Here’s Your Monthly Horoscope for February 2016 – by Tana Hoy

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People often ask me what its like being born with psychic ability? So in my last email, I talked about what it’s like, and I also shared a story about the psychic impressions I picked up from a woman and her boyfriend who I met at a party. I talk about interesting what picked up from them, and then what happened later…You can read that story by clicking here.

But today, I am going to talk about a very important subject! Your Spirit Guides. Make sure to read ALL of this email, because it contains very important  information you won’t want to miss!

Did you know your spirit guides have been with you since the day you were born? And sadly, many people don’t even realize that they have spirit guides who are waiting to help them in their lives!

You see, the day you were born, you came into this life surrounded by a magnificent symphony of spirit guides. And when you took your first breath, they became instantly connected to your aura, by a silver cord!

Some of the guides that came with you into this life will be here to guide you your entire life, and others will move on when their duty to help you has been fulfilled!

For example, you have a Gatekeeper guide watches the gate to your soul, and he or she will be with you until the day you pass on. You also have an Indian Guide, who protects you and heals you, and is also with you forever in this life!

Your Professor Guide will help you with learning and understanding life on the deeper levels. While your Master Guide will train you in developing your psychic and spiritual sides.

Since each Spirit guide has a skill and speciality that he or she is an expert in, they will use their skill or speciality to guide you in that specific area of your life. This is why they are called Spirit “Guides”.

Why It’s Important To Know The Names Of All Your Spirit Guides!

What most people don’t realize is how important it is to know the names of each of their Guides names.

Read on as I explain all of this to you!

The reason being because the energetic connection between you and your Spirit Guides needs to be activated for the connection between you and them to become “awakened”. And this awakening happens the moment you call them by their names!

Since a name vibration contains the energetic soul essence of the Spiritual Being it is connected to, saying their names releases a vibrational signal into the Universe, and activates what is known as a silver cord connection!

It is this connection that aligns your soul, and the soul of your Spirit Guides, into perfect harmonic resonation! So saying their names out loud is what creates this true connection between you and them.

Saying their names is like turning on the light of the universe! Once you say it, they “wake up”, so to speak, and you become instantly aligned and connected to them in the strongest possible way!

And the best part is, once you know the names of your Spirit Guides, and then know what each one’s expertise is, you can call on the correct Guide to help you. Then after you call on them, just sit back, and watch with amazement as you see the magic of your Spirit Guides unfold right before your eyes!

It’s like having your own personal Genie in a bottle! But instead of having only one gene, YOU will have 20 to 30 of them helping you manifest whatever it is you desire!

I often give my clients the names of their Spirit Guides during their reading, and as you can see, knowing there name is very important!! BUT knowing their names is not enough! You actually need to know a lot more about them, and the proper way to communicate with them.

Read on and I am going to explain all of this to you…

 You can learn the names of ALL of your guides and how to start working with them now, by clicking here and filling out this form!

Each Spirit Guide Has A Unique Area Of Expertise

As I mentioned earlier, each Spirit Guide has a special talent or skill they can use to help you, because each Spirit Guide has a different area of  expertise.

For example,  if you struggle or need help in any of the following areas in your life, then your Spirit Guides will definitely be able to help you in any of these areas! They can help you:

– Find your soul mate, or improve a current relationship you are in.

–  Show you the steps you need to take to make more money, have more prosperity, wealth, or abundance in your life!

– Lead you to the right career path that will lead to your greatest sense of accomplishment, happiness, and your greatest financial success!

– Help you find your true life purpose, giving you a deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in your life like never before!

– Help you avoid serious health issues, or guide you in the right steps to take to resolve any that may already exist!

– They will give you, your family, and your loved ones, boundless protection. Both physically, emotionally, and mentally!

– They can help you accelerate the development of  your psychic abilities, healing abilities, and spiritual sides. Making your connections in any of these areas stronger and more powerful that you could ever imagine!

– You have guides that will make you more popular and well-liked by everyone you meet. If you so desire!

– They will increase your attractiveness  making you like a magnet of attraction, and people will be drawn to your new found aura of attraction! Both personally and physically.

– They will help you lose weight and meet those personal goals, allowing you to look into the mirror and see the kind of body you’d like to see!

– They will help you find the best solution to ANY problem you face. And it will always be a solution that works to your greatest advantage!

– They will help you become more inspired, motivated, driven, and alive! They will even help you bring passion back in areas of your life where it may have been lost! This includes work, friendships, romance, life, or any area where your passion has gone!

– You will find your creativity increase, as their positive energy begins to flow though you like never before.

