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Hi there,

People often ask me how a psychic reading can benefit them. I am often surprised by this question, because my first thought is “It would be easier to mention the ways in which it wouldn’t benefit a person”

The reason I say this is because there are only a few ways a psychic reading wouldn’t benefit a person and many more ways how it will.

But lets start with ways a reading WOULD NOT benefit a person…

Ways A Psychic Reading Would Not Benefit A Person

A person would not benefit from a psychic reading if they want to use the information to harm another person. Let’s face it, information obtained during a reading can sometimes delve into the deep psychological thinking of the person you want to know about. Using this information against that person would not be fair. You should only use information you obtain about another person for the good – and never for the bad.

For example, knowing the best way to catch the attention of someone you are interested in can be useful information. But using that information to play with the other person’s emotions, without any intention of ever wanting to be with that person, is just plain mean!

You would also not benefit from a reading if you expect me to place a magic spell on another person. First of all, I’m not a witch. I’m a psychic. I don’t practice witchcraft! And I don’t cast spells!

One lady asked me if I would be able to send her some bat blood, because she said another psychic told her drinking bat blood would bring her ex husband back. Needless to say, I was a bit tongue tied on that request!

Also, a psychic reading will not benefit you if you have unrealistic expectations. During a reading, one lady told me she shouldn’t have to stop eating bad food to lose weight. She said “If my angles are as powerful as you say they are, then they should just automatically make me lose my extra 150 pounds when I sleep!” This is not a realistic expectation from a psychic reading!

If you’re ready to schedule a psychic reading, and receive the help a reading can offer you, then click here now and fill out the form, and someone will contact you back right away!

Ways A Psychic Reading Will Benefit You 

A psychic reading can give you important information about anything you want to know about. You can discover where, how, and when, you will meet your soulmate.  You can also gain deep, hidden, information about people that can be used for good purposes.

For example, you like someone, but you don’t know want to do to make them like you back. A psychic reading can not only tell you if you are doing something to block them from liking you, but also help you “get inside their mind” and understand how they think. This knowledge alone will show you exactly what you need to do to capture the other person’s interest in you!

A psychic reading can help you release karmic blocks from your past lives that may still be holding you back in this one. Because the struggles we have in this life, often don’t make sense in relation to anything in this life. Many of our blocks (love, financial, career, health, etc) are related to karma from a past life. But once you understand “what happened” in your past life that caused them, you can then eliminate them entirely, and permanently, from your life – forever!

I can also do what is called a Vibrational Energy Match, where I can match the vibrations of your energy, to the vibrational resonation of ancient Egyptian words. Then I will create a powerful mantra for you, which will draw into your life -anything you desire!

For example, these mantras WILL attract to you love, financial gain, abundance of any kind, career fulfillment (or the perfect job), improve your longevity or anything else you desire! Vibrational Energy Matching by using ancient Egyptian words, was taught to me by my mentor when I was a very young boy. And I can use it to help you in ways you could never imagine! (This is as close to real magic as you will ever get!)

A psychic reading can also help you avoid falling into deep, unforeseen pitfalls in your future. People who never have psychic readings, or don’t believe in psychics, fall straight down into these dark  sinkholes, because they have no way of seeing them ahead of time.They walk right_into_them!

…But not you!

Because after your psychic reading, you will know when they are coming, and you will be able to walk right around them. Avoiding the “ unseen quicksand” of life, that most people get stuck in!

Imagine knowing in advance about something you need to avoid, like a bad investment, a person you haven’t met yet, but who is going to try and scam you out of money in the future, or even a car accident that is going to happen in your future!! (Yes! I’ve saved many of my clients from unforeseen car accidents!)

And these examples are only scratching the surface of how a psychic reading can help you!

As you can easily now see, the benefits of a psychic reading are endless, and anyone who has had an accurate reading knows this to be true!

Something I Wanted T0 Clear Up!

Also, there is something else I wanted to mention. I’m not sure why this is, but it’s not uncommon for a client to call me and say “Tana, I know I just had a reading, but can I schedule another reading, because I am struggling and need your help!” The answer is “Of course you can!”

Something I want to clarify is you can have a reading WHENEVER you need a reading. There is no limit, no such thing as “too many readings”, or a “reading too close together”! I was given my psychic gift to help others. I was given it to help people find solutions to their problems, challenges, and difficulties! So it is MY life’s purpose to help you, or anyone who needs my help, with my psychic gift.

