Here Is Your Monthly Horoscope For April 2021

Hi there,

Many of you read about Vascarious, the Deity who is an Ascended Master, who recently asked me to channel His messages. I have been continuing to work with Him, and the messages I have been channeling from Him have been amazing!

A few weeks ago on a Saturday, before I met Vascarious, I astrally traveled for about 10 hours. It was my regular routine; up at 3:30 AM, have a banana and drink some green tea, and then close my eyes, and off I go! This time I closed my eyes at 4AM and opened them again at 2PM. Time flies when I astral travel. During that time it seemed like only a few minutes had passed.

What Happened When I Traveled To The 299th Dimension

On this astral travel, by an invitation from Vascarious, I traveled to the 299th dimension, and when I arrived, I was met by Macar, Vascarious, and St, Germain.

They told me They wanted to show me something, and then They led me into this sacred-looking building They referred to as the Temple Of Zonram. As we were all entering this temple, They informed me that all universal wisdom and knowledge is contained here.

They also explained that the Temple Of Zonram is more sacred than the realm where the Akashic Records exist. They also explained that the reason people did not know about this temple is because it is located on the 299th dimension. They further explained the 299th dimension is an invisible dimension and that it an unseen realm to all astral travelers. Only visible to a person who is invited there.

When I asked why I was invited here, They informed me “Because this is part of your life purpose: to share the knowledge we share with you with the rest of the world!” When They told me this I felt a huge sense of responsibility. But at the same time, I also felt a strong sense of honor.

After They told me this, I asked myself “What does all of this mean?” Right then, I quickly remembered They could read minds. So Macar and Vascarious gently placed Their hands on my shoulders and said, “Don’t worry, We are going to explain everything to you before you leave here today.” I felt a sense of relief!

The Temple Of Zonram

The doors to the Temple Of Zonram were the most beautiful golden doors I had ever seen. They were at least 30 feet tall, and they had beautiful gemstone-encrusted arches above the doors! Vascarious told me the gemstones in the arches were rubies and diamonds. Each stone seemed to come alive as each of the suns hit them from the different angles.

Why I say “suns’ is because in this realm there were three suns. One shined a white light like our sun here on earth. One shined the most beautiful violet light I had ever seen, and the other shined a true golden colored light, with rays that looked as if they were made of tiny gold dust particles. The rays from these suns alone were breathtaking!

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What Happened When We Entered This Sacred Temple

As we enter this sacred Temple of Zonram, the inside was the most beautiful place I had ever seen in my entire life! These winged beings were flying around above us, and they looked to me like angels. When I asked Vascarious and Macar what they were, They explained to me they were not angels. They said they’re called Guardian Keepers, and they protect the temple from anyone or anything that does not have permission to enter.

Next, we walked down a long, long hallway, and the walls of this hallway had unusual symbol-like letters inscribed on them. I was told these are protective invisibility symbols that protect the information contained in the temple. I had a confused look on my face, so Macar explained they are invisibility symbols, and anyone not granted permission to be in the Temple, would be unable to see this hallway because these symbols would make it invisible to them.

These symbols were another added layer of protection from the room we were about to enter next…

The Next Room Blew My Mind

Next, we approached a second door, and this door was only about 20 feet tall. When we entered thru the second door, again, I was amazed by what I saw.

There were aisles and aisles and aisles of walls with drawers. Endless aisles and each of these drawers had symbols written on them. I was told when a person who has permission to enter this room looks at these symbols, they will magically turn into names that recognizable by the person looking at them. Another layer of protection!

To show me how they work, Vascarious asked me to walk down the aisles and to once again look at the different symbols on each of the drawers. As I walked down each aisle, the secret symbols changed into recognizable names. I saw the names of several of my clients, and I even saw my name on one of the drawers!!

Vascarious told me there are records contained in these drawers, and these records are called The Zonramian Records. He said, “Zonramian Records contain different information than can be found in the Akashic Records”.

I Opened One Of The Drawers

He then invited me to open any drawer I wanted to, with any name I recognized, and to have a look. So I opened two of the drawers to see what he meant by the Zonramian Records “containing different information than the Akashic Records”. One drawer with my name on it, and one drawer which had the name of my friend Chuck.

Whoa! I was shocked to see all the information that was recorded inside these records, regarding Chuck’s life! And my records confirmed many things about my life too!

What I found extremely interesting about my records was they explained my whole psychic history, throughout all 450 of my past lives! Regarding my future, they contained information about the outcomes of some of the things I have been working on manifesting. And I saw many of them were going to come to full fruition! My Zonramian Records also confirmed I would live to be 108 – just like I always wanted!

