Here’s My Psychic Predictions For February 2016 – by Tana Hoy

Hi there,

Before you read my psychic predictions for this month, make sure to read this entire email. Trust me, you won’t want to miss reading this important information!

In my last email, I shared an email from a client who shared how things unfolded after our reading! To be honest, it even moved me to tears! You can read all about it here! 

Today I wanted to talk about something very, very important! I’m going to reveal something to you only spoken about in select Inner Circles, where people of higher esoteric thinking come together to discuss the secrets of the universe in closed quarters. Secrets, most of the world population has no idea even exists.

Jingshen Liu

I’m going to talk to you about how to harness the materialization power of what’s called Jingshen Liu. This word translates to mean “psychic flow” and it refers to being connected to the psychic flow of the universe.

When you are connected to the energy of Jingshen Liu (and such a thing really does exist), it allows anything you desire to flow into your life, as easily as a water floats down a stream. This not only includes materializing the physical and material things in your life, but also the emotionally fulfilling things, such as good luck, joy, and happiness.

The Chinese have been aware of something called “chi energy” for many centuries. Chi energy is an abundant flow of bio-psychic energy that permeates the universe. And the Chinese have taught about this energy for centuries, in their martial arts teachings, and Feng Shui.

Understanding Jingshen Liu

When you were born, your soul was automatically connected to the power of  Jingshen Lui. But if you are like most people, you never realized this,  And as people get older, they lose their sense of child like wonder, and fall out of the flow of Jingshen Liu. When you fall out of this universal flow, it causes you to become out of alignment with your true self, which then causes you to block the “flow of goodness” coming into your life!

Jingshen Lui is about more than manifestation. It’s actually something quite different. Jingshen Lui is something we were all once connected to, but lost this connection as we grew older.

Jingshen Lui makes life work, without any effort on your part. It is often referred to in advanced esoteric circles as “the miraculous magic of the universe that can be summoned and materialized into the physical realm of existence”.

Manifestation works with the energy of thought desires, when Jingshen Liu works with the power of physical materialization. And this is what makes its power so magical.

For example, manifestation involves thinking of something you desire, and manifesting it by specific thinking, having a strong desire, and using great mental visualization.

Jingshen Liu works by verbalizing a wish or desire, out loud or to yourself, and then seeing physical proof as it physically materializes in your life, within a short period of time.

So manifestation, and the power of  Jingshen Liu are two totally different things. The only thing they share in common are the Law Of Highest Good. Meaning, you cannot materialize something in your life that will harm you, harm others, or hinder your joy, happiness, or peace of mind, in any way.

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Why We Become Disconnected From The Power Of Jingshen Liu

We were all born connected to the energy of Jingshen Liu, because it encompasses the power and magic of the ability to materialize.

The power of Jingshen Liu is spiritual proof you come into this world with the divine right to be happy, prosperous, have love, good health, or anything else you desire. But often, due to the negative programming we receive as we grow up, we become dis-aligned from this natural divine flow of goodness, light, and the love it offers.

This causes people to become blocked from the materializations power of Jingshen Liu, and when blocked, a person also “blocks” the energy of their wishes and desires from materializing into the physical realm of life!

Being misaligned from the power of Jingshen Liu prevents you from materializing what you desire, keeps you feeling stuck in a life-rut, and causes you to seem to meet roadblocks whenever you try to get ahead.

The Causes Of Soul Mis-Alignment

So what causes a person to fall out of the flow of Jingshen Liu? Since Jingshen Liu is an energy of what light, angelic vibrational energy, and powerful materialization forces, the following lower vibration examples knock you out of it’s alignment:

1. You have subconscious doubts, fears, and worries, which act like walls around you, stopping you from having the good things in life you deserve..

2. You have a negative inner voice telling you what you wish or desire is impossible for you to achieve.

3. Something inside you makes you doubt your own abilities.

4. Negative Childhood Programming (NCP) affects your ability to believe in yourself.

5. You feel defeated in life, leaving you feeling unmotivated to try and reach your goals and desires.

6. You never knew about Jingshen Liu, so it would be impossible for you to even be aware you could realign yourself with it.

So as you can see, the most common factors that cause misalignment to the materialization power of Jingshen Liu are a result of:

1. Your childhood and upbringing.

2. Past hurts you experienced from loving or trusting the wrong people,

3. Personal Insecurities

4. Having a negative image about your body, looks, or appearance.

5. Negative programming you learned or were told growing up.

So as you can see, since being in alignment with Jingshen Liu is a natural, divine occurrence at birth, becoming misaligned from it’s energy causes your entire life to be out of balance because you are no longer in harmonic alignment with it.

Remember, Jingshen Liu was your inherited right by birth, and it’s the way you were meant to live. Being out of the flow is unnatural, and inharmonious with how you are supposed to experience life’s treasure.

My Favorite Story About The Power Of Jingshen Liu 

Since being in alignment with the materialization power of Jingshen Liu is an inherent birth right, becoming realigned to it’s energy is possible for everyone – even you.

I had a friend named Chuck, and we were/and still are very close friends. Although now he resides in the Spirit World, we talk and visit almost every day. The other day he physically materialized in my library, and we sat and talked for several hours. We had some tea together, and talked about many things, including Jingshen Liu. He explained it is the power of Jingshen Liu that allows him to physically materialize for me to see him. But that is for a different discussion…

Chuck reminded me of a story when we were around 25 years old (only last year, of course)!

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How Chuck Discovered The Power Of Jingshen Liu

Chuck came to me and told me how he wished he could just snap his fingers, and make something appear out of thin air. He had been watching an old rerun of Bewitched, and said he wished he had powers like Samantha. He then asked me if I know of any higher level techniques where energy could be used that way.

