Here’s Your Love Horoscope For July 2016 (Be sure to read this!)

Hi there,

I wanted to share an experience with you I had a few weeks ago. Do you remember Robey? The blue gnome who came to visit me, and then woke me by standing on my chest and gently tugging on my hair? He’s the cute little guy I’ve talked about who eats all my honey!

Well, I had a new little visitor come to see me a few days ago. and the first time I met him, he woke me at 3AM in the morning! This new little guy, who stands about 3 inches tall, but thinks he’s 6 feet tall, is named Victor.

My Little Greenish, 3-Inch Tall Friend, Named Victor

I was sleeping alone a few nights ago, because Johnny was out of town, and all the sudden, about 3 AM in the morning, I felt this tickling feeling on my face! Thinking it was a bug, I gently swatted my face. But then, I heard a little, high-pitched voice yell “ouch”!

Needless to say, I was a bit startled, so I immediately opened my eyes! And when I did, there was this little greenish fellow with wings, about 3-inches tall, standing on my chest.

He looked at me and said “Hey Mister Tana, that hurt!” I was a bit surprised to open my eyes and see him standing on my chest! But I was even more surprised he knew my name! So I asked him “Who are you?” He said “My name is “Fictor”!

I said “Nice to meet you Fictor”, and he said “No! My name is Fictor!”  After a few more rounds of this, I realized this cute little green fellow with wings, had a slight lisp, and he was trying to say “My name is Victor”! But when he said it, it sounds like Fictor! It was really cute!

He Ate Almost All My Expensive Honey

He went on to explain he was friends with Robey, and Robey told him I was a human he could trust and feel safe around. Then…the next words out of his mouth were “Can I have some of your delicious honey? I’m hungry!”

Right then I knew he was a friend of Robey, and that Robey must have told him I have really good honey! So I took him into my kitchen to get some honey, and this little 3-inch tall greenish guy with wings, ate almost a half a jar of my delicious, kind of expensive, Grapefruit Nectar honey. His voice was not very loud. But let me tell you, his burps were! I just sat there and chuckled to myself!

So here we are, about 3:30am in the morning, and I asked him, “Victor, what brings you to see me today”? I know whenever a fairy, elf, or gnome, comes to see me unexpectedly, there’s a reason for it….

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The Discovery Of The Falfachauns!

Although, he never did explain how someone only 3-inches tall could eat so much honey!!

I have to give him credit though, because he was trying to be a hospitable guest. He did offer to pollinate any flowers I have in my yard, so they would “grow nice and tall” as he put it! Then he said he would gladly“pollinate the pretty yellow flowers” all over my yard so they would grow nice and tall for me!.

At first I thought, “What pretty yellow flowers is he talking about?” Then suddenly, it dawned on me! Victor was talking about the dandelions growing all over my yard! So I gently told him told him “Please do not pollinate those pretty yellow flowers all over my yard, because I don’t want those flowers to grow big and tall!” He looked very puzzled and confused, as if he didn’t understand why? He was too cute!!

I asked him what type of Elemental he is, and he said his race of Elementals (The Elemental Kingdom is composed of fairies; elves, gnomes, etc) are called Falfachauns.

Victor went on to explain to explain to me that he is part elf, part leprechaun, and part fairy. He said “My leprechaun ancestry is why I am green. My elf ancestry is why I am only 3-inches tall, and my fairy ancestry is why I have wings!”

Falfacauns! I found that name to be very interesting, and when he said it, it sounded so cute. I actually liked the sound of it! Falfachauns! (fowl-fa-cons).

Cupid – Ruler Of The Falfachauns

I asked him what a Falfachaun is, and he explained that Falfachauns are called the Cupids of the Elemental Kingdom. As a matter of fact, he explained to me that Cupid, the God of Desire, is the ruler of the Falfachauns, and therefore, he said, “We Falfachauns find great joy in helping earth people find true love”.

How we do this, he explained is “When a person wants to find their true Past Life Love, we do a magical dance around the person when they go to sleep. 

I, and about 400 other Falfacauns enter their room, check to make sure they are asleep, and then we do a magical dance around their bed. This dance is called “The Cupidian Love Dance”. 

As we dance around their bed, we also sing, as our way of celebrating this wonderful new romance connection we are going to make happen in that persons life! When we are asked to help a person meet their true love, us Falfacauns consider this a time to celebrate! So it’s a big celebration, or party, as you call it on earth, for us when we do this dance around a human desiring to find their Past Life Love!

