Here’s how to feel happier than ever!

In my previous emails, I have taught you about the power of your mind, and how it can make your life feel like heaven or hell, on earth.

Since your mind is so powerful, having control over your thoughts, instead of them having control over you, is very important!!

As a matter of fact, knowing how to control your thoughts is the most important thing to know how to do in life!

Your Mind And Your Happiness

Let’s face it! Most people are slaves to their thoughts! They can’t sleep due to their racing minds, they experience huge amounts of stress due to the thoughts that run through their heads, and they suffer unnecessarily from their thinking.

Then there are other people who always seem to be happy, at peace, and life seems to be a slice of heaven for them.

So why are they so happy?

The answer is that happy people have learned how to control their minds! And these happy types of people are not common to find – but they are out there!

The Guru Secrets OF Mind Power

Gurus in the Far East have known the secrets for how to “cleanse” their minds, giving them more control over their thoughts, which results in more inner peace in their lives!

The other thing to remember is that thoughts are things! So what you think, fear, or worry about, you send out into the universe, and these thought forms boomerang back into your life! In other words, your thoughts create your future!

So, if you are sending out fear, worry, anxiety, and stress, what kind of future do you think you are creating for yourself? You are attracting more fear, anxiety, and stress into your life in the future!

Your Thought Power Is Magnetic

Remember, your thoughts are magnetic, so like a magnet, they draw like vibrations to them.

Sending out happy, positive thoughts draws more happiness and positivity into your future!

So you can see the importance of cleansing your mind because your thoughts not only affect how you feel on a daily basis, but it also affects what you will experience in the future!

The Loop-To-Loop In Your Brain

You see, when you are used to accepting fear, anxiety, and worry, as natural states of life (we’ve been programmed as a society to believe this) then you create a loop-to-loop mind tape, that continuously plays over and over again in your mind.

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So when you feel fear, this endless loop gets triggered, and starts playing automatically! Everyone in most of the world has this loop-to-loop tape playing in their head!

Mind Cleansing

Mind Cleansing is a technique that cleanses your mind and allows you to have more control over your thinking.

So by having a “Mind Cleansing”, this endless tape gets removed, and the tape stops playing! This does not mean you will never have fear, worry, or anxiety again. But what it does mean is that you won’t be as affected by it!

Negative thoughts will become like water on a duck’s back, and they will seem to slide right off of you. You will then feel happier, more peaceful, and much more relaxed in life!

What Is Mind Cleansing?

Mind Cleansing is an ancient chakric technique where I energetically enter into your Chakra system, focusing on your Crown Chakra, and not only remove the loop-to-loop energy tape that is programmed into your brain, I then replace it with a different energy tape!

This can be described as a psychic deprogramming of the negative mind energy that society has taught all of us to believe! This deep Mind Cleansing work is so powerful that many people actually say their head feels lighter afterwards!

Once you have had a Mind Cleansing, you will notice that the things that used to get you upset, worry you, or trigger your anxiety, just won’t seem to have the same power of you any longer!

This includes other people who upset you, such as bosses, coworkers, spouses, friends, neighbors, and even crazy drivers on the highway!

Fears you used to have, worries that seem unfounded, or anything that has been causing you stress, will seem to slip away!

Have You Noticed This About Yourself?

Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling afraid, you can’t make the best decisions, you don’t act the same because you feel afraid, worried, or stressed. Even your moods are different. But when you are happy, life feels so good!

Well, imagine feeling good almost every day! Feeling happier than ever before, and having hardly any more of the old fears, stressors, or worries!!

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With Mind Cleansing, you will start feeling this way on a very regular basis! You can become one of those happy people!

The Power Of Mantras

After I perform this powerful psychic energy deprogramming, I will be also giving you a powerful mantra designed for your energy that will draw more happiness into your life, and also act as a protective shield against negativity.

I will then teach you a powerful meditation that you can use to have even greater control over your mind!

This will be one of the most amazing things you will ever have the opportunity to experience in life! And if you’ve had another healing session with me, then you already know how powerful they are!

What To Do Next

To schedule this powerful Mind Cleansing, click on this link and fill out this form, or call my office at 614-444-6334, and someone will contact you to schedule it!

You can also email me back at this email address with your direct number, and someone will also contact you!

Spaces Are Limited!!

Since I have only limited spaces for this, I will only be able to offer this to the first 40 people who contact me.

I hope you found this helpful, and I look forward to helping you experience less stress in your life, and more happiness!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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