Here’s Your Love Horoscope For November 2015

Hi there,

What an interesting week and weekend this has been. In my last email I talked about the difference between a soulmate and a twin flame. You can read it here.

Today I am going to talk about some upcoming changes we all need to be aware of, especially in April and May of 2016. Let me explain what I am talking about.

My Amazing Astral Journey With The Archangel Michael

During my astral travels last weekend, I visited with the Archangel Michael. We decided to meet in the Himalaya Mountains, and it was beautiful up there. The view was amazing, and since I traveled in my astral body, I wasn’t affected by the cold.

I started my astral travel at 4:00 AM, and opened my eyes again at 11:30 AM. But it felt like only a few short minutes had passed. We talked about many different topics, and he was most interested in informing me about the upcoming changes in 2016. He also told me he was proud that I was able to reach so many people with my emails to share his messages. And he said is also proud of many of you!

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What Michael Explained To Me

As we talked, he told me “Tana, as you know, the vibrations of the planet is always changing. These vibrational changes are caused by many things; war on earth, mankind, pollution on earth, love on earth, fear on earth, and happiness on earth. Any emotions emitted from people living on planet earth are absorbed into the cosmos surrounding the earth, and they create vibrational frequencies that affect the entire planet” 

In other words, Michael was explaining to me how vibrational energies are created.. They are created from the thoughts we think. Since our thoughts are made of energy, when we think a thought, it is sent out into the Universe, where it accumulates in a type of Energy Cloud in the cosmos. Over time, when there is too much of this energy in this “cloud”, it releases (rains) this energy onto the earth.

So what this means is that what we as a population think, is what we create for the entire planet! This made perfect sense to me, and it explains how the Law Of Attraction works on an even deeper level!

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 Why April And May Are VERY Important Months

The Archangel Michael then went on to tell me about some events that are going to transpire in April and May of 2016.

From what Michael explained to me, he said it is natural that many people in the world think about having more wealth, love, and good health. During our visit, Michael told me “Many people on earth think about having money, love, and good health, but people often get held back from accomplishing their dreams. People on earth call it procrastination, but it’s not that. What people refer to as procrastinating is actually caused by a psychic energy that they cannot see! And this energy is what makes them “procrastinate”. If people could see this psychic energy, it would look like actual hands grabbing onto them and literally holding them back!

These “hands of energy”  act like real hands, literally grabbing onto a person, and holding them back from accomplishing their dreams, wishes, and desires in their lives. And it breaks Our hearts here in the Higher Realms when we see so many people being held back from realizing their fullest potential, due this energy. When in reality, this energy can easily be resolved.”

The Sands Of Timpasprent

But how can this be resolved, I asked? And he replied “By using a magical process we call The Sands Of Timpasprent. Once scattered around a person, The Sands of Timpasprent, will not only dissolve these energy hands that holds a person back, but by strategically scattering them around a person’s aura, these Sands will catapult that person to higher levels of achievement in their life, than they ever imagined possible!”

First, it is important to know that The Sands of Timpasprent are hidden on the 99th Dimension. This dimension is where the Ascended Masters live, and these Sands are also heavily protected by the Ascended Masters. The reason for this is because these Sands are composed of the energetic essences of the Ascended Masters.

This means that because these Sands are composed of the energetic essences of the Ascended Masters, once these Sands are scattered around a person’s aura, that person automatically becomes protected by the Ascended Master whose essence is contained within those Sands.

Using an ancient Egyptian calculation, Michael taught me how to choose the right Sands Of Timpasprent for a person, so that person can be connected and protected by the best-suited Ascended Master who will help them accomplish their life dreams.

I Can’t Believe This!!!

I’m not sure if I am doing a good job of expressing how major this is!! But this is major! Having access to The Sands Of Timpasprent, and being able to connect you directly with an Ascended Master, who will watch over you for the rest of your life – this is major!!!

Needless to say, I was speechless when he told me this. Because only 1 in 5000 people I read for are evolved enough to have an Ascended Master around them. But now, due to having access to The Sands Of Timpasprent, anyone can have a direct connection with an Ascended Master!

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How An Ascended Master Connection Like This Will Change Your Life

Let me tell you a little about what being directly connected to an Ascended Master will mean for you:

– Since there are no Beings higher than an Ascended Master, other than God, you will be connected to the highest spiritual Being in the universe.

