Here’s my latest Monthly Horoscope For June 2019

I met an Angel who never heard of the Kardashians…

The other day I was walking down the street at around 7 PM at night. Since it gets dark here around 5 this time of year, I like to take walks around the neighborhood in the early evening.

About 20 minutes into my walk, I felt someone following me. I didn’t have a bad feeling about who it might be, but I could “feel” someone was behind me. So, I stopped and pretended to tie my shoe, and as I bent down, I looked all around…but I didn’t see anyone.

So I continued my walk, but could still feel myself being followed.

After a few more blocks, I turned around again to look behind me again and I saw the tallest man I had ever seen. He must have been 7 1/2 feet tall! I kind of did a double-take, and also could see he had wings.

Who Was This Following Me?

Right then I realized I was being followed by an angel! And I was curious why he was following me. When he realized I could see him too, he walked up to me and said “Hello and good evening. My name is Mascus. And it’s very nice to meet you!”

I said hello back to him, and we shook hands. He asked me if we could walk to the park to talk, which was about 2 blocks down the street. So I told him I’d love to, and we walked towards the park.

As we were walking down the sidewalk, I was talking to him out loud. The same as I would with any person walking beside me. As we were walking and talking, a guy who was walking his dog passed us from behind. Me and Mascus didn’t think anything of it, and we kept on walking and talking.

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My Encounter With The Psychiatric Doctor

The guy walking his dog then stooped about three feet in front of us, and asked me if I was lost, or needed any help?

He then asked me if I lived around here, and if I needed him to call someone for me? He was talking very kindly to me, as if he was really concerned! But I had no idea why this guy was asking such weird questions.

He then told me he works as a doctor at a Psychiatric Hospital and said as he was walking behind me, he heard me talking to someone, like I was carrying on a normal conversation. And he asked me if I was on drugs, or if I had maybe forgotten to take my meds?

“Had I forgotten to take my meds?” I thought! “What in the heck is this guy talking about?”

Right then it hit me! He thought I was delusional because I was walking down the street talking to Mascus, who I can see as clearly as I could see the doctor who was walking his dog!

But the doctor couldn’t see Mascus! So he thought I was talking to an imaginary friend.

I Had To Think Fast

I knew a psychiatric doctor would really think I was crazy if I told him an angel named Mascus was standing right beside me, and that he was unable to see him like I do.

So I looked at the doctor and told him I am perfectly ok. I told him it’s a type of “talk therapy” I use when I’m trying to figure a problem. And I assured him I am perfectly fine, and really appreciated his concern.

Thank goodness that answer seemed to satisfy him. He just smiled, looking relieved, and told me he was just a concerned citizen making sure I was okay. And then he continued walking on.

Mascus laughed so hard, I thought his wings were going to fall off!

That experience taught me a very big lesson. To remember to use telepathy (mind to mind communication) when talking to angels in public. Something I often forget to do.

When we arrived at the park, we sat and laughed even more. Then we went to a more remote area of the park so no one could see or hear us like the doctor just did! Because I prefer talking with my voice when communicating with angels.

What Mascus Shared With Me

Mascus told me he is another angel who was assigned to me, and he wanted to introduce himself. We then talked for about another two hours. But it seemed like it was only minutes.

He explained to me that 2019 is going to be an interesting, and even bizarre year in America. He also said there would be severe energy shifts in 2019, as the earth fights to regain its energetic balance, due to all the hatred and negativity energy being sent out all over the world from people’s minds into the universe.

Mascus said it was important to let people know to keep hate out of their hearts and minds in 2019, so as not to be a contributor of negative energy to the Universal Mind. The place where all the emotions, of all the people on the planet, become stored.

He said we also needed to rid our minds of negative media, and to ignore things that distract us from our true spiritual calling. I asked him if he knew about the Kardashians. He looked at me with a blank expression, and then asked me, “What is that?”

What became clear to me from our conversation was, more than ever before, we as a human race need to be aware of not harboring anger, negativity, or resentment inside of our hearts and minds.

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In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. Here’s my latest Monthly Horoscope for June 2019

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