Here’s Your Monthly Horoscope For July 2016

Hi there,

During my astral travels over the past weekend, I met with Saint Germain and also Quan Yin. They explained to me that the energies of 2016 are going to have some very positive affects on people, as long as they know how to tap into and access this energy properly!

They also told me that 2016 is going to be “The Year Of The Soulmate” and that it is going to be a year where people who are looking for love are going to find it!

They also said the energy for finding love is going to be so strong that anyone desiring to find true love will have the easiest time doing so throughout the rest of 2016!

I was so excited to hear this news from them! So I asked them what I could also do to spiritually help and assist people in finding their true soulmate?

So they explained to me some very deep mystical concepts, and showed me what I could do to help others find their one true love!

What They Told Me On The Astral Planes

The said the first thing i needed to do was read the person’s Akashic Records, because all knowledge about the person’s life is contained there!

Then they taught me some magical symbols, which I can energetically place over a person during their reading. They explained to me that the symbol they taught me was so powerful it would draw a person’s true soulmate into their life within 12 months after having it placed over them!

Needless to say, I was in awe! So I practiced these symbols with Saint Germain and Quan Yin for over 8 hours, and I was so excited to see their power and try them out on someone I know.

So I called a friend of mine who is desperately looking for love, and asked her if I could try these symbols on her remotely, over the phone? When I placed the symbol over her head – she said she almost fainted!

I Practiced It Until I Perfected It

So after practicing using these symbols several times, I finally have it down! This is some very powerful stuff they taught me, so I had to practice it a few times to get it right! I felt like Harry Potter in his Wizard school when I was practicing this!

These symbols are very powerful, and I can’t wait to start using them on people who want to find their true soulmate!

So if you are wanting to fin your true soulmate, here are some questions you should ask yourself!

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Some Questions To Ask Yourself

Are you tired of spending your days alone, or wasting your time and energy with the wrong person? When you think of finding your true soulmate, what comes ideas to mind?

If you then think about…

– Someone who fulfills all your dreams!

– Someone who makes you happier than you’ve ever felt   before!

– Someone who completes you!

– Someone who makes you feel whole!

– Someone who you love deeper than you ever thought possible!

– Someone who has all the qualities you dreamed of finding in one person!

…Then you are 100% correct! Because your true soulmate is someone you will feel the kind of love with that is only seen in the movies!

But there’s a sad truth about most people and defining their soulmate….

…The Sad Truth About Soulmates

Sadly, most people never find their true soulmate! The reason for this isn’t because their soulmate is not out there looking to meet someone like them too! The reason is because most people settle for less than what they want, out of fear of never finding true love!

They have the attitude that having love, even if it’s not with their true soulmate, is better than having no love at all! So they settle out of fear – and end up miserable, unhappy, and feeling unfulfilled for the rest of their life!

Well, let me tell you something!

After learning the these symbols, you never again have to fear not finding true love! Because I have finally found the key that will work for you!!

These symbols are so powerful that once they have been placed over you, you will become like a love magnet! That’s right! A love magnet!

Let me explain….

A Weird Thing Happened

I was using these symbols on a different friend of mine again, the other day, and he said that after I placed those symbols over him, that words couldn’t describe what he felt! Because he said he could feel something very powerful happening inside of him! He said he felt like a Human Magnet!

Then he said to me “Watch this!”

I thought he was playing a joke on me, because he proceeded to place a fork and knife on his chest, and they stuck to him. It was like his whole body was a huge magnet!

So I said, let me try that on you, and when I tried to pull the fork and knife off of him, I struggled to remove them! It was like pulling metal off a powerful magnet!

And it was then I realized he wasn’t playing a joke!

Actually, I think he was also a little freaked out by it too!

So this showed me that the symbols I was taught do cause your energy to become like a magnet, and that the energy is so strong, it will literally draw your soulmate into your life!

When I tried this on another friend, the fork and knife didn’t stick to her, but she said she felt “energized” inside and said she felt a warmth envelop her entire body! I found this to be very interesting!

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Imagine This…

Imagine being so magnetic, that you find people telling you “there is something different about you, but I don’t know what it is?”

Imagine looking at someone you find very attractive, and finding they can’t seem to take their eyes off of you!

Imagine walking into a room, and having everyone in the room be able to “feel” your presence!

Imagine turning around in a restaurant, club, or coffee shop, and discovering that the most attractive man or woman in the place is staring at you with a smile!

Imagine attractive, nice people coming up to you and saying “I don’t know why, but I just had to introduce myself to you!” You’ll grin because you’ll know exactly why!

These are the kinds of experiences that have been reported back to me after having this session done! This session is that powerful!!

Are You Ready To Finally Find True Love?

If you are ready to meet your true soulmate, then I have good news for you!

