An Invasion Is Coming And We Need Your Help Stopping it! Please read this!

They are coming!

During my most recent astral travel where I landed on the planet Picar, I learned something very interesting from the Picars, the alien beings who live there!

Their leader Hipiniomon, informed me I was summoned to their planet because he needed my help!

He said, “The earth is going to be invaded by the Algatorz, an evil warrior race that lives on the planet Algat. So, we summoned you here to warn you and teach you how to stop it!

With those words, he definitely had my attention!

He then informed me how the Algatorz have been planning a visit to earth for over 50 years to enact their very evil plans!

To begin. I need to tell you some alien history…

The Picars And The Algatorz 

The two alien races I am going to tell you about are the Picars, who are peacemakers and peace keepers, and the Algatorz, an evil warrior race that uses war and destruction to gain dominance and control over others!

Hipiniomon, the leader of the Picars, told me how the Algatorz are the most evil, cold-blooded warriors in the entire universe and that recently, Picarian spies discovered that the Algatorz are working on a very evil plan!

Their spies learned that the Algatorz have been designing a plan to increase their army to 100 million warriors! Making them an unstoppable power that could crush any army – anywhere in the universe! 

To put things in perspective, China is the largest army in the world with over 2 million active soldiers! The Algatorz are planning to build an army of 100 million soldiers – giving them 98 million more soldiers that the largest army on earth!

So they designed a plan to increase the size of their army! And according to Hipiniomon, if not stopped, the Algatorz will succeed!

And how they plan to do this is very scary….

The Algatorz And Their Scary Powers 

I discovered from Hipiniomon that the Algatorz possess some very scary abilities, which they plan to use to build their army.

1. The Algatorz have the ability to shape-shift, which means they can appear as a human, an animal, or any being, so they can blend in on any planet they visit – without being detected!

2. The Algatorz are also the masters of an ancient hypnotic mind-control technique that instantly takes control of a person’s mind, and forces them to follow the Algatorz’ commands!

And not only are they going to use these powers to take over the universe!

But that’s not all… 

The Dark Reason They Want To Increase Their Army 

Hipiniomon said Picarian Spies also learned the true reason the Algatorz’ want an army of that size!

So they can conquer every planet in the universe!

And once they’ve accomplished that, they’ll use their hypnotic mind-control abilities to turn every being, on every planet, into slaves who will serve them – fulfilling their every whim, wish, and desire!

They also plan to shape shift into humans, in order to start an inter-breeding  program so they can create humans hybrids, Wiping out all energetic human DNA on the entire planet, which is the only thing that can ruin their eval plan of domination!

But that’s not all…

After perfecting their inter-breeding program on earth, they will repeat this on every planet in the universe!

Because their goals is…to make the entire universe their kingdom!

And in just a few months is when this will all go down…

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They Will First Invade The Earth

What Hipiniomon told me next, was unnerving…

He said, “Tana, the Algatorz will arrive on the earth on November 8th, 2024! And when they arrive, the first thing they will to do is to shape shift themselves to look human, so they are undetectable. 

Then, they will search the entire earth for the strongest and fittest humans. And when they find them, they will use their hypnotic mind-control technique to take over their minds! 

Next, all the humans they chose will be gathered together, then transported to a secret location in Russia, where they will build  the biggest, strongest, unstoppable army in the universe, made up of ruthless Algat warriors!”

As if it couldn’t get any scarier, I got a chill down my spine when he said, “The earth is going to be the testing ground for their evil plan. And once they have perfected their plan on earth, which they estimate will take only 6 weeks, they will then duplicate the same process again and again – until they have conquered every planet in the universe!”

According calculations of the Picarian spies, after only conquering 75 other planets, the Algatorz will have the 100 million soldiers they need to make them an unstoppable force!

They also calculated that it would only take them 3 months to build an army of 100 million and less than 4 months to conquer the entire universe… 

…in other words, it will only take them 7 months to accomplish their entire evil plan! 

And when I thought I had lost all hope, Hipiniomon said something that gave me a glimpse of it… 

They Be Stopped 

Next, Hipiniomon looked at me and said, “Tana, this is why we summoned you here. We need your help to gather as many people as you can to stop them! Otherwise, they will succeed with their evil plan!

