Here’s My Latest Psychic Predictions For 2018 (February Release)

Today I have something very interesting to share with you.

After all my years of astral travel, I thought I’d seen everything.

But I am still amazed and surprised by all the many different dimensions that exist in the universe, and the different beings that live there, too.

My astral travels are constant reminders of how big and vast the universe really is!

I want to share with you an amazing experience I had during my last astral travel. And believe me, having seen so many different things out there, when I say something is amazing…it’s amazing! 

Have you ever heard of a Twarf? Well, neither had I until last week when I met them during my astral travels…

…where I ended up on their planet!

So, let me tell you about the Twarfs and what I experienced.

How I Meet The Twarfs 

Last Saturday morning started off like any other Saturday morning. I got up at 3:00 AM, ate my banana and had some green tea. Then I prepared myself to get ready for my weekly astral travel.

Like always, when I close my eyes to begin my astral travels, I have no idea what dimension I will end up in, what planet I will land on, what I will see, or who I will meet.

I always begin my travels with an open mind, knowing my guides and teachers will gently guide me along to where I need to go.

So I closed my eyes, and off I went…

….and this is how I was first introduced to the Twarfs.

The Green Planet

As I was flying around out there, off in the distance I could suddenly begin to see a green looking planet. And I could then feel my body was being magnetically pulled in that direction.

And just a few seconds later, I landed on that same green planet.

It looked very bare. I mean everything seemed flat. And it looked almost like a sandy desert. The ground looked normal, but the air had a green haze to it.

Then, as if out of nowhere, all of these “beings” started popping their heads up out of the ground like groundhogs in a field.

Then suddenly, a few of them pulled themselves out of the ground onto the surface, and then two of them walked over to me.

They were only about three and a half feet tall and had an interesting look to them: greenish skin, a few strangling hairs coming out of the tops of their heads, long noses, large pointy ears, and very small mouths.

Their features looked out of place on their faces, but their personalities proved them to be kind, loving, and compassionate, beings.

The two who approached me were named Gongon and Zakmulak…

They Lived In Underground Tunnels

It turns out they are called Twarfs, and Gongon and Zakmulak are their leaders.

They invited me to join them in their city, and they were extremely welcoming of my visit. Upon closer examination, I discovered that the holes in the ground that they popped their heads out of were actually tunnels that lead to their underground city.

And to enter their city, I had to step into one of those tunnels. Then, like a large vacuum, it sucked me down this long tunnel, and then around 5 minutes later, I landed gently on the ground in their city.

Their city was so beautiful. It looked like something out of the Wizard of Oz, and it was breathtaking to see!

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The Information Gongon and Zakmulak Shared With Me

Gongon and Zakmulak told me they were expecting me. It seems Macar, Saint Germain, and the archangel Michael, had already informed them I would be arriving.

Gongon and Zakmulak told me they were the leader of the Twarfs, and the reason I was there was for a very special reason – I was to be shown how to perform the Twarfonion Zandamaric Light Infusion.

If you are shaking your head right now and wondering “What is the heck is that?”! You can imagine how I felt when I first heard those words, too!

Well, they explained to me that the earth is having a problem with bioferic pressure. Bioferic pressure is negative energy buildup caused by the negative energies all over the earth. These negative energies are created from the hatred and division among humans all over the world.

And it turns out all the hatred, anger, and lack of universal harmony, causes a person’s aura to turn white, which means it’s lost all of its colors!

And sadly, due to all the negative events happening right now, such as the chances of war, all the killings and shootings, along with all the violence happening around the world, which people are perpetuating on each other, EVERY living person’s aura will become white within the next 8 months! Everyone- with no exceptions!

This fact in itself was pretty scary for me to hear!

A Normal Aura Versus A White Aura

A normal aura should look like a beautiful rainbow, full of different colors.  But white indicates an absence of all rainbow colors! And although a white aura is still functioning, it’s absorbing all the wrong energies! And this is not a good thing at all.

As this negative absorption is happening, it throws the natural energy structure of your aura out of alignment, causing your aura to absorb unwanted energies, which in turn causes the following things to happen:

– A person will experience relationship problems, especially in the areas of physical intimacy, romance, and the ability to feel connected to their spouse or partners.

– A white aura will repel instead of attract. Therefore, it will repel your good luck away from you and cause more bad luck to come to you. This can result in relationship problems, money loss, and even the way others to treat you.

– Your moods can fluctuate, causing a person to feel like they are on an emotional rollercoaster. In other words, severe mood swings can happen.

– Your white aura interacts with the white aura of others, creating a toxic connection between the two of you. If you’ve ever experienced a toxic relationship with another person, then you’ll already know what this is like.

– A white aura can be especially troublesome when the white aura of coworkers, bosses, and other people in your life start interacting with each other. This toxic interaction can cause a very unsettling situation.

And this energy draining is happening to your aura right now, as you are reading this! It will take about 7 months for your aura to become totally white, and then is when everything will hit people in full force.

