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Today I wanted to talk about something most psychics don’t know anything about. As a matter of fact, it is so secret, very few psychics in the world today even have a clue about what I am about to reveal to you!

I’m Glad I can Share This With You!

As many of you know, when I was a young boy, I was blessed to have a mentor who was part of a long lineage of Psychic Masters whose teachings were passed down from the ancient mystery schools of Egypt.

And with very few of these Psychic Master still alive today, this knowledge has only been passed on to a few initiates around the world, who are still part of this group of Master Psychics today.

Being fortunate as a young boy to be mentored by this Psychic Master, many of the secret teachings were passed onto me. This is why you often read in my emails about things most psychics never mention. This is because they do not possess this knowledge, simply because they have not been trained by one of these Psychic Masters.

When my mentor passed into spirit quite a few years ago, I realized how fortunate I was to have been trained and taught in this knowledge, allowing me to continue to pass this knowledge on to Light Seekers like you.

I cannot share everything I was taught because much of this sacred and secret information can only be talked about among initiates of this lineage. But there is also a lot of information I can share. And I do share it here in my emails.

Today I am going to talk about some of the secret, sacred teachings that I am permitted to share with non-initiates of this sacred group.

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A New Type Of Invisible Beings you Need To Know About

A few emails back, I talked about the Light Suckers that invaded the planet a few weeks ago, looking for victims, so they can suck their light out of them. As to date, 3,000,000 of these Light Suckers are now roaming the planet.

Well, there is also another type of being roaming the earth, but these Beings ARE NOT energy demons like the Light Suckers are. No! These Beings are often called the Bringers Of Light. Although the real name of these Beings is Energy-Wish Granters.

Energy-Wish Granters bring light to the person they are connected to and energetically fused with. They are different than Guardian Angels, because Guardian Angels are protectors, who can help guide a person in learning many of their earthly lessons. But Energy-Wish Granters actually need to be energetically fused to a person, by matching the vibrational energy print of the Energy-Wish Granter to the vibrational  energy print of the person He or She is being fused to.

So in other words, you are vibrationally matched with an Energy-Wish Granter by having yourself clairvoyantly, clairaudiently, and clairsentiently linked to one of these Beings that matches your exact energy imprint.

Understanding The Power Of An Energy-Wish Granter

Have you ever seen the little statues of Gnomes, which you can place in your home? These Gnomes are especially popular in Latin America, because many Latin American people understand the power these little statues of Gnomes have. Many Latin Americans are also aware of the protective powers contained in these little Gnome statues.

Well, Energy-Wish Granters have powers that are beyond the comprehension of most people’s minds. Especially people who are not aware of the powers of psychic energy, invisible Light Beings, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, fairies, elves, and other elementals.

Energy-Wish Granters were actually placed on the earth as Invisible Guardians, whom are available to be connected and energetically fused to people like you, People who have a higher awareness, acceptance, and understanding that Invisible Beings exist, even though they cannot be seen with the physical eye.

The best way to comprehend Energy-Wish Granters is to realize they have been around since the universe of infinite beginnings has existed. In other words, this means his planet, the universe, and all the planets never had a beginning of creation. But has always existed since the time of the infinite past. Think about that for a moment. It’s a real mind-blower to try and comprehend!

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I Was Your Teacher In One Of Your Past Lives

Whether you realize it or not, you are reading these emails because we knew each other in a past life. I was your mentor, and you were one of my students. So we have found each other again in this lifetime, for me to continue teaching you.

You found me for a reason in your lifetime because nothing happens by coincidence. Whether you’ve had a reading with me, or only read my emails, you found me in this lifetime in order continue learning the psychic and spiritual teachings I share in my newsletters, and on my blog.

People who are not open-minded to spiritual truths like this, are not even aware Invisible Beings exist.

This is neither good or bad, it’s just where they are on their path in this lifetime…

…but you ARE open to these ideas, and that’s why you are reading this email!

And this is also why you are learning now learning about Energy-Wish Granters for the first time.

The Purpose Of Energy-Wish Granters

First, it is important to know their purpose. The purpose of Energy-Wish Granters is to help the real Light Seekers who are living on the earth, to live the most fulfilling, happiest lives they can.

