Here’s my Monthly Horoscope For April 2022

Hi there,

2022 is becoming be quite the year….

A few days ago I had an unexpected visitor. My “visitor” was waiting on me in my meditation/astral travel room, last Saturday night!

It scared the living crap out of me when I opened the door and saw this visitor standing there! I was so startled, I let out a scream loud enough to wake up the entire neighborhood.

Normally I wouldn’t react that way, but walking into a room at 4 AM in the morning and seeing the unexpected visitor I saw standing there would have made anyone scream as I did!

The life of a psychic!

Let me tell ya, my life is anything but boring!

So you’re probably wondering, who was this visitor, and why did he come to see me?

Well, here is the actual story of what transpired on that early morning…

The Visitor Who Startled Me

It’s not every day you wake up half asleep, open the door, turn the lights on, and find a large hairy man? beast? being? sitting there waiting on you!

And that’s exactly what I first saw when I opened the door!

Right when I turned on the lights, this large, extremely hairy, Big Foot looking creature, was sitting there on my white couch! And what was even more confusing was, this scary-looking creature was sitting there with this huge smile on his face, grinning from ear to ear!

Seeing this big, hairy creature, who looked scary as hell, sitting there smiling at me, confused my brain for a moment. Because he looked very scary, but at the same time, had a big smile that made him look friendly.

So, I realized he was smiling because he was either friendly or because he was going to try to eat me!

Let me tell you! In all my years on this earth, I’ve never seen a being as, I don’t want to say ugly, but as unappealing to look at, like this one!

At least he didn’t smell!

So, almost immediately after I opened the door, he said in a very friendly voice, “Don’t be startled, I have been looking forward to meeting you!”

Right then, I took a sigh of relief! Because if I was not in good health, I would have probably had a stroke right then and there!

Who Was This Hairy Creature?

He had a cute, gentle smile, but the way he looked would have scared even the bravest person!

Interestingly, he didn’t use telepathy to talk to me. He actually spoke in a real voice….

…turns out, his name was Harlow.

I remember thinking myself, he should be called “Harlow the hairy beast”. And since he spoke using his voice, I didn’t think he was able to read minds…

…but I was wrong.

Right as I thought the words “Harlow the hairy beast”, he looked at me with a hurt look on his face and said, “I’m not a beast. I’m actually a very sensitive creature.”

I was so embarrassed, and I quickly apologized, letting him know it was just my sense of humor, and how sorry I was if I hurt or offended him.

Turns out he had a dry sense of humor, too. Because after I said that, he looked at me again with a huge smile on his face and said “I know! I just wanted to make you feel guilty!”

Then we both had a good laugh!

Harlow was quite the creature!

The Real Talk Began

Then he looked at me with a serious look and said:

“Tana, people on earth have serious love problems. I mean, so many people on earth are either unhappy in love, have trouble finding true love, or are in unhappy relationships they feel stuck in, and don’t know what to do. 

And there are also people who are in happy relationships but want to know what to do to keep their love happy for the rest of their lives. They need help assuring their happy love will continue until the day they die. 

Tana, the earth has love struggles! And I am here to help! 

In the dimension where I’m from, called the Dimension of Hello, everyone has someone they are bonded to! And they will spend their entire existence bonded to that one person. 

And their existence together will be a blissful and happy one. So, I am here to help people of the earth find that same kind of bonding with someone so they can experience that same kind of bliss!”

All of a sudden, I realized this big hairy creature was actually a big hairy love bug with a huge heart full of love!

He Explained Why He Appeared

Remember last month when I talked about the negative energy cloud surrounding the earth? Well, it seems this energy cloud being removed is only half the battle.

Harlow explained how this negative energy cloud, which will be removed by the middle of next month (thanks to all the people who felt the call in their soul and came forward to help by having The Power of Babakinar performed on then) it seems that even though once this negative energy cloud has been removed, it is still going to have a serious effect on the energy of people’s hearts!

Harlow then went on to explain:

“I realize this negative energy cloud surrounding the earth will have been permanently removed by the middle of next month after The Power of Babakinar has been performed on everyone. But just plaque in your veins can affect the blood flow to your heart, this energy tar left on one’s heart will block the flow of love energy to it, also. 

