Here’s your Monthly Horoscope For April 2017

Hi there,

People often ask if the future can be changed! The answer is definitely “Yes!!”

BUT….there is one catch!

You need to know about it in advance! You CANNOT change the outcome of ANY situation once it has began to unfold!

So, here is how the Universal Law on this works…

Important Information To Understand!!

The ability to change a negative, unwanted, or painful outcome into a positive one depends on knowing about it in advance. Because only the future can be changed!

This present moment CANNOT be changed!!

It is too late to change a negative situation into a positive one when it has already started to happen. This is because once something has started to unfold, you are then at the hands of fate.

Once it has unfolded, you can only do things in an attempt to minimize the fallout, but your power of influence is very limited at this stage of a problem.

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How Your Destiny Can Be Changed

Your destiny can be compared to your heath. When you get regular checkups, you keep yourself ahead of the game for any serious major health disasters.

By having a checkup, if something shows up, you can usually catch it before it becomes anything major, and take the necessary steps at that point to correct it in advance!

If  never get checkups, at the point when something major happens, it is usually so advanced that it is usually too late at that point  to make the changes that will prevent a less than desirable outcome!

All you can do at this point is hope, pray, and try and minimize the fallout by making changes as quickly as you can, hoping it is not too late!

When you are in the middle of a undesirable event that has already began to unfold, at that point, you are at the hands of fate!

Sadly, many people live life like the like the person who never gets a checkup, and the sad truth is that they don’t have to live like that!!

A Story I’d Like To Share With You

This story below explains the difference between destiny and fate! Destiny can be changed. Fate cannot! The email below illustrates this:

Dear Tana,

I had a reading with you a few days ago, and boy was I glad I did! If I had waited just a few weeks longer, the inevitable would have happened! 

My son was starting to hang around some kids who you told me were pressuring him to become a member of their gang! During our reading, you told me that this was going on, and I had no idea about any of this until you told me during our reading!

I went to my son and asked him about this like you told me to, and I did find out that he was being pressured to get what is called :kicked in”! This would have meant he would have never been able to leave this gang without losing his life trying to leave it!

I was able to step in and talk to my son. He told me he was being pressured, so we moved him out of state right away, and now he is doing fine! If I hadn’t had that reading with you, my son’s fate would have been sealed forever! 

Thank you so much Tana! 

You saved my son’s life!

Maria V. Los Angeles, CA

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As you read in this story, her son’s destiny was able to be changed by her knowing about this ahead of time. By knowing this information ahead of time, she was able to intervene.

This is how her son’s destiny was changed! If he had joined the gang, it would have now become his fate, and as you can see from her email, their would have been only one way the gang would let him change his fate!

So you can start taking control of your destiny, instead of being controlled by your fate!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S. The key phrase for today: Don’t wait – find out before it’s too late!

P.S.S. Here’s your Monthly Horoscope For April 2017 

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