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A Soulmate Symbol Session is where I am going to imbed these special symbols I was taught, into your energy field! These symbols will literally act like magnets! And they will “draw and pull” love literally into your life!

A Soulmate Symbol Session is different from any other sessions I’ve offered so far, and if you’ve had these sessions performed on you, a Soulmate Symbol Session will enhance and compliment the other work. In other words, it will make you more magnetic that you ever imagined, and it will amplify the magnetization energy of around you, helping you draw love quickly into your life

Your Next Step..

I am so excited to be able to use on you what I just learned, and help you to draw your true soulmate into your life! Being with your soulmate is the greatest feeling in the world! I should know, because I have used all of these techniques, and I have been with my soulmate for almost 11 years now!

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I am opening 68 spaces for this powerful session, so this means only 68 people will be lucky enough to have this amazing “ Help me find my soulmate love booster” performed on them!

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I look forward to helping you find true


In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. You can read my last email about how to perform a powerful psychic cleansing on yourself or anyone you care about by clicking here!

P.S. Here is your Monthly Horoscope for July 2016 

3 Responses

  1. Sam B says:

    Tana, you’re a wizard.

    I always loved magic. Harry Potter, Supernatural, even watched Charmed back in the day. In fact still do. The repeats. Its probably the closest thing to a spiritual based series, aside from the many plot holes and inaccuracies. It brings out the fantasy element in the modern world, even though most who did watch it only saw it as such. Credit is due to its integrity though. When I started my spiritual journey, it gave me some good insight into the spiritual world.

    Aside from that, love isn’t about finding someone to complete you. You are already complete. A soulmate only adds to you. They help you improve and develop, not fill what’s missing.

    This is from a spiritual source. Its something I agree with. It might help you find a soulmate but love shouldn’t be seen as a cure. Its more of an experience.

    This can also be proved as I saw a video of a fairy channeler, Nora Herold.

    I don’t know how to quote it exactly but through her, they describe that their view is that the human flaw is that they expect everything to come from one person in a relationship. The fae/fay view is that they don’t tie themselves down to one other single entity except for certain occasions but essentially the fundamental point is that others should not be viewed as an emotional or romantic cure as it ties to the ego. A relationship with another person should not be mistaken for something that is essential to your being. Love is essential for growth but not at the extent of “I need someone to complete me.”

    That’s when people get hurt when it falls apart. That’s what causes people to feel heartbroken. The ego is like “It didn’t work out with that person. Something went wrong because they/I did something to harm the relationship.” Its not either despite the actions that caused it. They saw them as something to lean on and the source of their happiness. When that went, they felt line something was missing when really, its not through others that makes you content or happy.

    They do not complete you, you only add to what you each already have.

    This is a long comment, but there’s more!

    This kind of thing might also have potential in other formats. These symbols seem to attract a lot of energy. Perhaps they can be modified for different purposes. The symbols have their definitive meaning so they can’t change. According to universal law, a meaning of something creates its power source. Like a symbol or word. Once these have their meanings created, they are imbedded permanently. The names if guides and angels assigns them their code of meaning. A word only gains importance through its meaning. That’s why our names have meaning.

    Take mine for example: In Hebrew lore “Sam” or Samuel” means “listens”, “god has heard” or “name of God.” (Shem / Sh’ma Alohim – a reference to “Elohim?”)

    I also took the liberty of doing Tana’s name. (Hope you don’t mind) Being a rare one, there wasn’t much I could find except “fire or star goddess.” A name can refer to ones personality or origin so my interpretation is that Tana is or was a starseed. Now that’s amazing, though I kinda figured you might be.

    The point here is that when something has a meaning, that’s its power source. This being quoted from what Tana’s said in the past. I don’t know anything of the meanings of these symbols but I could guess that their assigned meaning is attraction and/or love, obviously. So I’m wondering where the symbols origin came from and if its possible to create names, symbols or whatever and create and assign meanings to them yourself. For a while I’ve had a certain symbol stuck in my mind. Perhaps it has a meaning or I can make one for it and if there’s a possibility to make alternate symbols in conjunction with the magnetic symbols for different and varied purposes?

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Thank you Sam. You always share so well thought out comments! The symbols are ancients, and come from Egyptian times. Thats all I can really reveal about them.

      Have a very blessed day, and I sincerely hope we have a reading sometime. you are a deep spiritual thinker!

  2. Sam B says:

    Thank you Tana. I did not expect you to reply let alone you responding so quickly.

    The Egyptian origin means they’re likely hieroglyphic runes. A good portion of my research pointed towards the Egyptian civilization so this is very intriguing.

    Jo chlote Tana, Aokal.
    – Thank you Tana, more angel than human.

    Been trying to learn the Saren light language. Hope I got it right. Don’t even know how accurate that was. Either way, love and light to you Tana. I am also looking forward to having a reading with you someday.

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