Here’s Your Monthly Horoscope for January 2016 – by Tana Hoy

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In my last email I shared with you my grandma Perlene’s No Bake Fudge Recipe. If you had a chance to make it, I’m sure you enjoyed it as much as I do every holiday season when I make it. You can get this old family recipe by clicking here.

Today, as the New Year is just around the corner, this makes it the right time to start planning for 2016. This is a time to ask yourself “How do I want 2016 to be different from 2015?”

A few days ago, an amazing thing happened to me. I was sitting in my library meditating, when I felt a presence enter the room. I didn’t think anything about it, because I always feel the presence of something invisible around me, so for me, this is a normal thing to feel. So I continued my meditation.

My Unexpected Visitor

After about an hour or so of meditating, when I opened my eyes, sitting there right in front of me was a man who had skin that was the most beautiful pearl-white color. He was facing me, sitting in the meditation position, with his legs crossed one over the other!

I was a bit startled! I mean, I don’t normally have someone close to my same size sitting there facing me when I open my eyes after meditation! I must admit, I let out a bit of an “uh”! That sound you make when someone scares you.

He just looked at me with a peaceful look, and gently smiled. I recognized who he was right away. He was Chenrezig (pronounced Chen-ray-zig), the Tibetan Deity of compassion. Let me tell you, to be in the presence of a Deity is an indescribable experience!

I have met with several Ascended Masters during my astral travels, but this was the first time Chenrezig visited me – and in the flesh! I must admit, I was taken back by this.

He smiled at me, and telepathically said hello. We spoke telepathically for over 2 hours. Telepathically means we never moved our lips or used our voices. We spoke with our minds, and I could clearly hear his words, as if he was actually talking to me using his mouth. And he could clearly hear my words too.

Chenrezig is the Deity of compassion, and  I cannot describe in words the feeling of love that was in the room!

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The Reason For His Visit

He told me he came to visit me because he had some information I needed to share with others in the world, so he decided to visit me personally. He said he wanted to relay this information to me personally. He said he noticed many people felt lost in their lives, and need healing when it comes to love.

He explained to me how many people have blocks in their hearts, which prevents them from experiencing love to it’s fullest. He said these blocks in people’s hearts are caused by many things:

– Getting hurt in a past relationship(s)

– Being deceived by someone you love

– Being cheated on

– Past life karma

– Unresolved pain from childhood

– Having your trust betrayed

– Negative experiences in love throughout life

– Others hurting you

– Friendships that didn’t work out in life

– And the list goes on

Then…he dropped a bomb on me….

He said he was going to give what he called a private Spiritual Soul Elevation Consult to any individual who wanted to have a private consultation with him. He said during this Spiritual Soul Elevation Consultation, he will be personally offering specific guidance and insights, tailored specifically for the individual he was delivering his messages to.

When I asked him how he was going to do this, he said he would be channeling this information through me, using my physical body as the vessel for him to speak!

I almost fell over. I’m not sure if you will understand what “channeling though me” actually means, so I am going to explain this to you.

Understanding The Power Of Channeling

Chenrezig meant he would be entering my body, in order to use MY physical body to deliver his messages. Doing this will allow him to speak directly to you, thru me, by using my vocal cords. This is what channeling means.

It literally means that an entity or Deity (in this case) takes over the body of a person (a Psychic Medium) and uses their body as the “channel” for delivering information.

Since an entity is made of energy, and does not have a physical form, they will “energetically enter” the Psychic Medium, and using his or her vocal cords to deliver their messages.

This is all done voluntarily and willingly, so it is not possession. It is a willing agreement between the Psychic Medium and the entity or Deity so he or she can use the Psychic Medium’s body as a “host body” for a temporary period of time!

Since I have been a Channeler all of my life, and have channeled several entities, my body is already aligned for this type of work.

Not all Psychic Mediums have the ability to channel. This ability, in the old days of Spiritualism, was called “Direct Voice Mediumship”, and it later was changed to being called Channeling. It’s all the same thing. But to have the gift of Direct Voice Mediumship, one has to be born with this ability. Or one can also develop it over an extensive period training and study.

I was also born with this gift, and  have channelled many messages from entities, and even written lengthy channeled discourses, but I have kept my channeling and channeled writings very private, and have only shared my written channeled teachings with a few people.

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A Special Message To You From Chenrezig 

So to be asked to Chenrezig to channel Him was a HUGE honor to me! It’s not every day I get asked to be the Channel for such a well-known Deity. He is actually a Tibetan God. And this is why I feel so honored. I am delighted to be the vessel for his Spiritual Soul Elevation Consults.