Your Past Life Love is someone you have loved in any of your past lifetimes. In these past lifetimes,  the two of you made an agreement to meet them again in one of your future lifetimes, to continue your love together! Your Past Life Love is the “ perfect love match of your soul”! 

When we do Cupidian Love Dance around a person, it opens gigantic portals in the universe. And when these portals are opened, they become universal pathways that lead DIRECTLY to anyone, anywhere in the world, you’ve had a Past Life Love with! 

And believe it or not, you have about 350 Past Life Loves roaming around out there, looking to meet you too!

So after we dance around you to open these universal portals, once opened, each individual portal will lead directly to all of your Past Life Loves, no matter where they might be in the world. Think of these universal portals like illuminated road or pathways, leading directly to each of your Past Life Loves!

Then, at least 400 or more of us Falfachauns travel down each and every one of these portals, to visit each and every one of your Past Life Loves. And when the person goes to sleep, we do The Cupidian Love Dance around them, and then move onto your next Past Life Love!  

And Tana, as you can see, this keeps us very busy, because we have to perform 300 to 350 Cupidian Love Dances around the Past Life Loves of just one person!. So to complete this for just one person, can take over a week! But we love doing this for people, because we become happier and happier, helping humans find their true Past Live Love!

How the Cupidian Love Dance works is, it vibrationally aligns your soul to all the souls of your 300 to 350 Past Life Loves! After this is dance is completed on all of your Past Life Loves, then, you will start seeing the magic of the Cupidian Love Dance begin! This sacred dance acts like a universal vacuum, and it will literally suck the right person for you, your true Past Life Love, into your life!

And you know what else Tana? Even a person who has already found their true Past Life Love, this sacred dance will still help them too. It will magically resolve any problems or struggles between them by the power of Elf Magic! And, it will also bring the souls of any two people in love, closer together. Close together like what humans call super glue! Hehehehe! (He giggled here!)

Victor Talks About Soul Groups

“And surprisingly, humans reincarnate in what are called “Soul Groups”. Meaning they reincarnate in groups together, and within close proximity of each other! So most of the 350 Past Life Loves you that are walking around out there, are usually within 40 earth miles of where you currently live!  And even if you have moved, you moved because you were supposed to live closer to where your Past Life Love now lives! 

Tana, it is important for earth people to know you have more than one Past Life Love out there waiting to meet you. So if one doesn’t work out, there are quite a few more out there for you to meet!  And, when you do meet the perfect match for your soul, the two of you will live the rest of your human lives together in bliss, harmony, and having a fulfilling love – indescribable by human words

“Pwitty cool, huh?” he said with his cute little lisp!

I was fascinated to hear such wisdom and knowledge of the universe, coming out of the mouth of a 3- inch tall, greenish being with wings, with a sweet, high-pitched voice, and a cute little lisp! But let me tell you, he is “wise beyond his size”!

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I Was Still Curious Why A Falafachaun Came To See Me

So I said, “Victor, I am curious to know what brought you here to see me? As I mentioned before, in my experience, when an Elemental comes to see me, I know there’s a darn good reason for it!” Victor just chuckled, and the he smiled at me with his cute little green grin and said “Tana, I was just about to get to that! I’m so glad you asked!

“I came to see you because you were chosen by Cupid to be the Spiritual-Go-To Guru on earth, for the Elemental Kingdom!” 

What? I thought…

..I have to say, I was a bit taken back by his words, because no one had ever called me the Spiritual Go-To Guru on Earth for the Elemental Kingdom before! Especially Cupid!

Those words sounded like some serious shoes to have fill, and quite frankly, I don’t see myself as a Guru on earth. I do see myself as a human being who is a Psychic and also a Spiritual Teacher. I see myself as someone who has devoted my entire life to using my psychic gifts in any way I can, to help other human beings find answers in their lives, and to also help them find their greatest sense of joy, peace, inner bliss, and happiness!

But being called a Spiritual Guru on Earth, by this highly enlightened 3-inch tall, greenish being with wings, was a little shocking!

Victor Explained More Shocking News To Me

Victor then explained more shocking news to me!

He said “Tana let me explain….

Cupid called a meeting in the Elemental Kingdom, where about 10,000 or more Elementals were in attendance. He informed the crowd there are many humans who are still lonely and sad, simply because they haven’t found their Past Life Love. 

