Here’s Your Monthly Horoscope For August 2016

Hi there,

There are some very exciting happenings coming down the horizon. Since many of you are aware of the Cosmic Shockwave hitting jn September, and many of you are already protected from it, or are going to be, we can now put that behind us!

As you know, after a major storm, there is always sunshine that follows.

Well, there is some definite sunshine on the horizon. After my 8 hour meditation this past Thursday, I had many new things revealed to me. Some very exciting ones at that!

An Energy Rainbow Is Being Formed

I was shown there is going to be an Energy Rainbow formed around the earth by some of the most powerful Ascended Masters in the universe! Such as Hanuman, Shiva, and Saint Germain. This is a very exciting event, because this Energy Rainbow has never been formed around the earth before!

It is being formed due to the ascension of the energy of earth. It seems people are spiritually ascending, and seeking more positivity in their lives! I was told by these Ascended Masters “people are getting sick and tired of all the negativity that has been happening!”

So this Energy Rainbow is being formed to help anyone who wants more positivity to flow into their lives, and this can happen by you tapping into the power of this Energy Rainbow!

I am going to assist people who want to connect and tap into the healing energies of this Energy Rainbow. By connecting yourself to the incredible Power of The Rainbow, it will allow you to experience many amazing things in your life.

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The Power Of The Rainbow

For example, by becoming connected to this power, you will:

– Find more love flowing into your life – romantic and platonic!

– You will be infused with all the colors of the rainbow, which will eliminate 85% of the stress, worry, and fear from your life! Imagine what it will feel like living with more peace and calmness in your life!

– You will experience what some call “miracles” starting to happen in your life on a weekly or even daily basis! This will happen because The Power of The Rainbow causes “miracles” to happen!

– You will attract at least 100 fairies and elves into your home and garden. They will not only protect your home and make your plants and flowers grow better, but your home will instantly have a peaceful feel to it! The kind of feel you would feel when you enter a Buddhist Monastery.

– You will sleep better at nights, and the rainbow will silence your “chattering mind” that can sometimes keep you up throughout the night.

– You will be connected to the Violet Ray, which opens the door to deeper connections with your psychic and intuitive side.

– You will become a much better judge of character. Especially when getting to know other people, either romantically or as friends.

– You will become less overwhelmed by things that used to easily overwhelm you!

– You will be able to retain more and remember better, because a busy mind is always worrying and always thinking, so it has a hard time remembering things. Even things that happened yesterday!

– You will find your life improves all the way around!

– Plus a whole lot more!

Raconcolocon – The Power Of The Rainbow

This Rainbow Connection I am talking about is called Raconcolocon (Ron-Con-Coal-Oh-Con) and it is very powerful!

And if you are someone who wants less stress, and more peace in your life. More happiness, and less sadness and depressing thoughts, more positivity and less negativity, then the amazing Raconcolocon Connection is for you!

I am opening up 76 spaces for this, for when this beautiful rainbow is being formed around the earth. As a matter of fact, you are going to be connected to this Energy Rainbow AS IT IS BEING FORMED!

Do you realize what this means???

It means the reason the Raconcolocon Connection is going to have such amazing results in your life,! Because by being connected to this rainbow AS it is being formed, means this rainbow energy becomes infused with YOUR OWN energy field, creating a permanent connection to you and this energy for the rest of your life!

So you will experience a constant increase on a day-by-day basis, of all the things I mentioned above!

So if you’re ready to become happier, feel less stressed, and have more of the kind of love in your life that YOU want, then make sure to click here now and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page! 

I don’t need to tell you that 76 spaces go fast, so click here now to reserve your space, and someone will contact you back right away!

in light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. Please email me and say hello! I don’t feel like I’ve heard from you in awhile. If you’ve never smiled me to say hello before, then even more reason to do so! Just click “reply” to this email, and say hello! I will personally email you back, because I love it when people email me to say hello!

P.S.S. Here is your Monthly Horoscope For August 2016

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  1. Sam B says:

    An energy rainbow? Wonder if there’s a pot’a’gold at the end of it.

    Nice of the ascended masters to do this, but that’ll be 10 years away. Still wondering if they and/or other astral beings are planning to do something ‘while’ it is happening, unless it was deliberate by “divine intention.” I’ve been wondering about its origin for a while. Something doesn’t make sense.

    Also what axis would it be on? Will it be on a central orbit to spread the energy more evenly or rotational, changing in alignment every so often? Depending on how big it is, it may not fit into every county and continent statically.

    I did email you last time though not sure if you’ve read it. I still believe that you’d be a catalyst for all the great things that’ll come, and I still stand by it. I can’t reply directly here since I’m viewing this from the site itself. The only email I found was, unless there’s another for direct emails.

  2. Sandy Tibbs says:

    Just wanted to say Hello Tana. I hope you are doing well and I always look forward to your emails 🙂
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. refugio martinez says:

    Are these horoscopes for August or September?

  4. Joanne says:


    Still waiting for everything to go my way in the sunshine state..

  5. Grace says:

    HI tana ohio misses you but no ocean

  6. Denise says:

    Hello ,
    Have a great day. ..

  7. Toria Moran says:

    Hello Tana.
    We are overdue for a world of positive vibrations. Let’s all keep the love and light alive!


  8. Rebecca Snyder says:

    Hello Tana! As a matter of fact, I did indeed see a very unusual double rainbow that I had never seen before in my life! I was in awe! It seemed to have extended way out and I drove right through it. It was a very unusual day as well. I even had someone come up to me as I had pulled over to take pictures and tell me how beautiful I was. I was taken back and was very flattered…just saying…wonder if that had anything to do with the asscended masters? Have a great day! ?

  9. Sharon says:

    Love the thought of positive energy surrounding our Mother Earth
    Thanks for the information Tana!

  10. Beth Rannebarger says:

    You must be sending positive energy. Things have improved so much. I’m in a loving relationship and finances are more stable. Jobs aren’t perfect, but are im-

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