Tana, we have ancient sacred texts, which were written over 3,000 years ago, warning of this day! Even giving the exact date it would happen!

And these ancient texts also gave us instructions on how to stop the Algatorz’ from carrying out their evil plan!

 So, and that is why you’re here!” 

So we sat down and and over the next 18 hours, he taught me how to stop them.

And this is what I learned…

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Your Help Is Needed 

I learned the key to preventing the evil plan of the Algatorz requires the energetic DNA of a human’s energy body! So they chose earth as their testing grounds to quickly dominate the earth. Then by creating human hybirds, these hybrids will alter and wipe out all energetic human DNA! Guaranteeing their plan could never stopped!

Because energetic human DNA is their kryptonite!

So, Hipiniomon said I would need at least 75 humans to have enough energy to create a Picarian Energy Shield around the earth! An energy shield that is invisible to the Algatorz.

So, that on November 8th, 2024, the day they will be heading to invade the earth, they will run into this energy shield, and when they do, they will be instantly stripped of their hypnotic mind control and shape shifting powers.

Then they will be suddenly swept back to their planet, where a large crystalline cage engulf it, exiling them on their planet for eternity! Never being able to spread their evil again! 

Your help is needed to stop the Algatorz and their evil plan because this is not something I can do alone!

During this special session, I will be guiding everyone through some powerful Energy DNA Energizing Techniques, and then as a group, we will release this energy we have created together, out into the atmosphere, where it will place a powerful Picarian Energy Shield around the entire planet…

…stopping them dead in their tracks!

A Special Note

Every person who is part of this can be proud to know they helped prevent a horrible universal tragedy from happening that most in the world will never know was prevented from happening!

And we can hold our heads very high knowing what we prevented!

BUT, no kind deed ever goes unnoticed in the universe…

…so anyone who helps with this mission will be greatly rewarded!

So, let me tell you what that means…


You And Your Loved Ones Will Receive These Blessings Too

Hipiniomon said that anyone who helps prevent this tragedy will not go unnoticed! And they will be greatly  rewarded by The Higher Council Of Inter-Galactic Light, an inter-planetary council made up of the most respected planetary leaders in the universe!

So anyone who takes part in this special mission to prevent the earth invasion of the Algatorz, they and their entire family will be blessed with ALL of the following rewards.

These rewards are considered the highest honor in the universe, so they’re not bestowed upon others very often…

…they are equivalent to being given the Purple Heart!

And when you learn about the incredible rewards anyone who partakes in this will receive, it becomes pretty obvious how important the council thinks it is to stop the invasion of the Algatorz.

Not only you but also ALL of your loved ones will be blessed with these special gifts. This includes your spouse, significant other, children (even stepchildren), parents on both sides, grandparents on both sides, grandchildren, aunts and uncles on both sides, and even first cousins on both sides!

So here is what you will receive…

The Incredible Blessings You’ll Receive For Being Part Of This (along with your loved ones, too!)

Here are just a few of the many blessings you and your loved ones will receive!

3 Prosperity Blessings Of $10,000 Or More 

This is just one of the ways the The Higher Council Of Inter-Galactic Light will reward you for helping with this important mission!

Anyone who is part of this will receive 3 Prosperity Blessings of $10,000 or more! Totaling over $30,000 all together! And amazingly, this same blessing will be bestowed upon all of their loved ones, too!

These financial blessings will come in the form of money, property, winnings, investment gains, discounts, sweepstakes, lottery winnings, scratch offs, portfolio growth, along with many other surprising ways.

Out of the blue, these prosperity blessings will come to you and your loved ones! And they will come exactly when they are needed!

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You And Your Loved Ones Will Be Blessed With Ampo Amoro 

For helping with this mission, your Heart Chakra, the chakra for giving and receiving love, will be energetically infused with the powerful love attraction energy of Ampo Amoro.

Ampo Amoro, roughly translates to “amplification of love energy”! So, once your Heart Chakra has been energetically infused with this vibration, Ampo Amoro will begin drawing love to you.

And since there are many different kinds of love, it will draw to you the kind of love you most want and desire!

For example:

– If you’re looking for your twin flame, it will draw that person to you!

– If your relationship needs healing, it will draw to you a love that heals it!

