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One of the most difficult and painful times in a person’s life is when a person feels lonely due to not having someone to share their life with, or when a person is in a relationship, and things are not going well at all.

I receive numerous emails daily from people who are seeking help with both of these problems!

Do You Have A True Soul Mate?

When a person is lonely, their heart is filled with emptiness because they know they will be happier and enjoy life more when the day finally comes that they have someone to hare it with! Let’s face it, doing things alone all the time, eating alone, not having someone to cuddle and watch TV with at night, or just having someone around that you know really cares, is a wonderful thing to have in your life!

When it comes to friends, no mater how good of a friend someone is, and no matter how close you are to your family, can never fulfill the role of being in the arms of someone you deeply love, and who loves you back the same!

Friends and family can never hold you the same way, kiss you the same way, or hold you at night when you sleep!

The good news is, everyone has a true soul mate, but many people go through this life never finding that one true person, or settling with someone who is not their true soul mate out of fear of being alone. Or they get involved with someone they thought was a soul mate, but later find out they were wrong! So they never meet their true soul mate either!

With psychic help available , loneliness is now a choice! You don’t have to be alone or lonely any longer – unless you choose to be! Click here and let me show you how to find your true soul mate!

Both of these scenarios are a dead end street that leads to sadness, depression, loneliness, living in fantasy, and coming back again in another lifetime to repeat the same scenario over and over again!

But how can you find your true love? Read on and I am going to tell you how!

Dead End Or Loveless Relationships!

Then there are people who are in a relationship, either a new one, or a long term one. Either way, long term or short term, when love goes bad, gets shaky, or one person starts doubting their true feelings in a relationship, the other person is definitely going to suffer in pain!

Infidelity, Alcoholism, drug addiction, fighting, not talking, not communicating, unanswered questions, a loveless sex life, a good sex life but a loveless relationship, or simply two people that have grown apart! All of these things create a lonely life for one or both of the people involved!

I have discovered that being in an unfulfilling relationship can be just as lonely as not being on one at all!

Stop suffering from sadness and loneliness, and let me help you feel totally fulfilled in your life – so click here to let me help you!

What You Can Do To Find Your True Love!

So what can you do when faced with either of these two situations? What can you do to find where, when, and how to meet your true soul mate, or find out if your current relationship is salvageable or not?

The best way to resolve any of these situations is to look at your Akashic Records. Your Akashic Records are cosmic records that are stored in the ethereal realms, and they have written in them everything you have done, every deed you have performed, every past life you have ever lived, and every relationship you have ever been involved with in this life time, and all of your past lifetimes too!

Your Akashic Records Contain All Answers!

Your Akashic Records are the key to getting these questions answered,because they contain the information about all of your past life and karmic bonds in relationships! Therefore, these records hold the answers you are seeking about anything in life! Not just about love, but about everything!

During an Akashic Records reading, I can look at the information contained in your Akashic Records, and give you all the pertinent information that you need to either find your true soul mate, or to resolve any problem you have with the person you love!

Your akashic Records can even tell you how to get your ex back, if that is what you truly desire!

Your Akashic Records can tell you exactly what you need to do in any situation to make the outcome the one you desire! They can even tell you what to do to save your current relationship, no matter how far down it has sank – if that is also what you desire to do!

There is no need to guess, try to figure things out yourself, or suffer with loneliness any longer!

So click on this link to let me read your Akashic Records, and tell you the information that is contained in them, so that you can find your true soul mate, or be happy again in your current relationship, or get back that person that you lost in the past, because deep inside you know that he or she os your true soul mate!

I look forward to talking to you very soon!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S.S.S. Here’s your monthly horoscope for September 2015

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