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Hi there,

In my past emails, I’ve talked about my many different astral travels, And depending how long you’ve been reading my emails, you may also know I astral travel every Saturday, just as I’ve been doing for the past several years.

Each time I astrally travel, more and more worlds are opened to me, and I have been honored and entrusted to meet some off the most advanced spiritual beings in the universe, allowing me to share my new knowledge with Light Seekers like yourself. And for this I have been blessed.

Well, my latest astral travel journey was incredible, and I am going to tell you about a new Master Teacher I met named Salavarus.

It Began As Usual

I started out with usual routine. Up at around 3:00 AM, ate my organic banana, and drank my regular cup of green tea. (As a matter of fact, Vascarious (a new Ascended Master I was introduced to recently during one of my astral travels) informed me that drinking green tea before astrally traveling helps to heighten your astral travel experience!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but every Saturday before I begin my astral travel, I never have any idea where I am going to be traveling to that day, because the Ascended Masters never tell me beforehand where I will to be traveling to, or what I am about to learn or experience.

So every Saturday morning when I wake up, I am embarking on a journey of blind faith. I fully trust my Ascended Master Guides, so I know from all my experiences, that wherever they take me is going to be an amazing spiritual experience!

How I Met Salavarus

At around 3:25 AM, I went into the back room of our home, which is where I go to astral travel and sat on our white couch. When I astral travel, I like sitting on something white because the color white adds extra protection.

So after I sat down, I closed my eyes. Suddenly, I remember seeing myself flying through space. Then after a few minutes, everything came to a complete stop – where I found myself standing in front of this very large, beautiful bluish-violet door.

I had no idea where I was, but when I looked around, I could see in the distance what looked like the outline of Vascarious walking towards me. I could also see he was walking with someone else, But I couldn’t quite make out who the other person was, because there was a kind of misty-violet haze in the air, making it hard to see far into the distance. So I stood there and waited until they walked closer to me.

As these two figures walked closer, I could see it was Vascarious, and he was with someone I had never met before. So Vascarious introduced me to the man standing beside him and said, “Tana, I would like to introduce you to Salavarus. I brought him along because he is going to reveal some very important information to you,”

I remember thinking to myself, “Who is this Salavarus?” Again, forgetting they could read minds, Salavarus then answered by saying ” My name is Salavarus, and I am from the Realm of Alabascas, and Alabascas is the name of the realm where the Zonramian Records and the Paradise Of Zylon are located.

I am one of the Master Teachers living here on the Realm Of Alabascas, along with several other Master Teachers who live here. And each of us has a unique skill that we teach. But today, I have been assigned to teaching you about what is called Palmopowo.”

I quickly realized the 299th dimension, which I’ve written about before, has an actual name, and it’s  called The Realm of Alabascas! Then I also thought to myself, “What is Palmopowo!” Salavarus definitely had my attention!

My Conversation With Salavarus

Salavarus was a tall man. I would guess him to be over 7 feet tall. He had a longish face, with the most beautiful, sparkling yellowish-green eyes, and I have never seen eyes that color before. He had longish brown hair, a round face, and a very warm smile. He spoke in a gentle tone, and was also very articulate when he spoke.

Salavarus said “Tana, Vascarious has informed me he has been teaching you some of the most sacred Secret Teachings that are only known about here on The Realm Of Alabascas. 

I’m not sure if you realize this or not, but you are the only human from planet earth who has ever been permitted access to the sacred Realm Of Alabascas. Vascarious informed me you are being trained in these higher teachings because of the teachings you received from your mentor when you were a young boy. 

Tana, many people would have forgotten what they learned, especially when they were a boy, and have become lazy in developing their skills. But you never did! You have always been devoted and continuously dedicated to the highest level development of your soul. And it is for this reason we have chosen you, to pass these teachings onto. 

We also want you to continue passing on this knowledge to others, so they can experience, benefit, and grow, from this knowledge we pass on to you.

