Here’s What Your Akashic Records Tell Me About Your Life…

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I want to talk more about the Akashic Records today. What they are, where they exist, and what exactly they mean. I also want to make sure that you understand all the important information they contain about your life and the life of anyone you know. 

Where They Are Located

Your Akashic Records are records that exist in the higher realms. The best way to describe them is to think of them like the library in the sky. Like any library, when you walk in, you can find information on any topic or subject you want to know about.

Your Akashic Records are exactly like a library on earth. The only difference is that your Akashic Records contain information about all of your past lives, along with your present one!

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Every one of your thoughts, actions, and deeds, are recorded in your Akashic Records. They contain a vast amount of information about you. So whenever I do a reading for someone, I can look into their Akashic Records, and this is where I am able to see an abundance of information about them.

This includes information about their past lives, and also the outcomes in their future. Yes! Information about your future is also contained in your Akashic Records.

The fact that Information about your future is contained in your Akashic Records is something that I find most fascinating!

Your Akashic Records contain information about anyone you’ve ever been in love with a past life and anyone that you’ve known in a past life, that you’ve made an agreement to meet again in this life. These are the people who will be your true soul mate in this one!

These records tell you what is the best career suited for you, your hidden talents, special skills, and abilities! Even your psychic abilities are revealed there too!

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They also contain information about your life purpose and what you were born to do! They even reveal why you have certain fears and phobias in this life.

Something else that’s very exciting! You can find out who you were in your past lives, where you lived, and what kind of lives you lived before this one!

I am sure by now you can see why I find Akashic Records such a fascinating subject talk about!

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  1. janice e arandelovic says:

    i am being harassed by anex a black witch his wife and cult any suggestions, i haven’t been with that creep in 25 yrs and need to remove them, its interfering with my present life and wanting to move and destroyed my love life with trevor.i am more aware of their red/black energy more than ever if that be one consolation. how do i keep the people close to me that id like in my vibration and get rid of this bunch without being driven crazy. i want even my family didn’t know how to do deal with this yes im sorry i chose to go out with him but did not deserve what they’ve been doing to me in terms of screwing with my life faith and interest , belief system and using psychic phenomena for good not self negative purposes.

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