stabbed you in the back, or even worse, gossiped about you to others!

These repetitive friendship patterns are also a sign you are covered in Energy Ick, which will keep you stuck repeating meeting the same kinds of “friends”.

Do you ever notice health problems or concerns continuing to pop up?

Health problems, no matter how big or how small, can also be a sign of the effects of Energy Ick. Often times, health problems related to Energy Ick seem unexplainable. Such as “Why would I have something like this?” Or maybe it’s something that keeps popping up, no matter what you do to try and prevent it!

Recurring health problems like these are often related to the effects of Energy Ick!

These are just a few examples of the many repetitive patterns you could see repeating in your life!  And if you take a moment and reflect on the things that repeat themselves in your life, you will begin to see more signs of how Energy Ick you!

Not one single person living on planet earth is untouched by this! 

But you can stop these repetitive occurrences from continuing to occur in your life! 

The Terons said If Energy Ick isn’t removed from a person’s physical body and energy body, more and more Energy Ick will get attached to a person’s body, causing a person’s repetitive behaviors to intensify and increase.

This is why the Terons emphasized why human needs to get Energy Ick removed from them, so they can break their self-defeating behaviors patterns and stop them altogether!

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The Instant Healing Power Of Scrapo Removo Palato

I learned the Terons visited me that night to teach me what they called Scrapo Removo Palato. The only technique powerful enough to instantly heal a person’s physical and energy body from the destructive effects of Energy Ick!

After I had Scrapo Removo Palato performed on me by the Yazu, I was amazed by its healing effects! I felt light as a feather, and I instantly noticed a huge difference inside of me!

What makes this technique so powerful? Scrapo Removo Palato acts like a huge energy sponge that completely scrubs away all the Energy Ick on your physical and energy body. Then absorbs the Ick into a huge, ectoplasmic energy sponge!

Once you have been completely scrubbed off, and the Energy Ick has been absorbed into this ectoplasmic sponge, you will be 100% free from its toxic effects!

Think of it like bathing in a giant, white-light waterfall, while getting a relaxing energy scrub all over your body, until your body is squeaky clean!

It’s one of the most relaxing things you will ever experience! It feels like you’ve just had the world’s most amazing massage!

What To Expect After A Scrapo Removo Palato Session

Once you have had your cosmic bath, any and all bad habits, negative relationship patterns, recurring job struggles, friendship struggles, health situations, or anything related to being covered in Energy Ick, will disappear instantly!

The Scrapo Removo Palato is that powerful!

* Love problems

* Bad dates

* No dates

* Difficult bosses or coworkers

* Stressed work environments

* Friendship problems

* No friends

* Recurring health scares

* Health problems

* Plus many other problems…

…will instantly disappear from your life forever…

…and you will never be bothered by them again!

How To Get Rid Of Your Energy Ick

Hopefully, by now, you understand why the Terons emphasized that Energy Ick is not something you want to ignore…

…especially when it can be so easily removed, and in such a pleasant way!

And anyone who has ever attended any of these special sessions with me already knows how powerful they are!

Well, this one is no different. It will change your life!

AND what makes it different is this: The effects will be instant!

So, right after having Scrapo Removo Palato performed on you, you will feel its effects – right away! 

You can even get your loved ones cleansed, too!

Something else that makes the Scrapo Removo Palato different is this: You can also have up to 4 other people you know cleansed of this Energy Ick. Just make sure to let them know when you schedule this session, so they can tell you how to prepare for this before your session! 

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A Very Important Message

There are always going to be people who act too slow and miss out! And this breaks my heart because if they had only acted sooner, they wouldn’t be stuck living with this Energy Ick…

…because once these spaces are filled, this chance to have your Energy Ick cleansed from you and 4 of your loved ones will be gone forever!

And you and your loved ones will be stuck once again by having to live with it for the rest of your life!

This session will only be available one time, after that, the cosmic energy necessary to perform this will be gone from the planet!

So this is a onetime opportunity!

So please don’t miss out on this! So click here now and fill out the form or my psychic reading page, so you can grab your space and make sure it is reserved for you and your loved ones!

I am so glad I was able to tell you about this!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S.S. You can click here and fill out the form or my psychic reading page to grab your space before they are all gone!

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