When I asked him why he chose me to channel his messages, he explained to me that I was chosen because of all of the love and helpful messages I have freely shared with others. And he said “ “I have been watching you for a long time, preparing for this day when I would reveal myself to you in the flesh”. I started getting tears in my eyes when he said that to me, because I knew on some deeper level I was being paid a highly divine compliment from him.

I asked him about this special Spiritual Soul Elevation Consult, which will be a channeled session with him, and how it would benefit others. And he told me the following words:

“I, Chenrezig, am the Deity of compassion and love. My divine purpose is to help others connect with the divine love they desire to have in their lives. By connecting with me, I can help a person identify the blocks that prevents them from achieving the love they desire to experience in their life, on all levels. 

During a Spiritual Soul Elevation Consult, I will help a person to get in touch with the deeper aspects of their being, helping a person to see themselves clearly, as they really are – a divine being of love and light! Once I help a person connect to the deeper parts of their true nature, they will experience an emotional heart transformation which will eliminate all blocks, barriers, and self defeating beliefs and behaviors, which currently prevent them from having the love they desire in their life.

This love can be romantic love, emotional love, love of self, love of others, or a more expansive feeling of love and light for all human beings. When this divine connection is made between me and the other person, a total and complete healing will instantly take place on all levels of that person’s soul.

Depression, fear, worry, and anxiety, will be lifted. Self love, self acceptance, patient, and a deeper understanding of one’s soul will replace these feelings. 

As I channel my energy through Tana, and into the other person, he or she will experience a total transformation on all levels of their being. This transformation for some people will be apparent right away, and for others this healing will be very subtle, with these deep changes being noticed more and ore over time. This all depends on the individual nature of the person I energetically touch, but regardless, it will be powerful for each and every person I touch.

I, Chenrezig, have stated this to be true. Any human wanting to experience more joy, love, compassion, peace, and the elimination of resistance on all levels of their internal soul and being, will benefit greatly after our Spiritual Soul Elevation Consult, and have a life changing experience when we connect.”

Understanding The Importance Of His Message

When I was typing his above message, he gently took control of my hand and fingers, and typed his words using my hands. In other words, something outside of me was using my hands to type. I wasmsibmply sitting back and observing it happening. I was blown away when he channeled this message through me.

I fully understand the meaning of his message. He means that many people have blocks in their lives, that prevent them from achieving the love they desire to have it in their lives. These blocks, sometimes conscious, but often subconscious, stand in the way of a person experiencing the love they truly desire, and these blocks exist on the deepest levels of a person’s soul. So a person is often not aware they have these blocks!

And these are the blocks he will “heal and remove” when he connects with a person for his Spiritual Soul Elevation Consult.

These blocks can manifest as:

– Being in a relationship, but not feeling as connected on a heart level as you know you should be feeling.

– Meeting someone you like, but having a hard time trusting that person and letting them get close to you.

-Keeping people at an emotional distance, and sometimes pushing them away.

– Meeting people that keep you at an emotional distance, no matter how hard you try to get closer to them.

– Having a hard time trusting friends, or people you meet.

– Knowing you put up walls automatically, without even meaning to. But you don’t know how to change this about yourself.

– Feeling lost inside, and often wondering what you really want or need in life.

– Feeling like you don’t even know yourself sometimes.

– Having a hard time committing to certain things or certain people.

– Having a hard time making decisions, or making up your mind about certain things.

– Wanting to be happier inside.

– Knowing something deep inside of you is stopping you from being as happy as you know you can be. Yet, you don’t know what is stopping your happiness, or how to change it.

– Knowing you want more out of life. More love, more joy, and/or a deeper sense of purpose, fulfillment, or happiness.

When Chenrezig energetically touches you, these things will ALL disappear.

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Chenrezig Is An Actual Deity – Not A Spirit Guide Or Ascended Master

One thing to keep in mind is you’re  dealing with a Deity here. Not a Spirit Guide, not an Ascended Master, but an actual Deity. A Tibetan God. And God’s have powers other Light Beings don’t possess.

This is why this is such a powerful opportunity. Imagine the positive and healing possibilities that can happen when being touched by a Deity such as Chenrezig!

I am still blown away when I think of the major impact this is going to have on the lives of people who connect with him! Wow!

The Amazing Changes After My Meeting With Chenrezig

After my personal connection with Chenrezig, what started happening to me was nothing short of a miracle! I felt like something inside of me had been lifted, but I wasn’t sure what. I felt lighter inside, and a deep sense of inner peace. I knew something positive was going to happen, because I could just feel it inside!