Also, something else I wanted to mention…many times as life unfolds, problems come up before your next scheduled reading, so you need some help or guidance! Please know you can ALWAYS schedule a reading-between-readings, anytime you need me! And if you’ve had a reading with me before, I will find a space for you! No matter what!

People sometimes seem embarrassed to call me and ask if they can have another reading, and there is no reason whatsoever to feel embarrassed – at all! That’s what I’m here for – to help you with my psychic gift in any way that I possibly can!

So I just wanted to clear that up!

How To Schedule A Psychic Reading

If you feel like its time for you to have a reading, you can go to my website by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading page, and someone will get back with you pretty quickly, because we are very efficient at getting back with people. Even when responding to emails!

I look forward to talking to you very soon, and I hope this email helped clear up a few things for you about about a psychic reading!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. Here is your Love Horoscope For November 2016


6 Responses

  1. Sam says:

    One thing to take note of is perceptive alignment. No ability, knowledge or information is inherently good or bad / positive or negative. It’s how you use it that determines it as such. Even when it comes to “dangerous” information. This might seem obvious but when you get down to it, you can start to see the bigger picture.

    Here is an example. What I’m about to say might shock some people, however this is where perceptive alignment comes in. Myself and many others, likely Tana included are knowledgeable in certain areas of spirituality and the nature of psychic energy and such that could be considered “dark” or “dangerous” information. In the wrong hands is undeniably as such, but knowing something is still different than doing something. Sensitive information may be considered dangerous but is not inherently so. At it’s core it is just knowledge.

    To move off from this topic, the woman who according to Tana apparently overestimated her angels abilities is not inherently wrong. This kinda links back to perceptive alignment but also RFTF (reason for the reason). RFTF is essentially an eternal continuum of questioning the nature of reality. i.e. “reason for the reason for the reason” etc. If you’re one of those who believes that nothing happens without reason, this definitely applies to you. However most people seem to stop questioning when they have their first or second answer. The only one who is capable of answering is source itself. Even ascended masters with their vast knowledge are not able to to and the reason is this…

    In the example of the woman, I believe she just doesn’t know the capabilities and limits of angels but more to the point, the creator made it as such, but here’s where the RFTR continuum comes in. ethereal beings like angels have limits of their power or capabilities by the physical and natural laws of the creator. However, this is where we ask “why”. Upon that answer, we then ask why again.

    To properly explain this, we’ll take something we already know that’s logical or from a spiritual knowledge we are aware of. Say the purpose of reincarnation:

    REASON: The purpose of reincarnation is to learn and devlop spiritually.
    REASON:So we can evolve into a higher conciousness or become one with source etc or whatever reason there is.

    There will come a point where the answer is likely to be “it just is” or “That’s just how it works”. Wrong. If it “just is” that way, then it is not providing a sufficient reason or a reason at all. As stated before, there is ALWAYS a reason, and so if there is a reason for something then there is a reason for that reason to be eligible.

    The only negative aspects this has is:

    1. It can be very annoying for the receiver(s) of these kinds of questions as it’s essentially infinite hence why it is called a continuum.

    2. For someone who is able to comprehend the RFTR concept, it removes the mentality of satisfaction, especially if they are on a quest of knowledge or information as there will always be more.

    In a nutshell. The RFTR continuum works like this. If someone tells you something, ask why. If they give you an explanation, ask why again. If they’re able to provide a further answer, then guess what. Ask why again. Everything you know or believe as reality, just ask why. This is more than just being able to think deeply about the nature of existence, in some ways it’s challenging source itself and it’s reasons, motives etc. Even it must be questioning it’s own reasons or decisions of why things are set in a certain way etc.

    To some this may sound even more confusing, but to those who are able to comprehend this properly, you are aware there is no such thing as satisfaction in this regard. There is always more. To put it in perspective, it would make even angels, guides, ascended masters and any other highly ascended and/or knowledgeable being scratch their heads, and I’m not exaggerating or over estimating.

    On the same topic and referencing earlier about questioning reality and perceptive alignment, having “unrealistic expectations” is actually false. True in some regards but ultimately false. However the truth is mainly largely applicable to the physical world (which this could spark it’s own RFTR line of questioning).

