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Have you noticed that strange feeling in the air lately? Some people have described it as feeling like something or someone is near or around them, watching them. People have emailed me saying they feel like they are being watched – but they don’t know by who.

If you have been feeling it too, it’s not your imagination…as a matter or fact, if you’ve been having the feeling you’re being watched, it means you are tuned in, and able to sense and feel these beings from other dimensions around you.

This feeling you may have been having is very real!

A Very Scary Thing That Happened To Me

The other night, my partner was traveling on business, so I was sleeping alone, when suddenly, I was woke up in the middle of the night by a feeling that something was watching me. When I opened my eyes, there was a Being with little yellow beady eyes starting at me! He did not have a very nice look on his face.

So right away, I yelled out “Macar, come protect me!” Then instantly, Macar appeared, stood between me and this scary looking, yellow beady eyed being, and then Macar shot out a beam of red light from his Third Eye, and turned this Being into a pile of dust.

Then I asked Macar what that was, and what it was doing in my bedroom looking at me. and here’s what Macar explained to me:

The Cosmic Tear That Released Them

“Tana, why this happened is because a portal has been opened in the higher realms. A portal that has allowed several negative Beings on the other side, to enter into your dimension. Those negative Beings were never meant to enter your realm, but there has been a tear in the cosmic veil of the universe cosmic, which has allowed them to enter the earth’s dimension. 

This comic tear was caused by all the hatred created from this new political race taking place on the earth, along with all the negative energies from war on your planet, causing an accumulation of anger and hatred to build up in the cosmos on earth. 

This negative energy had built up to such a point that it could no longer be contained within the restrictions of earth’s environment. Building up so much pressure, it blew a hole in what is called the Ethereal Realm of Protection, which surrounds your universe.”

How These Negative Beings Entered The Earth Realm

Macar went on to explain:”This Ethereal Realm of Protection is meant to protect people on the earth from these Beings from the Domain of Darkness, who are not supposed to enter into your realm. Once this tear was created, these Beings escaped from this Domain, and entered into your Realm, like prisoners escaping thru an unlocked cell door.

These Beings are called “Light Suckers”. Because they  search for people who are full of love and light, and then they suck the light out of them! Light Suckers are Lost Souls who were consumed with negative energy when they lived on the earth.”

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Where Do Light Suckers Come From?

When I asked Macar where Light suckers come from, he said: “When a negative person like this dies, due to their negative natures, they are labeled as “Light Suckers”, and not allowed to enter the Realm of Light until their soul has been cleansed of their anger and negativity. This can take many lifetimes to be reborn before their soul is totally cleansed.  

The Domain of Darkness where Light suckers reside is sometimes referred to as Hell by some people living on earth. But the word “Hell” is not a proper term, because Light Suckers in this Domain of Darkness are not punished or tortured there. They are only contained there until their souls have been cleansed to the point where they can eventually enter the Realms of Light. Or what some refer to as Heaven.

But now, they have entered into your dimension on earth. So they stand by people when they sleep at night, and wait for them to drift into sleep. Once a person goes to sleep, these Light Sucker feeds on their psychic energy, draining the light out of the person they attack.”

What Happens When You’re Attacked By A Light Sucker

Mac said “When a person has been attacked by a Light Sucker, they will feel tired, out of balance, depressed, down, anxious, and all sorts of others dark emotions will surround them. Some people will experience a lack of motivation in life, weight gain with no motivation to do what it takes to lose the weight, a loss of drive and ambition, not wanting to go outside of the house after work causing them to stay home a lot, not wanting to socialize, zoning out watching to much TV, wasting too much time spinning on their computers or on the internet, drinking too much, smoking too much, and even foolishly spending money.

Some people will find themselves doing things they don’t really want to do. But they will do them anyways, as if something is inside them is controlling their behavior, causing them to do these things anyways! Especially when it comes to spending, drinking, eating, or drug use!

And, if a Light Sucker is not able to drain enough energy from the person they attack, they will then attack other people who are sleeping in the same bed, or in the same house, and drain their light too.”

