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Everyone has psychic abilities…even you!

But most people have no idea where to go to learn how to develop their psychic abilities. Reading a book can only take you so far. It’s like reading a book on how to ride a bike. You can learn the basics, but eventually, you need someone to show you how to get on the bike, use the brakes, and so on. Someone who is an experienced bike rider because for obvious reasons, you wouldn’t want an inexperienced bike rider teaching you how to ride it.

The same with developing your psychic abilities – a book can only teach so much and take you so far! Then you need an experienced person, who has a proven track record, to share their knowledge, skills, and teach you the things only experience can teach you.

And the things only experience can teach you can’t be learned from a book. These things can only be learned by having someone with experience, who will teach you the things experience has taught them. Someone who will teach you step-by-step, in an easy to understand way, how to bring out your psychic within!

And sadly, many psychics won’t share all of their knowledge with their students out of fear of creating more competition for themselves! It’s silly, I know, but there are people like this in ALL professions, and psychics are no different. They are people too!

The 3 Necessary Things For Learning To Develop Your Psychic Abilities To Their Fullest

Learning to develop your psychic ability to their fullest has to do with 3 very important things:

1. A knowledgeable teacher

2. A knowledgeable teacher that also knows how to teach this to others.

3. A knowledgeable teacher who is willing to share everything they know with their students

You see, lots of psychics out there have knowledge. But having knowledge does not make one a good teacher. AND having knowledge doesn’t automatically mean a psychic teacher is willing to share all of their knowledge with you either!

And even if someone has the knowledge, and is willing to share it, it doesn’t mean they’re a good teacher! Remember high school or college? Those teachers had lots of knowledge, but were they all good teachers? Absolutely not!

A good teacher is someone who can teach in a way that is enjoyable to learn, and in an easy-to-understand style where students can easily learn.

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A Little About Me

I have over 24 years as a professional Psychic, and I have successfully taught thousands of people how to develop their psychic abilities!

I have been teaching personal, one-on-one Psychic Development Training sessions, via telephone, for years now. And the results my students have achieved have been nothing short of incredible and unbelievable!

My specialty is taking beginners, or anyone, at any level of their development, and then turning them into people with incredible psychic powers! As a matter of fact, many of my students have went on to become successful Psychics themselves, and are making a very good living giving readings on a full-time, or a part-time basis!

The 6 Main Reasons People Want To Learn To Develop Their Psychic Abilities

1. Some students want to start a new career as a self-employed psychic, where they don’t live by the time clock of a 9 to 5 job. Or have a boss breathing over their neck all day. These students want to use their gift to give readings to others, and experience the deep sense of satisfaction they receive from helping others!

2. Some students want to give readings part-time, as a way to supplement their income. With the average beginning Psychic being able to charge $40 to $60 a half-hour, which equals $80 to $120 an hour, it doesn’t take long for my students who give readings only part-time, to quickly start earning more from giving part-time readings, than they’re making at their full-time job!

3. Some students find traditional college never fit them very well, still, they enjoy learning, but want to learn something interesting and spiritually fulfilling to their soul. So this training IS their college, along with a type of college they find interesting and soul-enriching! Not just needless memorizing of information they will never use again in life!

4. Some students want to learn how to become more tuned into their psychic abilities. So they can access their psychic abilities whenever they need to and use their abilities to guide them in their everyday life. Having fully developed psychic abilities allows you to make better decisions, trust the right people, and always intuitively know the right decisions to make for your life!

5. Some students want to use their psychic ability as a way to expand their social circles. You will quickly become VERY popular at social events, gatherings, or anywhere you go, once you tell people you are a Psychic!, You are going to discover people automatically want to be around you, because people really like Psychics, and find them incredibly interesting to talk to. And the great thing is, you get to choose whether to tell people or not, you are psychic! So you will be able to go anywhere and become instantly popular, or just another guest! You get to choose!

6. Some students want to develop their psychic abilities to enrich their soul and to be able to tap more into their spiritual side. Developing your psychic abilities help you to become a more sensitive, spiritual person. Psychic development will also make you feel more connected to the universe, and all the invisible beings who are also in it!

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What You’ll Learn During Your 6 Month Psychic Development Training 

Here are all the things, plus a few added surprises, you will be able to do after completing my 6-month Psychic Development Training 


Psychic Development – Level 1

Month 1 – Developing Your Clairsentient Ability

– What is clairsentience?

– Learning to feel the energy around you that others don’t pay attention to!

– The importance of cosmic breathing

– How to protect yourself before reading someone

– How to develop your clairsentience

– How to read a person using clairsentience, either in person or over the phone

– Do a clairsentient reading for me

– Plus a few more powerful techniques


Month 2 – Developing Your Clairaudient Ability

– What is clairaudience?

– Learning to hear the spirit voices around you

– How to distinguish your voice from the voices of Guides, Angels, and other Light Beings

– The proper way to call on Guides, Angels, and other Light Beings

– How to hear Spirit Messages when they are talking to you

–  How to read a person by using clairaudience, either in person or over the phone!

– And a few other professional tips!


Month 3 – Developing Your Clairvoyant Ability

– What is clairvoyance?

– How to identify clairvoyant visions when they happen

– Learning about Psychometry

– The best ways to use Psychometry

– Understanding symbols or colors you see when using psychometry

– How to read a person using clairvoyance in person, or over the phone

– And a few more advanced professional tips


Month 4 – Discovering The Human Aura

– What is the aura?

