How Your Past Life Karma Can Still Affect You In This Life!

Wait until you hear this one!

I had a very unusual visitor the other night.

And thank God he didn’t enter my house through the front door because, let me tell you if one of my neighbors had seen him walking up to my front door…

…they would have definitely freaked out and called 911!

As I walked into my meditation room, there he was, sitting on my comfortable sofa, looking at me with a big smile as I entered the room!

I wasn’t shocked or even startled, I just thought to myself, “What in the heck is this, sitting there smiling at me!?”.

I would have to say he was one of the most interesting-looking beings I had ever seen! And God bless his heart, he was quite the looker if you know what I mean!

Let’s just say he wouldn’t have won first place in a beauty contest – at least one for humans!

And believe me, I think you are going to find this encounter very interesting! 

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

His name is Warbleton.

Thank goodness Warbelton can appear out of thin air, anywhere he wants to be! Because as I mentioned earlier, if he had to walk through my door to visit me, and my neighbors had seen him – they would have freaked out!

He had a heart of gold, but he sure was one very interesting-looking fella!

He was all orange, and I mean bright orange! The color of one of those cones you see on the highway. About 5 feet tall, with long 2-foot-tall pointy ears that stood straight up! And his eyes were bright pink, with silver sparkles in them.

He had arms like a kangaroo and feet like an elephant. And his teeth, they looked like horse teeth and were bright yellow!

The Fascinating Conversation We Had

As you might know from reading my emails, many advanced beings from other dimensions and planets communicate using telepathy – commonly known as mind reading.

With a big smile, Warbelton said he was happy for us to finally meet and said he first learned about me from other beings he had met in different dimensions!  Then he thanked me for welcoming him into my home uninvited! 

“I traveled here from the 945th Dimension to talk to you about something very important! What I want to tell you about the degree to which humans carry their past life karma with them into this lifetime – and they aren’t even aware of this” 

Then he told me that 92% of all humans on earth have lived over 190 past lives before this one! And the remaining 8% have lived over 220! And the karma they accumulate during each of these lifetimes, gets attached to their soul by what are called Karmic Cords!. 

And get this…He said that each time a human is reborn, they accumulate even more karma during that lifetime, which causes even more Karmic Cords to get attached to their soul! 

And this cycle continues on and on, lifetime after lifetime, without the person even knowing their life is being weighed down from all of this accumulated karma and the Karmic Cords that keeps getting attached to their soul!

And he said this constant karmic accumulation of karma and Karmic Cords, lifetime after lifetime, affects the life of humans in ways they had no idea their lives were being affected!

And then he dropped a big one on me when he told me about the dangers caused by Soul Strangulation…

…which I am going to explain to you in just a minute…

Negative and Positive Karmic Energy Cords

Then, Warbelton continued to explain to me even more about the accumulation of past life karma and Karmic Cords, and this actually affects a person!

He said “Right now, all humans are carrying a massive amount of past life karma and Karmic Cords around with them every day, which is a very heavy karmic load for the soul to carry! So eventually, their soul is no longer able to carry this very heavy load! Because their Karmic Load gets heavier and heavier with each lifetime! And just like carrying anything heavy for too long, it eventually breaks their soul’s back” 

Next, he talked about the two kinds of karma we accumulate – negative karma and positive karma. 

He said when you accumulate positive karma, Positive Karma Cords get attached to your sou!  And when you accumulate negative karma, Negative Karma Cords get attached to your soul! And he said when it comes to karma, we only need to be concerned about the negative karma and Negative Karma Cords we accumulate, not the positive ones! 

Now get this…He also said the average human has 10,400 or more Negative Karma Cords attached to their soul, and that these cords get wrapped around their soul, which causes Soul Strangulation! 

And wait until you hear what he told me next…

How Soul Spinning Causes Soul Strangulation

Next, Warbelton told me something I had never known about before!

He said, when our soul leaves our physical body at the moment of death, it starts spinning very fast, around and around, to help propel itself into the higher dimensions, where it will reside until being reborn again!  

This is called Soul Spinning. And when the soul rapidly spins like this, it causes the person’s Karmic Cords to get wrapped very tightly around the person’s soul, causing Soul Strangulation!  

Think of this like having thousands of ropes attached to you, and then being spun around very quickly! You would get bound up, you wouldn’t be able to move, and it would be very heavy! This is the same thing Soul Spinning does to your soul! 

