Here’s Your Monthly Horoscope for October 2017

I sent out a few emails a few weeks or so ago, and I received emails (over 450) from people about the affirmation I sent out.

In that email, I talked about an email I formulated for my friend, to help him relieve stress. And I also shared how that affirmation literally changed his life!

Well, evidently, it was powerful for a lot of other people too, because over 450 people emailed me, telling me how they couldn’t believe the power of that affirmation after they repeated it! Almost everyone told me it virtually made their stress melt away like an ice cube in the sun!

I’m glad it helped so many people. And those of you that emailed me with the things you want to manifest, and then reserved a space for an Affirmation Formulation for your own life…well…you are in for a HUGE, happy surprise after you receive your mantras!

PLEASE do not send me anymore checks to thank me for all the money you manifested! I will just send them back to you!

One guy sent me a check for $4,000 because he manifested over $50,000 three weeks after an Affirmation Formulation session. But please, enjoy what you manifest.

You already paid for the session we had, so you don’t need to send me any other money. I sincerely do appreciate it, but I cannot accept it.

If you need guidance, answers, or help in any way, then here is your opportunity to discover the power of a psychic reading for yourself. Click here and get the help you have needed!

An Amazing Thing That Happened To Me The Other Day… 

If you read my emails frequently, then you already know that I usually meditate for 8 hours on Thursdays and Fridays, and on Saturdays, I astral travel anywhere from 6 to 12 hours. (Yes, I get up early as many of you know after sometimes receiving emails from me very early in the morning)

Well, lately I have been thinking about my very successful Psychic Healing Center that I had in Mexico for over 2 years. Aside from reading for people, I also love performing energy healing work on people.

I Remember Their Faces…

You could literally see a person’s face change after having a healing session. Other people would even notice that change and often comment on them after one of our sessions. People often asked my clients if they recently had plastic surgery, because they said they looked so much younger!

And the great thing about Spiritual Healing is that the person doesn’t need to be present to have a healing performed because healing can be done remotely, This is called Remote Healing, or Long Distance Healing.

When I lived in Mexico, since I had clients from all around the world, many of my energy healing sessions were performed over the phone!

Anyways, I have been feeling the urge to start doing more energy healing sessions for people. I have realized that many people out there need healed from so many things. What I often call Emotional Torture and Emotional Self-Flagellation, are two of the most common things people do to themselves that makes themselves feel bad.

We are all human, but we can be so hard on ourselves at times, can’t we?

I love helping people by reading for them, and I love when I see people heal, feel better, and move on from major obstacles that have been holding them back. And this is what happens to people after a reading or healing session. So you can see why I get so much personal satisfaction out of doing my work!

I love giving readings to people, and I love even more, being able to help people transform problems into the bygones of yesterday! If you need help, answers, or guidance, I would be glad to help you!

Not Medical Healing – Spiritual Healing

When I talk about energy healing, I am not talking about healing like a doctor does. No! I am talking about Spiritual Healing. Spiritual Healing involves working inside a person’s energy field (aura), and fixing imbalances such as misaligned chakras, Hara lines, broken meridians, a shutdown Third Eye, and even Entity Attachments!

Yes! Entities can attach themselves to you, and drain all of your psychic energy! There are negative entities out there that attach to people, and they can literally make the person feel emotionally tired, weak, and even cause them to feel a little crazy in the head!

Then there are Misaligned Chakras…

You know, I talk about the importance of having a Chakra Balancing to many people. A simple 30-minute session that makes a person feel like they are 30 years younger, lighter than they have felt in years, and freer than they have felt since they were a little kid.

My clients who have had them can attest to their power! 

People Amaze Me Sometimes….

But I am amazed when I look around at all the people who don’t take care of their energy bodies. The truth is, most people neglect their physical bodies, so I guess it goes to reason that people wouldn’t take care of their energy bodies either! And even sadder, people that aren’t open to the psychic world don’t even know they have an energy body! So they wouldn’t know they could heal it anyways!

But my point is, you are lucky to be aware of these things, read this email, and have the opportunity to learn about this stuff! Skeptics, disbelievers, and other people like that, have on clue about these things, and I feel sad for them.

I used to ask my clients, “How would your life be different if you could entirely eliminate from your life the emotional worries, fears, anxieties, insecurities, or other ailments that hold you back?” Then I used my healing touch, cleansed their souls, and gave them the chance to experience a life free from all of those things!

More than anything in this email, I am just sharing with you what my psychic brain has been thinking about lately.

I really felt strongly that this message needed to be shared today! So I hope it has helped give you some hope…in some way too!

Be blessed and have a blessed day too!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

To get psychic help, guidance, or healing, visit my website at or call my office at 614-444-6334

P.S. Here’s your Monthly Horoscope for October 2017

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  1. Carol says:

    Great to hear from you, Tana, we can all use a little positive reinforcements, now and then! Bless you!

  2. Jo-Ann Shepherd says:

    Hi Tana,
    Do you think they will ever find out why the man did the shooting in Las Vegas?
    God bless the families who have lost loved ones.

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