According to Macar, there are many people who are going to feel like their energy has been drained when they wake up. And he also said “Once a person’s light has been drained from them, they cannot easily get it back”

When I asked Macar when this tear happened, he told me “The date of the tear and their escape was on March 18th, and on that day, over 3 billion Light Suckers escaped from the Domain of Darkness, and entered the Realm of The Earth.”

This made me a little nervous when I heard it, as you could imagine! So my next obvious question to Macar was “What can I do to help protect people from these Light Suckers?”

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How To Save Yourself From Light Suckers

Macar explained to me that Light Suckers are very powerful beings, since they come from the Realm Of Darkness. And he warned me to make it very clear to others that “they should NEVER attempt to fight with one when they encounter them!!”

He explained to me that they are too skillful and powerful to fight with, so the only thing someone can do is be shielded from them. So I asked him what this means, and if could show me the best way to become shielded from these Light Suckers?

He said I was reading his mind, because he was getting ready to tell me that I needed to learn how to shield people from these negative Beings. He said a Light sucker is as close to what most people refer to as demons, as you can get. So he explained that this is why they are not to be messed with.

He said this shielding protection is like an exorcism in reverse. Instead of exorcising out these Light Suckers, it will prevent them from being able to attack a person. I asked him if it would help people who have already been attacked, and he said “It will instantly undo any damage from an attack that has already happened!”

Demon Claws – Residue Of An Attack

He went on the explain how when a Light Sucker attacks a person, they leave what he referred to as “demon claws” in the person’s energy field, and these claws are what cause all the nasty things a person experiences after being attacked. He then went into detail about all the other problems Light Suckers cause after an attack. But it is so complex and deep, there’s no time to go into all of it here.

He said he will teach me how to protect someone with a Reversed Exorcism Shielding. So he taught me how to do this shielding, for about 6 hours. And man, was I exhausted afterwards!

He performed a Reversed Exorcism Shielding on me to show me the affects it would have, Turns out, the night the Light Sucker was in my room, he was getting ready to attack me. But Macar woke me just in time!  So I didn’t have an demon claws stuck in my energy field. Thank God!

What Is A Reversed Exorcism Shielding?

So, without going into all the interact details involved in Reversed Exorcism Shielding, here’s a quick summary of the process:

1. Deep cleansing of the person’s Third Eye Core Seed

2. Check for demon claws lodged in a person’s EF and Core Center

3. Remove demon claws if any are found

4. Rebuild the person’s bio-energetic auric layer of the 3rd level

5. Shield the person with Violet Energy Protection Rays

6. Place the person in a Silver-Layered Ovalic Bip-Capsule of light

Macar told me that a Reversed Exorcism Shielding is the only thing powerful enough to protect someone form these powerful Light Sucker Energy Demons! So I highly recommend that every living person get protected from Light Suckers.

It appears the more positive and spiritual a person is, or is trying to become, the more susceptible they are to being a target of attack. Negative people won;t be affected, because they will automatically become Light Suckers when they pass.

My Neighbor Was Attacked!

Oddly, around 9PM last night, I was looking out my window and I saw those same yellow, beady-eyes in my neighbors backyard. I immediately called her, then went over and did a Reversed Exorcism Shielding on her. Turns out, see she had already been attacked! I removed about 36 demon claws from her, and afterwards, you should have seen the change in her.

She told me a few nights ago, around the morning of the 19th, she woke up exhausted, feeling depressed, and didn’t know why. Her cat Sniffles also got sick, and the vet couldn’t find anything wrong with her cat.

Her boyfriend, who was staying over with her that night, woke up feeling the same way too. She said she hadn’t been the same emotionally ever since. She explained to me she thought she might have been losing her mind.

After I finished the Reversed Exorcism Shielding on her, she said she felt back to normal all over again. Then a few seconds later, Sniffles jumped in her lap, and looked like she had never been sick! It was amazing!

I then told her we needed to do this on her boyfriend right away. So her boyfriend came over, I did the Reversed Exorcism Shielding on him too, and he said he felt back to normal again too! He looked like a different person when I was finished!

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D0 I Need To Be Protected?

(** Many of my clients have had several different types of energy work performed on them, but it’s important to understand that each different type of energy work is for the specific purpose is was intended for. So any past energy work you’ve had will not act as protection from Light Suckers.