– Ascended Masters are the Makers of Dreams. This means they have the power to make any dream come true.

– Ascended Masters can perform miracles! So they can manifest, connect, bring together, provide, heal, give, assure, or make any miracles you request happen in your life! As long as these requests are not for evil intent, and are for a person’s highest good.

– Ascended Masters are magnetic, so people who are directly connected to an Ascended Master will discover they are able to magnetically draw wishes, dreams, and desires into their life.

– Ascended Masters are the healers of hearts. They can practically release any sadness, pain, fears, hangups, insecurities, worries, phobias, or concerns from a person’s soul, almost instantly! Causing their soul to be released and healed forever!

– Ascended Masters understand your heart and what you feel, without you needing to say a word. So they will naturally help to manifest your desires into a reality, making you happiest you have ever in your life before! They want you to be happy!

– Ascended Masters help people achieve their greatest potential. So once those hands of energy that hold you back, will be removed. Then your life will blast-off at almost rocket speed, towards your desires!

– Ascended Masters are highly protective – like a top notch, invisible bodyguard! So nothing evil, bad, or harmful will able to be get close to you. This includes people, places, and things! Including other people who are trying to steal away from you, the heart of someone you love!

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But This Is Very Important To Know

After training me on how to scatter The Sands Of Timpasprent around a person’s aura, remove the energy hands that holds a person back, and then instructing me on how to do the Ancient Egyptian calculation used to connect a person with the right Ascended Master that matches their energy, he told me “Tana, you will only have access to the 99th Dimension for limited period of time. This dimension will only be open to you from April 4th until May 18th. So you only have a very short time to connect the people who want to have this powerful connection!” 

When I asked him why such a short period of time, he said “Because these The Sands Of Timpasprent are limited right now, and besides, the Ascended Masters already know the names of the people who will desire to be connected with them. So make sure to connect all the people that contact you for this, as long as it is done within that time period.”

I couldn’t believe what happened next…

How This Changed Chuck’s Life

Michael then told me “ To see for yourself the power of The Sands Of Timpasprent, ask your friend Chuck if you can perform this on him. But you need to perform it on him today. Chuck is the only person you can perform this on before April 4th. Let him know you have special permission from me to perform this on him today. Let him know, that it needs to be performed today before midnight, earth time”

I was blown away by his words. So as he instructed me, I abided…

I called Chuck right away, and he was excited to have The Sands Of Timpasprent performed on him. Especially after I told him the Archangel Michael specifically instructed me to perform it on him.

After I performed this on Chuck, he called me the next afternoon and told me he felt led to buy a lottery ticket, and won $1,000. He told me he lost 5 pounds since last night, without trying. He said his dogs health improved without explanation.

And later that day, he called me again and said that his boss called him at home just few minutes ago (It seemed odd to me that his boss was calling him at home on Sunday)  and told him when he came into the office the next day, he was going to be promoted, and given a 15% increase in salary.

Then Chuck said “And last night, my Ascended Master visited me, and I saw him as clearly as if you were standing in front of me.” I was like “Whoa!! Now that’s intense!”

What To Do Next?


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In light and live,

Tana Hoy

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P.S. Here is your Love Horoscope for November 2015

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  1. Rose says:

    Interesting! I was watching ‘The Secret’ just yesterday!

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Thank you Rose. It’s an ok movie, but it over simplifies the Law Of Attraction, so read other sources about the Law too!

  2. Denise says:

    Tana I’m woundering how much this phone call will cost me and the procedure. I’m also not sure how to connect with you by phone as I’m in Australia

    • Tana Hoy says:

      You can call my office at 614-444-6334 by dialing country code 001, or you can fill out the form by clicking on the tab for scheduling a reading on my website, and someone will contact you directly. Hope we talk soon

  3. Kobi Pinhasov says:

    What an interesting and insightful article, Tana. Every time I read your material I learn new terms and their definition. Today it was about The Sands Of Timpasprent.

    Thank you for sharing knowledge that is also new for you – with us!

    I was especially pleased to know that only 1 in 5000 people that you read to have Ascended Masters around them. It reminded me of you telling me of Archangel Michael standing behind me and covering me with his wings/hands.

    Thank you!

  4. Linda Howard says:

    Hi Tana – this is major, but why is this now available? It seems as though many people would benefit and that this energy holds people back, but why some and not others? What made this door of opportunity available?

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