– You will never feel lonely again, because you will always feel their presence, and know you have invisible friends who love you, care about you, and want your best interest!

– Plus a whole lot more!

The list goes on and on!

You have a Guide that can help you in ANY AND ALL areas of your life!

Are you ready to see your life change for the better, if so, click here to fill out this form so you can learn the names of ALL of your guides

I was told on one of my astral journeys that many spirit guides feel lonely because the person they have been assigned to help doesn’t call on them because they don’t know their names!

So I decided that I was going to do something about this, and help people who want to connect with their Guides to know their names, and learn the speciality or area of expertise each of their 20 to 30 Guides possess!

What Happens During  A Spirit Guide Connection Session

A Spirit Guide Connection Session is for people who want to learn how to call on their Spirit Guides for help at anytime, in order to receive their assistance and guidance in their daily lives.

During this powerful session, first, you will learn the names of all 20 to 30 of your spirit guides.

Then I will explain to you each of your Guides area of expertise, and what each one can help you with. This is important information to possess, because you need to know which Guide to call on to help you with whatever situation or problem you need help with.

For example, if you are having problems with a relationship, or trouble finding your soulmate, you would call on your Love Guide to help you resolve the problem, or bring your true soulmate into your life. Because this is what a Love Guide does. Love is the specific area of expertise for your Love Guide!

If you are having money problems, you would call on your Money Guide to help you achieve what you want to achieve in that area of your life. Because a Money Guide’s area of expertise is manifestation, finance, abundance, prosperity, wealth, and all and all business situations.

Spirit Guides, just like people, have a specific area of expertise. So they are very knowledgeable in their area or specialty, and are quite capable of helping you. So you need to know the right Guide to call on to help you.

This is why most people have 20 to 30 Spirit guides assigned to them at birth! Because it takes that many different Guides to be able to help you with all possible problems or situations a human can be faced with in life.

Next, I will teach you the proper way to invoke the help, guidance, and assistance, of your Spirit Guides. This is very easy to do, BUT it has to be done correctly, or your Guides won’t be able to hear you when you call on them. There is a specific way to call on them.

Then last, I This activate your Silver Cord Connection, awaken it, strengthen it, and create an unbreakable, lifelong spiritual bond between you and your Spirit Guides! A Silver Cord Connection is what creates this powerful bond and connection between you and your Guides.

What To Expect After Your Spirit Guide Connection Session

After your Spirit Guide Connection Session, you will be armed with the most powerful knowledge a person can possess, when it comes to working with your Spirit Guides. And you will be able to start using what I teach you right away after our session is finished! Because you will know everything you need to know to start receiving their powerful help in all areas of your life!

You are going to be amazed how your life will start to change for the better – almost over night!

Your love life will change, your financial status will change, you will intuitively know how to solve problems which used to baffle you, your health will improve, your will become more attractive to others, (or the person you are with), you will lose weight and get in better shape, you will feel happier, less stressed, less anxiety, loneliness will disappear, and you will feel more energetic, inspired, driven, and alive…

…and that is only the beginning of all the good things that are going to happen!!

Most people report never feeling alone again after this powerful session, because they immediately start feeling more aware and sensitive to the amazing love and presence of their Spirit Guides surrounding them.

After a Spirit Guide Connection Session, you will your life is going to change – forever!

What To Do Next  So You Can Experience This Powerful Connection In Your Life!

To schedule a Spirit Guide Connection Session, click here and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page, and someone will contact you right away to reserve your space!

I am only able to offer 40 spaces for this amazing session, so they will go fast! If you procrastinate, you will miss out. So click here right away so you are sure to reserve one of the limited spaces!

I very excited to help you start changing your life for the better in 2016, by formally introducing you to all of your Spiritual Guides, so they can start helping you manifest the type of life you desire to live!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

To schedule a session:

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Call: 614-444-6334

P.S. Here’s Your Monthly Horoscope For February 2016

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  1. Black Wolf says:


    I have had several readings from you in the past. My biggest concern is keeping my health viable for driving at work. I request you name off all my spirit guides. I only know of one you gave me….Yes, I am interested in the Silver Cord connection as long as it is positive and gives credit back to our Creator and myself for all the helpers we are suppose to have. DNA h3 j2

  2. Jo-Ann says:

    Dear Tana,
    I thoroughly enjoy reading your horoscopes and newsletters as I find them very interesting. Due to a low Canadian dollar, I am unable to get a reading at this time and hopefully it will go up soon. I did read one of your articles here where you told a man about his aura and I was wondering how you could tell what his aura was through an email.
    Thanks and have a great day

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