I have been requested by my Spiritual Elders to teach you about Palmopowo, one of many hidden teachings never revealed to any human before. And as long as you stay devoted to the development of your soul, we will continue passing these sacred teachings onto you.

And time goes on, you will work with many other Master Teachers who live here, but for today, I have been assigned as your Master Teacher, and I am now going to teach you about Palmopowo.”

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 What Is Palmopowo? 

Salavarus went on to explain that “Palmopowo is actually where palmistry originated from. Centuries ago, seers and soothsayers heard stories of Palmopowo, but they were never taught about it, because one had to be an initiate to learn these sacred teachings! So they only heard “stories” about it.

But these seers and soothsayers used some of the things they heard in those stories to try and create a new way of seeing into people’s lives. The creation of this new psychic art eventually became known as Palmistry.

Palmistry uses some of the same principles as Palmopowo because Palmistry was invented using bits and pieces of what they heard from those stories. Palmistry has become a respected from of psychically reading a person, but Palmopowo, which I am going to teach you, has nothing at all do with a psychic reading. Palmopowo is a powerful, magical energy tool, that can be used for amazing things!”

Palmopowo – An Amazing Magical Energy Tool

Salavarus explained to me that “Palmopowo loosely translates to mean “the activation of a magical energy flow in the palms of the hands, which can be directed and used for mystical and magical purposes”. 

This means when a person is shown how to stimulate and activate this energy flow in their palms, this energy can then be consciously directed through their fingertips for the purpose of creating a powerful, magical affect or result!”

He went on to say, “For example, the reason a healer places their hands on someone during healing work, is because the palms of the hands direct a powerful healing energy. The practice of “laying of hands” actually comes from Palmopowo. 

But because ancient man was never taught about Palmopowo, he only heard stories that a powerful energy in the hand exists.So upon experimentation, ancient man discovered that by laying the hands on a sick person, would actually help to heal them.

But since very few ancient men were initiates who could receive this training, they were never taught about or trained in Palmopowo. So through the stories they heard, they could only “imagine and experiment” until they received some kind of result. And it took years for ancient man to accomplish this.

So having this opportunity to learning Palmopowo means you are being shown ancient sacred secrets on how to use this powerful energy contained in your hands. Most people will never know their hands are more than just hands. But are actually very powerful energy tools.”

Why Your Hands Are A Magic Wand

Something else very interesting he explained to me was that “The concept of the magic wand also originates from the ancient stories people heard centuries ago.. How the story of the magic wand came to to be comes from the fact that Palmopowo, when combined with Cazon Energy, turns one’s hands into literal magic wands!

How this works is when you direct Cazon Energy through your fingers, each finger creates a different magical affect! And in a moment,  I am going to also explain to you how this works to. But first I need to teach you about Cazon Energy”

The Incredible Power Of Cazon Energy

Salavarus went on to say “The key to Palmopowo is knowing how to properly active and stimulate the flow of an incredible energy called Cazon Energy. Cazon Energy is different than Chi energy, or White Light energy because it vibrates at an entirely different energy frequency than all other energies. And it’s this different vibrational energy frequency that makes it so powerful. And once you know how to stimulate and activate Cazon energy, it can be used in some very powerful ways! 

The most amazing thing about Cazon Energy is, Cazon Energy is what turns each of your fingers into individual “magic wands”. And once you understand the different magic powers contained in each of your fingers, you can direct this energy through your fingers to get some very powerful results.”

Being very articulate, Salavarus went on and explained to me the different ways Palmopowo and Cazon Energy can be used

“ For example Tana, if you direct Cazon Energy through through your middle finger, it will heighten feelings of love, attraction, or sexual energy between two people. 

Or, if someone is not giving you the attention you’d like from them, by sending it through your middle finger, and then pointing that finger towards them, or a picture of them, just like a magic wand, the other person will  start showing you the attention you desire from them.

If you direct Cazon Energy through your little finger, it will magically create an indescribable attraction between you and any other person. And you can use to “create” an intense physical excitement and intensity” during your private bedroom moments. 