So, not only do humans have over 10,400 Karmic Cords attached to their souls, their souls are being strangled by their Negative Karmic Cords!  Causing their soul to be bound up, unable to move freely, and weighed down – which causes many negative occurrences in their life! 

And what he said next really woke me up! He said, “Every human on earth has this problem! And the sad part is, they have no idea this is even happening to them! 

And then he told me the negative affects this causes in a human’s life…

The Negative Affects Caused By Karma Cords And Soul Spinning 

It really hit me hard when he told me that people on earth have no idea, they have over 10,400 karmic cords attached to their soul, how their soul is being weighed down, and that their soul is being energetically strangled by these cords. Which is causing problems in their lives that they have no idea are being caused by this!

Come to find out, many of the problems we as humans deal with face, are caused by their karma, Karmic Cord accumulation, and the Soul Strangulation that results from it!

Warbelton also said “Depending on a human’s past life karma and the Negative Karmic Cords attached to them, will influence the areas they will have troubles with the most. But all humans will be familiar with these affects in their lives, to some capacity or another”. 

So here are just a few of the ways humans are affected by this:

* Heart Imprisonment

Many people feel either stuck or unfulfilled in their love life! Either because their love life never seems to work out! They will either experience having trouble finding the right match, meeting someone, or just finding someone they are compatible with, along with many other love struggles.

Or they either feel trapped, stuck, unhappy, or unfulfilled in their current marriage or relationship, not knowing how to bring back the love and happiness they once felt, or they don’t know how to move out of a situation where they feel trapped or emotionally imprisoned, stuck due to lack of options, or stay out of the fear of being alone!

Warbelton explained how carrying around so much past life karma and Negative Karmic Cords causes what is called Heart Imprisonment. With over 10,400 Karmic Cords wrapped around a person’s soul, their heart is literally imprisoned by their cords! Heart Imprisonment shuts off a person’s capacity to fully feel, express, or receive love!

So, if you’ve ever felt you have so much love to give but can’t seem to find the right person to give it to, or wondered where things went wrong in your relationships, past or present, now you know why! Because you are experiencing the negative consequences of Heart Imprisonment!

This helps explain why so many people on earth have the relationship problems they do, along with why we have a 65% divorce rate!

* Money Flow Strangulation

Everyone desires more wealth and abundance in their life! This is a natural human desire! And if you have ever wondered why it seems so hard to achieve and attract the kind of wealth that you desire, then you are in good company, because thousands of other people just like you are wondering the exact same thing!

Warbelton explained to me why this happens…

He told me that whether people know this or not, their thoughts and desires are made of energy. So, whenever you have a thought, wish, or desire for more wealth, these thoughts are sent out into the universe like a boomerang.  And like any boomerang, they return back to you!

But here’s the big problem! Because their souls are tightly wrapped and bound by over 10,400 Karmic Cords, when their wealth desires return back to them, they hit the Karmic Cords wrapped around their souls! And just like hitting rubber, their wealth, wishes, and desires bounce back away from them, flying back out into the universe.

This is called Wealth Flow Strangulation because it strangles the flow (cuts off) any wealth that boomerangs back to you, repelling your wealth away from you!

This explains why many people never seem to be able to hold onto money, save money, or why it takes so long for to increase their wealth flow!

* Dead End Profession

Another common problem that past life karma, Negative Karmic Cords and soul strangulation causes is is called Dead End Profession.

If you have ever tried to get ahead in your career, vocation, education, or profession, yet no matter how hard you tried, you always seem to hit a dead end – like something seems to be blocking you!

For example, maybe you tried to get a raise, promotion, move ahead in your job, or always seem to get passed over, or you hit other ‘dead ends” like this, Or maybe you wanted to go back to college, or pursue higher learning!

Maybe you tried starting your own business or had a business idea you could never get started on, but no matter what you do, you hit another dead end!

Negative Karmic Cord attachment and Soul Strangulation literally “strangles out”, cuts off, and blocks the flow to achieving your career aspirations.

* Dream Killer

Sadly, past life karma, Negative Karmic Cord Attachments, along with Soul Strangulation caused by Soul Spinning, causes a negative affect called Dream Killer.

Anyone who has ever had their dreams killed knows the pain, anguish, and disappointment this causes.

