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…one of the most – if not the most – overworked and unappreciated beings of light.

Can you imagine how many people ask Angels for help? Millions? Billions?

Angels don’t clock in and clock out. So, between looking after their humans 24/7 and granting favors, they also had to squeeze in helping other angels and checking in with their heavenly superiors, the Archangels.

Good thing Angels can fly because that’s a lot of going back and forth!

It’s truly hard to imagine the sheer amount of work people expect from their Angels day in and day out. Why, if Guardian Angels ever go on strike, we’d surely be in a lot of trouble!

So, how do you keep your Angels happy and in top form?

The answers are much simpler than you think.

Why Do You Have Angelic Companions?

It’s all about you. You are the center of your angel’s world and they are here to guide and protect you.

Your angels are aware of your soul’s master plan since the day you were reborn again on this earth. They were present when you signed your soul contract, which is why they know all about your life’s purpose, and the lessons you need to learn in this lifetime.

Guardian Angels are made of Dukia Chav or “pure love” and are one of the first few immortals who existed in the universe. Even with their immense power, your angel’s top concern is still your well-being, and– you have unlimited access to all their abilities!

And if this is the case, you may be wondering why you aren’t experiencing their powers at work in your life?

But before you start questioning your angel’s abilities, maybe there are a few things you overlooked? Maybe your angel needs something from you. You might be unknowingly causing your angels to become unhappy and unproductive.

Let me explain…

Ancient and Modern Ways Used To Gain Angelic Favor

Since the beginning of time, humans have looked to the divine for guidance and protection. People have looked to the stars and the heavens for magical aid, and have devised mystical rituals to get the attention and favor of celestial beings.

If only these ancient tribes knew that getting an angel to help was in truth, very easy.

You don’t have to worry about complicated rituals when it comes to keeping your Guardian Angel happy and dynamic. In fact, you’ll be surprised to see how some of the most powerful mystic techniques, used to gain the favor of angels, are quite simple and easy to do.

1. Acknowledge Your Angel

Yes, you read that right. It seems very simple, and you should never underestimate the sheer power, which comes with letting your angels know that you are aware of their existence.

Visualize this, you enter a room and no one bothers to greet you. Does it make you feel sad and unimportant?

That’s exactly how your Angel feels when they’re not being recognized and accepted!

There are people who go through great lengths to let their angels know just how much they’re valued. While nowadays, it’s quite common to see people who have angel tattoos, it’s interesting to note that ancient civilizations also placed their angels in high esteem.

One Egyptian woman, who lived 1,300 years ago, even went as far as to have the Archangel Michael tattooed on her thigh as an act of acknowledging her angel’s powers!

Researchers at the British Museum revealed they found the mummified remains of a woman with a tattoo of an angel, along with an ancient Greek inscription, which translates to the modern-day “Michael”.

Apparently, even the cultures of the old believed in the power of their angels and relied on their heavenly protection.

Scholars disclosed the tattoo and its placement most likely indicated that the woman sought the help of Michael, the most powerful of angels, to ensure safe childbirth or as protection against sexual abuse.

While you don’t have to get an Angel tattoo to make your angels happy, your Angels do need your trust and love.

Simply taking the time to tell your angels you know they’re around you and protecting you is a big deal for your winged companions. Even just a couple of minutes of meditation can let your angels know you’re ready to receive their angelic support.

2. Ask For Angelic Help

Angels love it when you ask for their help!

Their sole mission is to help you get the best in life and to make sure you reach your goals. When you ask for their help, you enable them to fulfill the main reason why you chose them to accompany you before being reborn.

During the height of mysticism in the 17th century, one of the most prized occult books, the Ars Almadel, described how to create a wax altar to communicate with angels. It also provided angelic names of different celestial domains and how to make these angels do your bidding.

While the book spoke of hidden rituals and how to properly request the help of powerful angels, your own Guardian Angels, and even Archangels, can be called upon by simply talking with them and asking them for assistance.

Let me tell you one of the best examples of this as told to me by a client.

During Hurricane Katrina, one of my clients, Julianne, was stuck in her New Orleans house with her 9-month-old baby. The water rose so fast that it quickly engulfed the entire house, leaving her no other choice but to take her baby and two small dogs to the small attic space.

The tiny attic space only had one window, and the ledge that led to the roof was so narrow it would be almost impossible for Julianne to hoist herself and her child onto the sloping roof. It was a risk she swore she would only take if the water started coming up to the attic, leaving her no other choice but to face the dangerous climb.

She quickly tied a white cloth to the window latch, in case rescuers came to the area. She then had no choice, but to wait and hope for the best.

Water started coming into the attic much sooner than Julianne thought and she was in near desperation. Amidst the soft crying of her baby and the scared whimpering of the dogs, she felt something cold on her chest.

It was the angel necklace her husband gave her when she was pregnant – an angel to watch over her when he was away for work, he said. Well, she needed an angel right then, and she desperately asked for an angel’s help.

She vaguely remembered there is an angel named Gabriel, so it was his name she used to call for help. Julianne even told me she remembered laughing for a bit because she found it funny that she was asking an angel to come and fly them away from the rushing waters.

But an angel did come – though there was no flying involved.

Not an hour passed by when one of her dogs started yelping and barking at something outside the window. When she looked out, there were two men on an inflatable boat.

Julianne quickly opened the window and shouted to them. The water was high, but the taller of the two men was able to reach first for the baby, then the two dogs, and then Julianne. One by one they got on the boat safely.

While they were carefully cruising through completely submerged cars and abandoned houses, Julianne thanked their saviors and introduced herself. She asked how they knew someone was inside the house.

The taller of the two said the fluttering white cloth Julianne tied to the window caught his eye and briefly reminded him of the angel costume he wore in a play when he was a child.

The man then introduced himself. His name was Gabe – short for Gabriel.

One might think the whole thing was just a big coincidence, one lucky break, which saved the lives of a mother and child…and two small dogs.

What were the chances of this whole situation unfolding like this? Julianne asked for help from an angel, and her angel didn’t let her down.

3. Thank Your Angels For All Their Hard Work

People of ancient Greece had elaborate rituals to thank their Angels, or “Angelos” – the messengers of the gods. They painstakingly recorded their rituals in Greek Magical Papyri dated back to the second century B.C. Their rituals of gratitude were written tens of thousands of years ago!

Before you start worrying about how to show your gratitude to your angel, let me tell you something only a few people know: Angels don’t need fireworks, animal sacrifices, and other hard-to-find offerings. They just want a simple show of appreciation.

It may seem that a simple “Thank you” would not suffice for all the good your angels bring into your life, yet this is all your Angels need. Let them know how thankful you are for having them in your life.

A Powerful Mantra For Receiving Angelic Help

Angels are truly one of the most beautiful and powerful beings in our universe. They are far superior than humans in strength and intellect. And they possess intimate knowledge of all the secrets of the different cosmic realms.

Angels are all-powerful yet they spend their time helping humans become the best they can be. You can always ask your Angels for help, but if you want to maximize the full potential of their Angelic power, you can use an Angelos Mantra.

This mantra was used by the most powerful mystics of the ancient world and has been passed on to Master Psychics and Protectors of the Arcane.

An Angelos Mantra is something private and powerful because it is created through your magical bond with your Angels. And, this mantra is so powerful it can only be used by you because it is formulated according to your unique energy vibrations!

If you feel the calling to have to know more about an Angelos Mantra and having one formulated just for you. you can contact me by calling my office at 614-444-6334 or by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy


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