Here’s How The Rainbow Magic Of Cosmic Color Binding Will Give You The Power To Manifest Anything You Desire In Life…

A few days ago, I had a visit from the Other Side!

As you may already know, when I was 10 years old, I studied under a mentor for 10 hours a week every week, for 14 years, until the day of his passing.

He was a Master Teacher at an Egyptian Mystery School whose roots go back to the days of Cleopatra. He was known around the world as the most knowledgeable man on earth about the psychic world and the Law of Attraction.

Well, two Saturdays ago he physically materialized in my meditation room as I was getting prepared to begin my astral travel. I was so glad to see him!

As we sat there and talked, he said it was now the time for me to share with others what he taught me when I was 10 years old!

I knew exactly what he was talking about! He wanted me to tell people about a group of beings called Fertauds, Pilnars and Erfbots, and their masterful knowledge of Cosmic Color Binding. I almost jumped for joy!

So, this email is where I am going to share this amazing knowledge with you, some ancient history, and some information I think will shock you, in a very good way!

So, move in closely, as I explain what the Fertauds, Pilnars and Erfbots, and Cosmic Color Binding is all about…

The Secret World of 23 1/2 Dimension

When I first began studying with my mentor, one of the very first things he taught me about the 23 1/2 Dimension! Which is a half dimension.

A 1/2 Dimension is a dimension that exists between two dimensions. So the 23 1/2 dimension exists between the 23rd and 24th Dimension. And get this! There are only twelve 1/2 dimensions in the entire universe!

And here’s the exciting part!  1/2 Dimensions are where the most powerful, magical beings that people have never heard of, live! And the amazing beings who live there are called 1/2 Dimensional Beings because they live between two dimensions! Make sense?

So, in a moment, I’m going to share with you some fascinating information about a group of 1/2 Dimensional Beings (1/2DB) that live on the 23 1/2 Dimension, called Fertauds, Pilnars and Erfbots!

But First, I Need To Let You Know This..

You are very fortunate ! And here’s why!

You see, not everyone reads my emails. Some people just open them, read my predictions, then click to other parts of my website!

But since YOU are reading this, it indicates you one of the very few privileged humans being given access to this knowledge! Why? Because others, would have never read this far!

And I’ll explain more of what this means in a moment, but until then, congratulations!

And trust me, when you understand what I just said actually means, you’ll be glad you are reading this because what I’m about to share with you may just blow your mind!!

So read on as I tell you even more!…

Meet the Hidden Beings of the 23 1/2 Dimension: From Genie Cousins to Unicorn Kin

Fertauds, Pilnars and Erfbots are 1/2 Dimensional Beings who exist on the 23rd 1/2 Dimension, which is between the 23rd and 24th Dimension!

And now allow me to explain to you what makes these beings so special!

Erbots are related to Leprachauns,

Pilnars are related to Unicorns

Fertads are related to Genies.

And yes! All of these magical beings do exist – although they’re very rare to encounter.

As a matter of fact, until now, the Fertauds, Pilnars and Erfbots, have never been written about or heard of before, only their cousins, which are the Leprachauns, Unicorns, and Genies! The reason why is because they intentionally wanted to be erased from the books of human history, due to how humans mistreated their cousins thousands of years ago!

Let me give you a little history…

As you may already know from my other emails about dragons, unicorns, although there are still reported sightings of them, even today, they have hidden from our dimension because they are afraid of humans. Due to the fact long ago,  humans tried to own them, control them, and tried to force them to use their powers for evil purposes!

But they did exist! And if you read my emails you will have read about all kinds of proof of this, including the dragon bones and the Unicorn Thrown in Europe.

And there is even proof of the existences of Genie’s, too!

You can create any future you desire with the power of Cosmic Color Binding. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to reserve one of the limited spaces now!

The Koran – Proof That Genies Exist!

The Koran, which is the Islamic holy book, has several verses written in it talking about Genies. But in the Koran, they are called Jinni or Jinnis, which is pronounced Genie or Genies. But in other parts of the world, these spellings have been changed to Genie (Jinni) or Genies (Jinnis).

Here’s a verse from the Koran that talks about the existence of Genies in a very matter-of-fact way:

[55.56] In them shall be those who restrained their eyes; before them neither man nor jinni shall have touched them.

And sadly, as time passed, you can see from how the following verse is written, how man turned against Genies and demonized them when the Genies refused to be abused by man any longer:

(7:179) And certainly We have created for Hell many of the jinn and mankind;140 they have hearts with which they fail to understand; and they have eyes with which they fail to see; and they have ears with which they fail to hear. They are like cattle – indeed, even more astray. Such are utterly heedless.

