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As you may already know, every Saturday for 12 to 14 hours I astral travel all over the universe, and then I come back and share with you what I learned in these emails.

But this time, instead of astral traveling, I fell into a deep dream state that lasted over 13 hours, where I learned about a prophesy made over 4,000 years ago by the Greek God Zeus!

And, here is what I learned while I was in that 13-hour dream state… 

The Special Meeting That Took Place On Mount Olympus 4,000 Years Ago 

During my 13-hour dream state, I actually traveled back in time to the 4th millennial BC, which was over 4,000 years ago!

And when I arrived, I discovered that the Greek God Zeus had called for all the other gods in the universe to gather together on Mount Olympus for a very special meeting.

During this meeting, Zeus made a very important announcement about an event that was going to place in May of the year 2023, which at the time of that meeting, was 4,000 years into the future!

And here is what Zeus told them:

“In May of the year 2023, there is going to be a vibrational energy alignment taking place on earth, which will create an opening between the 3rd and 4th stratospheric layers. These are the layers that connect the 14th and 15th dimensions together!”

And when the opening between these stratospheric layers occurs, there will be a large vibrational explosion that will cause every planet in the entire galaxy will line up in perfect Harmonic Alignment. 

And at the very moment, this explosion occurs, I will appear in the sky, where I will throw a thunderbolt down to the earth, and it will cause any human who has been fused and harmonized to become instantly fused with and harmonated to my energy! 

And after this fusion and harmonization occur, I will grant these humans some very special powers! 

I have only granted these powers to gods in the past, but on this special day, I will grant powers beyond belief to any human who has been fused and harmonated with my energy, and also bestow them with a special blessing that will allow them to live a life of paradise on earth, until the day they take their last breath! 

But due to the differences in our energy vibrations, a human cannot be fused and harmonated with my energy without having their energy vibrations raised1000x higher than it is. Otherwise due to the energy vibrational differences between gods and humans, it would be impossible to make contact! 

So first, a human needs to have the Processo Fuso Harminato performed on them, which will allow us to fuse and harmonate our energies together.”

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More About The Meaning Of Zeus’ Announcement 

When I heard this announcement, I simply couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t heard it for myself!

So, let me explain what this announcement which was made over 4,000 years ago, actually means!

First, it’s important to know a few important things about Zeus.

Zeus is a Greek God who resides on Mount Olympus and He is also the father of all gods. But not only is he the father of all gods, He also has the ability to grant special powers to any god, or human, he chooses!

During this special meeting, he said he was “going to grant humans special powers beyond belief” and also “bestow a very special blessing on them that w Ould allow them to “live a life of paradise on earth, up until the day of their last breath! 

But he made one thing extremely clear!  He said, “I will only grant these powers to humans who have been fused and harmonated to my energy!

So, in other words, a person needs to be “fused and harmonated to His energy”  in order for Zeus to be able to grant them special powers! And He explained this fusion and harmonization is accomplished by having the Processo Fuso Harmonato performed on them.

The Processo Fuso Harmonato

The Processo Fuso Harmonato is a process that will allow your human energy vibrations to be high enough to connect with the energy vibrations of a god.

So, during the Processo Fuso Harmonato your energy vibration will be raised 10,000x higher than it is now, and once your energy has been raised, you will be instantly fused and harmonated with the energy of Zeus!

Then, Zeus will appear in the sky, where he will throw a thunderbolt down to the earth and this thunderbolt will instantly solidify the fusion and harmonation of your energy to Zeus.

And then, he will grant you special powers beyond belief, and grant you a blessing that will allow you to “live a life of paradise during your remaining days on earth!” 

(And here’s something you might find very interesting. During my 13-hour dream state, Zeus downloaded a holographic training video into my brain, which played like a movie in my head over the following 4 nights when I slept. That’s how He taught me to perform the Processo Fuso Harmonato.) 

The Special Powers Zeus Can Grant You 

There are several powers a person can be granted by Zeus, and after learning about these powers, I can see why he referred to them as “special powers beyond belief”.

** In the text below, instead of using the Ancient Greek names for the different powers Zeus will grant you, I was told to translate their Greek names as close as possible into English,

Before your Processo Fuso Harmonato session, you will choose 4 of these powers to be granted to you. Then later, if you desire different powers, you will be able to ask Zeus to grant the new powers to you. So for now, just chose the powers that resonate with you now. (During The Processo Fuso Harmonato you will be taught in detail how to ask to be granted different powers in the future).

So, please read the list below and decide on the 4 powers you want to be granted to you:

Bonding Of Two Hearts

Bonding Of Two Hearts gives you the power to bond your heart to the heart of your soulmate. Bonding Of Two Hearts creates a permanent, life-long bond, that will never be broken. In other words, this bond will keep the two of you together for a lifetime.

