Here’s Your Love Horoscope For December 2015 – by Tana Hoy

In my last email I talked about your past lives, and to learn more about yours. I also shared a past life story someone shared with me. And I also shared my reply to her about what the deeper meanings of her story were. You can read that email here if you want to learn more about it.

There is something very important that I need to tell you about. So make sure to read this entire email, because this is really important to know!

The Reason Problems Happen

Whenever you have a problem occur in your life, it is because of something you did either in this life, or a past life! Yes, you read that right! It is the result of one of your actions, thoughts, or deeds, in this life, or one of your past lives!

You see, the Law Of Karma states that for every action, there is a reaction. So whenever you make a  cause by something you do, or something you think, that cause is stored in the higher realms, like a seed of energy, and when the right moment comes, that seed of energy grows in your life! This includes good and bad causes!

So if you’ve created a bad cause somewhere in the past, problems are created when that energy seed blooms in your life. What causes this karma seed to bloom in your life when it does, is way to complicated to get into in this email. But the important thing to understand is your actions, thoughts, and deeds, create energy seeds that are stored in the ethers, waiting for the right time to bloom in your life.

This is why you hear people say “be careful what you think!” This saying comes from the Law Of Karma. Although most people don’t realize this when they say it!

So, it seems obvious that in order to prevent future problems in your life. make sure you take positive actions, think positive thoughts, and always do good deeds. Well, as you know, being human makes that impossible to do all the time.

But even if you could take positive actions, think positive thoughts, and always do good deeds, from this day forward, what about the negative karma you have accumulated in the past?

What do you about “those” energy seeds that are just waiting for the right time to manifest in your life very soon or in the future, creating more problems you will have to deal with?

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The Thing About Past Lives

Even though most people can’t remember their past lives, doesn’t mean they are excused from any bad karma they created in one of them. Karma states we are responsible for all of our thoughts, actions, and deeds, in this life, and ALL of our past lives.

Regardless if we can remember or not, since we created the bad karma, we are still responsible for it. So this is why it is important to be conscious of your thoughts, actions, and deeds, in this life, because you will have karmic repercussion from it in this life, or a future lifetime.

So this is why problems in this life,  are usually left over karmic repercussions from a past life.

So what can you do to clean up your bad karma, so that it won’t continue to affect you in this life any more?

I traveled To The 44th Dimnesnion

When I’m not sure what to, I call on certain Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters to meet with me and explain to me, or teach me, what to do, or how to handle something.

I wanted to make sure I met with the most Advanced and Ascended souls in the Universe to figure this out. So I requested this special meeting.

I requested to astrally travel to the 44th dimension, to hold a scared meeting with the Sacred Council that would include all 200 of the Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters I work with. I wanted to hold this meeting so I could consult with them about best thing a person could do to clean up their karma.

When I arrived, standing there to greet meat at the Astral Door Of Entrance was Jesus, Buddha, Hanuman, Shiva, Saint Germain, and the Archangels Michael and Gabriel! (Gabriel’s wings must be over 15 feet long when they are spread out! The same with Michaels!)

They opened the Astral Door Of Entrance, which has a bright blue door with a purplish haze around it, and we entered into The sacred meeting room.

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What Took Place At This Sacred Meeting

They asked me why I had requested all of them to be present for this sacred meeting, and I explained that there are many people on earth who suffer from Karmic Retribution, and that often times, this karma is left over from one of their past lives. So I wanted to know if there was anything they could teach me to do, to help people eliminate or lesson their karma, so it would no longer affect them, so they could happier lives?

They each took turns explaining karma to me, and how it worked. And the most important idea they wanted to me too know is “karma is not something we can easily escape – UNLESS a person has a SINCERE desire to release whatever they may have done to cause it. Whether they could remember what they did in a past life or not.” Because most people can’t remember what they did in a past life.

They also explained that the Roots of Karma run very deep, and how it is no easy task to “clean up” a person’s deep karma.

As many of you know, I perform something called Karmic Elimination and Reparation, and those of you who have had this performed on you, have seen its power! You’ve experienced many of the obstacles in your life disappear – almost like magic!

But the Sacred Council explained to me there are some forms of deeper karma that need special work to correct the problems it has caused in a person’s life.

They explained to me that Deeper Karma can be identified in the following ways: (although this list is not complete)

– You can’t seem to find your soulmate

– Your relationships never seem to work out – no matter what you try or do

– You’re always getting involved with the wrong type of person

– You have infidelity (cheating) in relationships (either by the other person or you)

– You have money struggles and problems that persist

– You never seem to get ahead in your career or vocation

– You have problems making good friends

– You have constant problems with parents, siblings, relatives, in-laws, coworkers, or neighbors.

– You or someone you love has alcohol, drug, food, or gambling struggles

– You have people who break your trust

– You have people lying to you

– Plus a WHOLE lot more!

