Here’s My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2018 (April Release)

Hi there, it’s Tana,

Last weekend was an unusual astral experience. As a matter of fact, I didn’t really astrally travel. What actually happened was my soul was instantly astrally projected out of my body, and then I landed in a very strange place…

…which I’ll tell you all about in a few minutes.

But the whole process, from the time I sat down to the time my soul literally flew out of my body and landed in this strange place, took literally less than 5 seconds. It was very unusual how it happened.

As a matter of fact, the entire experience was very unusual….

I Landed With A Big Plop!

When I landed wherever it was I landed at, I actually heard a plop sound. I literally flew out of my body, and plopped down in this very strange place.

Why I call it a very strange place is because it wasn’t a planet, and it wasn’t a dimension.

Are you confused yet?

Well, you’re not half as confused as I was when I discovered where I plopped to!

Turns out, there are cosmic spaces, which exist between dimensions. And inside of these cosmic spaces exist what are called “sub-galaxies”, which contain “sub planets”!

In other words, these sub galaxies are invisible to the human eye, and can only be accessed by having your soul rapidly ejected from your body, at a vibrational rate fast enough to penetrate the invisible vibrational walls, surrounding these sub-galaxies.

Anyways, I’m not a physicist, so I don’t understand the role of speed or the penetration of energy barriers! But I do know this is why my soul was literally ejected from my body, and why I plopped down in this sub-galaxy, all within 5 seconds. Because my soul needed to eject from my body at a speed fast enough to penetrate this invisible barrier.

It all has something to do with physics equations, and physics is way over my head of understanding. So this is the best I am able to explain it.

What I Saw After I Plopped!

So when I landed with a plop, I instantly stood up, feeling a little astrally disoriented. And all around me I could see the air was this yellowish-blue haze.

I could then see two golden orbs shining from behind this yellowish-blue haze, which appeared to be two suns. (I later found out there were actually two suns on this planet)

Then, out from the haze, came these people-like beings who walked with a waddle. They were very short. I would say only about 3/12 feet tall, and they had yellowish skin with violet stripes down their front side.

And as they waddled closer to me, I could see they had purple rings, like a raccoon, around their eyes.

When I saw them, I instantly thought of a cross between a penguin and the Oompa Loompas from Willy Wonka. Except the color of their skin and the rings around their eyes were a different color.

The Sub Planet I Discovered 

Turns out, the sub-galaxy I entered was named Nafar, and the sub-planet I landed on is named Nafaro.

And guess what the beings who inhabit Nafaro are called?


Let me tell, I sure did get an education on this journey!

Oh, and it turns out the plop sound I heard was caused by the rate of speed I was traveling. Not from my landing on the ground!

My Telepathic Conversation With The Nafarites 

They introduced themselves to me, and of course, they spoke to me telepathically, like most beings from different galaxies tend to do.

It seems they all spoke as one voice, because when we talked, they all spoke at the same time, only in one voice. It was like 20 people all talking to you at the same time, saying the exact same thing, in perfect rhythm…

…it was a little strange, but also interesting at the same time.

Unlike all my other astral travels, turns out that this time, the Nafarites weren’t expecting me! As a matter of fact, they had no idea who I was, how I got there, or why I was even there!

So, they quickly scanned my mind, found out who I was, and knew everything about me – all in less than 10 seconds!

Once they scanned me, they were very open and welcoming.

Thank God they were a friendly race!

So after scanning my brain to make sure I wasn’t a threat to them, they told me :”Since you are here, and even though we’re not sure why you’re here, we might as well teach you something you can use to advance your civilization on earth.”

It also turns out the Nafarites had “heard” of earth people, but never actually knew if the rumors they heard about beings living on a place called earth, were actually true or not?

So, I learned I was there first. And it actually felt good being their first!

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The Nafarites – Experts In Healing The Future 

I quickly learned that the Nafarites are the galaxy experts when it comes to healing. But not the kind of healing you might think of when you hear the word “healing”. The kind of “healing” they are experts in is healing a person’s karma from their past lives, along with their current life, so they do not have to repeat the same mistakes again in the future.

