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I hope you had a great holiday week, as we are finally starting a new year!

Over the last few weeks, several people have emailed me, letting me know about all the things I predicted during their reading that came true.

As a psychic, I receive great joy and happiness being able to use my psychic gift to help others. I makes me feel good when I am able to help someone find the answers and solutions to problems that had been causing them a lot of stress in their life.

So I am going to share with you a few of the emails from the many people I was able to help during their psychic reading with me.

The Man Was A Cheater (And A Secret Father)

This one in particular touched me very deeply knowing I was able to save someone from deception in love. Because when it comes to love, nothing can hurt as deeply as being deceived by the one you love:

Dear Tana,

You were right when you told me the man I had been living with for many years, was having affairs on me. You even mentioned he had a baby I didn’t know about, and you were correct on both of those things.

I found out last week, he had been seeing over 6 different women in the 6 years we had been together. I also found out he got one of those women pregnant, and has a 4 year old son I knew nothing about! 

You told me he had been stealing money from his work, and you were right again. He was stealing it from work to pay child support, so I wouldn’t find out about it!

You told me the truth would come to light, and it would come to light due to something related to money. Right again! He lost his job last week, and this is when everything came out. 

I am now leaving him, and looking forward to eventually meeting someone who really does love me. 

You told me during our reading that one day I would leave him, and when I did, I would meet my true soulmate within 6 months later. 

I am looking forward to meeting him.

I have had several readings with you, and you are the best Tana.

Thank you for all you do.

Tamara C. Detroit MI

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Her Life Was Saved 

Here is another email I received from a lady who was down and out before our reading, and I’ll let her tell you in her own words what happened after our reading:

Dear Tana,

A friend of mine recommended you to me for a reading. She said you were the best, and would be able to help me. Before our reading I had been struggling with many problems, including a long-term drug addiction, which I had never told anyone about.

When we had our reading, the first thing you said to me was “An Angel is watching over you and is going to help you get clean”. I almost dropped the phone. I had told never told anyone about my addiction, but you knew about it the minute we spoke!

Well Tana, that reading was 3 years ago. And two days after our reading, I woke up, and there was a large white feather, about 12 inches long, laying on the pillow beside me. I knew that was a sign from the angel you said was watching over me, because there are no feathers in my house. Especially not that large!

I immediately checked myself into a treatment center, and I have been clean from heroin for three years now! I wanted to let you know how your reading saved my life. At the treatment center, they told me I would have been dead in 6 months if I hadn’t gotten help when I did. I am only 32 years old.

I already have another reading scheduled with you, but wanted to personally thank you in writing, for saving my life. My life is better now than it ever has been before. 

Looking forward to talking again soon,

Courtney C. Riverside, CA

The Love She Almost Missed

And this last one really brought a smile to my face. Knowing I helped someone find love during their reading, brings me more joy than I could ever express. So here is what Suzanne wrote:

Dear Tana,

When I had a reading with you about 5 and a half months ago, I told you I was lonely, and really wanted to find true love. Right away, you picked up I didn’t go out much, and you told me if I wanted to find my soulmate, I had to leave my house and get out and about to meet people.

You were right, because I always stayed home after work, and when I went out, it was only with friends. And who is going to come up and talk to me when I am out with a group of my friends?

So, I took your advice, and joined a few social sites, not dating sites. You told me if I did what you said, I would meet him within 3 weeks to one month. So I did exactly as you said. 

Well, Tana Hoy, guess what? Two weeks later, I met the most wonderful guy. We have been dating for almost four and a half months now, and it has been amazing since the day we met!

He always calls me, and we go to dinner, movies, out with our friends, (I like all his friends and he likes mine too) and we laugh a lot. I have never dated anyone like him before.

He just told me he loved me a few days ago, and I told him I love him too! It was the greatest feeling hearing those three words from someone I really care about. I know we will get married eventually, and so does he. 

Tana, thank you for such an uplifting, positive, and accurate reading. If I hadn’t had that reading with you, I would still be sitting here all alone.

Talk to you soon for our next reading,

Suzanne R. Portland, OR

I receive so many emails like these every week, and I read every single one of them! Every time I open one of these emails, it makes my day. How lucky I am to have met such nice people like all of you!