If you have ever had your dreams destroyed, such as a broken engagement, or have been the victim of infidelity, or gotten so close to something you wanted, only to have it disappear, fall through, or end in disaster right before your very eyes, then you have already experienced why one of the affects of Dream Killer.

It literally kills your dreams! Often unexpectedly, last moment, or with little to no warning at all.

This is just one of the other devastating affects that happen as a result of Karmic Cords and Soul Strangulation.

* Lonesome Living 

If you have ever found yourself feeling lonely due to not having any friends, no best friend, people you can call friends, or just someone you hang out and have fun with. This is the negative affect of Lonesome Living!

Or maybe you have a few friends, but don’t hang out as much as you’d like to. Or maybe you just want to have someone to talk to or do things with even occasionally – but it seems like you feel alone!

Or maybe you have some “surface friends” but not really the kinds of friends you can really be open with how you’d like to?

So, you find yourself feeling lonesome, lonely, or not really connected to other in the way you secretly wish you were!

You are experiencing the affects of Lonesome Living

Unfortunately, Negative Karmic Cord attachment and Soul Strangulation, creates an invisible barrier around your soul, preventing you from connecting with others on a deeper level, causing Lonesome Living to be what many people secretly live with.

* And these are just a few of the negative affects people experience in their life due to carrying all of these Negative Karma Cords, and having their soul being wrapped so tight in them, it causes Soul Strangulation!

* PLUS, many other negative affects, including but not limited to,

* High Tide Anxiety

Anxiety is high in most people’s lives. As a matter of fact, almost all humans walk around every day in a state of anxiety, at some level or another!

As you can now see, carrying around over 10,400 Karmic Cords, the negative karma from over 190 past lives or more, a soul that is wrapped so tights in Karmic Cords is can hardly move, and the massive weight on your soul from carrying all of this, causes anxiety levels that sometimes seem unexplainable – until now!

One of the other negative effects from this is called High Tide Anxiety because like the tide, people’s anxiety levels go from high tide to low tide all throughout their day!

This helps explain why so many people are anxious, not to mention all the health problems caused by this High Tide Anxiety!

* PLUS, many other negative affects that are too many to mention!

People on earth thought experiencing these things were a normal part of being human…yet it turns out experiencing these things are not normal at all!

Is There Any Good News?

After having Warbelton tell me all of this depressing news I was wondering what I could do to help stop this!! And right then, Warbelton looked me straight in the eyes and said. “Tana, don’t look so down – because I have some good news for you! 

I am going to teach you how to remove all of the negative past life karma, all of the Negative Karmic Cords, and stop the Soul Strangulation on anyone who wants it! And the minute all of these things are removed the person’s life will begin to change rapidly and quickly, as they experience the feeling of a huge weight being lifted off of them…a huge weight they didn’t even know they were carrying”! 

Then he said he was going to do this by teaching me a very advanced process developed by the Zaraxins, a group of advanced being that reside on the 412th dimension!

Warbelton said the technique he is going to teach me is such an intricate process, it took the Zaraxins over 6,000 years to perfect it.

The process he taught me is called the Karmo Cordo Strangulo Disolvo Process… 

My Mini Spaceship Ride…And More Bad News! 

Warbelton told me I could not use my astral body to travel to the 412th Dimension because it would get burned up.

So, he closed his eyes, said a few unfamiliar words, and suddenly, a Transport Pod appeared right in front of me that looked like an oval-shaped mini-spaceship. Then he instructed me to lay down in it and he closed the lid. Once the lid was sealed closed, I immediately fell into a deep sleep, and less than one hour later, I woke up as the lid was opened again…

…I was greeted by the Zaraxins.

I had been transported to the 412th Dimension.

The Zaraxins wasted no time starting my training! They told me this was a very urgent mission because on 10-22-24, which is 6 months from today, anyone who has not had the process they are going to teach me performed on them, will be stuck with all of their past life karma, 10,400 Negative Karmic Cords attached to their soul, and continue to experience Soul Strangulation, for the next 200 years.

And even worse! According to the Zaraxins, when 200 years have passed, their soul at that time will be weighed down by over 1,000,000,000 (One Billion) Negative Energy Cords and carrying so much Soul Weight, their soul will not be able to handle all of that weight!

So, their soul will perish, preventing them from completing the Karmic Mission they were born to complete here on earth

In other words, they will not be able to fulfill what they were born to do!