And this cosmic tar residue, which will be left behind after the negative energy cloud has been removed, will cover the hearts of many people, making them feel emotionless, shut off, cold, distant, and emotionally detached from love.”

Harlow then explained how we are already beginning the see people’s hearts and feelings being affected by this energy tar already, as we are seeing people’s hearts already beginning to grow cold!

He talked about the recent incident with the chemical attack in Syria, where women and children perished. And he also pointed out how there are several more incidents happening every day, where it’s clear people are closing off their hearts and then committing horrible offenses against other human beings.

Marlow informed me these are just the beginning signs of this energy tar is sticking to people’s hearts, and causing them to become emotionally disconnected from the love, compassion, and care in their hearts.

He said:

“I came to see you to show you how to rescue people on the earth, and help prevent their hearts from shutting down any further!” 

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How This Will Affect You

Aside from the effects from this energy tar, which we have already been hearing about in the news, he went on to explain in what ways this energy tar is going to affect people.

He told me this energy tar is mostly going to affect earth people when it comes to their love relationships. “Just like plaque in your veins can prevent blood flow when this energy tar covers peoples hears, it prevents their “love flow”.

He said:

The way this energy tar will affect the hearts of people on earth is it will cover people’s hearts, and it will then act as a cage around a person’s heart, not letting any of their love emotions out!”

In other words, it will prevent a person from feeling love, passion, and closeness, and this will result in couples experiencing their partner, love interest, spouse, or significant other, becoming more and more distant from them.

In a worst-case scenario, both people in the relationship will have their hearts covered with this energy tar, and then both people will begin to feel distant and disconnected from each other.

For example: 

– In already existing relationships, where one person already feels distant from their love interest, this feeling of distance will grow farther and farther. 

– If there is someone you like or have an interest in, you will find them turning away and seeming to have a cold heart towards you. 

– A person will begin to feel like the person they love, care about, or are interested in, is becoming a stranger they don’t even know. 

– And for people who are wanting to find love, this energy tar can prevent them from finding the fulfilling love they desire, now AND in the future!

…but this can all be prevented!

And this is what Harlow came to help me with! 

The Good News And The Bad News

Before I share with you how to make sure you’re not affected by this, I want to share with you something interesting Harlow shared with me. He said there is good news and bad news about this energy tar.

The Good News:

A person can make sure they themselves, or the person they love, care about, or want to be with, is not affected by this energy tar, Therefore, assuring them they will not have to deal with any of the heartaches this energy tar will cause others.

And a single person looking for love can also be assured they are not prevented from meeting their true love in the future, due to the cold hearts this energy tar will create.

The Bad News: 

This energy tar is going to affect people. And sadly, most people will never even know about this energy tar or have any idea what’s causing the problems in their relationships.

They will not understand why the people they want to get to know or meet, do not have any interest in them. 

But this doesn’t have to be you, because after reading this, you will be informed and know exactly what to do to prevent yourself and your loved ones from being affected by this!

And the way to make yourself untouchable and unaffected by this energy is by being bathed in the energy of The Harlownion Energy Cleanse.

The Harlownion Energy Cleanse

Harlow explained he came to meet me to inform me about this energy tar, so I could let people on earth know what they needed to do to make sure their heart, or the heart of someone they love, isn’t negatively affected by this energy tar.

In other words, to make sure a person’s heart, or the heart of someone they love or are interested in, doesn’t get its emotions caged in, and cause them to distance themselves from you, or couples to become distant from each other.

Or if you’re single and wanting to eventually find love, to make sure you aren’t blocked or prevented from finding love – now or in the future!

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What The Harlownion Energy Cleanse Will Do

He told me this process is called The Harlownion Energy Cleanse, and the way he explained how it works is very interesting.

He said:

“The Harlownion Energy Cleanse will not only cleanse any energy tar from the heart of the person having it performed on them. But it will also cleanse the heart of any person they have any kind of romantic attachment with! 

