Here’s My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2017 (December Release)

Hi there,

A few weeks ago, I was in my backyard, which has a tall privacy fence surrounding it, and I couldn’t believe what I saw with my very own eyes…

…I mean, it was an incredible sight!!!

It was around 7 PM, it was dark out, and something was nudging me to go into my backyard.

So I walked out, and when I went to the tree that separates my patio from my backyard, I saw this very bright glow of violet light.

This violet light was about 10 feet tall and 20 feet wide!

As I stared at this glowing orb of light, it began to clear away like fog on a mirror, and when it cleared, there were 10 tall angels standing there!

I looked at them and said, “Wait a minute!”

And then I ran inside to get Johnny to show him what I was seeing. Johnny came into the backyard, and I said “Look!”

He looked at me kind of confused, as he said “Look at what?”

Then my smile left my face as I said “I thought you might be able to see them, too!”

I sometimes forget I can see “things” others can’t see! But I could see them so clearly, I was sure Johnny would be able to see them, too!

Because I see them so naturally, I often don’t know if others can also see them until I ask the other person…

…in this case, it turns out I was the only one who could see them.

After Johnny went back into the house, an angel named Marcus looked at me and said, “Tana, you are the only one who can see us”. Then he smiled at me and said “If you had asked me, I could have told you that!”

Welcome to my psychic world!

Marcus then introduced me to the other 9 angels there with him. And what they told me blew my mind…

His Words Lit Up My Heart

Marcus then proceeded to introduce me to the other 9 angels. Each of these angels had a special glow about them. It was a glow I had never seen before. But whatever the glow was, I felt incredible love and compassion flowing from all of them.

So I told Marcus how happy I was that they came to visit me, and was wondering what was the occasion that warranted such an angelic visit?

Marcus said “Tana, we are called The Angels Of Love and what we do is help people bring more love into their lives. And we have a special mission for you!”

I remember thinking to myself, “This should be interesting!” 

Once again, I forgot all light beings can read minds.

So Marcus looked at me very lovingly and said “Tana, you’re right! This will be interesting! And we are so excited to have you as the one to help us!” 

I asked him how I could help, and he said “The people on earth need more love. Love in their lives, hearts, and minds. So we have come to earth to help people find love, receive love, and get more love in their lives!” 

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Who Are The Angels Of Love?

Marcus went on to say “There are too many lonely souls on earth who still have not been able to find their true love. There are also many souls on earth who are in love with someone, but the other person is not returning the same love back to them. And there are also many souls on earth in committed relationships and marriages who are also not happy!”

He continued saying “We have come to the earth to help the people who are having any type of love problems to resolve them and start having the love they desire in their lives!”

So I asked him how they were going to do this, then he and another Love Angel named Amorous explained it all to me. 

How They Will Help People On Earth

An angel named Amorous stepped forward and shook my hand. His hands were so warm, and the love i could feel pouring from him was indescribable. His loving presence made tears come to my eyes.

He told me “We have come to perform what we call The Circle Of Love on anyone who is not fulfilled in their love life. When the Circle Of Love is performed on a person, if the person is looking for love, it will help the person find love. 

If the person is in love with someone who is not returning the same love back, it will cause a “love light” to be shined on the situation, and if the other person still cares, in any way at all, it will cause old love feelings to resurface in them again. 

If two people in a relationship or marriage are having love problems, it will resolve the love problems between them and their relationship or marriage will begin to turn back around. 

And even if you are already in a happy and fulfilling relationship or marriage, The Circle Of Love will make the relationship feel even ten times happier than it already is!” 

I told him this all sounds incredible and that I know it will help a lot of people, so I asked him what I can do to help?

So he explained to me how The Circle Of Love works…

The Magical Power Of The Circle Of Love

“Tana”, Marcus said, “When a person who does not feel fulfilled in love in the ways we already mentioned, we will fly down from the Angelic Realms, and perform The Circle Of Love on them.”