He also said there were many humans with broken hearts because they they have found  someone they deeply love, but they face lots of problems and challenges between them as a couple, causing both of their hearts to be hurting! 

Cupid then announced he had decided a specific group of Elementals are going to enter the earth’s dimension, and assist those humans who desired to find real love, in finding their Past Life Love! 

And he said our other mission was going to involve helping heal the hearts of those humans already in love, but facing challenges and problems as a couple, by removing the hurtful obstacles and challenges that exist in their current relationship!

Then, Cupid called out to the entire crowd, and said, “We need a human ally on earth! Someone we can look up to as a Guru on Earth to the Elemental Kingdom. Someone is spiritually and psychically gifted, too, in oder to be able to help us with this mission!

“Does anyone here today know the name of someone who can help us?” 

The crowd became louder as the 10,000 or more Elementals there started talking amongst themselves, trying to figure out who this person could be. 

Then after about 2 hours, in a very loud, but loving voice, Cupid looked out into the crowd and shouted “It’s time now for since and to come to a decision!”…and the room grew quiet…

…Then, as if out of nowhere, this little blue being stood up and shouted over the crowd, “I know someone!” And then he said your name! 

This little blue being was named Robey.

So after hours of discussion, and after Cupid completed psychically reviewed all of your 485 past lives, he too agreed! 

So he announced to the crowd you were the one we needed to reach out to! He said “Tana will be the chosen Spiritual-Go-To Guru on Earth for the Elemental Kingdom”

Next, he looked out into the crowd and said “I need a Falfachaun to go on this mission to talk with him.” Next, he looked out into the crowd, pointed directly at me, and said “You! You will be the chosen one!”

So I met with Robey, we talked, and he told me all about you…so thats how I ended up here!

I was speechless…

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He Explained Our Mission Together

So Victor told me his mission was for him and a group of 400 or more Falfachauns to perform the Cupidian Dance of Love on any human who desires to find their Past Live Love, heal a broken relationship, or eliminate obstacles, challenges, or problems, in their already existing relationship!

He further explained, “You are  to be Human Psychic Vessel on earth we work through, in helping the Falfachauns find humans who want the sacred Cupidian Dance of Love performed for them”.

At this point it was already close to 6AM and believe it or not, I wasn’t tired at all. Even though I’d only had 2 and 1/2 hours sleep, I felt like I had slept 8 hours or more! (Victor later informed me this surge of energy was due to being in the presence of a Falfachaun, because being in their presence gives unlimited energy to a human)

So, believe it or not, at 6AM in the morning, he started teaching me the highly advanced techniques for linking a person who desires to find real love, mend their broken relationship, or wants to heal problems in their current relationship, to the finely tuned vibrational energy of the Falfachauns!

After another 6 hours of training…with honor and without hesitation, I agreed to be the person to help the Elemental Kingdom fulfill their beautiful Love Mission!!

After all, I can’t think of anything more beautiful than helping fulfill a mission that involved helping other human beings find real love, mend their broken relationship, or heal any and all problems, obstacles, or challenges, in their current relationship, by using the power of Elf Magic!!

What Happened to Three People I Know After Experiencing The Sacred Cupidian Dance of Love

As was made crystal clear to me by Victor, this is a powerful sacred dance, which is not like anything I’d ever heard of, or even seen before. As you also know, as new information is revealed to me, I always share it with my fellow Light Seekers.

So this is why I am sharing it with you now…

What Victor taught me about linking humans to Falfachauns over those 6 hours was amazing, to say the least. My relationship is already amazing, and when I asked them perform their sacred dance for me that same night, my has relationship started getting even stronger! And I never even knew we could grow any stronger than we already were!

My 68 neighbor, god bless her heart, who after 45 years of marriage, her 70 year old husband started getting a “wandering eye”. So I asked her if she’d like the help of my little friends called Falfachauns?

After she removed the look off of her face, like I was from another planet, she said it would be fine “Since I have nothing more to lose!”

Two days later, she asked me if I sent an alien to take over her husbands body, because he suddenly started acting like a different person. She said he threw away all of his adult CDs he liked to watch, only looks at her now when they are in public, with “the look of a school boy in love!”! AND he has asked her if they could renew their wedding vows again, and celebrate by having a second honeymoon! She was floored. And she no longer looks at me as a weirdo psychic, like she used to!

My other friend was broken hearted over someone he broke up with over 6 years ago. This poor guy, let me tell ya, he just couldn’t get over the fact it had ended. Even after 6 years had already went by!