Then about an hour later, I received an email from a long lost friend saying he wanted to reconnect again. Another person I hadn’t heard from for many years called me and apologized for something he said to me many years ago, and asked me for forgiveness.

And then I noticed people were smiling at me everywhere I went! At first I thought people were flirting with me. I was thinking “This is weird, why are all these people smiling at me like that??” It seemed a little weird at first! Then I laughed to myself as I remembered, they are smiling at me because they can feel the joy of Chenrezig radiating out from me, after my meeting with him! One woman walked up to me and said “Please don’t take this the wrong way, but when I saw you, I just couldn’t stop myself from smiling!” She confirmed what I thought was happening.

There’s many other things that have happened too! I even received a call from an ex in-law on Saturday, confessing she had cheated me out of some inheritance money (which I had no idea about) and she had sent me a check for $25,000. My mouth literally dropped open after receiving that call, because I hadn’t heard from her in years either!

And I know many more positive things like this are going to follow! This all happened as a result of the subconscious blocks in my life having been removed!

The things that happened to me were a result of the removal of my subconscious blocks after being in the presence of Chenrezig. So depending on what your subconscious blocks are, this will determine the miracles that will appear in your life!

Since I didn’t have a lot of blocks due to my many hours of mediation each week, and these amazing things happened to me, you can imagine that most people will experience even greater miracles in their lives after being energetically touched by Chenrezig during a Spiritual Soul Elevation Consult with him

What Will Happen During A Spiritual Soul Elevation Consult With Chenrezig

During your Spiritual Soul Elevation Consult with Chenrezig, I will go into a deep trance, where I will completely leave my body, and astrally travel to the 44th Dimension. This will allow the Essence of His energy to enter my physical body completely.

Next, He will start talking to you, using my vocal cords. My voice may or may not sound different, but the words He uses are definitely different from how I speak.

A session such as a Spiritual Soul Elevation Consult can be used in many different ways. Remember, you are talking with a highly, highly evolved Deity, who can perform what we call “miracles”.

– You will be able to talk to Chenrezig and tell Him any problems you have, and receive divine advice and guidance from Him concerning them.

– You can ask Him to perform a healing on you, of any kind, whether it be emotional, spiritual, mental, or physical.

– He will speak about your life, and inform you of any blocks you have, and guide you on how to remove them.

– You can ask Him to help you remove any obstacle, or to heal any recurring problem in your life.

– You can talk to Him about any spiritual questions or dilemmas you have or need answered

– You can ask Him how to find love, how to improve your finances, your life purpose, or anything you need help with.

– You can ask Him to help you or guide you on any situation in your life!

This session is for you, so there is no right or wrong things to ask for help or guidance on. Each person will have different needs.

Think of your session like this:

You are standing in the presence of a Divine Master who can perform miracles, heal or release anything, and grant any desire or wish that is for your highest good. So what would you want to know or ask for in the presence of a Deity?

How You Can Meet Chenrezig And Experience His Power

Chenrezig instructed me that He wants to meet with Light Seekers who want to connect with Him for a Spiritual Soul Elevation Consult in July and August of 2016. He informed me that He is going to work with me to prepare my body for being able to handle the full power of his energy vibrations. And July would allow Him enough time to do that! Otherwise, He explained, his energy, when at full capacity, could short out my energy system. So He said my body needs to be slowly exposed to His energy ahead of time.

So I am scheduling these Spiritual Soul Elevation Consults with Chenrezig now, and after looking at my schedule, I can open 89 spaces for this, since it is a few months from now. These 89 spaces will go in a flash!

IF YOU PROCRASTINATE YOU WILL MISS OUT! So to make sure you can grab one of the 89 limited spaces, you should click here and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page NOW to ensure you get a space!

This is the first time I have every been able to offer an experience like this, where you will be able to talk to an actual Tibetan Deity! Chenrezig is powerful and this is as close to a real life Genie-In-A-Bottle as you will ever have the opportunity to experience on this lifetime!

To receive one of the 89 spaces for your Spiritual Soul Elevation Consult with Chenrezig:

1. Click here and fill out the form on my psychic reading page

2. Call my office at 614-444-6334

I am SOOOO excited to be able to help people connect with Chenrezig! And I feel blessed to be chosen by Him to be the spiritual vessel to allow this to happen.

Click here and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page and reserve one of the 89 spaces for this amazing event!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. What a great way to bring in the New Year! I am so happy and thankful to have you as my friend.

P.S.S. Here’s Your Monthly Horoscope For January 2016


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