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In my last email, I talked about how to find your soulmate, and I even shared a beautiful story about a woman who found hers. You can click here to read it.

Love is such an important feeling to have in our lives. Love, as you know, is one of our basic human needs, and we actually need love to survive. Studies have been conducted that show we need love to feel good about ourselves, and to thrive in life…

…a life without love can not only be lonely, but it can lead to sadness, depression, isolation, and many other negative behaviors.

Why does the lack of love cause us to act and feel this way?

Because it is one of our basic human needs.

Without it, we often feel miserable inside.

Love Comes In Many Forms…But…

The first thing I want to mention is I never separate the words soul and mate when writing them. Many people spell it as “soul mate” but not me. I spell it soulmate.

The reason I do this is because when you meet your true soulmate, your soul’s become connected as one, because your soulmate is part of your soul.

So in my opinion, the words should be spelled together as “soulmate”, to reflect the connection and joining of one’s soul with one’s mate.

Love can come in many forms, and doesn’t always have to come from someone like a soulmate, to feel happy inside. We get love from our friends, family, and other people we meet, but…

…many people report that receiving this type of love can’t take the place of being with someone you truly love in a romantic way!

So finding your true soulmate is important for most people. Some people claim they don’t want or need a relationship, but I have found that people who say this, no matter what age they are, usually say this is due to having been deeply hurt in the past, and not wanting to risk feeling the pain again  of losing someone they loved so deeply.

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But, We Have To Look At The Reality Of Love

Love is painful when it ends, this is very true. It can feel like your heart is being ripped out when you break up or lose someone you love deeply. But the good news is, as time goes on, we can, and often do, heal from that pain.

A love breakup is not normally like PTSD, which is an emotional experience that can leave lasting emotional affects on a person for years to come. A bad breakup experience in the past can make a person feel scared when they meet someone new, but this is overcome through time, as the relationship continues to grow, and trust is built.

So what I am trying to say is it is important to keep love in perspective. The perspective I am referring to is “love hurts when it ends, but you will heal from it, as you always have in the past..and you always will in the future”.

It is important to really think about this, and realize the truth of this statement. Otherwise, fear can rule your mind, and cause you to remain fearful of love, to the point where you avoid getting involved for years!

If you reflect on the truth of what I just said, you will see it is true, and your fear will lessen.

The Winning Attitude To Have

My Master Guide Macar once told me “If you play in Cupid’s Casino, you gamble with your heart.” And his point was, when you want to date, and are open to love, sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. When you lose, it can really hurt, but when you win, it’s the best feeling in the world.

So I recommend giving up the fantasy thinking that dating won’t hurt, because it will sometimes. And I also want you to remember that regardless if you get hurt, you will heal, you will move on, and you will eventually find your true soulmate. I have discovered that people with this realistic and fearless attitude, are always the ones who find their true love!

The thing about the Game Of Love is, once you give up, the game is over! But if you never give up, and keep trying, no matter how many times you lose, you WILL eventually win!

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How To Minimize Getting Hurt When Searching For Love 

I have talked about Akashic Records several times in my emails. And if you just started receiving them, your Akashic Records are ethereal records that are stored in the Akashic Library, which is a “library in the sky”.

A set of these records were created the day your soul was first conceived. The moment you came into this universe as a divine spark of life, that was to become you!

From that moment, until today, your Akashic Records have been recording EVERY ONE of your thoughts, actions, and deeds, from this lifetime, and ALL of your past lives…

…therefore, everything about you…is written in your Akashic Records.

So why am I talking about your Akashic Records? Because in your Akashic Records is also where information about everyone you ever loved, in all of your past lives, is written. Your records contain their names, what past lives you shared together, what your lives were like in a past life, and what your relationship together was like back then too .

Your Akashic Records also tell you if the two of you made an agreement to meet again to be together in this lifetime. AND, there’s even more good news! You probably have at least 60 (probably more) different soulmate potentials you deeply loved in a past life, walking around right now in this life, also looking to find you!

A Powerful Universal Truth

Here is a Universal Truth: For every quality you desire to find in someone, there is someone out there desiring to find someone with the same qualities that you possess! Isn’t that incredible!??

Read it again…only slower, this time, and really think about it: “For every quality you desire to find in someone, there is someone out there, desiring to find someone with the same qualities that you possess!”

So by looking inside your Akashic Records, you can find out exactly how many people that are out there right now looking for you, the same as you are looking for them! AND, they are wondering if they are ever going to find you, the same way you are wondering if you are going to find them?

This is the just some of the POWERFUL information that can be found in your Akashic Records! So, what are you waiting for??? Let’s get moving and start finding your TRUE soulmate, instead of you wasting your time on what I call “love demons”, which are people who pretend to be your soulmate, but they are only going to deceive you and hurt you in the end!

So hopefully I have done a good job explaining how your Akashic Records contain powerful information that will help you on your search for love!

What Your Akashic Records Will Tell You:

– Where to look for your soulmate

– How many soulmates you actually have walking around out there

(and they probably live very close to you because we reincarnate in what are called Soul Groups)

– The best months and days to look for you soulmate

– They can even tell you his or her first name or initial.

– Plus they can tell you many more things!

So now you see why Akashic Records excite me, and why I love telling people about them! Especially people who are wanting to find their one true love!

I am offering Akashic Record readings right now, to people who truly want to find their one true love. And if you are one of those people, I want to help you find your soulmate!

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In light and love,

Tana Hoy

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