And as you would say on earth, here’s the real kicker: It will also increase both people’s sexual energy and stamina, creating a wild and exciting evening!

More Exciting Ways Cazon Energy Can Be Used

Salavarus also explained how “Cazon Energy also creates something called “energetic magnetism” and  when directed through your ring finger, the energy will transform into a magic magnet, and literally “draw” any of your deepest thoughts, wildest wishes, or secret desires instantly to you!

An example he gave me was “if you desire to lose weight but have been struggling with this, Cazon Energy will magically “give you” the powerful motivation and strong desire you need to lose all of your weight. Not only will you instantly have the motivation and desire to lose all of your weight, but you will also maintain your motivation and never gain it back.”

He said “Cazon Energy can be directed through your thumb to literally “draw to you” the right circumstances or situation for you to meet your soulmate, a dating partner, or even just a casual friendship. Because Cazon Energy magically draws you, without any effort, to certain places or situations where you will meet the type of person you are looking for.”

He also explained that “One of the most powerful attributes of Cazon Energy is when you send it through your forefinger, it releases what is called “The Energy Of Opposites”. 

What The Energy Of Opposites does is, it creates a powerful energy field around you, so that whenever you are unknowingly making a wrong decision about anything, it will cause the opposite and correct thing to occur. Saving you from dealing with the fallout that comes from unknowingly making a wrong or bad decision.

Salavarus told me “It’s not uncommon for people to meet someone they were sure was “the one”, only later to find out that person is a nightmare full of heartache. Or to put their money into something they were sure was a right decision, but later turned out not to be a bad decision. 

Many people have trusted the wrong person, only to have it come back to haunt them later. Or began a new friendship with someone who didn’t turn out to be such a good friend after all. 

He even said “The Energy Of Opposites also protects you when dealing with work or career decisions, dealing with bosses or coworkers, or anything where it is not always possible to know if you made the right decision or not.  Because often times Tana, people believe they are making the right decision, but as you know, not all things are as they appear. 

So as you can see, it’s practically impossible for a person to always trust their feelings about what they “think” is right.

Being protected by the Energy Of Opposites takes the pressure and fear out of everyday living, because you will have the confidence of knowing you can never make a wrong decision again that will harm you in a negative way! 

This does not mean disappointment will not  ever happen again, because disappointment is a part of human living. But it does mean  is you will be protected from making what you thought was a good decision, when in reality, it could have become the worst decision you ever made in your life!

The beauty of this is, once a person discovers the secrets of Palmopowo, the all the things I just explained to you will automatically happen, without doing anything other than living life and doing what you love.”

Let me tell you, I was stunned by what he told me. And I was even more stunned by how easy it was to learn to use  Palmopowo, and discover for myself how powerful Palmopowo actually was!”

Palmopowo has an amazing power than will do incredible things. Discover how to turn your fingers into literal magic wands and make your dreams comes true. Click here and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page to reserve one of the limited 71 spaces.

The Training I Received

So then, Salavarus taught me how to stimulate and activate the Cazon Energy in my palms. And then he taught me which finger I needed to direct the energy through in order to get the desired result I wanted. It was amazing!!

I thought Palmopowo would be something complicated to learn, but I was surprised by how easy it was to learn and use. Learning Palmopowo was actually as easy as being shown how to put on a shirt, or slip-on a shoe. Not difficult to learn at all!

I Had To Test It

As you may know by now, I always want to share what I learn with my best friend Chuck!

When I told Check all about Palmopowo, he was more than excited to learn it. So I taught him the whole process, and he was amazed how easy it was to learn and remember.

Since Chuck is a bit of a worrier at times, and is often concerned about making the right decision, or doing the right thing, he was very interested in The Energy Of Opposites, He said it gave him peace of mind knowing he didn’t have to worry about making a wrong decision again!

Before he left, I told him to call me when he was finished trying it out, and then to keep me posted on what happens.