Unfortunately, mankind has a history of painting a very negative image of magical beings when they eventually lose the power to abuse, manipulate or control them.

Meet The Rainbow Makers: The Magical Masters of Color!

As I mentioned earlier:

Erbots are related to Leprachauns,

Pilnars are related to Unicorns

Fertads are related to Genies

The Erbots, Pilnars, and Fertads are the masters of Rainbow Magic, which is an ancient type of magic that when performed properly, gives a person the ability access this magic and get some very amazing results!

And here is some more ancient history for you…

It was the  Erbots, Pilnars, and Fertads, who actually created rainbows!


Let me explain…

Today, we have a scientific explanation for how rainbows are created. The sun shines, and rain falls, at the same time, then viola! – a rainbow appears in the sky! But in the beginning of time, when the earth first came to be, the Erbots, Pilnars, and Fertads wanted to create something beautiful in the sky to look at! So they got together, figured out how to do it, then set up the right conditions needed for rainbows to be seen!

And that’s how we have rainbows today!

So you see, modern day science can explain the scientific reason of what causes rainbows to appear in the sky, but science cannot explain how rainbows came to be when time began! So, now you know more than 99.999% of the world knows about rainbows and how they really came to be. It’s really interesting if you think about it!

So, rainbows first came to be, long before science ever existed!

And now you know who exactly created the rainbow!

Next I’m going to tell you about Cosmic Color Binding, a magical process used to release the magical powers found in a rainbow! And Cosmic Color Binding was also designed and created by the Erbots, Pilnars, and Fertads, when they created the rainbow!

So let me tell you more about that!

Discover the Magic of Cosmic Color Binding: The Secret Power of Rainbows!

When most humans see a rainbow in the sky they often feel a sense of awe and wonder, due to its captivating colors and beauty! But without even knowing it, why many people feel this sense of awe is because on a deeper level they are feeling the Rainbow Magic contained in it – the magic of the rainbow!

You see, the reason many humans feel a sense of awe or excitement when they see a rainbow is because when the Erbgots, Pilnars, and Fertads, first created the rainbow, they hid some very incredible magic, which has some very incredible powers, inside of the rainbow!

They hid this powerful magic inside the rainbow to safeguard it. So that way, only people who knew this magic was hidden there, could be taught how to access this Rainbow Magic and use its remarkable powers to create a life beyond their wildest imagination!

Rainbow Magic is that powerful!

And they wanted to make sure this magic could only be learned about by the humans who was privileged enough to learn about the magic contained inside the rainbow…

So now, you understand what I meant at the beginning of this email when I said:

“But since YOU are reading this, it indicates you one of the very few privileged humans being given access to this knowledge! Why? Because others, would have never read this far!

And I’ll explain more of what this means in a moment, but until then, congratulations!

But listen to this…

What’s even more incredible is the powerful magic contained in the colors of the rainbow can be binded  (combined) together to create some very powerful, unbelievable, and magical results!  And this combining of colors is called Cosmic Color Binding!

And since the Ergots, Pinlars, and Fertads are the creators of the rainbow, they are the experts when it comes to the exact color combinations to use to get very specific and powerful results!

As you read this next part, make sure you are seated, otherwise you might fall out of your chair!

(Seriously, make sure you are seated!)

Because now I’m going to tell you some of the unbelievable things Cosmic Color Binding can do for you…

You can create anything in life you desire by harnessing the power of Cosmic Color Binding. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to reserve one of the limited spaces now!

Get Ready To Be Blown Away!

Below is a list of just a few of the many magical results you will be able to create in your life, once you learn how to use Cosmic Color Binding to tap into and use this powerful Rainbow Magic!

And the beauty of this is…you get to chose the magical results you want to get!  And believe me, the results you can get are endless! And I will explain these endless results to you in a few moments!

But once you learn how to use Cosmic Color Binding , you will gain control  over your life and your future, like you never imagined!

Also, the power of this Rainbow Magic will never fade away because once you learn how to do this, Rainbow Magic will always be available for you to access anytime you desire! For the rest of your life!

So, here are just a few of the many magical results you will get from using Cosmic Color Binding to access the power of Rainbow Magic in your life:

* You Will Meet Your True Love  – You Will Meet Your True Soulmate Within 12 Months Or Less!

You’ll be able to find your ultimate love – your true soulmate! Because Cosmic Color Binding will make it effortless and easy for the two of you to meet. It will draw to you a relationship based on honesty, faithfulness, affection, and open communication. Bringing into your vibration the kind of love you’ve always imagined, but secretly wondered if someone like that even existed! It will bring into your life a love that will last forever- and you will meet that person within 12 months of learning this powerful color combination.

