Here’s Your Monthly Horoscope For March 2021

Hi there,

I received two very nice emails from a few days ago, so I wanted to share them with you.

It means so much to me when I receive emails like this. So I want to thank Marcy, and the other person I will call “X”, for the very nice emails! I am calling the other person “x” for a reason, as you will soon see why! So please read on:

Dear Tana, 

I had a reading with you about 3-weeks ago! Well, let me tell you! I was literally amazed by what you were able to tell me about myself. It was as if you had known me for many years! I was in shock! 

And what really amazed me was that the things you told me were going to happen in the next weeks, actually happened in 3-weeks!! 

I did not like what you saw, nor was I at all happy about what you saw, so you told me not to worry! AND you told me EXACTLY what I needed to do to CHANGE the outcome into one I desired! 

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I did what you told me, and guess what!!?? My ex came back to me! He broke up with the woman he cheated on me with, and he literally, almost like magic, came crawling back to me after I did what you told me to do! 

Tana, I have NEVER been to a psychic who was not only able to tell me what they see but also able to tell me what to do to change an outcome into one that I wanted to have! What you told me to do WORKED! 

You’re AMAZING! 

Please excuse all the capital letters, but I wanted to emphasize how awesome I think you are! 

A BIG hug,


I was even more surprised when I received this email from an incredibly famous client of mine. Celebrities do not usually send me an email after a reading for fear that people may know that they get readings.

My celebrity clients prefer their anonymity, and I always respect it! So I wrote her back thanking her, and I also let her know that her confidentiality is safe with me and that her confidentiality would be respected the same as all of my clients!

Here’s the letter:

Dear Tana, 

You were referred to me by a very trusted friend in Hollywood! I know she has been getting readings from you for years, and I trust her opinions! 

She told me you were the best, and she also told me you read for several “high profile” celebrities. So I decided to call you myself. 

I appreciate you being flexible with my schedule. Being on the road all the time, getting ready for my next concert, and the rigorous schedule that I have to follow when I am on the road makes planning a bit difficult! So thank you again! 

When I had my reading with you, I have to say my friend was 100% right about you. You are an extremely talented young man! 

You were right about the need to fire my manager, and you were also right when you told me he had been stealing from me. When the dust settled, he had stolen over 36 million dollars from me over the years! A lesson well learned!

You helped me to feel more at peace, and the more I reflected on our reading, I agree that my European tour is a good idea to follow through with! 

As far as my relationship, well, you were right about that too! 

I cannot wait to talk to you again next month, and I am referring two of my closest friends to you. 

I truly appreciate you Tana Hoy. I’ll sing my next song tonight with you in mind! 



I was moved to tears from that email, and I wanted to share it with you! It was an honor and a grand compliment to receive that from an icon who I had admired for years!

I would love to help you find the answers you need, so that you no longer have to suffer, worry, or question things anymore! Click here to get my help!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S. Please keep sending me your nice emails!

P.S.S. Here’s Your Monthly Horoscope For March 2021

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