What  Chuck Reported Back To Me

About a week later, Chuck called me and told me he was saved from losing his job at the company he had worked at for over 7 years. He said he was given “false information” by his boss, who encouraged him to apply for a position in another department within the company, and telling Chuck it would give him more advancement opportunities.

Chuck said after their talk, he realized it was a good idea, so he was going to apply for the position his boss recommended. But suddenly, out of nowhere…crap hit the fan.

It turns out his boss was sleeping with Chucks coworker, and the reason he wanted Chuck to apply for the other position, was because he wanted to hire his “work girlfriend” for Chuck’s position, so that his boss and this other girl could work closer to each other, and also use their offices as a free hotel room!

It was also discovered that Chucks boss had insider information and knew the position he recommended Chuck to apply for was going to be eliminated in 6 months, which would have left Chuck without a job!

How The Energy Of Opposites Saved Chuck’s Career

What saved Chuck was this. His boss and his bosses work girlfriend, were literally caught with their pants down in his bosses office. But the even worse part is, it was his bosses wife who caught them in the act!

It turns out, his bosses wife stopped by the office one day to surprise her husband with a home cooked lunch. And when she walked in the office, well… security had to escort her out and also protect the other woman from the raging wife. She literally caught them in the act, with their pants down! That poor woman!

Chuck told me his bosses boss apologized to him over and over again, about the deception his previous boss tried to pull over on him.

His boss was immediately let go that day, and Chuck not only kept his position, but was offered the position of his previous boss!

Chuck was in awe when he realized how he was protected from making a wrong decision at work. A wrong decision which he had no way of knowing would have been a wrong decision. And he also informed me there are even more things now starting to go his way.

I was so happy for him!

The Power Of Palmopowo And Cazon Energy

I have also experienced the power of Palmopowo working in my life, and now I am ready to share the power of Palmopowo with you.

If you are ready to change your life by discovering how to stimulate and activate the Cazon Energy in the palms of your hands and literally turn each of your fingers into literal magic wands, then you will definitely want to learn Palmopowo.

You will discover:

– How to easily direct Cazon Energy to create an indescribable attraction between you and another person.

– You will learn how to use the power of Palmopowo to “bring back” the physical excitement and intensity” during your private bedroom moments with anyone, along with increasing you and your partners sexual energy and stamina.

– You will learn how to use it’s energy to draw the right circumstances and places into your life to meet your soulmate, a dating partner, or just a casual friendship.

– You will know discover how to use Cazon Energy to “draw” to you, like a magnet, your deepest thoughts, wildest wishes, and secret desires, even using this energy to lose weight, and have the  motivation keep it off for good!.

– Palmopowo will allow you to harness the power of “The energy of opposites’ to create a powerful energy field around you that will prevent you from ever making a wrong or bad decision again! The Energy Of Opposites will also protect you from the wrong people, or the wrong situations, where it is not always possible to know if you made the right decision or not.

– Plus a whole lot more!

Palmopowo is one of the most incredible things I’ve been taught by the Ascended Masters, and I am so excited to share this knowledge wth you too!

A Word Of Caution

After seeing the power of Palmopowo in my life, and also in my best friend Chucks life, I would suggest to every single person who reads this to make sure to reserve one of the limited 71 spaces. Palmopowo is very powerful, and again, being permitted to only teach this to 71 people makes this a very  rare opportunity!

But I DO NOT recommend this to anyone who wants to use this knowledge to manipulate or harm others. Because I am not going to pretend it could not be used that way, because it easily could. So if you are thinking about ways you could use this to hurt someone, get even with them, or seduce some unwilling stranger against their will, then please DO NOT reserve one of the 71 spaces!

The power of Palmopowo is to be used by those Spiritual Seekers who are wanting to continue to take their lives and spiritual knowledge to the next level, and to use it’s power to not only benefit their own lives, but to help them grow, thrive, and succeed even more in their lives! So if you are someone who is looking for the highest spiritual teachings available, then learning how to use the power Palmopowo is definitely for you!