I then read my friend Chucks records, and learned all kinds of information about his past, present, and future! The information I saw about his future will be very exciting for him to know!

The Major Differences Between Akashic Records and Zonramian Records

Unlike the Akashic Records, (these are astral records contained in a cosmic library, which have recorded in them, every one of your actions, thoughts, and deeds from this life, and all your past lives) your Zonramian Records, which reside in the Temple Of Zonram on the 299th dimension, not only have recorded in them every thought, action, and deed of a person from all their past lives, but they also contain much more specific information, such as:

– Is the person you’re with your true soulmate – or is there someone else?

– If there is someone else, they will tell you exactly who the person is!

– When exactly are you going to find true love? (a month and date within a 3 week period)

– What will be your greatest happiness in this life and how to find it!

– Why you have had some of the struggles you’ve had in life – and what you can do to overcome them!

– How you can acquire the most wealth and abundance in your life!

– What you need to do to be healthy to live as long as you want to live!

– How to reverse the aging process in your life – and look younger – longer! (Yes! This is possible)

– Detailed information about each of your past lives!

– Why you chose to be born in this lifetime!

– What you came here to learn in this lifetime! (Your true life purpose)

– What are your greatest talents! (Your hidden and developed ones)

– Any future tragedies you don’t know about, and how to avoid them! (This includes but is not limited to breakups, infidelity, accidents, early death, terminal health problems, or anything that could be classified as a tragedy)

– And a whole lot more!

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The Zonramian Records Contain Exact Times And Dates

This is the part I found most exciting…your Zonramian Records reveal exact times frames for when most events are going to happen in your life! They usually contain exact dates that are within a 3-week timespan! This is really amazing!

For example, Chuck wanted to know about a few things in his life and wanted to know when they would happen so he could plan for them. That lucky guy – I found out he is going to hit the lottery. It will be for $2,640,233 and 36 cents (after taxes)! And he will win it on January 23rd, 2022.

He is also going to meet his future wife on March 3rd, 2024, and they will be married on June 21st, 2025. His Zonramian Records even revealed the exact place and building where they will get married!  And, his records also revealed they would have triplets! You should have seen the look on his face when I told him that part! He said he wanted three kids, but hadn’t planned on having them all at once!

Something I Forgot To Mention…

As you can already see, the Zonramian Records contain a wealth of specific information about your life!

Oh! And the thing I forgot to mention: If you know a person’s full name, I can read their Zonramian Records too, and give you lots of useful information about that person too!

For example, maybe you want to know if you will end up with a specific person, but they are with someone else, or not in your life at the moment. Their Zonramian Records will reveal who they will end up with, plus tell you the best way to win their heart – if that’s something you desire!

** Now understand, this information cannot be used to manipulate a person, or trick them! That would be Black Magic – and I don’t get involved in that! But, the information contained in these records, when it is used with love and with pure intentions, can be very powerful information to possess!

Another example deals with money. If you’re stuck in a job and want to know how to get ahead in your career, your Zonramian Records contain all the information you need to know on how to do this.

Or if you feel stuck in life, and want to know which path you should follow to achieve the greatest wealth and prosperity in your life, your Zonramian Records contain that information too!

One of the most amazing things to me is how specific the information is, which is contained in your Zonramian Records!

You can learn ANY information you desire to know by having these records read. And they explained to me this is WHY these records have never been revealed before last Saturday because, in the wrong hands, these records could be used for evil purposes!

Something Important You Need To Understand About Zonramian Records! 

If you are wanting to control, manipulate, harm, hurt, seek revenge, cause pain, misery, teach someone a lesson, or punish the person in any way, a Zonramian Records Reading is NOT for you. So please don’t waste your time or mine scheduling this session if you have any evil intentions. I will know if you do, so you won’t be able to hide this from me!

BUT if you want to use this information to achieve greater happiness in your life, be with the person you love, find love, have more wealth and abundance, knowing what you were born to do, get ahead in your career, discover your life purpose, or any other pertinent information you would like to know, then a Zonramian Records Reading IS for you!

AND remember, you will get specific time frames. The reason for this is because these records are located in the 299th Dimension, so they contain very specific information in them! 

Stop Right Now And Imagine This…

Imagine how useful it will be possessing exact and specific details about the things you want to know about. Imagine the control over your life you will possess when you know how to achieve anything in your life you desire! Remember, Zonramian Records can answer anything your need to know, and the information they contain is not limited only to the questions above…

The information you can discover is unlimited – because they contain information about anything and all things concerning your past, present, and future, or that of another person!