The best way to explain it is by using a car as an example. An oil change will not protect your tires. And a tune up, will not act as wax for your car. Tires, the engine, and body, and waxing, are all part of the same car, but each one serves a different purpose on the same car. Energy work is the same way. **)

I recommend Reversed Exorcism Shielding for all people, especially with the continuation of what we are seeing happening in the world right now. With all of this negative energy continuing to be released into the universe right now, it is giving more power to these Light Suckers who are roaming around on our planet right now!

Shielding work is a different from protection work. One protects by shielding, with the shield being built and created during the process as I am doing it. The other protects by bio-energy magnetism. Two very different things for achieving very different results.

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In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S. I always do my best to keep people informed, and to learn the best ways to protect, help, and guard people against the sometimes unexpected things that happen. So rest assured, I will always keep you informed about these things, the same as I am doing now.

P.S.S. I just Reversed Exorcism Shielded my mother, brother, nieces, and partner Johnny. I wasn’t taking ANY chances. Thank goodness, none of them had been attacked.

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8 Responses

  1. Yen says:

    Hi Tana,
    This sounds scary. 3 billion. They could easily feed off anyone and everyone on earth.

    I find this, energy vamps, leeches, auras and chakras alignment, etc. to be exhausting quite frankly. It seems like just practising kindness and being connected to your source is no longer enough. Or to be precise, there’s never enough amount of love, kindness, positive thoughts and energy to balance or level down this negative energy anymore.

    And if I do get protection, how about my family? My loved ones? I can’t afford to protect all of them (us). How can I get all protected and watch my family get attacked?
    Can’t we ask our angels and guides to protect us?
    Is white/ violet lighting not effective anymore?
    There’s destiny, fate and free will involved in life. So if I involuntarily get attacked by a light sucker, does this mean this occurence is already pre-written in my life journey before I came this lifetime?
    Why is it that other spiritual figures don’t mention anything about this (spiritual catastrophe) at all?

    I don’t mean to challenge or doubt you in any way. I love your work and am thankful for your warnings. I am just more confused and frustrated after reading this article. Please help me understand better. Thank you.

  2. Pamela says:

    Hi Tana,

    I had the same experience last night though I’m not sure if it was a dream or it indeed happened in the middle of the night. I woke up and saw an entity and he looked jaundice. I was so scared there were moments that I couldn’t even move while this entity tries to attack me and he surely wants to go near me. I tried to shoo him away by saying I do not allow him to go near me or enter my energy field but he won’t and boy I was so terrified! He only ran away when I started praying… I hope he won’t come back.

  3. Candy says:

    Wow Tana
    I miss talking with you! I sent you divine love last night (I wonder if you got it xo)
    The past few days it’s been feeling someone is near me, but I go to look and nothing’s there?
    It might be my angels and guides though?
    – I was annoyed last night at Don-
    This guy purposely refuses to say anything sweet other than busy!! He withholds love from me. He does it on purpose. I go to text him and before I start typing I get an awful gross feeling?
    I’m moving on though, i want to be with someone loving. I pray and meditate everyday and hope this helps keep anything negative from me.
    Lots of love ? ?

  4. Christine says:

    I too have felt like something or someone has been watching me trying to coax me outside late at night but the negative energy i felt on the other side of the door told me to stay inside it stayedcoutside my door for 12 days but only at night it would leave when the sun started to rise but return at night

  5. moon510 says:

    Just wanted to say that Yen has great questions.

  6. Ray James says:

    Tana I appreciate you, but nobody feeds off me without my permission. Otherwise they will turn into a frog….

  7. John Medure says:

    Some very good questions. I hope Tana can have the time to explain them. Me personally I do think everyone has free will (including the bad forces he is talking about). So I would say it is safe to assume just like you can choose to do things they can choose to attack.

    I do see some differences in my own neighborhood around the time this info came out. Out of the handfuls of homes that went for sale on my street about half are due to divorce. I also see people being a bit more aggressive at grocery stores, gas stations, etc. Much more than normal. Not sure if it is all connected but does seem a bit odd.

    Take care,

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