You see, the reason why people keep repeating the same mistakes in their future, is because their past, was also at one time their future, before it ever happened.

Let me explain.

For example, if you experienced a broken heart because of someone you had a relationship with, before you ever met that person, that person was in your future, until the day the both of you actually met!

Reading this email was also something that was in your future, without you even knowing it, until you read it just now. And after you read it, it will be in your past!

Does that make sense? 

Something I Already Knew

The Nafarites explained to me something I already knew, which is this: We create our own future, based on our actions, and it’s our actions, which lead us up to the specific point in time when an event happens. Such as meeting someone new, getting a new job, etc.

Referring to the above example again, before you ever met the person who broke your heart, everything you did up to the point when the two of you first met, lead you to meeting the person who eventually broke your heart.

We often create our own heartaches, sadness, and pain, on a subconscious level, without us even realizing it. 

They Are The Galaxy Experts In This Type Of Healing

So the Nafarites are experts in healing your subconscious actions in the present moment, so you don’t repeat and create the same mistakes, heartaches, or sadness, or pain, again in your future.

If this all sounds deep, read it again slowly, and it will make sense.

Although this may seem like a very deep concept, it’s a very powerful one to be aware of and pay attention to!

As the Nafarites reaffirmed for me. NOTHING in your life happens by accident- good or bad! And EVERYTHING you did up to the point, when something happens, lead you to have the outcome you did.

This goes for the good outcomes along with the painful ones, too.

They Demonstrated On Me

Since the Nafarites all share a common voice, they do not have individual names. They, as a collective group with one voice, refer to themselves as Nolm.

So Nolm, the one who placed his/her hand on me, is just one of the collective group formed by all the Nafarites who were standing there in front of me and when they touched me, I literally feel asleep.

And when I woke up, what seemed like a full night’s sleep, I discovered what happened in less than 5 minutes.

And here’s the amazing thing! When I woke up, something felt different inside, but I couldn’t place my finger on it. Nolm told me the reason I felt “clean” inside was because my entire life, for the eternity of the existence of my soul, had been healed.

Nolm, this collective group of consciousness, told me they had just performed a Nafarian Karmic Soul Purge on me.

Nolm then went on to explain that since our soul travels with us in each incarnation, many of the things that we experience in our present life, are not only a result created by our actions in our current life, but are also the result of our past life actions, too! He said earthlings call this karma.

And he then explained that by performing the Nafarian Karmic Soul Purge on me, my soul had been “purged” of all my karma from this life and all of my past lives, too!

What amazed me even more was that he explained how my soul had been totally purged of any accumulated karma, going clear back to the time when my soul first came into being.

And he then told me that my soul first came into being over 10,000 years ago! No wonder I feel tired sometimes!

When he explained that to me, it made total and perfect sense as to why I suddenly felt so different after having the Nafarian Karmic Soul Purge performed on me.

I felt so much lighter and freer. As if a weight had been lifted off of me.

Nolm then explained that my future was now going to look brighter than it had ever looked before. And let me tell you, I feel like my future is already bright, so if it could get even brighter, I was all for it!

Nolm Then Taught Me How To Perform The Nafarian Karmic Soul Purge

Nolm explained this special ability he/she/they possesses comes from the energy core of their planet. And he said this same energy can be channeled from him/her/they, into me. And that I could also learn how to channel this same energy and perform the Nafarian Karmic Soul Purge on other people!

At this point, I was all excited and ready to learn how to do it!

So then, Nolm then spent the next 6 hours, teaching me how to perform this technique on humans, so that the karma from all of their past lives, clear to the day their soul had first been conceived, could be purged from their eternal soul!

This was one of the wildest teachings I ever remember being taught! I mean, this was some pretty trippy stuff I was learning!

When we were finished with my training, needless to say, I was exhausted. But I felt exhausted in a very good way. The same way you feel exhausted after exercising, but then feel great an hour an so afterwards! 

