Here’s Your Love Horoscope For February 2016 – by Tana Hoy

In my last email, I taught you how to permanently banish fear from your life. You can read that email by clicking here! 

This has been a calm year so far, and so far, 2016 hasn’t had as many energy shifts as 2015 did. But now it’s time to get ready for the first BIG energy shift hitting the planet in 2016, and this one is going to be a biggie!!

Over the weekend, I was astral traveling, the same as I do every weekend. But this time, I was called by Saint Germain to travel to the Himalayas for a special meeting with the Ascended Masters. The Himalayas s is one of my favorite places to astral travel to when meeting with Ascended Masters.

When I arrived, it was very snowy, and thank goodness I was traveling using in my Astral Body, or I would have frozen to death! It was beautiful seeing all the snow covered mountain caps.

When I arrived, there was a huge golden door at the peak of the mountain. The door opened for me, and Saint Germain was there gesturing me to enter.

When I walked in, besides Saint Germain, there was also Hanuman, Vishnu, Ganesha, the Archangel Michel, the Archangel Gabriel, and Macar, my Ascended Master guide, sitting there. They all stood to greet me as I entered.

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A Cosmic Earthquake Is Going To Strike The Atmosphere!

They said They had called me there to discuss the major energy shift that’s going to hit the earth in September. They said it was a serious one, and it was going to be big. The reason it is going to be so big They explained, is because this is the first one of 2016.

So this energy will be building up without any release for nine months!. So when it releases, it’s going to be like a cosmic earthquake shaking the energy world! I thought to myself “Whoa! This is going to a big one!”

So They asked me to please have a seat and join them, so I did.

From The Mouths Of The Masters

I asked Them to explain to me what this means…and here is what They told me…

“The energy that hit in December 2015 was a very havoc-type of energy that created problems and havoc in many people’s lives. Those who received the protection of Ascenma ShielProtecto were protected from the horrible impact of that energy. People who received Ascenma ShielProtecto sessions saw people’s lives all around them fall to pieces. Yet, since they had this protection, they were practically unaffected!

The energy on September 2016 is a new energy we are talking about, and it requires a unique type of protection. Any other protections a person has had up to this point up will not protect them from this energy. impact The energy hitting the earth in September, is going to make the energy that hit in December, look like a child’s play.

The cause of this impact is because Pluto and Mars will be coming into what is called a “Cosmic Conflict” with each other. When these two planets “energetically collide”, it is going to release a Cosmic Earthquake of energy that will be directed downwards towards Planet Earth. 

If this cosmic earthquake was an actual earthquake happening on the earth, the impact of this energy would register as a 10.0 on the Rector Scale!! 

This energy collision will manifest as many hardships in the lives of unprotected people, and unfortunately, these hardships will be felt in their lives for over 5 years after it hits! So it is very important Tana, that you let people know the importance of receiving protection from this energy.

We want you to let as many people as you can know about this, because your mission is to help save and protect as many people as you can from this major energy impact as you possibly can!”

The Training I Received In The Room Of Violet Light

Next, Saint Germain, Hanuman, Vishnu, Ganesha, the Archangel Michel, the Archangel Gabriel, and Macar, asked me to enter into what I would describe as a Room Of Violet Light. Here they trained me for over 6 hours on a technique for how to place a Negative Energy Diffusion Shield around a person. They told me this Technique is called Bio-Fuso Fracto-Decaii Protection (BFFDP).

They said They needed to train me in a Room Of Violet Light, in order to contain within this room, all the energies that would be released during our training. They explained the energy that is summoned for this technique is highly powerful, so it needs to be contained within a Room Of Violet Light. Otherwise, it would cause a premature reaction, and increase the affects of the energy shift in September to a disastrous level.

For over 3 hours They instructed me on Auric Decalibration, Third Eye Energy Fracturing, and Bio-Energy Malfunction, Negative Energy Attachment. Then another 3 hours was dedicated to intensive training

During this Bio-Fuso Fracto-Decaii Protection training, I have never had my physical body sweat so much, nor have I been as exhausted as I was after we finished the training – 6 hours later!  It was very intense and I had to have pin-point focus. But when I finally completed it, I felt a sense of joy and happiness knowing I had just learned something that is going to help so many people.