So, when their soul perishes it will float out into the ethers and become lost in Cosmic Space!  And of the souls that are part of their Soul Lineage will also perish, too.

So not only will the persons soul mission end uncompleted, so will the soul missions of every single soul in their Soul Lineage, as well!

When I realized exactly what that meant, I couldn’t find any words to say!

I was literally speechless! 

Left me gasping for air for a moment!

Then over the next three days (that’s why I was unreachable a few weeks ago for those 3 days) the Zaraxins took me through some very extensive training, making sure I knew how to precisely perform the Karmo Cordo Strangulo Disolvo Process!

And boy-oh-boy, was I exhausted afterward! 

An Important Note

Please understand I am not trying to be negative or instill fear! I am simply the messenger passing on the message from Warbelton!

I’m not trying to be negative. And anyone who knows me knows I am the least negative person you will ever meet! What I am doing is making sure people clearly understand the significance of what this means! 

I am simply telling the truth. And the truth is, there are some things you cannot sugarcoat, even if you want to! And this is one of those things! 

*** Another important thing to share: I also learned that if this is supposed to be a person’s last lifetime, unless they have had all of their past life karma, along with all their Negative Karmic, Cords, this won’t be their last lifetime!

And the reason I was told is you cannot stop being reborn UNTIL all of your past life karma and Negative Karma Cords have been removed! And the only way to do that is via the Karmo Cordo Strangulo Disolvo Process! So, if this is supposed to be your last lifetime, thank God you are reading this! 

Getting Released with The Karmo Cordo Strangulo Disolvo Process

I never realized how much weight my soul was carrying until the Zaraxins performed the Karmo Cordo Strangulo Disolvo Process on me! 

The Karmo Cordo Strangulo Disolvo Process frees you of all of your negative past life karma, all of your Negative Karmic Cords, and the devastating affects caused by this! And once your soul is freed, you will begin to experience all of the following benefits, too!

* The Hearts of You and Your Loved Ones Will Be Freed!

Maybe for the first time in your life, you will experience what it feels like to have freedom in love! I’m not talking about just feeling free, I’m talking about experience true freedom of the heart! A freedom that will last!

Your heart will become filled with a sense of love and joy inside, which it’s never felt before! And then true love fulfillment will soon follow!

Your love life will begin working in ways you never imagined possible! You will begin meeting people, and the people you meet will just be a really good fit for you! You will begin meeting friends who get you, and you will get them, too!

And if you’ve been feeling confused, worried, or concerned, in your current relationship, any confusion, current worries, or any concerns, will quickly become a thing of the past!

Your heart will finally be able to fully feel, express, and receive love to its fullest capacity!

Money Will Flow to You In Unbelievable Ways 

Once the Karmo Cordo Strangulo Disolvo Process has been performed on you – out of nowhere, you will suddenly begin attracting the kind of wealth you desire. Because once you are freed from your Negative Karma Cords and soul strangulation, as your wealth thoughts and desires return back to you, like mana from heaven, money will seem being falling out of the sky

* Your Career Path Obstacles Will Quickly Disappear!

When it comes to your professional or vocational desires. Any dead ends you faced in the past will disappear faster than smoke in front of a fan!

Invisible doors will open that will lead to the fulfillment of your most desired career wishes, dreams, and desires! Doors to promotions, out-of-the-blue raises, self-employment opportunities, college scholarships, and many more things like this, which will lead you to enormous financial success!

Because once the Karmo Cordo Strangulo Disolvo Process has cleared away all of your negative past life Karma, and removed the Karmic Cord weight from your soul – nothing will ever be able to stand in your way again!

* Your Dreams Will Be Fulfilled – Not Killed

Sadly, Negative Karmic Cord Attachments, along with Soul Strangulation causes your dreams to be killed!

But after the Karmo Cordo Strangulo Disolvo Process has been performed on you, the pain, anguish, and disappointment of killed dreams will be a thing of the past!

No more negative surprises, dreams destroyed, broken engagements, infidelity, deceptions, terminations, or having your dreams ever again disappear right before your very eyes! All of this will end!

Because whatever you can dream of can become a reality for you!

In other words, whatever you can dream – you’ll be able to achieve!

* Lonesome Living 

The Karmo Cordo Strangulo Disolvo Process will make loneliness of any kind become a thing of the past!