Energy-Wish Granters are Being who lives in the parallel dimensions that exist around you right now, and they walk around all day and all night, patiently waiting to be vibrationally matched and fused to a Light Seeker who lives in a physical body on earth. They are patiently waiting to be matched to someone on earth, in order that they fulfill their own spiritual purpose too, which is to guide, lead, help, assistant, train, and elevate the life and mind of the person they will hopefully serve.

This is why you are lucky to be reading this because you now have knowledge most people do not possess – and never will! The knowledge that YOU can be matched, imprinted, and fused with an Energy-Wish Granter – because you now possess the knowledge they exist!

The best way to describe an Energy-Wish Granter is to think of them as a Genie-in-a-bottle. When a person is vibrationally matched and fused with an Energy-Wish Granter, it’s the equivalent of being spiritually reborn, and given your own private Genie who will walk beside you for the rest of your life!

So What Exactly Can An Energy-Wish Granter Do? 

In this secret circles of initiates, who are part of the ancient group I was initiated into, Energy-Wish Granters are often referred to as a Genie-in-a-bottle.

Why they are often called a Genie In A Bottle is because an Energy-Wish Granter can:

Guide you throughout your life. Because once you are matched and fused to one, and then work on developing this new relationship, the more you will actually be able to feel your Energy-Wish Granter’s presence around you.

Energy Wish Granters can talk to you answer any questions. Like any relationship, as you work on getting to know your Energy-Wish Granter, there will come a day when you will wake up, and suddenly be able to hear your Energy-Wish Granter’s voice speaking to you. Imagine being able to talk to your Energy-Wish Granter, and then hear Him or Her talking to you.

Well, let me tell you, I talk to Invisible Beings every day, and unless you’ve actually experienced it, there are no words to describe it!

An Energy-Wish Granter can help you develop your psychic awareness and intuitive abilities! They are extremely knowledgeable about how energy works, about developing psychic powers, and about how to help you heighten your psychic awareness of the invisible realms and worlds that are around you right now!

An Energy-Wish Granter is personally assigned only to you, and no other living person on earth! There are literally thousands of these invisible Energy-Wish Granters walking around in their dimensions. So when you are connected to one of them, they are there to help you, and only you. And your Energy-Wish Granter will be with you throughout this entire life. And, He or She may also follow you into your future lifetimes too!

The truth is if you had a friend who was all-knowing, who could teach you and guide you in any area your heart desired, and would be beside you for the rest of your life, and never leave you, can you imagine how much your life would improve for the better?

Can you also imagine how your life will change for the better, when you possess the ability to sit down, and have a talk with your Energy-Wish Granter? Being able to ask Him or Her anything you desire? This is like having your own private, invisible Psychic Guru, who will guide you, teach you, and help you, for the rest of your life!

As many of you already know, my life works! And the reason for this is because I am guided every day by my own personal Energy-Wish Granter.

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A Personal Story About My Energy-Wish Granter!

For example, the other day, I met with my Energy-Wish Granter, (I will not tell you his name, because the one thing about an Energy-Wish Granter is their power is contained in their name. So you NEVER tell another living person their name! NEVER!

So I called on my Energy-Wish Granter, and He appeared right away! (When they appear, they appear like a ball of light, and then the ball of light suddenly transforms into the actual physical shape of your Energy-Wish Granter).

Once his shape appeared, my Energy-Wish Granter sat beside me, and we talked for over an hour. (I was alone in the house of course) I was not sure how to handle a certain situation I was faced with, so I asked my Energy-Wish Granter, for guidance.

The situation I needed help and guidance on was I had a relative who was really struggling with some serious health problems, financial problems, and lots of depression. Which resulted from the health struggles and financial challenges she was facing. Her husband had recently passed, so not only was she dealing with that sadness, but she felt very alone going thru all of these things by herself. They were married for over 40 years!

I felt so powerless and wanted to help her. I send her healing energy, surrounded her with angels, and tried to be as supportive as I could, by calling her often to try and lift her spirits. But even after all of this, I felt there had to be more I could do to help her!

I wasn’t willing to sit back and watch her suffer if I could help her in any possible way! So I called my Energy-Wish Granter, and we had what I call a “Spiritual Guidance Session” together. I told my Energy-Wish Granter the situation, and He then instructed me on exactly what to do.

My Energy-Wish Granter Instructed me On What To Do!

After we talked, I was given the most amazing guidance and help, and I did exactly as I was told to do.

