Here are my Love Horoscopes for November 2020

People often ask me what it is like to have psychic abilities. To tell you the truth, sometimes it is very hard.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that I was born with fully developed psychic ability, and I wouldn’t trade that for all the tea in China. But at times, being able to know about certain things before they happen, and also knowing that certain people won’t take a psychic serious anyway, is very frustrating and painful.

My Predictions That No One Listened – Until It Was Too Late

When I predicted the Oklahoma City bombing on national radio, up to that day, no one would listen to me! I went to the FBI, and they just treated me like I was crazy. Then kaboom! All of the sudden – I wasn’t so crazy any longer! All the lives I could have saved!

Even when I knew where the Unabomber was hiding, and I even gave an EXACT description of what he looked like, when I called to offer my help to the US Postal Service, I was treated like I had an eye growing in the center of my head!

But when they found him, and they realized that my description of him, and where I said he would be found was 100% accurate, I wasn’t so crazy any longer. But at that point, it was too late because several people were killed, or had their limbs blown off by him!

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When They DId Listen – I Saved The Day

There are agencies that have listened to me. For example, when I solved a double homicide murder (watch the TV episode here) they did listen, and I did solve the case for them!

I also solved another murder in Circleville, Ohio. The police missed the body on the first search until I told them to go back – then they found it!

So the hardest part is that I know I can help people, yet they don’t want my help! I was born with this gift to help other people live happier and more fulfilled lives, and when they do seek out my help, they do find happiness.

But like the FBI and the Postal Service, there are still people out there that don’t try and benefit from my psychic powers – and they miss out! Their lives are a lot harder than they have to be for them – when a little psychic help could have made all the difference!

Some Stories Of People Who Didn’t Listen

Love Turned Blue

For example, I had a woman who told me she knew she needed a reading, she even felt an inner sense to call me, but she ignored it! But after she discovered her husband was sleeping with her own sister, she called me to see what to do!

I told her that her angels had been trying to get her to call me for a long time to warn her. They wanted to help her prevent this from happening two years ago when she knew she needed to call me! But since she ignored it, it was already too late. Her sister was now pregnant with her husband’s baby!

It happened on a night when she went out of town and left her sister to stay with her husband! I could have avoided this whole thing from happening, by telling her not to have her sister stay that night.

But it was too late when she called. What happened as a result of this is too tragic to even talk about – but it wasn’t pretty!

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The Broken Man

Another guy felt a strong need to call me. But he didn’t! Ends up that he had bought 3 lottery tickets, and after buying them, he felt a strong need to call me for a reading. He ignored it because he said he needed the $250 for a beer party he was having that weekend.

At the party, he gave away two of the tickets to these pretty girls he met. Well, his $250 would have saved him a lot of money!

One of the girls had the winning ticket! And guess how much she won. Let’s just say it was the Powerball, and she won over $169 million – after taxes! She was the only winner!

She never thanked him. She never called him again! She just took the money…and he had no legal rights whatsoever since he gave it to her freely and as a gift!

That was an expensive lesson. He moved away after that – cut off ties with all his friends, and no one has heard from him since.

Now It’s All Clear

Now you see why it’s hard to be sometimes because I could have helped both of these individuals avoid tragic mistakes – if they had only listened to that voice inside them that told them to contact me!

Always remember this: When you’re angels have a message for you, they will make you feel like you need to do something. Like in the cases above, they were being told to me – and either you listen to that feeling, or you don’t!

But these feelings don’t fall down from heaven like a rock, then hit you over the head, and force you to take action! They come as inner feelings. Always listen to your inner nudges and feelings. Don’t ignore them – let them lead you!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S. I felt led to write this email today! So evidently my angels felt that someone reading this needed to hear this message!

P.S.S. Here are my Love Horoscopes for November 2020

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  1. jean E Scott says:

    People would love to have a reading from you but times are tuff and your price is a bit off the top not saying your not worth it but when its comes to eating and a roof over ones head we always cant seek the help through a physic. If you lowered your prices especially in this recession you would have more than you could handle
    No offence intended

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