What Happens During Your Palmopowo Training

During this training, I will teach you how to easily use the power of Palmopowo, and how to literally turn each of your fingers into magic wands!

And since this is a very simple system to learn, and once you learn it, you will never forget it! And you will be able to start using the power of Palmopowo right away, and start experiencing its power instantly!

How To Become Trained In The Power Of Palmopowo

The next step is to click on this link, and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page, so you can reserve one of the 71 limited spaces available for this powerful Palmopowo training.

I was instructed by Salavarus that I am only permitted to offer 71 spaces for this training. Salavarus said “71 people will “feel the call inside them, to receive this rare opportunity to be trained to use the power of Palmopowo,

It is important to know that 71 is the most powerful number here in the Realm Of Asbascas, so I will permit only 71 Light Seekers to acquire this knowledge. And the energy will be at it’s highest for learning Palmopowo when the August moon is at its’ highest.” So this means I will be scheduling these training sessions between August 1st and September 15th.

When an Ascended Master from the 299th dimension, named Salavarus, tells me I am only permitted to pass this training onto 71 people, I never question it. So 71 spaces are all I am permitted to offer! After they are all gone, my hands are tied. Even if I wanted to offer more, I can’t.

So if you feel the call inside, and if you have read this far, than it means you do, please don’t procrastinate or overthink this rare opportunity, and click here now to fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page to reserve one of the 71 spaces for yourself, and even someone you love or care about!


The power of Palmopowo will literally blow your mind once you discover all it is capable of doing.

So click here now, and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page to make sure you are one of the lucky 71 people who will be trained in the power of Palmopowo!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. I hope you and your loved ones are having a wonderful holiday!

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4 Responses

  1. Sam says:

    This is frighteningly accurate.

    If I’m not mistaken, though this might be an obvious observation, the English translation is “Palm power.” Not sure what language that is though. The name itself might not have any language affiliation and be just the name-word of the practice but often with these ascended types they often have their own language of communication. Even telepathy is a form of language, but not in the usual sense. It’s kinda complicated to explain fully. I myself don’t know how, I just know it is.

    It makes sense as a type of magical application with many ancient magical sorcerers using this method. That’s what separates them from wizards, witches and mages. They never used wands or staffs, just the power from their hands.

    If 71 is the most powerful number in the Abascas or Zonram..ic…ian realm, I must have a high alignment with it since I take the the 71 bus nearly everywhere. It’s my most taken transport, which ironically stops at the same station another bus, the 111 stops at. That’s freaky.

  2. Marionn says:

    Reading about your astral travels gives the day a magical start. I have a mtg with my boss this morning. I will rub my palms together in a circular motion to activate positive energy for a productive conversation. Hoping you have a blessed day Tana and thank you??☀

  3. Candy says:

    I haven’t been able to meditate properly in 2 months. I feel like I’m missing so many important things. It feels just awful. I can’t have peace n quiet. So it’s on hold for now.
    Please ask Vascarious to help me find a place Tana. Maybe I’ll just save money for a while and find a different way. I don’t know yet.
    I asked, but not sure if he heard me.
    This was so awesome, I cried when I read how your friend chuck was saved by the truth.
    That was awesome. I can reach my hand into the realm of highest love, and I feel the love❤️ then I can grab a handful and send it to someone!
    It’s WAY stronger than here on the earth plane!
    It feels like pure love, only love is there.
    L❤️VE & L?GHT FOREVER! ???

  4. Sam says:

    I had a realisation, what if you’re someone who doesn’t have hands? Would you then be hampered in this ability?

    I never really liked the concept that these kinds of abilities being of spiritual nature – of the spirit, mind and soul, have the need of physical, material objects and rituals. This would actually make them redundant. Sure you could use your soul’s hands bt I’m pretty sure, all origin is of the mind itself. However I speculate this would have to be a very powerful feat. Ironically, one I’m going for.

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