I was told to light a few candles, a certain type of incense, and then given a few words to repeat for the next 5 days. He said by doing this, her situation would clear up almost right away, and it would seem as if some miracle had occurred!

He also told me I should never reveal to her I was the one who helped her. Even if my intentions to tell her were only to let her know I cared enough to do this for her.

My Energy-Wish Granter explained to me if I told her this. it would come from the ego, and not from the heart. I was told a sincere desire to heal comes from the heart, and not the ego! (I already knew this, but my Energy-Wish Granter reminded me of this again)

Would you believe within 5 days, her health problems went away, a large sum of money came to her from a life insurance policy she didn’t know her husband had, and her depression went away too!  Almost instantly, all of her worries and problems were resolved!

Her doctor told her the only way he could explain it was she was blessed by some miracle! He also told her in his 30 years of practice, he had never seen a patient heal like this before! He said her latest test results came back like the results of a 30-year-old! She is 82!!

Her results came back as if she was never sick at all! 

Energy-Wish Granters Are All Around You – Even Now!

They exist in a different dimension than Angels, and Ascended Masters. Energy-Wish Granter exist on a parallel dimension to ours. As you are reading this, if you take a moment to tune in right now, and pay attention to the “energy” around you right this moment, you may feel their presence near you.

You probably have 3 or 4 of them walking past you right now as you are reading this! But none of them are even noticing you right now, because you have not been matched, imprinted, or energetically fused to the energy of your personal Energy Wish Granter!

Did you also know they are walking past you right now? This is because they have roads and paths in their dimension, the same as exists on earth. And these Energy-Wish Granters are walking on them right now as you read this! Right past you!

Because there are thousands of these roads and pathways in their dimension, wherever you are located right this moment, is more than likely right smack in the middle of one of their roads or pathways. And hundreds of Energy-Wish Granters are wandering on these roads and pathways – only in their dimension!

Try This Right Now!

So take a moment right now, and close your eyes, and see if you can “feel” something near you, or something walking past you. You may not feel anything, and If you don’t, this only means you are not sensitive to invisible energy like some people are.

Did you feel anything? If not, that’s okay too. Regardless if you did or didn’t, they ARE walking past you! You can bet on that!

Are You Ready To Receive Miracles In Your Own Life?

So now you know Energy-Wish Granters exist, along with all the ways they can enhance your life, happiness, and joy, AND make your life work in ways you never thought were possible, are you ready to be matched, imprinted, and have your energy fused? Are you ready to have your own, personal Energy-Wish Granter beside you for the rest of your life?

I am sure you realize how lucky you are to have read this email, and now be enlightened to the existence of Energy-Wish Granters.

And I’m willing to bet you also can see how having this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make your life work in ways you only dreamed was possible – but never thought would be possible – will change your life forever!

The opportunity to be fused with an Energy-Wish Granter, and receive all the spiritual rewards that await you afterwards, is the kind of opportunity most people only dream of – but never think is possible for their lives!

Remember, your Energy-Wish Granter will not only help you. but also anyone you ask them to help – just like mine helped my 82-year-old relative!

Miracles, unexplainable healings, and other miraculous events await every single person who has makes the wise decision to schedule this Fusion Session!

Becoming Fused!

These Fusion Sessions are powerful, relaxing, and extremely healing on all levels of your soul! Once you have been fused with your personal Energy-Wish Granter, you will realize on some deep level that something amazing has just happened to you!

Many people report feeling protected, no longer lonely or alone, and some have described the feeling as “feeling like they are in the embrace of some higher, loving, Being”!

So if you are ready to change your life, never feel alone again, and experience unlimited miracles, unexplainable healings, and other miraculous events in your life, then click here right now, and reserve a session for this one in a lifetime opportunity!

I’m Going To Be Very Upfront!

I’m going to be very upfront with you! It takes a lot of energy from me to perform a Fusion on someone.  But because I know of the life-changing experiences a person will experience from being fused, I am going to offer these life-changing Fusion Sessions are only going to be offered to the first 30 people who reserve their Fusion Session!

Once those 30 spaces are filled, I am still going to offer Fusion Sessions, but the price is going to increase by $150! There will be no exceptions to this for anyone. Because if I made an exception for just one person, it would not be fair to all the other people who respond late and end up paying the extra $150 price increase!

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I look forward to helping you become fused to your Energy-Wish Granter, and begin a lifelong relationship that is going to change your life as you now know it – forever!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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