Here are my latest Psychic Predictions (July 2021 Release)

Hi there,

Fear about the Corona Virus, people having to be cooped up at home for months, and the presidential election, have caused = fear, anxiety, anger, and paranoia in people all around the world.

And finally, things are getting back to somewhat “normal”.

But all of this comes with a cost…

…due to all of this negative thought energy being sent out into the air!

And where does it go?

It goes straight up into the sky and gets trapped in the stratosphere of the universe.

And do you know what this negative energy buildup causes?

If you said an Energy Tidal Wave – you are absolutely right!

Those of you who have been reading my emails for a while already know what this means. And those of you who don’t, then let me explain…

What Are Energy Tidal Waves And Why Do They Keep Hitting The Earth? 

If you’ve been reading my emails for a while you know I always keep people informed about upcoming Waves that are going to hit the planet and if you are new to my emails, you may be wondering what is an Energy Tidal Wave?

An Energy Tidal Wave (ETW) occurs as the result of negative energy build-up in the earth’s stratosphere, which happens as a result of the negative fear thoughts people send out into the air!

Let me explain…

The earth is surrounded by an Energy Stratosphere. Think of the earth floating inside of a bubble and the bubble represents the earth’s stratosphere.

Thoughts have wings, and they are made of energy! So whenever anyone on earth thinks a thought, it floats out into the universe.

Positive thoughts stay close to the earth, while negative thoughts float upward, getting trapped inside of the earth’s stratosphere.

As a result of all of these negative energy thoughts being released from people’s minds around the world, they eventually build-up to the point where the stratosphere can no longer hold them.

And when this happens, they turn into what’s called Negative Energy Rain (NER), and fall like rain back down to the earth….

…and like any heavy rain, all of the Negative Energy Rain causes a “Negative Energy Flood” (NEF), which then causes what is known as an Energy Tidal Wave!

And just like a tidal wave, this toxic energy rain washes over the entire earth, covering anything in its path with this negative energy.

Another Energy Tidal Wave is Coming 

The first thing to understand is that Energy Tidal Waves are normal occurrences that happen from time to time and they are as normal as an earthquake, tornado, or hurricane and an Energy Tidal Wave actually helps cleanse away all of this negativity, while at the same time balancing and realigning the energies of planet Earth when it gets off balance!

Energy Tidal Waves were designed to cleanse Mother Earth of negative energies but because they were not designed for the benefit of humans, they have a major impact on people’s auras.

But just like any natural event, by knowing about it ahead of time, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from it.

So, it’s important to understand that Energy Tidal Waves do occur from time to time.

What Triggered This Upcoming Energy Tidal Wave

With all the negative events that have happened over the past year and a half, such as the election, COVID-19, mass shootings that now seem to occur almost every other day, along with all the racism, prejudice, homophobia, and political corruption, it’s clear to see where all of these negative thoughts that are building up in the stratosphere are coming from!

And with all this buildup of fear energy, the stratosphere is getting ready to purge itself, which will cause a huge rainstorm of Toxic Energy Rain (TER), which will cause another Energy Tidal Wave.

All of this Toxic Energy Rain, along with the Energy Tidal Waves that will follow, is what you and your loved ones need to be protected from!

How An Energy Tidal Wave Will Affect You 

Your aura is actually an energy projection of your soul surrounding the outside of your body, and an Energy Tidal Wave will literally “zap” your soul!

And something important to know is this upcoming Tidal Wave is going to extra brutal when it hits because when I look at the ancient Egyptian Akashic Calendar, it shows that Mars and Pluto will also be out of alignment when it hits, making the effects of the Tidal Wave 10x stronger than normal! 

Most Energy Tidal Waves only hit the earth at 150,000 MHz. But this upcoming one will hit at 4,000,0000 MHz, (four million) which makes it two times stronger than the last one that hit at 2,000,000 MHz, which at the time was considered a really big one…

…so they just seem to keep getting stronger and stronger! 

The Negative Affects Unprotected People Will Experience Once It Hits

Here are the things unprotected people told me they experienced when the last one hit:

– They experienced love problems that just seemed to appear out of nowhere!

– Their sexual and romantics lives seemed to dry up! Many people said their love and sex lives were as dry as a desert!

– They had a three-year period, or longer, where they couldn’t meet anyone to date, no matter what they did or how hard they tried!

– After it hit, financial difficulties popped up all of the sudden out of nowhere!

– They had major Job difficulties, like losing jobs, weird and unusual problems with coworkers who they got along with before!

– Problems with their bosses and other higher ups started to occur!

– Problems with their homes, such as cracks in their foundations, flooding, and other water problems, not to mention major roof leaks, termite invasions, and several other very costly things began to happen!

– Many people told me they experienced unusual weight gain – no matter how much they watched what they ate!

– Along with a whole list of other undesirable problems.

And the sad part is, they had to watch their family members and friends go through these same things, too!

But there is good news! This doesn’t have to happen to you or your family! Because you CAN protect yourself and your family from experiencing all of these problems, if you choose to do so, by making sure to reserve your space for an Energy Tidal Wave Protection.

Please Know This:

Every time an Energy Tidal Wave has hit the earth in the past, there are always people who are going to call me afterward, even after being informed of this way ahead of time, asking if they can still get this protection!

And they all tell me the exact same thing: “I don’t want to keep experiencing the fallout you had warned me about, nor keep watching my family members go through all of this, too!”

And it literally rips my heart out when I have to tell them if a person is unprotected when it hits, there is nothing that can be done afterward because the damage has already been done!

It’s like asking me to make their house magically rebuild after a hurricane has wiped it out…

…I always have to let them know they are going to just have to live with it the best way they can!

Also, please know I am not trying to spread fear, or freak anyone out. I am simply letting people know about this, just like I’ve always done in the past! 