    Your perception of reality is your reality, even though there is a more broad and global reality that it may confine to. Essentially, you are only limited by your perception. The most obvious example being your perception of whatever psychic powers you may have. Many psychics, including Tana have stated one part of learning to develop psychic abilities is belief and faith. Faith in yourself, faith in your angels (though they don’t have that much to do with your individual abilities even though they are a good source of help if you are able to connect with them). This is also one of the major parts of driving back negative energy. Meditation, focus and faith in the light. There will be some degree of limitation –

    (again, another RFTR line of questioning right there, why the creator made it that we can’t automatically connect with our abilities and can mainly do so by being in a higher state and not anyway)

    – but part of it is having faith of achieving the connection with said abilities.

    To mention a few subtopics Tana mentioned:

    Psychic energy and magic are still closely related. They both often adopt similar rituals but in different regards. If you’ve watched or a fan of Charmed, a series back in the late 1990’s – 2006 about three witches called the Charmed Ones Prue, Piper and Phoebe (well four if including Paige), this is the closest depiction of how psychics and witches are connected (if of course you can disregard the many plot holes it has and the fact it is not realistically accurate but enough to get the idea), but as Tana has stated, they are not as directly as some might think.

    A large portion of what I’ve said I’ve had a struggle with explaining into words as some of this can’t always be explained as such. Words do not always have the ability to comprehend or allow comprehension of the true meaning or definition, especially in a coherent manner.

  2. Sam says:

    I actually explained the RFTR continuum concept better in a previous comment when I first brought it up with just a few sentences taken out:

    “In mine and others case there is no such thing as a state of satisfaction when it comes to the “why” mainly due to an extended comprehensibility mindset or “thinking outside the box” logic. My “reason for the reason” concept idea falls square under this.

    An ascended master or highly knowledgeable being could give me all the answers in the universe where most would be complacent with that knowledge and the answers they’d be given which is a trap very easy to fall into. Its only a trap because your mind is thinking “ohh that’s why it is like that.”

    Even if you’re really complacent with whatever answers are given to a satisfactory level where you feel there isn’t much further you could possibly learn or know, there is with the reason for the reason continuum. It is,a continuum because its not just a singular question. It goes on effectively forever. I.e. the reason for the reason for the reason for the reason for the reason (x inf) and so on. This is why there will never be such a thing as complacency.

    Even if you find the answer to the ultimate question of existence, “why” may well be a natural question and is the prime example of RFTR continuum.

    If you’re wondering what could you possibly say why to, especially on the topic of hand. Simple. Its questioning the very nature of why it is as it is and the reason for it and that reason for that and so on.

    add the RFTR continuum to everything and you understand that it isn’t just a one way idea. Not one set motion. There are or could have been alternative reasons and modes for everything in life. We’re just essentially stuck with what we’re given in terms of logic, physics and universal mechanics.
    There are tons of stuff Tana has stated as essentially universal laws we must abide to. All you have to to is add a RFTR continuum mindset to understand WHY the creator made these laws and their reasoning for them and so on.”

  3. Candy says:

    I can’t wait to talk with you, I’ve been troubled thinking I can’t wait till Feb! I was talking to my angels last night and I had a very interesting dream that may have given me guidance, but the second I woke up I was trying to make it out and boom it was gone! I couldn’t remember lol
    It was a message though, when I opened my eyes it was noisy with a lady talking and I had such a headache I got up and got out of there lol

  4. Judy Castle says:

    This is for Tana Hoy. You had predicted as far back as 12/21/15 that Hillary Clinton would be the next president of the U.S. and that Trump would drop out of the race mid season. All year long, in all of your predictions for each month, you stood firm for Hillary. What happened? Many psychics got this wrong and have come forward with an explanation. Why haven’t we heard from you re your prediction of Hillary? Did you sense a change with your 11/3 Who Will Win message? You never really said. Just curious. I have the utmost respect for you and I’m not judging you. Just wondered if you would come forward with any thoughts after the election. Thanks for all you do.

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Hi Judy,

      I did talk abut this on my Facebook page. Please join me on Facebook so you can stay in the loop with me 🙂 I hope to see you in FB.

  5. Habiba says:

    I lost my large amount of money how can u help me in this regards now how can I trust to any one if u help me to get my money back then I can send & more trust

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