Even if you have never met your soulmate, this power will bond your heart to your true soulmate, and then quickly draw them into your life within 1 to 6 months. 

Rapidly Receive

Rapidly Receive gives you the power to quickly receive something you want or desire within a 2-month period or sooner. A new car, a new job, a raise or promotion, an instant hit of cash you need, to quickly heal from an illness, or anything you want. You will usually receive what you asked for even quicker than that!

There is nothing you cannot ask for other than something evil.

Career Excelerator

The power puts your career, business, or entrepreneurial path on a fast track. It will allow you to attain your career dreams, goals, financial desires, or anything you desire that is related to business or your career, within 12 months or less!

How much different would your life be if you received this desire within 1 year of less?

Wealth Attainment 

Wealth Attainment gives you the power to attain the wealth you desire within 24 months or less. Zeus explained that people who attain instant wealth, like lottery winners, usually lose it all within 24 months. So he said a person who attains their wealth gradually over a 24-month period will be less likely to lose it. Especially someone who has this power!

You will see your wealth continuing to increase over the two years, and you will attain it all by the end of 24 months!

Instant Right Decision

This power will instantly give you the ability to make the right decision in any and all matters. This includes making the right decisions in matters of love, relationships, money, business, negotiations, health, friendships, real estate, or you name it.

You will always make the right decision in a way that benefits you the most!

Disappearing Of Obstacles

This will give you the power of protection by removing any and all obstacles in your way because obstacles are what stands between most people and their dreams. This power will remove obstacles from your past, and obstacles you are facing now, and prevent you from running into more obstacles in the future, either.

This power will remove obstacles in love, money, career, finances, achieving your dreams, friendships, and family situations, and even stop people from gossiping about you. It removes ANY and ALL obstacles!

Interference Of Others

Many times the problems in our lives are the result of the interference of others. This power will remove the interference of others from your life, so you won’t have to deal with people sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong, trying to interfere in your business, relationships, how you live your life, etc, and stop them from giving you their unwanted advice or opinions.

This power will make your life so much easier. Now, and in the future.

Psychic Power Enhancement

This power will heighten your psychic powers by 100%. Having psychic visions, hearing the voices of guardian angels talk to you, knowing what others are feeling, mind reading ability, moving objects with your mind, and even the ability to levitate will be yours instantly.

Please know having these instant psychic powers granted to you will require you to learn from an expert psychic how to use them correctly, so you can get the full benefits that come with possessing them. Otherwise, it would be like giving someone a two-billion-dollar gold mine but never teaching them how to mine the gold.

– Plus, a few other powers Zeus may announce during the Processo Fuso Harmonato session.

Something To Remember

These powers are not being granted to you by just any high-level being here – they are being bestowed upon you by a Greek GodAnd Gods are the most powerful being anywhere in the universe!

So what this means is this. This session is going to be extremely powerful! And the results will be like nothing you have ever experienced before!

And there’s one more thing…

I know that you would never use these powers for evil, but it is my spiritual and karmic obligation to state the following information. Otherwise, stating this would have severe and significant karmic consequences on me.

So, please remember…

The Greek God Zeus is the one who will grant you these powers, and He is the one who can also take them away! So, if you would ever use them for anything evil, He would take them from you instantly!

I know that you would never use them for evil, but again, I am spiritually and karmically obligated to state that information with you!

How To Receive These Powers From Zeus 

I am so excited about performing the Processo Fuso Harmonato and hearing stories from people about how it changed their lives!

So, as you can see, this is going to be an amazing experience for the people who have the Processo Fuso Harmonato performed on them.

Imagine this:

How would you like to possess the power to bond your heart to the heart of your true soulmate, and then meet that person in a short period of time?

Or to possess the power to rapidly receive anything you desire, achieve incredible wealth in a short period of time, or have your career take off faster than a rocket ship?

Or imagine possessing the power to quickly experience incredible wealth, or gain instant psychic powers overnight, powers only found in a Psychic Master?

Plus, and a whole lot more!

You can possess all of these powers without having to do anything, except have the Processo Fuso Harmonato performed on you!

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I can guarantee you these spaces will fill up quickly! And when the spaces are all gone – people who procrastinate and struggle behind will miss out on this powerful opportunity!

I mean, having the power to quickly experience incredible wealth, bond your heart to your true soulmate and meet them in a short period of time, or have your career take off faster than a rocket ship…

…having the power to make any one of these things happen in your life is incredible, in and off itself!

But you don’t only get to have 1 of these powers bestowed upon you…you get to possess  4 of these powers !! 

So, make sure you don’t miss and click here to fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page to reserve a space for you now!

I am so excited to perform this on you, and watch you smile bigger than ever, and feel happier than ever before, as all the things you desire for your life begin coming true!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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