So I asked him if he’d like some help from the world of the Elementals? He was a little more open to it, and said, “Sure, whatever! Why not?

One week later, he called me crying. I have never seen or heard this guy cry before in my entire life! I said “Bob, whats wrong??” He proceeded to tell me “Barbara, the girl I had been so heart broken over for more than 6 years, called me just about three hours ago! We just hung up the phone!

I;m not crying because I’m sad, I’m crying tears of joy. She told me she has never forgotten me, but was too embarrassed to call me. and she also said she lost my number. But then she ran into an old friend of ours, who still had my number. So she decided to call me.

She told me she realized ho much she still loves me, and what a fool she had been to ever let me go. After three hours of talking, she booked a flight to come and see me – all the way from New York! She said she only wants to be with me, and had never dated another person since the day we quitted seeing each other.”

I was floored!

So as you can see, this Elf Magic IS very powerful, almost Harry Potter type of stuff!

How You Can Experience The Sacred Cupidian Dance of Love

If you want to find your Past Life Love, mend a broken relationship, or heal any and all problems, obstacles, or challenges, in your current relationship, by accessing the power of Elf Magic, to become linked to the Falfachauns, in order to have them perform the sacred Cupidian Dance of Love for you, then this is something you’ll definitely want to experience.

The three common  descriptions my friends used to describe what happened in their love lives after experiencing the power of the sacred Cupidian Dance of Love were: Mind-blowing, Unbelievable. As close to a real miracle as you can get! …They all three used those exact same words!

The sacred Cupidian Dance of Love is really powerful stuff. And I am only offering 63 openings for this. I was told directly by Victor – only 63. He said “Not one less. Not one more!”  He was very clear about that!

So…63 spaces. No more, no less.

If you want to reserve one of them. then click on this link now, and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page. 

You will be contacted in the order your email or phone call is received! So this will be a first come, first serve basis! AND if you wait on this, even just for a second, you could miss out on something so powerful, words cannot accurately describe it!

I can assure you 100%, these spaces will all be gone within a few days, or even sooner!

So please, if this calls to you, don’t take a chance by waiting, and then missing this chance forever, to find your Past Life Love, mend a broken relationship, or heal any and all problems, obstacles, or challenges, in your current relationship, by accessing the power of Elf Magic! So click on this link now, and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page.

Have a blessed and glorious love-filled day!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. Please email me and say hello. I haven’t received a hello form you in a long time! I’ll write you back personally! I promise!

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  1. Sam B says:

    I knew it! Leprechauns do exist! I’m also guessing he’s an Ellina elf due to his size. Actually no… Ellinas are half the size if people. They’re known to be mischievous. He didn’t take anything from under your nose or something did he?

    Tana is the fay/fae ambassador or “go to guru.” That’s amazing. I agree with cupid’s decision. You’re right to have been chosen. You’re not a simple psychic. Heck, I can see you’d probably end up being the pivotal role in the spiritual development if not already. That’s how high esteem I hold you in and more. You have no idea. And I haven’t even had a reading yet. You’d be a legend within the spiritual community.

    Well, you can tell I’m a fan. I could go on though I’m just in awe in all honesty.

    This must be big if Cupid called massive meeting of the fae community. 10,000 attending and only your name came up? That’s a statement and a half. There must be thousands of psychics but none of them even called.

    This is why you’d have a pivotal role. You have so much potential with this. You could help reshape the spiritual agenda. Help the spiritual community develop in the global process. I envy you Tana.

    I might be getting too into this. I’m just speaking from a personal idea. I’d be trying to rally the spiritual communities together. Elves, angels, ETs etc. A unified alliance. Then again, that might already be in place.

    And that’s why I’m not a psychic. I’d end up doing crazy stuff.

  2. Candy says:

    I love you Tana!! ??❤️????
    I really do xo ??
    You are a precious gem ? to me
    Will you please send me a million angels to help me breathe better. My asthma is acting up, I almost went to the we last night and probably am going to the dr today. I might need medicine.
    I tried to buy honey for Robie! I couldn’t find the orange blossom kind, maybe that’s why he didn’t come lol
    I love Robie and victor and all the angels too.
    I don’t know where my true love is, I can’t find him.
    Will you ask Cupid to help me find him?
    I need to save money right now but I hope they do the dance around me when I sleep ❤️❤️
    I can’t breathe good, going to the doctor now I think xo ??❤️??????????

  3. Joan says:

    Send me my soul mate!!

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