AND, most events can be pinpointed to within a 3-week time span of when they are going to occur allowing you to plan for all the good coming into your life!

Now that you know all the useful information contained in these records, it’s not hard to realize how this knowledge will benefit you, your life, and the people you care about. It’s also not hard to see all the major advantages you’ll have in life, once you discover the knowledge contained in your Zonramian Records!

For example, another good friend of mine asked me if I knew a way his brother could become more financially secure, so I suggested reading his brother’s Zonramian Records. So he asked me to read them, and during the reading, I told him what his brother’s records revealed. When the reading was over, he knew everything he needed to tell his brother to help him get out of his financial rut, change his current standard of living, and start earning his greatest financial potential!

A few days later, my friend called me and said his brother was implementing everything I said during the reading, and his brother was already beginning to see improvements in his financial situation!

Another friend wanted to help his roommate find her Mr. Right! He explained how she’s struggled all her life meeting the wrong men, and he really wanted to help her find “the one”, once and for all.

I told him about reading her Zonramian Records, and he thought it was a good idea. During our reading, I shared with him what her records revealed was the biggest reason she was meeting the wrong kind of men. I also told him what they showed she needed to do differently to change this. Her situation was a little trickier, but nonetheless, nothing she couldn’t overcome!

A few days later, my friend called me to tell me the good news! Right away, she used the information I told him, and on the exact same day she applied what her reading revealed, she met someone different than anyone she ever met before! I knew this was powerful stuff, but her experience reinforced for me how powerful this stuff really is!

So as you can see, Zonramian Records contain life-changing information!

How A Zonramian Records Reading works

To get the most out of your Zonramian Records reading, I recommend preparing a list of questions regarding anything in your life you’d like to obtain, gain, or receive insightful information about.

There are no limits to what you can ask, and no question that is too silly. If a question is important to you, then it is an important question to ask. It’s that simple!!

Your questions can be about your past, present, or future, and it’s helpful to think about specific information you would like to know, along with thinking about specific future outcomes you’d like to have happened in your life.

Then, you may also want to create a list of the names of people you would like to know more information about.

These names can include could include:

– Ex’s

– The current partner, or ex-partner, of one of your ex’s, or someone you currently care about or are with.

– Former people you dated and still think/care about.

– Your current spouse or partner

– Family members

– In-laws

– Siblings

– Friends

– Bosses

– Coworkers

– Neighbors

– Anyone that is important for you to know information about! 

When we begin your Zonramian records reading, I will astrally travel to the 299th dimension and enter the Temple Of Zonram, where the Zonramian Records are located, so you will be able to ask me your questions.

If you want to know time frames as to when certain events will happen, please make sure to include any timeframe questions on your list.

You will be given exact dates on most events (within a 3 week time period), detailed information on what needs to be done, steps that need to be taken, or what needs to be avoided, to achieve whatever it is you desire for yourself, or any person you are asking about.

Then the only thing you have to do is simply apply the information you received from the Zonramian Records. It’s that easy!

I’m excited just telling you about it!

What To Do Next

To receive amazing benefits in your life, and know specific information about the past, present, of yourself, anyone you care about, or anyone you know, then you are going to be amazed by the information revealed in the Zonramian Records!

I was told by Vascarious these sessions were to be offered to exactly 56 people. No more – no less! He also explained there will be 316 people who will “feel, know, and realize” deep within themselves how a Zonramian Record Reading will benefit their lives!

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He also told me; “316 people will feel it, realize it, and know it inside! But many of them will question their feeling, resist them, procrastinate, and even wonder whether or not to trust it! These people’s resistance and unwillingness to trust their feelings are what has held them back in their pasts, and they will continue to hold back in their futures until they learn to “trust their feelings” this time!”

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A One Time Opportunity

This is an amazing opportunity, and if you’ve been reading my emails for a while, then you already know, once this opportunity is gone, it will be gone for good…

…my experience has shown that in the past 10 years, my guides have never once told me to repeat something I offered in a past email!

So once this opportunity is gone, it is gone! Preventing you from experiencing all the benefits a Zonramian Records reading can offer your life!

If after reading this, you are one of the 316 people who “feel, know, and realize” deep inside yourself this is for you, then click here right away and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page, and become one of the 56 who get to experience this opportunity!

I look forward to sharing this amazing experience with the luckiest 56 people alive on the planet!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. Just to let you know, the reason I use the form on my Psychic Reading page as a sign-up form for the Zonramian Records reading is because I don’t have different sign-up pages for the different series I offer.

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