I hope reading these emails have brought a smile to your face, and the same joy I feel inside when I read them too!

Very Important To Read

People often ask me, “Tana, what questions can I ask during my reading?” And the answer is, “You can ask anything that you need answers to!”

There are no questions that are:

1. Too silly

2. Not important

3. Too personal (I’ve heard it all, so nothing shocks me!)

Very Important Information To Know About You

And also, something I often tell my clients, which important to know is this: Never feel ashamed about things you did in the past, situations you may currently be in, or things you wish you had never said or done.

Everything you experience in life is part of the path you need to walk down to learn the necessary lessons for the highest development of your soul.

Please know that during your reading, no matter what we talk about, I do not judge anyone. Because we are all human, so therefore, we do human things.

Sometimes our hearts will lead us into situations we never thought we would be in. But love is a powerful emotion, and it pulls us like a magnet towards people we love.

Sometimes we have said or done things we wish we never would have said or done. But this is just part of the human experience – no matter what you may have said or did. It was all part of your unique path in this life designed to help you grow as an individual.

I believe there are no mistakes. I believe nothing happens by accident. I believe you have not ever done, said, or been involved in anything, which thousands of other people in the world have not already done, said, or been involved in too. You are not alone.

Our actions do not always define who we are as people. Our actions define what we feel inside. Nothing more. Nothing less.

I hope you will always hold onto these words, because they are all true!

Please print out the words above, and take them with you. Then pull them out and read them whenever you feel down. They will instantly lift your spirits!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

To schedule a psychic reading, or any of my other Psychic Services, please visit my website at or call my office at 614-444-6334

P.S. Remember, you are completely whole exactly as you are. Being a Divine Expression of the Source, which exists within you, nothing about you could ever be incomplete!

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6 Responses

  1. Sam says:

    I needed to see that last statement. I have never been diagnosed for it but I am an anxiety sufferer, and one particular one is an unusual form of regret anxiety trauma. One I have yet to find the true name of since so far the internet has failed to provide a definition of it. It’s basically when a certain phrase, term or circumstance triggers a small episode of a traumatic regret anxiety, usually on recalling on something I had done which I then regretted later. I have no idea what it’s termed as though. Sometimes it can go on for a few days. Up until now I often thought I was defective soul but perhaps it’s not the case. Technically everyone starts as a defective soul that is refined to perfection but in my case I was never sure.

    For those unfamiliar, defective souls are those who (usually) have gone through a significant traumatic period or incarnation which then leave a long lasting effect, sometimes even hundreds of years later which characteristics are carried through every incarnation from that point on until it is mended or healed. That’s as far as I know. In the greater scheme, no soul is truly “defective” except by perception but sometimes souls can go off course in the reincarnation and life lessons and purpose phase. Sometimes so severely it can cause a significant mark. I don’t think it’s permanent however. This is only related to me though if this is/was the case so don’t start worrying if you are or anything. If I am, I am. If not, great. That is something I will have to find out for myself.

    Then again, I never saw much in myself in the beginning, but thank you Tana for the uplifting statement. It did help.

  2. Vernette says:

    What about people who exercise their free will to commit heinous crimes against innocent individuals and never learn any lessons from doing so? Poor victims while their struggle may be to rise above the circumstance, see the positives and use the situation to help others, what an overwhelming in challenging journey when that experience may have not been anything you requested before coming into this vibration.

  3. Sam says:

    In retrospect it’s down to how you see it. the effect of the action is only determined by the perception of the action. The action itself is meaningless without… well, meaning. The perception we have on said action is relative to our ability of having free will to have said perception.

    “Crime” is merely a name-word for an unwanted or perceived negative action. We give it a negative meaning because we associate it with unwanted or negative actions which we associate that with negative perception.

    At it’s core, it’s all about the game of perception.

  4. Stella says:

    “Our actions do not always define who we are as people. Our actions define what we feel inside. Nothing more. Nothing less.”

    Well said Tana…we all need to remember your words before we judge ourselves or others.

  5. Candy says:

    Thank you Tana ?❤️

  6. Tonya says:

    Thank you for all the horoscope and money scope and lovescope

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