– If you’re looking to have love in your family, love will begin to replace distance, and you will become a family again!

– Difficult relationships with parents and other family members will heal, and anger, resentment, and other bitter feelings will be related by love. Bringing everyone close again, maybe for the first time!

– If fear holds you back from giving love how you’d like to, your heart will begin to open, and you will draw only safe people to you, who can also give you love back!

– You will find people treating you in more loving ways wherever you go!

– And if your workplace is not a loving environment, it will begin to become a loving place

– Loving vibes will pop up everywhere in your life, and it will come from the most unexpected people and places!

And all of your loved ones will be blessed with this gift, too!

You And Your Loved Ones Will Be Blessed With Abundant Career Opportunities

Another amazing blessing you that will bestowed upon you is called Retirio Earlio. This blessing will set an unlimited prosperity energy into motion, causing you and your loved ones will experience an abundance of career opportunities!

Such as, raises, promotions, becoming self-employed, starting your own business, being able to work from home, financial increases in 401K’s and retirement accounts, and even early retirement for those who so desire, will begin to rain upon you! Plus a whole lot more!

All of these things will also begin manifesting in the lives of you and all of your loved ones!

You Will All Receive The Gift Of Shaskamo

The Higher Council Of Inter-Galactic Light will also bestow you with Shaskamo. Shaskamo, an ancient gift of healing only bestowed upon those who are considered worthy of this highest honor!

When you have been blessed with Shaskamo, you will radiate a powerful healing energy that will heal anyone within a 10-mile radius – wherever you go!

Imagine walking down the street, driving in your car, or flying in a plane, sending powerful healing energy to everyone within a 10 mile radius.

Elderly people, sick children,  and even sick animals will become miraculously cured, and not know why!  Shaskamo heals diseases of all kinds!

Shaskamo makes you a walking healer spreading miraculous healing power wherever you go, literally  healing hundreds of thousands of people every month!

And all of your loved ones will be blessed with this gift, too!

Your Futures Will Be Secured In All Ways Possible

The Higher Council Of Inter-Galactic Light will also make sure that anyone who helps with this mission will have a secure future in all ways possible! Along with all of their loved ones**, too,

What “all ways possible” means, is when it comes to love, finances, money, health, happiness, fulfillment, and success, yours and the future of your loved ones, will be secured in all ways possible, for having the best of the best, in all of these areas of your live!

So this means you will never have to worry about the future of your children or loved ones, and can rest assured they will always be taken care of!

You And Your Loved One Will Be Blessed With Wonderful Health 

The Higher Council Of Inter-Galactic Light will also bless you and your loved ones with wonderful health!

And if anyone ever gets sick, they will find themselves having a fast and speedy recovery! And experience what some would call miraculous healings!

To me, this is one of the most amazing blessings you will receive because without good health, nothing else really matters! Because if you’re sick, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy it anyway!

So as you may have realized by now, anyone who helps with this is going to receive some very big blessings as a way of acknowledging your the importance of your role in helping stop the Algatorz invasion of the earth!

PLUS a whole lot more!!

How To Take Part In This Powerful Mission 

As Hipiniomon said, he needs our help! Because it’s only possible to stop this invasion with the help of humans. During this powerful session, the combined energy of everyone who takes part in this, will act a s a powerful battery, to create the Picarian Energy Shield around the planet earth, which will prevent this invasion!

And as always, During this session I will be guiding everyone through it! So all you will have to do is relax and enjoy this powerful, relaxing energy!

We need all the help we can get, so please click here and fill out the form on my psychic reading page to reserve your space to help stop the evil Algatorz!

You will be taking part in something most of the world will never know was even going to happen! But you will know, and you can take pride afterwards in knowing you helped prevent this disaster!

No one wants their loved ones to have to experience an invasion like this, nor the things the Algatorz are planning afterwards…

…but you will know what you helped prevent!

And all the blessings you and your loved one will receive from the The Higher Council Of Inter-Galactic Light will be well-deserved

So, click here now and fill out the form on my psychic reading page to reserve your space for this very importantl event!

We need as many people as we can get, so please click here now and fill out the form on my psychic reading page to reserve your space for this very important event!

Thank you for reading this!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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