This is the most important protection of the year!

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This Email Is My Way Of Reaching Out To YOU!

Needless to say, I felt honored and at the same time, a bit overwhelmed, having such a huge responsibility placed on my shoulders to protect “as many people as I can”.

So this email is my way of reaching out YOU, in order to fulfill the mission given to me.

I was told by the Ascended Masters: “ Tana, it is your karmic responsibility to share this information with others. But once you share it, the responsibility is on this you that person to take the necessary action to protect themselves.

They gave me an example of people knowing something, yet still not taking action to protect themselves. The example they gave me was “People in California buy homes in dangerous areas WHERE THEY KNOW fires are going to happen every year. Yet, they still buy them! Then when their home catches fire and burns to the ground, they act surprised! When you share this information, the exact same thing will happen: Even though you warn others by sharing our message, many people will still not take action.  So once you share this, it is out of your hands.”

I cannot stress to you enough – the importance of having this protection!!!

What You Need To Know About This Cosmic Earthquake

This is how it will affect the planet earth. When it hits on September 18th, it is going to send an energetic shockwave throughout the entire universe. Shortly after it hits, there are going to be tragic events happening around the world. Wars, unexpected deaths, etc. It is on an international level these things will occur.

This is how it will affect you. Once the energy of these two planets collide, the Cosmic Earthquake will hit. The energy from this collision is going to send out energy sparks that look like “fiery rain” coming down form the heavens. Those who have a strongly developed Third Eye will be able to clairvoyantly see this fiery rain. Those without this ability will see nothing!

This fiery rain will fall upon every living person on earth, burning holes in their auric fields. This fiery rain will then penetrate into the person’s Soul Core, causing serious damage to all levels of the person’s Energy Body.

The levels mostly damaged will occur in your aura, all of your chakras, your Astral Body, Soul Body, and Soul Core. You can imagine this fiery rain being the same as if your physical body was engulfed in flames…

…but unlike fiery flames, this fiery rain will not cause a person any pain. As a matter of fact, people will feel nothing different at all when it falls upon them.

But here is what will happen to you when this fiery rain falls on you:

Auric Decalibration – This is where your aura (the energy shield of protection surrounding your body) will become full of holes, causing a deep loss of bio-physical energy. Auric Decalibration causes your aura to become dacalibrated, therefore not allowing energy to flow properly, due to energy loss and serious imbalance. Think of this like riding in a car with the wheels not screwed on tightly, while trying to drink a hot cup of coffee without spilling it on yourself. This will wreck havoc on your moods, causing unexpected mood swings from the emotional up’s and downs caused by this.

Third Eye Energy Fracturing – Your Third Eye (the center of your psychic and emotional soul) will become fractured. causing splintering of the Pineal Gland bio-energy. Pineal Gland bio-energy allows you to intuitively make good judgments in all situations, and also about other people. When Third eye Energy Fracturing occurs, it causes you to doubt yourself, and everything around you! For people who already doubt themselves, they will feel severely immobilized in making decisions. Regardless, this will affect relationships, career choices and decisions, money decisions, and even feelings about yourself and others.

Bio-Energy Malfunction – The 7 energy centers within your energy body will stop spinning, causing shutdown and malfunction. These energy centers correlate to the mental, spiritual, and emotional functions of your energy body. Which in turn, have intense impacts on your physical body. When these centers stop spinning, your ability to send out positive manifestation energy becomes blocked, preventing you from manifesting goodness in your life, and also leaving you susceptible to negative energy beings which can attach themselves to you, causing havoc in your life.

Negative Entity Attachment – Negative entities are everywhere in the universe. When you are hit by this energy,  you will instantly experience Auric Decalibration, Third Eye Energy Fracturing, and Bio-Energy Malfunction. At this point Negative Energy Attachment can automatically happen. This is because you will be extremely vulnerable to these negative energies, since your natural psychic protection will be destroyed by this fiery rain. You will then be vulnerable to all kinds of negative entity control and manipulation.

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Protection Is Extremely Important

It is very important for each and every person to have Bio-Fuso Fracto-Decai Protection BEFORE this energy shift that will rock the planet in September! This fiery rain is a serious matter, and I am glad I’m the one to be able to let you know about this BEFORE it’s too late. Without protection, you will be affected by this for 5 years!

