Here’s What Spirit Guide Professor Carlton Taught Me (A Must Read!)

As you know from my last email, I shared with you my special meeting I held on the 44th Dimension with the Sacred Council. And how we discussed how a person could release deep karma from their life. It also has my monthly Love Horoscopes for December. You can read that email by clicking here. If you didn’t read it, make sure you do!!

Today I wanted to share a technique you can use to lift your spirits whenever you feel down or depressed. But first, I wanted to make sure you understand where down or depressed feelings can come from.

Understanding Energy

Energy is everywhere in the Universe. It is all around you, even now as you are reading this. There are voices in the air you cannot hear. Not only are there spirit voices, but also voices in different languages. They are called radio waves, and these voices need a Ham Radio to be able to hear them.

There are also microwaves, electrical waves, and even waves from bluetooth and other wireless products. So there is energy everywhere that you cannot see. And then there is the energy of the Spirit World.

The energy of the Spirit World has good and bad energy. Why? Because there are good and bad spirits out there.

So with all of this different energy literally bombarding you every moment of every day, it can cause all kinds of emotional problems, mood swings, and even cause you to feel down or depressed!

So you need to make sure to protect yourself from this energy every day, whether you are someone who feels happy all the time, down a lot, or you experience mixed feelings throughout each day, which is what most people normally experience.

Regardless, it is important to know how to protect yourself.

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A Special Technique I Learned 

I wanted to make sure to be able to teach you the most powerful protection technique possible, because I wanted to make sure that all of my email friends are as protected as possible. So I went on another astral journey, only this time to the 14th Dimension.

The 14th Dimension is where Spirit Guides go to learn. You can think of the Dimension as the Learning And Training Dimension for Spirit Guides. There are actually schools on this Dimension, and Spirit Guides go to these schools to learn. The same as we go to schools here on earth.

I met with a Spirit Guide named Professor Carlton, who is one of the Professor Guides who teaches at one of the Spirit Schools on the 14th Dimension. I asked him to teach me the best technique a person could use to protect themselves from the energy that floats through the universe. And here is what Professor Carlton taught me.

He calls this the Enerprotard Shield Technique.

My Conversation With Professor Carlton

So we talked, and here was our conversation:

Tana Hoy: Professor Carlton, I would like to learn a powerful technique that will safely protect people on earth from negative energy.

Professor Carlton: Tana, I am glad you are asking me to teach you this. Protection, as you know, is

very important for people on earth to know how to use, especially with all of the changing energies happening. These changes are reflected in the latest shootings, bombings, and other horrible events that are taking place among humans.

Tana Hoy: I agree.

Professor Carlton: Tana, you warned people that these things were going to happen in December, when the energy of the earth would experience a drastic change. And you even told them to have the Ascenma SheilProtecto Technique performed on them to help protect themselves. Not one person who had this work performed on them lived in San Bernardino. But many who did have it performed, lived near and around that area. They were protected by the power of Ascenma ShielProtecto.

Tana Hoy: I did warn people, and thankfully, there are many people who had it performed on them who will be protected ffor the next 17 months from the changes in the earth’s energy that are going to continue to hit the planet and cause even more chaos.

Proefessor Carlton: The technique I am going to tach you will protect a person from the negative energies earth people come in contact with on a daily basis, such as energy waves, radio waves, and negative spirits. But it will not protect them form the changes in the earth’s energy. This is important to understand. But this technique will lift a person’s moods, due to having protection from the energies that they are exposed to on a daily basis.

Tana Hoy: I will make sure I explain this to them. Thank you.

Professor Carlton: You’re welcome. I wanted to be sure they are clear on knowing this will only protect them from the energies I just mentioned. So here is what to do.

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How To Perform the Enerprotard Shield Technique 

1. Light a violet candle. Violet candles radiate an aura of protection when lit.

2. Light rose scented incense. The smell of rose incense invokes the protection of angels.

3. After the candle and incense are lit, close your eyes, and imagine 2 angels standing behind you, and one in front of you. Imagination combined with intention will manifest their presence.

4. Now silently say to them “I request your divine protection and ask you to shield me from any man- created energies or negative spirits near or around me.” Make sure to request this with sincerity, or the protection will not work.

5. Sit there with your eyes closed for 5 minutes.

6. Now, open your eyes, and blow out the candle.

7. You are now protected.

8. Repeat every 7 days, at the same time.

Tana Hoy: That’s all they need to do?

Professor Carlton: This technique works well to protect people from the energies mentioned.

Tana Hoy: Thank you so much Professor Carlton.

Professor Carlton: You’re welcome Tana

I was so glad to have this conversation with Professor Carlton, and am very thankful to him for sharing it with me, so that I could pass it on to you.

So I hope you will use this technique, and if you do, you should find your moods will change and you will feel less depressed, down, and sad, and start feeling happier every day.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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    Tank you Tana for caring and sharing! My the universe give you more!❤️

  3. Candy says:

    This is so awesome Tana! I will do it! I thanked professor Carlton, even though I don’t know him 🙂 I love spiritual stuff, I find it absolutely fascinating!
    Tana? You how you talked about bad spirits? When we pass on, why can’t the Angels in heaven make them stop? I love the Angels! There awesome! I don’t even know them in person, but I already know they love us and want to help us? I talk to archangel sandalvon slot- to please send my prayers… I read he’s the tallest angel!!! It sounds kinda scary huh? Lol I love him and all of the Angels!!! I have a voice Tana- it was so scary to have a voice- it was the hardest thing ever! But I did it, and then I stopped being scared!!
    You’ve helped me so much, I miss you ?
    Can’t wait to talk again! ? <— look it's MY voice lol

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    Your note about having a voice and not being scared has made my day. Thank you.

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