A smile came over my face, and he asked me why I was smiling with such a big grin? I told him I couldn’t teach him how to snap his fingers to make something appear like Samantha did, but I knew how to do something pretty darn close to that.

So I told him about Jingshen Liu, and explained the entire history of it to him. I also explained how we were all once connected to it by birthright, but became misaligned from it’s energy as we grew older.

Then I asked him if he’d like to be realigned to the power of Jingshen Liu once again, and experience it’s magic? I assured him by becoming realigned to this energy, it would have some amazing impact on his life, and his whole existence as he presently knew it, would gradually come to change for the better.

He chuckled a little, as he told me how amazed he was at all the knowledge I possessed. He was like a spiritual sponge, and we had many, many talks over the years, as I shared with him the teachings I learned from my mentor, and from all of my astral travels.

So, I performed a Jingshen Liu Reconnection Alignment on him. When I was finished, he said he felt something different inside, but he didn’t know exactly how to describe it. Then a huge smile came over his face, as he told me he felt so much joy inside, he felt like he was going to pee his pants (Thank god he didn’t!)

I explained he was feeling so happy because he was experiencing the transmission of the infusion of the energy of Jingshen Liu, and he was feeling this joy and excitement  because it was how he was born into this life to feel everyday. I then explained to him what he needed to do next to physically materialize his wishes and desires

The Instructions I Gave Chuck For Harnessing The Power Of Jingshen Liu

Now that Chuck had experienced the transmission of the infusion of the energy of Jingshen Liu, I explained to him how to harness it’s materialization power. So I told him:

1. He needed to say clearly out loud, or silently to himself, with strong conviction, what he wishes or desires, but not to tell anyone, other than me, what it is.

2. He then needed to bless his wish or desire with a Dimensional Transfusion Technique (I taught him how to do this, and it only takes about 2 seconds to do)

3. I than taught him the powerful Sacred Words Of Summoning, telling him to say them 3 times to solidify his wishes and desires into the material realm of existence.

4. Then to sit back and wait for them to materialize.

(The above steps take about 30 seconds to do, but they need to be done, because they are the keys that open the doors to the transmission of the infusion of the energy of Jingshen Liu.)

Chucks’ Successful Materialization Using The Power Of Jingshen Liu

About two days later, he ran to my house, banged on my door, was all out of breath, and as he was panting and talking at the same time, he told me the following story:

Tana, I wanted to materialize a new car, because my old one was failing apart on me, but I didn’t want to go into debt buying a new one. After you transmitted the energy of Jingdhen Liu to me, I followed the steps you told me to do. Then patiently waited, just like you said.

Well, a few minutes ago, the phone rang. It was the a car dealership calling me saying my name had been drawn in a raffle I entered last week, and I had won a new car! I was in total shock!!!

And better yet, they said they were going to pay the tax money I would owe, so the car would be mine free and clear – without me having to pay one cent of my own money!

Chuck had won a brand new Honda Civic!

Wonderful Memories

I always remember that story, and Chuck often reminds me of it every time he visit me from the Other side. I can always see the smile in his eyes every time he tells it. And because of that smile, I never get tired of hearing the same story.

This is just one of my many favorite stories about the remarkable materialization power of Jingshen Liu.

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Jingshen Liu May Or May Not Be For You

So if you are wanting to move beyond the basics of manifestation, and really discover how to tap into the higher esoteric energies used by people like myself, and other spiritual gurus who richly understand the inner workings and power of the universe, on a level not know to 99% of all people out there, then becoming realigned by transmission of the infusion of the energy of Jingshen Liu is what you’re looking for.

Please understand, this realignment of energy is for the big boys and girls. The real Light Seekers of higher spiritual truths and possibilities.

It’s for people who realize the universe is an abundant place, and that there is no lack in the universe. It’s for people who understand the more you have, the more you can give to help others.

It’s for people who know they are divine spiritual beings, who understand they were born with a divine purpose in life, and their divine right is to experience joy and light. Not misery, lack, and darkness.

It’s for people who want to feel good in life, experience all the best life has to offer, and who want their lives to overflow with richness of good health, happiness, love, and joy. Not only for themselves, but also for the people they love!

Jingshen Liu Is Not For People Who:

It’s not for people who only want to dabble in their lives, being satisfied with the crumbs life occasionally throws at them.

It’s not for people who say, “I don’t need anymore in my life to be happy, because I have everything already. My money is good, my love life is good, my health is perfect, and I have all I need and more!”

It’s not for selfish people who only think of themselves, have no compassion for others, and only have a desire to use their abundance to only benefit themselves, and not help others too.

It’s not for people who have “poverty thinking” and believe having unlimited abundance and prosperity in their life is evil and of the devil.

No! The transmission of the infusion of the energy of Jingshen Liu is positive, joy-bringing, soul-fulfilling, and the wish granter of your dreams! BUT only if you use it properly. Only if you use it to build, and never to destroy others.

It’s Time For You To Decide

Now that you know all about the power of Jingshen Liu, what it can do, and who it’s for, and not for. So now it’s time for you to decide which step to take next.

If you are ready to step off the ledge of the most people stand on in life, have an existence different than most other people, and are ready to step into a new reality of existence where joy, blessings, love, light, abundance, prosperity, and unlimited happiness abound, then you are ready to welcome and experience the power of Jingshen Liu into your life, and also help bless the life of those you love.

Jingshen Liu will not only bless you life, but it is going to bless the life of those you love and care about the most! Even if you haven’t spoken with them for years!

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Get ready for your life to change like you never imagined…

…I’m so happy to be able to tell you about this!

In light and peace,

Tans Hoy

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P.S. The title of this email says March Psychic Predictions, but these are actually my Psychic Predictions for February 2016, so here are my latest Psychic Predictions For February 2016


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