What this will do, once this energy tar has been cleansed from your heart, which will prevent your romantic life from being affected by it in the future, you will find that any love blocks between you and someone you like, love, or care deeply about, will have been totally and completely removed. 

Then there will have no more concern about any kind of emotional distance or detachment between the two of you, causing the love between the two of you to flow as freely as water flowing down a stream. 

If you are hoping to find love, you will no longer need to worry about the blocks this energy tar will cause in the lives of the people you meet. So when you are interested in someone, you will no longer experience distance or coldness of heart from them!”

And this part really surprised me…

He also explained that:

“Parents sometimes have children who will seem to have a shut-off heart, and the child will be doing things that are self-destructive. And The Harlownion Energy Cleanse will also cleanse their heart, too! 

Opening the child’s heart and causing them to “see the light” and make better choices! 

It will also open the heart of family members who are not making the right choices, too!”

So it will know of have a double effect! Which is fantastic news!

A Different Kind Of Cleansing 

Next, Harlow showed me a few energy channeling techniques so I would be able to channel this energy properly to a person having The Harlownion Energy Cleanse, which will prevent this energy tar from affecting their life!.

Unlike the sessions like this I have performed in the past, this one will be totally different!

Harlow explained: 

“The energy required to perform this technique is at such a high vibrational energy frequency, that it would be impossible to channel this energy through just one person. So it requires another “channel” to act as an “in-between” for this energy.”

And what he then said next really surprised me…

“Tana, when you are performing The Harlownion Energy Cleanse, I will materialize right beside you, so that the energy will be channeled directly through me and then into you!

He explained how this will do two things:

1. Due to the high frequency of this energy, it will lower the energy vibration to a level where a human body will be able to absorb it easier.

2. As it passes through him and into me, the energy will also become infused with the vibrational energy from the Helio Dimension, causing it to have an even more powerful effect!

Whence told me this it really blew me away!

Imagine the power of him being materialized right beside me when having this performed on you!! This means you will experience an amazing energy healing having his energy directly connected to you via me!

Who This Is Not For

This is not for someone who does not want to have love in their life, improve a current love relationship, find love now, or in the future.

Nor is it for someone not interested in helping their children or other people they care about to overcome the stuck areas in their life!

So this is not for people who are only out for themselves or people who feel no love or compassion for others.

And sadly, these types do exist, you know? 

Who This Is For

The Harlownion Energy Cleanse is for people who want to prevent the future love problems this energy tar is going to bring.

This energy tar residue is unavoidable. So, this energy tar is going to affect people!

BUT it’s NOT unavoidable to prevent it from affecting you, your present or future relationship, or finding love in the future!

So, if you want to prevent the love problems this energy tar will cause, such as emotional detachment, distance from someone you love, are in a relationship with, or want to meet in the future, then the Harlownion Energy Cleanse is a must for you.

– If you don’t care about your love relationship, either now or in the future.

– If you could care less about ever finding anyone.

– If you have no desire to be instrumental in helping family members move past the stuck spots in their life…

Then you should stop reading this now!

But if you do want to avoid these unnecessary love problems, then keep reading on to learn how to make sure you don’t get affected by this energy tar!

What To Do Next

I was advised by Harlow that there is only enough energy available for 76 earth people.

And it’s interesting because that’s the exact amount of spaces I have available for this in my schedule. So you can click here and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page to reserve your space now!

So, I would have to say, with the fact that Harlow will be materializing right beside me as I perform this, this WILL BE one of the most powerful energy experiences I’ve probably ever performed before!

You WILL miss out on this if:

– You wait

– Put it off

– Take too long to reserve your space

I can’t tell you the countless people who email me too late, telling me they should have listened, because everything I said was going to happen, did.

It breaks my heart when I have to turn people away because they waited too long and missed the opportunity to heal, protect, or change their lives. When it could have all been avoided by acting now!

So click here and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page to reserve your space now, so you don’t miss out on this!

Love is the most important thing in life! And when it’s good, it’s good! But when it’s bad, it really hurts!  So make to take the time now to protect your heart!

I sincerely hope this has served you!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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