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Hi there,

Have you ever felt like your soul is dirty? What I mean by this is, have you ever felt like something inside of you just wasn’t right? A dirty soul means a soul that is polluted with negative energy that has been accumulated in your energy field. This negative energy comes from psychic vampires, and other negative people.

Soul pollution, which makes your soul dirty, can also come from negative energies floating around in the environment,. And even from negative energy that gets stored in the universe from such things as war,  local and domestic terrorism, and even from crimes that happen around the world.

All of these things can pollute your energy field and cause you to have a dirty soul!

What’s even more distressing is these energies are invisible! And since you cannot see them, it’s hard to know when you are being infected by them. The only way to know you’ve been infected with these negative energies is by the way you feel inside.

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The Problems A Dirty Soul Can Cause

Having a dirty and polluted soul can cause a person to experience all kinds of problems. A polluted soul can:

– It can prevent you from forming friendships.

– It can prevent people from finding you attractive – therefore preventing you from meeting people to date.

– It can cause a person to gain weight that is difficult to lose.

– It can cause financial blocks in your life.

– It can cause you to not be able to make friends easily.

– It cam make you feel unmotivated in areas of your life.

– It can prevent you from looking for love,  not wanting to go out after work or on weekends, or stopping doing nice things for yourself. So instead doing nice things for yourself, you find yourself always doing nice things for others.

– It can cause cravings for alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes to be more intense.

– Plus a whole lot more!!

Signs To Look Out For

There are certain signs to look for that will tell you if your soul is infected with soul pollution. The following signs will give you an indicator if you’ve been affected by this, and if so, how badly.

The signs to look for include:

– Having trouble finding love, or meeting the wrong kinds of people to date.

-People don’t seem to be drawn or attracted to you.

– You can’t get motivated to lose weight, no matter how many times you’ve tried

– You fee depressed, anxious, and especially melancholy, more often that you would like to.

– You have a sense that “something” inside of you doesn’t “feel” right.

– You feel tired and you don’t have the same energy you used to have.

– You find it difficult to trust others.

– You find people seem to take advantage of your good nature.

– You have a hard time saying “no” and feel guilty when you do.

– The same love problems seem to pop up over and over again in different relationships.

– Plus many other signs!!!

If you answers “yes” to one of the above questions, your soul has been infected with soul pollution. If you answered “yes” to two or more of the above questions, your soul is VERY dirty!

So as you can see, having a polluted soul can cause many unnecessary problems and complications in your life.

Does Everyone Have A Polluted Soul?

If you are a living human being, over the age of 25, your soul will be dirty. and polluted It’s unavoidable! Since we live in a world where negative energy floats around, we cannot avoid being infected with soul pollution. It’s part of living on the planet in a human body.

You can compare this to taking a bath. When you take a bath or shower, you know you will need to bath again the next day. You hair will get oily, your armpits will be a little smelly, and you face will need washed too. Why does this happen? Because you’ve been moving around all day, and exposed to the elements around you such as dust and dirt in the air, pollution, and sweat from moving around all day, etc.

So soul dirt attaches itself to your soul energy as you move around through life. And it accumulates more and more over time. So by the time a person has been exposed to this for 25 years or more, their soul is very polluted!

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How To Clean Your Dirty Soul Of Soul Pollution – The 3 Steps Involved

Your soul needs to be cleaned, just like your body needs to be bathed. Imagine if you didn’t take a bath for 25 years! Well, maybe don’t want to imagine that, because just the thought of it is icky! But I’m sure you get my point.

So if your Soul Body hasn’t been cleansed for 25 years or more, then imagine what your Soul Body must look like!

In order to clean your Soul Body, you need to scrub down the three layers composing it. This involves a process called Bio Psychic Energy Eradication (BPEE) BPEE is used to clean the three layers of you soul body, which are the Bio-Plasmic Layer, the Astral Layer, and the Soul Layer. Since your Soul Body has many layers, these are the three main ones where soul dirt attaches itself.

After cleaning these three layers, you then need to do a redirecting and unblocking of the Meridian Lines (bio-energy lines that help energy to flow properly through your Soul Body). This process is called a Meri Lineo Adjust.

Since your Meridian Lines are the first to become blocked with soul dirt and pollution, they prevent your Bio Psychic Energy from flowing properly though them. Once your Meridian Lines have been redirected and unblocked, you need a few more adjustments.

The third most important step in this process, after scrubbing down the three laters of your Soul Body, and redirecting and unblocking your Meridian Lines, is activating the hand and palm chakras. These are located in the palms of your hands, and on the bottoms of your feet.

This is performed using a technique called Chakra Infusing. What Chakra Infusing does is, it grounds you via your feet chakras, to the energy of the earth. And it grounds you via your hand chakras to the white light energy of the Universe.

Chakra Infusing is the key to awakening the energy transmitters within the lining of your Soul Body. When these energy transmitters are awakened, energy flows freely throughout your entire energy body, and keeps it feeling energetic, alive, positive, and awake.

The same as your physical body has a circulatory system, so does your energy body.  So this energy can be thought of as the  “energy blood” flowing thru the circulatory system of your energy body.

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What To Expect After Cleaning Away Your Soul Dirt And Pollution

Once all of these healing processes have been performed, you will then have a “dirt and pollution free” Soul Body, and you will experience:

– A profound change in your life

– Your energy, and your moods will be elevated to higher

– You will experience greater levels of joy, happiness, and bliss

– You will naturally start developing more friendships

– You will find your attraction factor increasing

– Potential love partners will start approaching you

– Weight loss will come effortlessly and naturally

– Your motivation levels will increase

– Abundance and money will easily flow more freely into your life

– Alcohol and drug problems will start to diminish

– And many other problems and struggles will disappear like magic!

Your Soul Body is just like your psychical body. So when things get clogged up they break down, have to work harder than usual, or they just stop working at all, so problems arise.

So cleaning your Soul Body is like performing a deep, spiritual detox that cleanses your Soul Body at the deepest levels of your entire being! And once this spiritual detox occurs, miracles and magic start happening on a daily basis!

Having your dirty soul cleansed feels like being born again, and getting a fresh start in life – all at the same time! So if you are ready to have more doors open in your life, ready to feel like you’ve been “born again” inside, and ready to start feeling more joy and happiness so you can grab life by the horns to start experiencing life the way you want to – then having your dirty soul cleansed will be just the thing you need!

How To Reserve A Dirty Soul And Pollution Cleansing 

When you have a dirty soul, you become limited in life, and life feels like it is holding you back! So this is VERY important work to have done! 

I recommend it for every living person on earth, but since I will need to make sure I spaces available for my psychic readings, I will have to limit the amount of spaces I can make available for Dirty Soul Cleanings.

I am going to offer them in July and August of this year, and I will only be able to make 50 spaces available for these soul cleanings.

So if you’re ready for a fresh start in life, then make sure to click here now and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page to reserve one of the 50 spaces for yourself before they are all gone!!

After your soul pollution and dirt has been removed, you will feel lighter and freer than you have felt for years!

I look forward to helping you live a happier and freer life!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S. Here’s my Psychic Predictions for January 2016 


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    This is awesome!
    I cried last night, it felt so hurt. Things have been so upsetting. I prayed, and I did something different this time. I asked forgiveness and I forgave outloud and to whoever I felt I needed to. Whoever came to my mind. I was trying to get rid of all this upset. Some people were easier, others I cried bad. I cried a lot with both my dads. I forgave and asked for forgiveness, even though they weren’t in the room with me.
    Tana- today my dad thanked me for being so helpful with my mom! It made me feel so much better ???
    I’m greatful for your friendship 🙂

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