– Basics of the Human Aura

– The 3 most important layers of the aura

– How to develop your Aura Vision like a professional psychic

– How to see auras around anyone

– How to interpret the different layers and colors of the aura

– How to give an aura reading in person, or over the telephone


Month 5 – Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides

– Understanding Angels and the different roles they play

– The difference between Guides and Angels

– How to call on Angels whatever you need them

– How to do automatic writing

– How to channel the messages of Angels and Guides

– How to call on Guides and Angels during a reading

– The basics for giving an angel reading in person, or over the phone


Month 6 – Fine Tuning What You Learned

– You will learn a few different reading techniques you can use

– How to read a photo and a person’s aura in a photo

– We will cover any questions you have regarding anything you have learned in the following 5 weeks

– Advanced tips to heighten everything you have just learned

– And a few other surprises


As you might have already realized, I do not hold ANYTHING back from my students! I will teach you all the in and outs, and you will be able to skip all the common mistakes, beginners and advanced students alike, often make, because you have my 24 years of experience behind everything I teach you.

As you can see from what you are going to learn, I hold nothing back! What I teach, and the way I teach is the reason why I can proudly say I turn people into amazing psychics. And I can do the same for you, no matter what you decide to use this training for in your life!

Even if you just want to develop your psychic abilities for spiritual enrichment, you will always have this knowledge, and can later in life use it to give readings to others, if you ever chose to do so at a later time. The knowledge is never lost!

It’s like riding a bike. Once you learn it, you’ll never forget it! You can ride a bike today, and not get on one for another 20 years, and you’ll still be able to ride it then, just as well as you did 20 years earlier.

As you can see, Level 1 is some very in-depth training, and again, you can also see I don’t hold anything back. And just in case you are wondering, “YES” you will be able to do ALL of these things after you complete the 6 months.

You Will Get Certified 

I am proud to say this is also a certification training. So you will receive a Certificate you can display on your wall, showing you are a Level 1 Psychic.

There is psychic homework to do each month, and it takes about 3 to 5 hours a month to complete the assignments.

Testimonial Of Some Of My Graduates

Here are a few testimonials from students who have graduated from my Psychic Development Training Program:

“I was amazed by how I went from a beginner knowing nothing, to being able to give accurate readings to total strangers – in just 6 months!”

Susan B. 

“The training I received was amazing! I learned so much, and now everyone wants me to do readings for them. My part-time reading income has quickly exceeded my high-earning Executive Management salary! I’m now having to decide whether to stay in the rat race of working for the man, or devoting my life to this highly rewarding spiritual work! I consider this is a luxury problem to have! 

Sandra R.

“My life has grown so much spiritually from this training with Tana. I am now in touch with my angels and guides on a daily basis! As a matter of fact, I am starting to develop “Spirit Vision” where I am beginning to be able to physically see them! This training was amazing!”

John D.

“This is the “college” I have been looking for all of my life. This program has not only enriched my soul in ways college never did for me, it has placed me on a higher path in life, where I feel so much more at peace now! I started offering part-time readings, and within 4 months, I started making as much giving readings part-time, as I do at my full-time factory job I’ve had for over 19 years!”

Linda C.

“My life has changed in ways I cannot express in words. This was the best investment of my time and money I ever made for my life!” 

William G.


Are You Ready To Awaken Your Life To Unlimited Possibilities? 

My Psychic Development Training program will give you the freedom to open new doors in your life. These doors will become Spiritual and Financial Doors to more prosperity and deeper fulfillment in your life.

This training will give you the spiritual tools and training necessary to take your life to the next level. This next level in your life is only limited by your own imagination. This in-depth training is like giving you a new pair of wings. It will be up to you to decide how high you want to fly! After this training, you can use it to go as far as you want to go in your life – how far you go is all decided by YOU!

You can use this training to enrich your life, become more attuned to the universe, talk to angels and guides on a daily basis, give readings to others, or any or all of these things combined. This is what’s so great about this training! YOU get to decide how to apply it! There is no right or wrong way! It’s all about what resonates with YOUR unique soul! 

The Next Step

If you are ready to develop your psychic self, to the fullest, and possess amazing spiritual skills, which 99% of the world doesn’t even know exists. then this Psychic Development Training is for you!

I am going to open up this training for 22 students at this time. Yes! ONLY 22 students.

Since this training is limited to only a few people, there will be an application process to weed out the people who aren’t really serious about learning this. I am only interested in training people who sincerely want to learn how to develop this amazing side of themselves to the fullest. This will be the best training you can receive anywhere in the entire world! That’s a bold statement – because it’s true!

If you would like to apply for this training, you will need to answer the following questions, then email back it to me right away! Once I receive your application, I will personally contact you myself and give you all the details, if you qualify.

You can send the following questionnaire back to me by replying to this email. People will be considered in the order their email is received. So it is best to fill it out now, if possible, and send it back to me right away!

PLEASE MAKE SURE to include the BEST and EASIEST phone number to reach you at.


Please answer the following questions: 

1. Why would you like to develop your psychic abilities? 

2. Have you ever had any type of psychic training before? If so, from who? 

3. Why should you be chosen as one of my 22 students for this powerful training? 

4. Would you be willing to spend the 3 to 5 hours each month doing your homework? 

5. Please share any additional information you feel would be helpful in helping me decide if you should be one of the lucky 22 chosen.

Now that you’ve completed the questionnaire, please email it back to me by replying to this email.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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