{Must Read} The Amazing Power Of The Secret 6 And What They Can Do For You!

As many of you may already know, at the age of 10, I was taken under the wings of a man who was a Master Teacher from an ancient Egyptian Mystery School, which had a lineage that went back over 2,000 years to the days of Cleopatra.

He personally mentored me for over 14 years in many advanced esoteric, metaphysical, and spiritual subjects. 

At the age of 12, after studying with him for around two years, he began teaching me about the unknown Archangel Solaris, which I spoke about in an email I sent out last July.

Just to refresh your memory, Solaris was the very first angelic being to come into existence. He is the father of all angels. All archangels and guardian angels in the universe are his descendants because they were “born” from him, by him simply “thinking them into being!”

During the time when my mentor taught me about Solaris, he also taught me about a very rare and special group of Archangels called The Secret 6…

…and in just a few moments, I am going to tell you all about The Secret 6 and their amazing magical powers!

So, get comfy in your chair and read along with me, as I tell you all about these very rare and special angels that no one has also ever heard about before – until this email.

Why The Secret 6 Has Been Kept So Secret 

In the ancient Mystery School of Egypt where my mentor was a Master Teacher, students of this “school of hidden knowledge” were taught all about the Archangel Solaris and The Secret 6.

If this sacred knowledge got into the wrong hands, it could be used for evil. So, information about The Secret 6 so tightly guarded from outsiders, even the original writers of the Christian bible had no knowledge of The Secret 6. (This is why you will never find any of this information anywhere, in any writings about angels).

When Solaris created The Secret 6, he said their existence could only be revealed to outsiders mankind has evolved to a certain level of spiritual acceptance.

So, last July, I was given permission to tell you about Solaris, but not The Secret 6…

…and just last weekend, during my 12 hour meditation, I was informed it was time to reveal to you The Secret 6.

So, you might be wondering, “Who exactly are The Secret 6?…

…Well, keep reading as I’m about to explain them next!

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Who Are The Secret 6? 

The Secret 6 are the most powerful angels in the entire universe! And this is why their existence was such a tightly guarded secret for centuries! 

The Secret 6 is the name given to a group of six very special angels. These six angels have highly-evolved powers that can only be described as “mind-blowing, remarkable, and beyond belief”.

Solaris created The Secret 6 because he wanted a special group of angels that could help, guide, and assist mankind in some very special and powerful ways.

And he only created 6 of these angels because the number 6 has a deep and significant spiritual power, making it one of the most powerful numbers in the universe!

And the year 2022, which in Numerology is the number 6 (2+0+2+2=6) was the year their existence was to be revealed to certain humans.

And because you are reading this, you are one of the humans it is meant to be revealed to!

What Special Powers Do The Secret 6 Possess?

The Secret 6 are the most powerful angels in the entire universe. They are also called Angelic Wealth Creators because they can increase your wealth in many different areas of your life!

The word “wealth” does not only refer to money. The word wealth can mean a wealth of money, but it can also mean a wealth of love, a wealth of career success, a wealth of good health, along with a wealth of almost anything you desire!

In other words, The Secret 6 helps create more wealth in all areas of a person’s life!

And since The Secret 6 are composed of 6 different angels, each angel has different wealth manifestation abilities. So by understanding the different powers each of these angels possess, you will know which one you need to call on for whatever it is you want, need or desire a wealth of!

When a person learns how to call upon The Secret 6, they have the most powerful team of angelic beings in the entire universe standing by their side, ready to help them – 24 hours a day!

The Secret 6 And What They Can Do For You!

As you already know, The Secret 6 are also called Angelic Wealth Creators because they are the “spiritual experts” in helping you have more wealth in anything you desire!

Let me give you an example… 

Do you desire to have a wealth of more money, financial increase, or maybe even want to hit the Mega Lottery?

The Secret 6, the most powerful Angelic Wealth Creators, can increase your financial wealth immediately! Even in as little as 6 days!

Because when I showed my best friend Chuck how to connect with The Secret 6, six days later he received a $4,000 dollar check in the mail! And 6 days after that, he won $40,000 from a scratch-off lottery ticket! 

Do you desire a wealth of financial security for your future?

I also taught my friend Joyce how to connect to The Secret 6. When I asked her want kind of wealth she wanted, she told me she wanted the kind of wealth that would guarantee she was financially secure when she retired!

12 days later (6+6=12) one of her investments in which she had invested $8000, started soaring up in value. Within 18 days, it was worth 3.3M (million). She is now guaranteed financial security for the rest of her life!

Do you desire more wealth in your career?

Another friend of mine named John wanted to attain his professional goals and dreams but felt that things in his career had simply not moved along as fast as he had desired.