* Your Significant Other – It Will Heighten The Love In Your Current Relationship!

You can use Cosmic Color Binding to smooth over an recurring conflicts, disagreements, or taboo topics you cannot talk about in your relationship! And even if things are going good, it will help smooth over those “certain little things” you wish were different! You’ll be able to bring romantic and physical intimacy back into your relationship like you could never imagine, bringing back the spark of the same feelings you both felt the first you met! And it physical intimacy is already good – then watch out! It will be bedroom on fire! And if your relationship is new, or still feels new, using Cosmic Color Binding will create a love bond you, at a level you’ve both never experienced before – even in the beginning!

* Your CareerIt Will Make Your Money-Making Dreams Come True!

Cosmic Color Binding can also be used to make your money-making dreams come true! So if you work for someone, have your own business, or want to work for yourself, it will draw all the right ideas, people, and circumstances in your life, for making your money-making dreams come true! You will begin to see advancement opportunities coming to you – out of nowhere! Coworkers you may have had conflict with will suddenly become your friend, ally, and biggest supporter! If you are self-employed, any blocks that have stood in the way of achieving your financial goals will disappear! Depending on the type of business you have, sales will magically increase, clients will come to you out of nowhere, and any products you offer will begin selling like hot cakes! Putting an end to any financial fears, worries, or concerns!

* Your Dreams Will Be FulfilledLiving A Life Of All Dreams Fulfilled!

Cosmic Color Binding will make any and all of your dreams come true! Because sadly, most people die without having realized their dreams! But not you! Many people dream about things they want – but just don’t know how to make them happen. By using Cosmic Color Binding, it will pull all the right elements together to make any and all of your dreams come true – without you doing anything! That vacation you’ve wanted to take but didn’t have the money for! That dream house you always wanted but never thought you could afford! That dream car you always wanted to have but never thought you could! Along with any dreams you have! Learning how to use Cosmic Color Binding will make the dreams you thought were only possible for the very rich, become a reality in your life, too! All you have to do is to dream it – to make it happen effortlessly!

* Psychic Intuition Will IncreaseYour Psychic Intuition Will Increase Tenfold – Even If You Never Thought You Had Any!

Cosmic Color Binding will increase your psychic intuition tenfold! Whether you’ve ever felt like you have any psychic ability or not! You’ll suddenly find yourself just “knowing” things, and use your new found power to grab opportunities or avoid the wrong ones! You’ll become an amazing judge of people, so much so, others will begin asking for your impressions about certain people they meet or have to deal with! You’ll begin having prophetic dreams that you will clearly remember, where numbers will be given to you, answers to puzzling questions will be answered, and the true feelings and intentions of others you know will be revealed to you! All of this will happen effortlessly, as if you had been this intuitive all of your life. Cosmic Color Binding will also protect you from deception, bad decisions, and meeting the wrong people! It will help you see opportunities you would have otherwise missed, make friendships with caring people, make the right choices in the people you date, and even help you become financially abundant! Plus a whole lot more!

* You Will Get More NoticedYou Will Be Able To Increase Your Popularity!

Cosmic Color Binding can be used to place a shining aura around, making others feel drawn to you almost instantly! If you want to become popular or noticed, this Rainbow Magic will do the trick! If you ever feel unheard or even invisible when you are around others, you will instantly start being heard and noticed – but only by the right people! Whenever you walk into a room people will see you! Which is great for business functions, and being noticed by the people you want to be noticed by! In dating situations, such as singles groups, speed dating, or even placing an online dating profile, the right people will be drawn to you in a very positive way! And here’s the bonus: it will only draw the right people to you! Only the people you would want to be noticed by. Making you seemingly invisible to the people you don’t want to notice you!

** And these are ONLY a few of the 18 Cosmic Color Combinations you will learn!

Create the life you want now and design your destiny to be what you want it to be using Cosmic Color Binding. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page NOW to reserve one of the limited spaces!

How This Amazing Session Will Work

This session is very different from any other sessions up to this point!

Let me explain….

The night before this session, you will be visited by the Erbots, Pilnars, and Fertads, while you sleep! And while you are sleeping they will perform a special ritual for you that will supercharge your aura, making the  Cosmic Color Binding process extra powerful when you use them!

Then during this session, since you’ve already had your aura supercharged the night before, I will teach you  how to combine the right colors to get the magical results you want to achieve!

And you are going to be amazed how easy this is to learn. If you can chew gum, you can learn this!