He said “If you are a person who is seeking more fulfillment in love, The Circle Of Love is very special to have performed on you! During this very special event, all ten of us Love Angels will surround the person and we will perform a scared angelic ritual on them. This powerful ritual will infuse their Heart Chakra with the power of all ten Love Angels, causing any and all of their love desires to come to fruition!” 

Then he placed his hand on my shoulder and said “Tana, you are going to be our connector. You will be the one who will be connecting our energies to the people who want to experience the fulfillment of love in their lives.” 

I told him I would definitely be glad to do this because love is very important for people to have in their lives.

Then unexpectedly, Amorous placed his hands on my other shoulders, and this incredible feeling of love shot through my entire body, and my legs felt like they were about to give out. It was a very intense, blissful feeling, and after about two minutes, he removed both hands.

Amorous looked at me and said, “Tana, you are ready, now let me show you how to invoke our presence for anyone who wants to experience the power of The Circle Of Love.”

Over the next few hours, right there in my backyard, Marcus and Amorous trained me, while all the other 8 angels stood there with their beautiful angelic smiles.

After Marcus and Amorous were finished teaching me, they told me to now go and spread the word…

…the entire experience was like something out of a movie. 

Are You Ready To Have The Love You Dream Of?

Experiencing the Circle Of Love is going to be an amazing experience. Just being surrounded by 10 Love Angels will be amazing in and of itself!

So if you are looking for love, The Circle Of Love will help you find that love. 

If you are in love with someone who is not returning the same love back, it will cause a “love light” to be shined on your situation. And if the other person still cares, in any way at all, it will cause their old love feelings for you to resurface in them again!

If you’re in relationship or marriage and having love problems, it will resolve the love problems between the two of you and your relationship or marriage will begin to turn back around.

And if you are already in a happy and fulfilling relationship or marriage, The Circle Of Love will make your relationship feel even ten times happier than it already is!

I Put It To The Test Myself 

Of course, I had to try this out for myself, to see the power of The Circle Of Love. So I had the ten Love angels perform this on me. I mean, why not? They were already here, my relationship is really good, and I thought it would be great to have it feel even 10 times better.

Honestly, I’m with my soulmate. I have been for the past 12 years (12 years this month on the 26th, to be exact) But if it can get even better than it already is, I’m all for it!

To be honest, I was a bit skeptical, because like I said, things have always been great, so I couldn’t imagine how it could get any better. But I thought, let’s give it a try!

So, they surrounded me, all 10 angels placed their hands on me, and I nearly passed out!

When they were done, about 25 minutes later, I felt amazing. Honestly, I cannot remember the 25 minutes they were performing The Circle Of Love on me because I must have left my body or something. I don’t know what happened because I can’t remember a thing! It was that powerful!

But let me tell you what happened afterward…

…Johnny is a very happy person. Very positive. And when he went to work that day, strangers were coming up to him saying that when they saw him, they just felt so much love surrounding him, they just felt compelled to say hi.

One woman said she felt like she was in the presence of an angel when she was standing beside him.

People came up to me that same day, too! Total strangers! And said they just wanted to say hi.

None of these people were flirting in any way. No, not at all. They just told me they just felt compelled to say hello. And it was the same way with Johnny.

As far as our relationship, what it did was created this feeling of a happy angelic presence between and around us. and this presence has added a happier feel to our home, our world, and our lives!

I mean, come on! Who wouldn’t feel happy having the power of 10 Love Angels constantly around them!

It was, and still is a very powerful presence we feel every day in our home. Even friends say our place feels even happier inside! 

Experience The Angelic Circle Of Love

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So if you miss it, you’ll have to wait for 1000 years to have this opportunity again!

And because I want you to have the same happy love experience I have been having for the past 12 years. This is why I’m so happy to share this with you!

Let me tell you when you find “the one” and have a happy relationship together, there is nothing on earth like it! So I want you to have this type of love in your life too!

And if you already have this type of love, I want to help you make it even 10 times happier!

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I hope this has served you.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S.S. Here are my latest Psychic Predictions (December Release)

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    You always took care of me. I want to marry Butch. Please pray for us.

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    Dear Tana,

    You are a miracle. I want to marry Eric until we’ll grow old and have a family together. Please pray for us.

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