So, I asked him if he would like me to teach him something that would change that, and he said “yes”. He said, “Tana, I have nothing to lose but everything to gain!”.

So, I taught him how to connect with the financial wealth angel in The Secret 6, then told him to let me know how it went in a few days.

8 days later he called me back! His boss came into his office unexpectedly, and told him he was planning to retire early and wanted to know if John would be interested in taking over the company?

John told him yes! But having no money to invest, his boss helped him get some financing and offered John what he called “hard to turn down terms”. John said the terms he offered him were unheard of!

John took over the company for the first time last week and has already made triple the amount of money he needs for his first month’s payment to his old boss!

Do you desire a wealth of effortless weight loss?

My friend Carol wanted to lose 40 pounds! So, I taught her about The Secret 6, along with the name of the angel she needed to connect with to have successful weight loss, and then used the technique I taught her.

8 days later she had already lost 12 pounds and said she hadn’t changed a thing she was doing!


Do you desire a wealth of love?

I called an old friend who I knew was struggling to met someone. Sue has struggled with love for years! She said, “I gave up on ever finding anyone”. So, I taught her how to connect with a particular angel of The Secret 6, and asked her to report back to me in a few days!

5 days later she met a gentleman at the automotive store, of all places! They hit it off immediately and she said they both felt like they had been together before! She said, “He is the most honest and caring man I’ve ever met before!”.

He invited her to Hawaii for a few days, and proposed to her on the beach!

They are getting married next week, and still going very strong!

Do you desire a wealth of youthful looks forever?

I wanted to introduce another friend of mine named Anna to The Secret 6. She is a very attractive woman around 45 years old. She told me “Father Time has left his mark on my face, and other areas of my body, which are not as firm as they used to be”.

I immediately knew which angel of The Secret 6 she needed to connect with, so I taught her exactly what to do! We agreed to meet again in two weeks for check-in, to see if she noticed any results?

Two weeks later, when I saw her walking in the door, she looked like she had had some work done. So, I asked her if she had some work done since we last spoke and she said “not at all!” I was shocked!

She looked at least 12 years younger and told me she even noticed her body was firming up in areas that haven’t been that from since she was 24!

She looked incredible!

These things PLUS so much more can be yours, too! 

These are just a few of the areas of life The Secret 6 can help you experience more wealth!

And once you learn how to connect with them, they will unleash their positive power of wealth into your life, too!

During this special training session, you will also learn all the other areas of your life they help you create wealth in, too!

What Are The Names Of The Secret 6?

Although I have been given permission to tell you about The Secret 6, their names can only be revealed to those who take part in a special ceremony called The Sacred Oath of The Secret 6. This ceremony will be performed during The Sacred Session Of The Secret 6. 

What Will Happen During The Sacred Session Of The Secret 6? 

During this special training session called The Sacred Session Of The Secret 6, you will be one of the few people in the entire world who knows of their existence,

During The Sacred Session Of The Secret 6, I will be revealing to you the names of all 6 angels. the special powers each one of them possesses, along with how to connect with them, so can begin creating an overflowing of wealth in any and all areas of your life!

I can’t reveal much more about The Secret 6 other than what I have already shared, BUT the way you connect with them is going to blow your mind!  That’s all I can say about that!

This Sacred Session Of The Secret 6 is like no other session I have ever taught before and I can assure you, you don’t want to miss it!

How To Take Part In The Sacred Session Of The Secret 6 

Because of the secret nature of this information, The Sacred Session Of The Secret 6 is going to be a 90-minute LIVE session taught by me on Zoom where I will teach you some powerful sacred symbols and how to draw them.

They are easy to draw but it will be easier to show you how to draw them than try to explain them!

There will also be a sacred ceremony that takes place, which will amplify and magnify their angelic powers 10 fold, making your wealth come to you even faster!

I will also be personally guiding you thru the “connection technique”, which is very easy to do and VERY SPECIAL to experience!

If you have read this far, this is even more of a sign you are supposed to be part of this because angle signs do not get any clearer than this!

I am only going to take a limited number of people for this event, and once that number is met, I will be closing down this opportunity!

This opportunity, like all of my sessions, will never be repeated again! I will NEVER be offering The Sacred Session Of The Secret 6 again – EVER!


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If you procrastinate, hesitate, or stall in any way, you WILL miss out on this! So you need to honestly ask yourself “How many times did I not take action in the past, which caused me to miss out, once again?” 

Well, this time you can take action by simply clicking here now and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page to reserve your space for this!

I look forward to passing this very powerful knowledge onto you and helping you change your life forever, too!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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