The Words Of Wisdom I Received

Shiva, the Hindu God, spoke first. He explained to me that “removing or minimizing karma of this deepest kind, needs to be performed “delicately” and with “conscious intention”. He explained that a person wanting their karma removed needed to possess a sincere desire to have their life change for the better.

He also explained that some people like living in a life of misery, and so this kind of work would not benefit them. So he informed me not to “drain my precious healing energy” on people who were not sincere, but to reserve it for those who were”.

Believe it or not, there are people who enjoy feeling miserable! I’ve met plenty of them. It seems like they strive on being unhappy. It’s as if being unhappy IS their happiness! Sad, but these people are out there!

Next, Buddha spoke and told me that they were going to instruct me in an ancient sacred healing ritual that is so powerful, it will remove this deeper karma, and allow problems caused by it, to be erased from a person’s life.

They asked me to stand, as Jesus stood behind me, Shiva stood on my left, and the Buddha stood on my right. Then, the archangel Michael stood in front of me and wrapped his wings around all of us, forming a beautiful circle. This was the most amazing feeling I’ve ever felt in my entire life!

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What Happened Next

Suddenly, this circle formed within his wings became filled with a beautiful purple light. I had to close my astral eyes, because it was so intense and bright. Then I could feel my astral body levitating about 2 to 3 feet off the ground! Then after a few seconds, i could feel myself slowing descending back to the astral ground.

Michael then unwrapped his wings, and all of them gave me a warm hug. They explained to me the way to perform this deep karma remove work had just been transmitted to me within the purple light, via osmosis. They explained my energy body had absorbed all of the knowledge, and I would now know what to do.

It was the wildest thing, because I instantly knew how to do it, as if I had studied this technique for years. They literally transmitted the teaching to me by osmosis! Osmosis is the process of unconscious absorption of knowledge! So this circle allowed them to transmit this teaching to me via osmosis using purple light for the transmission! Incredible!!

The Deep Karma Technique Revealed To Me

The deep karma technique revealed to me is called Dekarmawa. The name literally translates as “the releasing of profound karmic bonds one’s soul cannot fathom”

Since deep karma is karma that started when your soul was first conceived, this kind of karma can literally be thousands of years old. So this is why it is called deep karma, because it’s history is deep within the beginnings of your soul.

Dekarmawa is a bio-energetic karmic cleansing process. What this means is when it is performed on you, the bio-energy that is released, literally travels back into time to the first moment your soul came into existence. Then, this energy works it’s way forward, into the present!

Depending on the depth of a person’s karma, will depend on the number of sessions a person needs. Since this is deep karma, it will will be resolved in no more than 4 sessions, and no less than two. Deep karma means it runs deep within your soul’s history, therefore, we are releasing thousands of years of deep karma!

How Dekarmawa Is Performed

Dekarmawa uses the power of gemstone energy, color therapy, and healing oils. When I work with someone using Dekarmawa, I will suggest a few different gemstones, oils, and colors to work with, and then show you how to work with them.

What you will be shown to do is very simple, but the power of removing a person’s deep karma lies in creating the correct combination of these three things.

Although each of the “tools” are simple and inexpensive to obtain, each person will work with their own unique combination of these spiritual tools, to release their deep karma.

Dekarmawa will release any deep karma from your soul, as far back as since time began. So your karma could be thousands of years old, having affected you in many of your past lives, clear up to this present one!

What To Expect After Dekarmawa

After a person completes their Dekarmawa session, most people, depending on how sensitive they are to feeling energy, will begin to feel lighter. And most people will experience a deep inner feeling that “something” is different, or has been lifted. This is because Dekarmawa releases your karma at the deepest levels.

Once your Dekarmawa Session has been completed, you will begin to see gradual changes in the problems and obstacles that used to haunt you. This gradual change can be compared to a morning sunrise. Nighttime does not instantly change from darkness to light, but over a short period of time, the darkness gently transforms into daylight.

This is because Dekarmawa is a gentle process, and if your deep karma was instantly pulled out of your soul, your soul body would have a negative reaction. This is because a person’s deep karma can be thousands of years old. So the process is gentle, like the sunrise coming up over the horizon.

So if you are ready to stop having the same struggles over and over again, and are ready to release the deep karma in your life that has been holding you back, then Dekarmawa is for you.

The Next Step

The next step is to fill out the form on my psychic reading page, to reserve your space for a Dekarmawa session. Once you fill it out, someone will contact you to answer any other questions you might have, let you know if Dekarmawa is a good fit for you, and then reserve your space for you.

The best time for Dekarmawa is going to be in July and August. This is due to the new Cosmic Shift that is going to take place during that time period. This energy shift makes the power of Dekarmawa even stronger!

Very Limited Spaces Available!

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I always have people who procrastinate, and miss out. And I always try to let people know the importance of acting right away, since my spaces fill up quickly.

I hope you have found this email helpful, and thank you for taking the time to read my email. It takes me a long time to write each email, and so I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read them.

Have a blessed day, and I hope to be able to help you release your deep karma from your life.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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