You will start meeting quality people, getting invited to cookouts, parties, one-on-one get togethers, game nights, ladies’ nights, along with many other social outings, with plenty of opportunities to just hang out with the kind of quality people you enjoy being around!

How this works is, the Karmo Cordo Strangulo Disolvo Process acts like a filter, filtering out the people you wouldn’t enjoy, and only allowing the people you would enjoy being around, to enter into your space!

So, you will begin finding yourself becoming connected to others in the ways you secretly wish.

It works like magic!

* Plus, a whole lot more!

As you can see, having the Cordo Strangulo Disolvo Process performed on you is not something you want to think about! It’s something you will want to do! Because your soul and the souls of your entire Soul Lineage depends on it!

My Best Friend Chuck

I wanted to take quick second and tell what happened to best friend Chuck after I performed the Karmo Cordo Strangulo Disolvo Process on him!

But since this email is long already, I am going to give you the condensed version of everything that happened for him:

– He and his wife’s 12-year relationship went from feeling like roommates to becoming like newlyweds!

– He became a 25-million-dollar lottery winner- and he retires next month!

– His lottery winnings are allowing him to build the million-dollar log cabin in the woods he always wanted!

– He no longer feels lonely due to the many people he and his wife have met on their recent world travels!

– In just 3 months, his financial investor earned him another 2.5 million dollars!

Along with the many more positive things that will be coming to him!

Additional Info About Your Family Members

Due to the intricate nature of the Karmo Cordo Strangulo Disolvo Process, once it has been performed on you, it will clear the past life karma, and Negative Karmic Cords of you and 4 other loved ones. **If you need more people than that to have the benefits of this work, you will need to have what is called an Ectoplasmic Stand-In to represent that person. And then that person, along with an additional four others, will also be able to have all of their past life karma cleared, too 

** You will need to speak with me personally about this if you want more than yourself and 4 other people’s past life karma cleared! 

What To Do Next

I have tried my best to clearly explain the significance of the Karmo Cordo Strangulo Disolvo Process performed on you, along with the negative soul without this protection!

And I’m sure anyone who truly understands this would not want to cause the death of their soul, not all the souls in their Soul Lineage.

And sadly, if you don’t want to do this for yourself, then do this for the continuance of all the souls in your Soul Lineage!

And there will be people who read this and think, “Oh, I know someone who can perform this for me and make sure I’m protected! I don’t need to have him do this!” And those people are 100% mistaken!


Because nothing can protect a person from this except the Karmo Cordo Strangulo Disolvo Process. And I can assure you, I was the only one at that training with the Zaraxins who was taught how to perform this!

Some people are even falsely deceived by lower ranking entities, into believing they are “psychically advanced enough themselves” to remove their own past life karma for themselves, their friends, and their loved ones! And that is all fooey!

But for those of you who realize the importance of having the Karmo Cordo Strangulo Disolvo Processo performed not only for your soul, but also the souls of Soul Lineage, too, then now is the time to reserve your space for this by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page!

These Spaces Are VERY Limited

I am only able to make a very limited number of spaces available for this – 77 to be exact. And once these 77 spaces are gone, they will be gone forever! Leaving those who are not protected having to wait and face the final ending of their soul, along with the extinguishing of all the souls in their Soul Lineage, too…

…and it literally broke my heart when I just had to type that!

But I have to tell you everything. Because I know when not comes to something as serious as this, people depend on the truth from me. They don’t want me to be like a lot of other psychics out there who only tell their clients pretty stories in times like this, just to make them feel good!

That is not me! I am only the messenger. I did not cause these cords or karma to happen, BUT I was taught how to remove it by using the Karmo Cordo Strangulo Disolvo Process. 

So, I am simply sharing my knowledge in order to help as many people as I can… 

…so please understand this! 

So, if you procrastinate, or don’t open this email in time, well, I don’t need to repeat what I have already explained.

So please, make sure to act now and reserve your space for this because the survival of your soul and all the souls in your Soul Lineage, literally depend on it!

Click here now and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page to reserve one of the limited spaces available for this, so that you will have the peace of mind that you, your loved ones, and your entire Soul Lineage will continue on!

I’m so glad you are one of the lucky ones who read this and know about this before it’s too late!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. If you have any other questions about this, please email me to let me know, and I will gladly try to answer them. Reserve one of the limited spaces now by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.

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