Here’s how to see your aura…

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Your aura is an egg-shaped energy field that surrounds your entire body. It is composed of several different colors. It is often referred to as the “rainbow of your soul”.

Your aura radiates energy outwards from it, and this energy can work for or against you. Your auric energy is like a magnet, so it can draw people to you or repel people away from you?

A person can actually be trained how to see the auras of other people!

Whenever I meet a person for the first time, the first thing I do is look at their aura and see what it tells me about that person.

The colors I see in a person’s aura tell me many things about that person. Each color found in the aura tells me something about that person.

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For example, when I see:

– Red in a person’s aura, means that person is very passionate and loving.

– Dark red means that person has an excess of sexual energy!

– Yellow in a person’s aura shows that person is a loyal friend. Someone you can trust and rely on.

– Black or dark gray seen in a person’s aura means the person is near death, or that the person is very evil and has a dark side. These evil colors are often seen in the auras of serial killers.

An Aura Seeing Technique

Something you can try to start seeing auras is to squint your eyes when you look at someone and look for different colors outlining the edges of the person’s body. When you see them, this is that person’s aura!

This exercise takes lots of practice, so do not expect results the first time you try it! But with practice, you will see results!

I hope this helps you!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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    Dear Tana Thank you very much about how one can see aura , is very fascinating topic and you have been very informative about this. I learn a lot in this info you gave us Bless you for that. Thank you again.You were born with special gift. Thnak you .

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