It’s that easy to learn!

You will also receive your own personal copy of my Secret Journal! In it, you will find:

– All 18 color combinations you will need to know!

– The magical powers contained in each color!

– How to invoke the magic of each color combination!

– Ways you can incorporate these colors in your life to get even more powerful and amazing results!

– Plus a whole lot more!

And since you will own my Secret Journal you can refer to over and over again, for the rest of your life!

One More Thing About The 18 Cosmic Color Combinations

The 18 color combinations contained in my Secret Journal will fulfill every wish, dream, or desire, you could ever possibly imagine!

In other words, in this journal, there is a Cosmic Color combinations for  any and all human wishes, dreams, or desires, that exist!

Anything you can think of will have a Cosmic Color combination for it!

Who This Is Not For

This is not for someone who wants to learn these Cosmic Color Combinations to harm, manipulate, control, or abuse another person! What I will be teaching you is the REAL DEAL and not something to be used to for negative reasons!

If you practice Black Magic, Satanism, Santeria, or are involved in any other type of dark energy religion forget this email and move on because this is not for you!

If you want to use the knowledge to seek revenge, get even, or teach someone a lesson, this is also not for you!

So if you are one of the above people, please close this email right now and move on!

Who This Is For

You can’t even imagine how powerful Cosmic Color Binding is until after you experience the power of Rainbow Magic in your own life!

It is utterly and absolutely life-changing!

So if you are someone who wants to be able to us Cosmic Color Binding to create any amazing future for yourself you can think of, and I mean any future, then this is for you!

If you want to design your destiny where you will have any outcomes you want waiting for you as you walk down the Golden Path of your life, then this is for you!

If you want to learn this to help others, help end hunger, poverty, climate change, the destruction of animal habitats or the rain forests, along with many other things the world needs help with right now – then this is for you!

Because the way you can use these Cosmic Color combinations are limitless!

And these are JUST A FEW examples of how VERY POWERFUL Cosmic Color Binding can be!

If you are ready to experience this in your life, then please read on…

How To Apply To Be Part Of This

Hopefully I’ve been able clearly explain how powerful Cosmic Color Binding is! Because once this powerful Rainbow Magic is released in your life, it will never be the same again!

Therefore, the Fertauds, Pilnars and Erfbots want to make sure this knowledge only gets into the right hands….because if this knowledge got into the wrong hands, it could cause a lot of harm to the world!

Even though I assured them that my clients and followers are seekers of light, not the dark…

…still they wanted to be 100% safe.

So they have requested that anyone wanting to learn this powerful knowledge, follow the application steps below. And if you are accepted** you will hear back from us within 4 hours.

** FYI According to the Fertauds, Pilnars and Erfbots, if you are not one of the “Who This Is Not For” people it would be very rare for you to not be accepted. But once spaces are filled, everyone else will be turned away! So make sure to ACT NOW or you will miss out!

Follow These 6 Simple Steps Below To Apply Now:

Step 1: Copy and Paste these questions

  1. Would you solemnly swear you would never Cosmic Color Binding to harm, hurt, control, manipulate, or abuse another person?
  2. Do you practice Black Magic, Satanism, Santeria, or any other type of dark energy religions?
  3. Would you solemnly swear you would never use this knowledge to seek revenge, get even, or teach someone a lesson?
  4. Would you solemnly swear to only use this for good. Either for yourself or others?
  5. Would you promise to use it to change the life of at least one other person?
  6. What is the easiest phone number to reach you?


Step 2. Click “Reply” to this email

Step 3. Now paste the questions you just copied into this email

Step 4. Answer the questions

Step 5. Click “Send” to send us your answers


Spaces are VERY limited for this!

If you want to learn this powerful knowledge, and how to use Cosmic Color Binding to unleash the power of Rainbow Magic into your life, giving you the ability to create anything for you desire, along with setting up a destiny that will be waiting for you as you walk down the Golden Path of your life, then make sure to follow the steps above and send in your answers ASAP!

Honestly, with everything you now know this will do for you. I would have no idea why anyone would not want to be part of such an amazing and powerful session! But like the saying goes “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink!”

The Fertauds, Pilnars and Erfbots have given me a number of how many people can attend but I am not permitted to share that number…

…but all I can say is, IF you drag your feet, procrastinate, or put this off until later, you are taking a huge risk of missing out on this!

I usually try to make a space for stragglers when I can, BUT for this session, I AM NOT permitted to do that!

So, once these limited spaces are gone – they are gone forever! And there will be NO EXCEPTIONS!

So make sure to apply NOW! Trust me! Apply right now!

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