Here’s My Latest Love Horoscope For September 2018

2018 is continuing onto a good start so far, but make no mistake about it, the energy is changing.

Someone emailed me the other day asking me if it is possible that you could meet someone who is your true soulmate, but still have problems being with that person?

Here is what she wrote me:

Dear Tana, 

Is it possible that a person can meet someone who is their soulmate, and then not be with that person? 

I met a guy I really loved, we dated only a few months, and then he left me all the sudden. No warning. I was unprepared for it, and it left me devastated! 

I still hurt over him, and he has been gone for over 2 years now. I am with someone else now, but this other guy is still in my heart. I think of him almost every day, even though I am with someone else. 

Tana, what does this mean? Was the guy who left me my soulmate? Why do I still think about him all the time? 

I am very confused, and would appreciate any insights you have on this! 

A Sincere Fan,

Debbie D. Detroit, MI

This is a great email, because I have found this to be more common than people might think! So I wanted to share with you my reply to her:

Dear Debbie, 

I am so sorry to hear you went through that. I know from my own personal experience, that when this type of love ends, the pain can run to the core of your soul! 

I also understand the confusion one can feel when this happens. This happens more often than you think, so you are not alone in dealing with a situation like this. 

There can be a few reasons why this happens. Sometimes we meet someone in this life, who was someone we loved in a past life. Sometimes we meet again in this one to resolve unfinished karma from a past life, and once it is resolved, the relationship ends. It is painful when this happens! 

The other reason can be that he is your soulmate, but his own karma caused him to have to leave, in order to work out some unfinished karma with another person. In this case, once he has worked it out, he could come back to you! This scenario still hurts but at least there is hope for the future. 

Another reason would be that why that person left you is because you did the same thing to him in a past life, so this was part of paying back your karma. In these situations, he can still come back to you using the right gemstones and mantras! 

Or it could be due to he is your soulmate, and he felt it so strongly that it scared him, so he ended it out of fear of getting hurt by someone he loved so deeply! There is also hope here with the right mantra! 

It is normal to still think about someone you loved so deeply, even if you are are with someone else. Because when a relationship ends like that and there is no closure, the pain can linger for a long time! 

I would suggest you call me for a reading, so that I can tune into your vibrations, and tell you specifically which of the above scenarios it may be between the two of you. I already have a sense which one it is, but cannot read well via email, so I feel more confident giving answers to someone when I am directly connected to their energy over the phone! 

Thank you for the great question, and let me know when you would like to set up a time for a reading. 

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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The Reading We Had And What I Told Her

She did schedule a reading, and during the reading, here is what I was able to tell her.

I explained they had been together in a past life, and that she did the exact thing to him in that life that he did to her in this one! This was definitely a karmic relationship – but there was good news!

He would come back to her! She just needed to be patient!

When we talked and I told her all about their past life together, she was able to confirm that a lot of things I told her were exactly the same way they were when together in this one!

I then taught her a powerful mantra that would bring him back to her again!

After a few months, she wrote me back, telling me the mantra worked like magic, and that he did come back to her. She said they are very happy, and she is engaged and pregnant. She was quick to point out that she got pregnant after they got engaged!

Luckily, this is a situation where it was possible for them to be together again, and I am so happy for her, and glad I was able to help her reunite with him once again.

How To Get Help Like Debbie

If you find yourself in this situation, or one similar to it, I can definitely help you, just like I did Debbie.

So contact my office so that I can look at what your past life connection was in a previous lifetime with that person. More often than not, there are mantras I can design for you that can reunite you with that person!

Mantras can also help you release pain from past relationships, and also help you find your true soulmate, or strengthen the love in your current relationship!

You can schedule a session by clicking here or by calling my office at 614-444-6334

I hope you enjoyed my sharing this story with you, and I hope it also helped you in some way too!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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