Here’s my Love Horoscope For May 2022

There will be very powerful energy sweeping the planet from September 1st and last until September 13th because Venus will be casting her loving energy over the whole world, and you could say that “Love will be in the air”!

So, it’s important to now make sure your chakras are balanced and your aura is clean!

SO, you may be wondering, what are chakras, and also what exactly is an aura? 

Your Chakras 

Your chakras are seven energy centers that run along your spine. Each one relates to a physical, spiritual, and emotional function of your body! When they are open, energy flows freely through you, and you experience joy, good health, and a vibrant feeling of good energy, joy and happiness. 

When they are shut down, you will experience, fatigue, depression, anxiety, obsessive worry, and mood swings! This is because the energy in your body is blocked, so it causes these physical and emotional reactions! 

Most people’s chakras shut down after the age of 21! 

Your Aura 

Your Aura is an energy that surrounds your body, and when it is working properly, it acts as a shield from negative energy, preventing it from attaching to you! 

When your aura is dirty, and I have seen really dirty auras many times, negative energy then attaches itself to your physical body! And since your chakras are shut down, this energy then moves onto your chakras, causing the emotional imbalances I mentioned above! 

A shutdown aura is the #! cause for a person getting energy leeches attached to them!

These energy centers are so important to a person’s physical, spiritual, and mental health, yet most people don’t even realize they have an aura or chakras!

The other important thing I wrote was…

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What Most People Don’t Understand About Their Psychic Energy Systems

What most people don’t realize is the important role their chakras and aura play in their lives! Not only does the health of your Chakras and aura determine how long you are able to benefit from the positive energies surrounding the earth in September, but they also protect you from depression, anxiety, fearful thinking, obsessive thoughts, and worry!

Experiencing these negative emotions is often a sign of shutdown chakras and a dirty aura! But once your chakras are realigned, and your aura is cleansed, often, these negative feelings disappear like magic!!

As you get older, these negative emotions become harder and harder to shake off because your chakras and aura shut down around 21 years old!

The Problem With Doing Nothing

And even when a person knows about the importance of chakras and aura, they usually ignore taking proper care of them. Ignoring taking care of your chakras is like ignoring changing the oil in your car motor, and never changing the tires either!

You are definitely going to have a blowout on the highway, and when it happens, it isn’t going to be pretty!

Because once your chakras shut down, after a while, they “blow out” too! Just like your car motor and tires!

When your chakras are blown out, they look like an explosion in a steel wool factory! If you can imagine what that looks like! The ends of your chakras become totally frayed, torn, and look like a mess!

What Happens When You Have Chakra Blow Out

This “blow out” is where negative emotions take root, and you can’t seem to shake them off as easily as you did when you were younger! They “take root” in your mind, and they cause you severe stress, fear, worry, obsessive thinking, anxiety, and all of this eventually leads to depression and sadness!

Most people think this is normal to feel this way as they get older, but let me be the first to tell you: This is NOT normal! It is often an indication that you have “blown out” chakras!

When I had my healing center in Mexico, I performed over 1000 chakra balancings, and I can tell you that I’ve seen these negative feelings disappear almost instantly after a person had their chakras realigned and their aura cleansed!

Your Aura Is A Protective Shield – When It’s Not Dirty

Your aura is your first line of defense against negative energy! Your aura acts as a protective shield when it is clean, and the negative energy bounces off of it! You are bombarded by negative energy all day long!

But when your aura is shut down, the negative energy then penetrates through your aura and then attaches to your physical body. It then seeps into your chakras, and then the shut down cycle begins!

So by keeping your aura cleansed, it never lets any negative energy even get close to your physical body!

Your aura is a very important “shield” to keep clean!

What Causes This Shutdown? 

Everyday living causes your chakras and aura to shut down! The same as the oil in your car is only meant to last 3 to 6 months, your chakras and aura need balanced and cleansed about every six to eight months too, depending on the stress levels in your life, environmental factors, etc

How To Know IF Your Energy System Is Shut Down

– If you experience any of the negative emotions above, and cannot seem to shake them off, or they seem to keep happening more and more often, that is a definite sign that your chakras need balanced and your aura needs to be cleansed!

– If a relationship ended, but no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get over it, this can be an indication that your chakras need balanced and your aura needs to be cleansed!

– Are you a worry wart? Do you worry all the time? This is a VERY BIG indication that your chakras need balanced and your aura needs to be cleansed!

– If you feel low lying sadness, melancholy, or depression often, this can be an indication that your chakras need balanced and your aura needs to be cleansed!

– If you seem to obsess and worry all the time, this can be an indication that your chakras need balanced and your aura needs to be cleansed!

– If you don’t have the same energy that you used to, this can be an indication that your chakras need balanced and your aura needs to be cleansed!

– If you are starting to feel old, but you aren’t that old, this can be an indication that your chakras need balanced and your aura needs to be cleansed!

– Plus several other signs that are too many to mention!

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The Good News!

But guess what? You may be surprised to find that once you have your chakras balanced and your aura cleansed, these symptoms often disappear like magic!

I’ve seen this happen more times than you could imagine! And it is an amazing thing to watch when it happens! It is also an amazing thing for the other person to experience happening to them!

Imagine feeling years of worry, stress, obsessive thoughts, fear, anxiety, or even depression, just seem to leave you in an instant!

After you have an oil change on your car, you can notice how it runs smoother right away! This is the same with chakra balancing and aura cleansing! You notice the difference right away!

What You Can Do To Experience This Same Happiness And Inner Peace As Over 1,000 Other People Have Already Experienced! 

If you are over 21, like most people, you may have thought that feeling these things was normal! But it’s NOT normal! It would be the same as saying you have never changed the oil in your car for over 10 years, and it still runs fine!

Of course, your car wouldn’t run fine – and anyone with a car knows you need to change the oil.

But most people don’t know they need to change the “energy oil” in their energy body! They were never properly educated about their energy body like they were about changing the oil in their car!

So I sent this email out to start educating people, and to tell them “Hey! You don’t need to feel this way! You can feel free, happy, and joyous! You have been feeling this way because you need to get your “energy oil” changed!”

So I am opening some extra spaces in my schedule for anyone who wants to start feeling better, is tired of not feeling like their “old selves” anymore, and who want to have less stress, more happiness, and more feelings of joy in their lives!

In other words, people who want to feel freer inside! Not trapped by their thoughts and emotions!

Believe me, you can create an internal world of hell, just with your thoughts alone! Many people live in this “emotional hell” everyday! They think it is normal to live that way! We’ve all been in this “hell” but you don’t need to be! You were created to be happy, joyous, and free!

So for the month of September, I am going to make extra spaces to perform chakra balancing and aura cleanings on anyone who wants to feel better!

What To Do Now So You Don’t Miss Out!

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I can’t wait for you to be able to experience the same happiness, peace, and joy, that over 1,000 other people have been able to experience after they had their energy system cleaned!

I look forward to working with you soon!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S.S. Here’s my Love Horoscope For May 2022

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