In other words, having a white aura is not a good thing at all. So the best thing to do is to avoid having a white aura by having a Twarfonion Zandamaric Light Infusion.

The Twarfonion Zandamaric Light Infusion

When your aura ends up absorbing this negative energy, rather than blocking you from negative energy, it causes energy malfunction, which causes a person to have a dysfunctional auric field surrounding them.

Having a dysfunctional aura means a dysfunctional environment will follow you wherever you go.

But as Gongon and Zakmulak explained to me, a Twarfonion Zandamaric Light Infusion will cure all of the things I mentioned above, PLUS bring many karmic blessing along with it!

As a matter of fact, rather than the negative effects, a Twarfonion Zandamaric Light Infusion will:

– Draw love to you. Resolve relationship problems, intensify physical intimacy, heighten romance, and make you feel even more connected to your spouse or partner.

– This Light Infusion will attract instead of repel. Therefore, it will attract good luck to you and repel bad luck away. It will even improve your relationships, money difficulties, and how others treat you.

– Your moods will stabilize, and you’ll begin to feel happier than ever.

– You will even begin to see an improvement in your relationships with your coworkers, bosses, and other people in your life.

You Can Help Heal The World!

AND, after a Twarfonion Zandamaric Light Infusion, whenever you interact with others, your aura will heal and repair the white aura of others, creating a more loving connection between the two of you!

And then, those people’s healed auras will heal the auras of everyone else they come in contact with, too!

So just from a few people having a Twarfonion Zandamaric Light Infusion, it will create a ripple effect, healing the auras of people all around the world!

But, in order to accomplish this, I need help from 60 special people, and I will explain what this means in just a few minutes….

…so please read on!

Plus It Will Improve These Things, Too!

Plus, a Twarfonion Zandamaric Light Infusion will also:

– Remove toxic buildup from past hurts

– Eliminate blocks that prevent you from moving ahead

– Remove any soulmate blocks

– Remove money blocks

– And increase your joy and happiness

Chuck, Chuck, Chuck! 

By now, I’m sure you know who Chuck is. He’s my best friend who gets to be the first one to experience everything I learn.

So, I called him up, and when I told him about my meeting with the Twarfs, he was at my house a few hours later to receive a Twarfonion Zandamaric Light Infusion.

When I told him what I learned, he was in for the experience. He told me he was already experiencing many of the negative things I mentioned resulted from having a white aura, and he wondered if his aura was already completely white?

Well, I was shocked when I looked at his aura because it was not only pure white, but it looked ash gray! It was then that I realized some people have already been fully affected by this biometric pressure.

So it took me about 27 minutes to perform the Twarfonion Zandamaric Light Infusion on him, and right afterwards, his face looked different. You can always see when a healing has taken place by the look on a person’s face. They look different. They look more at peace and more relaxed. It’s hard to describe, but people who know what to look for can easily it.

A few days later, the most amazing things happened. He went to visit his sister, and she experienced a health healing a few days later. The next day, his girlfriend reported a significant improvement in the relationship between her and her boss, and Chuck reported receiving an unexpected raise.

I was blown away by all the things that happened to him! And so was Chuck!

So I have now experienced firsthand, the power of a Twarfonion Zandamaric Light Infusion!

The Training

So after hours of training with Gongon and Zakmulak, I learned how to give someone a Twarfonion Zandamaric Light Infusion.

And let me tell you, after having this done, your aura will shine brighter than the most beautiful rainbow you’ve ever seen! 

Get Ready To Experience A Twarfonion Zandamaric Light Infusion!

This is going to be a powerful energy experience for people who realize the benefits of having this performed on them.

I mean, this will be life changing in many ways!

Unfortunately, experiencing a Twarfonion Zandamaric Light Infusion is going to be very limited.

Receive Limitless Karmic Benefits

As a matter of fact, I am only able to open up 60 spaces for this. This means only 60 people in the entire world are going to be able to have their aura reversed back from white to the beautiful rainbow it should be!

And this means only 60 people – 60 people! – are going to have the karmic benefit of helping heal the world. And the karmic benefits bestowed upon this group of 60 people are far too many to mention in this email…

…but know one thing, there are going to be many extra blessing bestowed upon their lives.

How To Become One Of The Special 60

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If you’d like to experience all the positive results mentioned above, have your white aura changed into a beautiful rainbow, AND received the countless karmic blessing you will receive from participating in this, then you don’t want to let this opportunity pass you by.

Because once these spaces are gone, they are gone forever!

So click here and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page so you can experience all the blessings that will come from having a Twarfonion Zandamaric Light Infusion!

So don’t procrastinate, because this will be one of the most amazing spiritual opportunities a person can ever have!

I look forward to you becoming one of the special 60!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. Please email me and say hello, and also let me know if you have any questions about a Twarfonion Zandamaric Light Infusion!

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