The Benefits Of The Nafarian Karmic Soul Purge 

Nolm then explain to me the benefits that come to a person who has the Nafarian Karmic Soul Purge performed on them

Then the group consciousness, who called themselves Nolm, explained to me that performing this on a person would benefit them in each of the following ways:

– It would cleanse their soul of all past karma, from the day their soul was first conceived, up to the very moment it was performed on them.

What this means is this:

– You will no longer experience the same relationship problems in the future, since many relationship problems are the results of your unresolved karma.

– Your soul will become more expansive for receiving love, because karma makes your energy smaller, and this can block you from experiencing a fulfilling love in your future.

– Abundance will flow more freely into your life, especially when it comes to financial prosperity.

– Mean, negative people will disappear from your life. This includes mean bosses, co-workers, supervisors, managers, neighbors, and “friends”. And then you will see positive people begin to move into your life and take their place!

– Any decisions you make regarding any areas of your life, will automatically become the right decisions.

– Walls or obstacles in your way will begin to crumble away! Opening the door to a smoother future in your life.

– Even your health and longevity will be improved by 45%.

– Plus a lot, lot more!

I was literally floored when he told me all the benefits a person would receive.

So guess what I did next?… 

…I Immediately Called Chuck! 

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The first thing I did the next day was to call my best friend Chuck! You may know about Chuck from my past emails.

When I told him about my experience, he was as fascinated. Just like he always is when I tell him about my astral journeys!

And of course, he was also very eager to to experience it for himself. My guides told me Chuck is the one person I can perform the things I learn on, before anyone else. So, anything new I learn during my astral experiences, Chuck is the first person who gets to experience it!

I was happy to share this with him, because I knew he is dealing with some karmic repercussions from many of his past lives.

I was aware that there was some friction is his relationship and I also knew he was wanting to earn more money in his current position..

I also knew about one of his difficult managers who was very unhappy, and so she always took it out on her employees.

And I knew there were a few other things I knew he wanted to shift, move, and change, in his life.

So learning this came at the perfect timing.

So I performed The Nafarian Karmic Soul Purge on him, which took about an hour.

And instead of me telling you what happened, I decided to have Chuck tell you what happened using his own words:

“Tana, the first thing I noticed was I felt a lot lighter inside. It was as if something inside of me had been cleaned, or lifted away.

Do you remember my difficult manager who no one liked? Well, two days afterward you performed the Soul Purge on me she suddenly quit coming to work, and no one seemed to know why.

She was not hurt in an accident, and we found out nothing happened to her either.

She just decided not to come back to work anymore. Her husband was wealthy, so she didn’t need the job anyway. So she just out right quit for no apparent reason!

Everyone at work was in a happier mood when they found out she wasn’t going to return. And the person everyone thought should have been in that position in the first place, was immediately promoted into her vacant position!

And guess who that person was?

It was me!

My new promotion came with a $35,000 raise, which I am ecstatic about! And at the same time, my fiancé got a huge raise, too! So in one week, our income increased over $45,000! 

I was utterly amazed!

My fiancé and I also began resolving the friction we were having, and life couldn’t be better!

I just wish I could personally thank the collective consciousness of Nolm myself!

So let me tell you! The results I received after you performed this on me were more than I could have ever imagined!

What The Nafarian Karmic Soul Purge Can Do For You

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– If you want to have more abundance flow freely into your life, especially when it comes to financial prosperity.

– If you want all the mean people around you to disappear from your life, including, but not limited to, mean bosses, co-workers, supervisors, managers, neighbors, and “friends”, and have more positive people begin to replace them.

– If you want to know with absolute confidence that any decisions you make, regarding any area of your life, will be the right decisions.

– If you want the walls or obstacles in you life to begin crumbling away, and begin opening the door to a smoother future in your life.

– If you want your health and longevity to be improved by 45%.

– Plus a lot, lot more!

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In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S.S. Here are my latest Psychic Predictions For 2018 (April Release)

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