Here’s Your Monthly Horoscope For July 2017

Hi there,

I have received lots of emails telling me how their psychic reading really helped them find the answers they needed.

I love all the emails I get every month from people telling me how their reading helped them, or telling me how things that they were told during their reading is already coming true!

I try my best to respond to all of them and know that I read each and every one. Sometimes I get over 100 emails in a month, but know I try to email back everyone who sends me a testimonial email 🙂

I wanted to share this email with you that I received this month!

How A Psychic Reading Changed My Life

Dear Tana,

 I have been looking all my life to discover what I was born to do, and you gave me those answers during our reading!

 During our reading, you gave me very specific instructions for finding a career that was in alignment with my life purpose. You told me what my life purpose was, and exactly how to find the job that would allow me to start living it!

 I took your psychic advice, and I did exactly what you told me to do! And you were 100% right Tana in what you told me!

 I did find my dream career, and again you were right about the offer they would offer me! You told me it would pay me $18,000 a year more than my current job when I found it, and it was $18,000 exactly!

Tana, you are amazing! I can’t wait for our next reading in two months!

Linda R – Lancaster, Ohio

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How A Psychic Reading Can Change The Future

My clients tell me that having a psychic reading helps them to make better decisions, because when they know what is going to happen, they can decide what to do based on the information they get during our reading.

But as I tell my clients, the future is not set in stone! So when you have psychic information before something happens, if you do not like the outcome, you can change it by knowing ahead of time!

You Can Change Any Undesirable Outcome

You can change ANY outcome by knowing ahead of time. For example, if I see that the person you are involved with is going to cheat on you with a person they met in such-and-such a place, you can prevent this from happening by avoiding going to that place ahead of time.

This prevents your loved one from ever meeting that person!

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If you know about a health disaster before the disease grows in your body, you can go to a doctor and take preventative measures to nip it in the bud before it becomes serious or even terminal!

If you know ahead of time about problems at work that could cause you to lose your job, you can take actions to avoid it from happening all together!

Not Knowing Can Lead To Disaster

BUT when a person does not know ahead of time, they walk into these situations like a bear trap waiting to snap! At that point, it is too late to change the outcome, and you are left in the hands of destiny.

Not a good place to be left, especially when you could have prevented it all together if you had known about it beforehand!

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A Psychic reading is also a preventive measure in life, that can make the path much smoother ahead!

I would love to help you make life smoother, and avoid the unexpected disasters before they occur!

Please know I am here for you whenever you need me, because my help is only a phone call away!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S. I did not hear back from you from my last email. Are you getting all of my emails? Let me know, ok?

P.S.S. Here’s your Monthly Horoscope for July 2017

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