This means you will be affected by this until September 21st, 2021!!

I can never remember an energy shift being as devastating as this one. So I am so happy I am able to give you warning notice WAY in advance! Advanced notice allows me plenty of time to protect everyone who wants protection. As you know, I don’t usually get this much notice to warn you like I am able to do with this energy shift.

People who get protected will avoid experiencing all of the above impacts, and even more! 

What To Expect Once You’ve Had Bio-Fuso Fracto-Decai Protection

– You will not only experience protection, but even growth, as you will discover your moods becoming elevated, heightened, and you will experience intense inner joy and happiness like never before.

While those around you who are not protected will become victims of emotional mood swings, severe emotional highs and lows, and serious depression and anxiety.

-Your self confidence will become stronger, and you will find yourself feeling more assured of your life and the decisions you make. You will intuitively know the right steps to take in your relationships, career future, financial decisions, and even your feelings about yourself and others. People will be drawn to your new confidence, and naturally start to follow you, look up to you, and find your help and guidance indispensable!

But those around you who are not protected will experience heightened self doubt, paranoia, become distrustful of many people, and many people will start to become emotionally withdrawn from others.

– You will find your “thought power” becoming magnetic. It will seem like the things you think of, desire, and want, will be drawn to you by simply thinking about them, or desiring them. You will experience what is called Manifestation Magic, because others will start to wonder how you suddenly became so lucky. Your new found “thought powers” will also naturally repel any negative entities and beings in the universe.

But those you know who are not protected will act as if something took over their body and mind, and they will start feeling out of control, and experience a feeling of being disconnected from who they really are. Feeling spiritually disconnect will be the most noticeable feeling others will have.

– Your psychic shield that surrounds your body will become “fireproof” and the fiery rain will have no affect on you. It will also make you invisible to negative entities, so they won’t even be able to see you. This will keep you safe from their manipulation and control!

Those unprotected will start acting weird, almost as if they are possessed. Non-recovering drinkers will start drinking more, non-recovering drug users will start using more drugs, and people will start acting weird and strange! The same strange and weird ways people act during a full moon!

You Need To Act Now!

Bio-Fuso Fracto-Decaii Protection is the most important thing you can have done this year!! If you do nothing else – you NEED to do this!

Without Bio-Fuso Fracto-Decaii Protection, you’re life will be affected by this fiery rain for the next 5 years in all the ways described above. And it would break my heart if this happened to you…

…but sadly, I can only lead a horse to water – NOW the next step is up to you! So to reserve one of the limited spaces, click here right now to fill out the form on my psychic reading page to reserve one of the limited spaces!

This energy IS going to hit in September. There’s no way around that! There’s no way to avoid it, and there’s NOTHING you or I can do to prevent it – BUT you can get protection!! So believe me when I tell you, it’s better to have protection from this!

I am performing this on my fiancé, my mother, my brother, my 4 nieces, and my best friend! This is how important this protection is!!!! 

I’ve already explained very clearly what will happen, what to expect, and how it will affect you if you are not protected from it. This fiery rain will start falling on the earth earth on September 21st!!

So I am going to start scheduling these sessions in July, August, and the first two weeks of September. but…

…My Spaces Are Limited!!

After reviewing my schedule, I can only offer 150 spaces for this protection. After they are gone – they are GONE! And there will be NOTHING I can do

This email is being sent to many, many people, and many people already know how powerful my protection work is from having my protection before,so  those people will grab these spaces immediately! And there is going to be many other people who know the importance of avoiding unnecessary suffering from this impact – especially when they know protection is available!

So I suggest clicking here right now, and filling out the form on my psychic reading page, so someone can call you to reserve your space for this!

I hope I’ve been able to clearly stress the importance of having Bio-Fuso Fracto-Decaii Protection before September 21st – the day of impact! Please click here right now and fill out the form to reserve your space and get the peace of mind from knowing you’re protected!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

To schedule a psychic reading, visit or call 614-444-6334

P.S. ** I highly recommend all IC members to have this performed. Those who are IC members will know what this means.

P.S.S. Here’s your Love Horoscope For February 2016


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