Here’s My Latest Love Horoscope for February 2020

Hi there,

What a crazy month this has been. Energetically, things have been fine, but I have been bombarded with visits from fairies and gnomes…

…but that’s a story for another day.

My astral travels have been unusual, too! I’ve been to some very interesting galaxies and met some very interesting Beings.

I am going to tell you more about all of this in upcoming emails because today I need to tell you about the Magnetic Core Shift that will be taking place on earth. And it will be happening this year, towards the end of December.

This is a VERY LUCKY time to be alive because a Magnetic Core Shift like this one only happens once in every 1,000 years! And when they do happen, there are several positive benefits you will have the opportunity to receive from this rare occurrence.

And I am going to share all of these benefits with you in a moment after I explain exactly what a Magnetic Core Shift is.

What Is Magnetic Core Shift? 

A Magnetic Core Shift (MCS) happens around every 1000 years. It was not supposed to occur for another 50 years from now, but due to all the volcanic activity in the world, especially in Hawaii, it has sped up the process by 50 years.

A Magnet Core Shift (MCS) is caused by the rotation of the earth, along with the natural eruptions of volcanos.

These two things cause the core of the earth to become magnetized. And when the earth’s core becomes magnetic, it radiates magnetic energy vibrations outwards from its core.

Since the earth is round, these vibrations are sent out in all directions, and will have an effect on the entire world!

The Radiation Of Magnetic Vibrations

As many healers already know, magnetic energy balances the flow of energy in a person’s body. This is the basic principle of Magnetic Healing Therapy.

When magnetic energy is radiated outwards from the earth’s core, and since it is generated by the earth’s core, the positive effects of this magnetic energy are mind-blowing!

This kind of magnetic energy is so powerful, it can cause what some people would call “miracles” to happen in a person’s life.

BUT, and this is a BIG BUT, a person will not be able to receive all the benefits from this very rare occurrence UNLESS their energy body and energy system is properly aligned to receive this energy.

And the technique that is used to make your energy aligned and receptive technique is called Quod Magnus Momentus Miracle Technique. Quod means “the” in Latin.

So the origins of this technique are ancient!

When the spaces for Quod Magnus Momentus Miracle Technique are gone, they will be gone forever! Latecomers will miss out forever on the chance to have their life totally transformed b this amazing energy! So click here now and reserve one of the very limited spaces available for this!

The Positive Affects This Magnetic Energy Will Cause In Your Life 

There is nothing short of incredible benefits to be received by the people who are aware enough to realize the power of this upcoming Magnetic Core Shift, and the miracles it is going to bring to the lives of those who receive its power!

If you think of all the people in the world and then realize how many people will never know about this, you will soon realize how you are very fortunate to be learning about this! 

So if you ever feel unlucky, today is your VERY lucky day! 

You see, when you have your energy aligned, in order for it to be receptive to the magnetic energy vibrations, which are going to be radiated outwards from the earth’s core in December, it is having this alignment, which will cause the magic to happen!  Because your energy has to be “opened and receptive” to this powerful energy, in order to be able to receive it!

And THIS is what Quod Magnus Momentus Miracle Technique will do – it will make your energy open and receptive to this amazing magnetic energy, and allow you to fully receive ALL of its benefits!


…if a person’s body is not properly aligned to this energy, it will have the totally opposite effect.

As a matter of fact, my guides tell me that the Magnetic core shift, which happened thousands of years ago, played a major role in bringing on the Ice Age.

Imagine if humans during that time, had been able to have their energy open and receptive to the oncoming Magnetic Core Shift during that time?

Imagine if the ancient man had been able to have Quod Magnus Momentus Miracle Technique performed on him…

…history would have been a whole lot different!

This does not mean people whose energy body is not properly aligned will become extinct! But it does mean they won’t receive any of the amazing benefits I’m about to tell you about.

So, what exactly are the benefits this incredible Magnetic Core shift is going to offer?

The Miracles You Can Expect From Having Quod Magnus Momentus Miracle Technique Performed On You

Once you have had Quod Magnus Momentus Miracle Technique performed on you the shift in your life is going to be miraculous! So literally, having this performed on your life will be nothing short of miraculous!

Here are just a few of the many many things you will experience after having this performed on you:

Love problems?

Watch them go out the door!

Money Problems?

Watch then vanish into thin air! 

Career blocks?

They will become a thing of the past!

People problems?

They will go away, too!

Looking For Love?

Consider it found! 

Wanna get pregnant?

You’ll be more fertile than ever!

Sad or Depressed?

Happiness will be on the way!

And these are ONLY A FEW of the numerous benefits you will receive from having Quod Magnus Momentus Miracle Technique performed on you!

Sound too good to be true?

Well, it isn’t.

And as many of you already know from your own personal experiences, when I perform this work on people, it works! And Quod Magnus Momentus Miracle Technique will work too! And it will work 10x more than you could have possibly imagined!

So, if you’re ready for a positive major life shift of your own, then YOU do not want to miss having Quod Magnus Momentus Miracle Technique performed on you!

Why This Opportunity Will Soon Be Gone Forever 

First of all, once the Magnetic Core Shift happens in December, people who have not been aligned and made receptive to its energy will miss this chance forever. (Unless you plan to still be alive in another 1000 years).

Because after December, which is when this shift occurs, if you haven’t had your energy prepared to receive this alignment – it will be too late! You need to have Quod Magnus Momentus Miracle Technique performed on you BEFORE, and not after, it occurs.

Second, there is only one of me. One Tana. And being only one of me, I can only perform this on to not so many people.

As a matter of fact, only 82 people are going to be lucky enough to have Quod Magnus Momentus Miracle Technique performed on them…

…no more!

No less!

After the 82 spaces are filled, sorry, because there’s nothing I can do.

So click here now and fill out the form on my scheduling page to reserve one of the 82 spaces.

And if you miss this (and don’t say I didn’t warn you) you will lose this opportunity forever!

And believe me, this is a golden opportunity you DO NOT want to miss this one.

Quod Magnus Momentus Miracle Technique has been referred to as the “most amazing life-changing event in the world”!

So, if you are ready to begin living your dream life, then “click here now”, fill out the form, and reserve your space!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. You won’t want to miss this! Trust me! So click here now and grab your space!

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