Sometimes people email me after I send an email like this accusing me of spreading fear. And I always explain to them:

“If I didn’t warn you about this and tell you why it is important to get protected, and what to expect if you aren’t protected, especially since this one will now be the biggest Energy Tidal Wave to have ever hit the earth, then you would be mad at me for not telling you! 

So I will always let you know what an Energy Tidal Wave of this magnitude will do, so you can decide for yourself if you want you and your family to be protected from it or not!”

Trust Me, You Want To Be Protected 

People who think “I’ll be okay, it won’t affect me!” always surprise me! I often think to myself, “If you don’t want to do it to protect yourself, at least do it to protect your loved ones!”. 

I can only lead a horse to water but…you know the rest of the saying!

The truth is, this upcoming Energy Tidal Wave is officially going to be the biggest one to hit the earth in over 2.6 million years!

The Energy Tidal Wave that caused the Ice Age hit at 2,110,000 MHz….

…but this one is going to hit at 4,000,000 MHZ! Double the strength of the one that triggered the Ice Age.

To help you understand the strength of this upcoming Energy Tidal Wave, imagine this:

Remember in 2004 when the Tsunami hit Indonesia and claimed several lives? Well, imagine you were there, and you saw the Tsunami coming. So, you decided to grab a canoe and get in it, so you could paddle away to safety!

When the waves reach you, you wouldn’t stand a chance! Your canoe would be tossed and turned all over the place by the waves – getting smashed into a million pieces! And you would be washed out to sea, and probably never be seen again…

…you and your canoe wouldn’t stand a chance!

Well, not being protected from the impact of this upcoming Energy Tidal Wave would be exactly like taking your chances and getting into a canoe when the Tsunami hit!

BUT for a person who is protected from it, the impact of this Energy Tidal Wave will have zero impact on their life or the lives of their loved one!


Zip, nil, nada!

A protected person would be like a person who was never even there when the Tsunami hit because once you are protected, this Energy Tidal Wave will wash right past you – not even touching you or your family at all!

Get protected now by clicking here!

Are There Things You Can Do To By Yourself To Protect Yourself?

A question some people ask me is if there are things they can do by themselves to protect themselves and their families from these energies.

The answer is “No!”.

And I will tell you why.

If you were dealing with something as minor as protecting yourself from Energy Vampires of other negative people, then, by all means, you could surround yourself with white light and protect yourself relatively easily.

But since we are talking about Toxic Energy Rain flooding the earth, and Energy Tidal Waves as powerful as 4,000,0000 MHz sweeping the entire earth, means you are dealing with some very powerful energies!

Something like this requires an experienced person to make sure you are protected properly from such high-energy radiation and vibrational frequency like this one!

To give you an example for comparison, the energy that comes from the thoughts of negative people, or even an Energy Vampire, could be compared to lightning during a summer storm….

….but the negative energies coming from this Energy Tidal Wave on November 25th, which is Thanksgiving Day, will be more powerful than that devastating Tsunami that wiped out Indonesia. 

People sometimes mistakenly think if they have been protected from a previous Energy Tidal Wave, they are automatically protected from this one. And that is totally wrong! Because each Energy Tidal Wave is unique, making the protection needed for each one different!!

Just like any natural disaster, you need to take precautions each and every time, in order to protect yourself. An Energy Tidal Wave is a natural disaster, but it happens on an invisible vibrational level…

…just like a Tsunami, you don’t know it’s coming until you see those giant waves headed your way!

But the difference between an Energy Tidal Wave and a Tsunami is this: because you know about this before it hits, you are able to take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your family from it!

So, to get protected from this Energy Tidal Wave, you need to have an experienced person trained in these things, and who knows what they are doing, perform this protection on you!

This is why I spend 8 hours in mediation on Fridays, and 10 to 14 hours doing astral travel on Saturdays. Because it is during my astral travels is when I receive the information about the energies that are going to hit the earth!

It’s also during my astral travels when I receive the training on the techniques I use to protect people. I am trained personally on these techniques by Archangels, Ascended Masters, along with other highly-evolved beings from other dimensions, galaxies, and planets.

What To Do Next

Those of you who have been protected from an Energy tidal Wave before have already seen what it does to other people’s lives after it hits!

You’ve already seen how the lives of people around you, such as your loved ones, friends, acquaintances, and even coworkers, fell apart because they weren’t protected from this.

And sadly, unlike you, most of them didn’t know such a thing even exists!

And then there are others who will “take their chances”, believing “it will never happen to me!”. And that could not be farther from the truth because everyone, without exception, will be affected by this one!

Some people are even falsely deceived by lower-ranking entities, into believing they are “psychically advanced enough themselves” to protect themselves, their friends, and their loved ones! And this is all fooey!

But for those of you who realize the importance of having an Energy Wave Protection Session, not only you but your loved ones too, then now is the time to reserve your space for this by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page!

These Spaces Are VERY Limited

I am only able to make a very limited amount of spaces available for this – 76 to be exact. And once these 76 spaces are gone, they will be gone forever! Leaving those who are not protected to fend for themselves the best way they can after the Energy Tidal Wave hits!

So, if you procrastinate, or don’t open this email in time, you will more than likely miss out!

So please, make sure to act now and reserve your space for this because this is going to be the most powerful and destructive Energy Tidal Wave I have ever seen hit the earth. And you want you and your loved ones to be protected from it! Trust me!

Click here now and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page to reserve one of the limited spaces available for this, so that you will have the peace of mind that you and your entire family will be protected!

I’m so glad you are one of the lucky ones who know about this before it happens!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. If you have any other questions about this, please email me to let me know, and I will gladly try to answer them. Reserve one of the limited spaces now by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.

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