Here’s Your Love Horoscope For April 2021

Most people (unless you read my weekly emails) have no clue that love problems are related to negative love karma! They also have no idea that by cleaning up your negative love karma. You can actually get your ex back, or improve an unhappy relationship!!

Yes! You read that right! By cleaning up your love karma it can actually create a type of psychic influence that has the power to bring your ex back or improve an unhappy relationship!

You may be missing someone from the past that you know is your soulmate! Or you may be in a relationship, but it just doesn’t make you feel happy. You might feel like the love between the two of you died a long ago. Or maybe the problems the two of you are having are breaking your heart!

Maybe the two of you argue a lot, or you feel like the other person doesn’t understand you. Maybe you wish he or she would just open up more, and tell what really lies in their heart!

In any of these situations, even your intimate bedroom life will also suffer! And true bedroom intimacy makes two people feel bonded and connected! But when it doesn’t exist, or it happens few and far between, you end up feeling sad, hurt, depressed, and unloved!

But there is great news for you today…You Have The Power to Change it! 

A Happy Story About Love 

When the one you love doesn’t seem to return back the same love you feel inside for them, it leaves you feeling sad and lonely.

I once had a friend who was in a dead-end marriage, and she was just miserable! She loved this man, but he was not communicative, hardly ever told her that he loved her, and their intimate bedroom life stopped long ago! You could actually see the sadness in her eyes – even though she tried to keep busy and not think about it! She just assumed this was how it was going to be for the rest of their lives together!

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So I asked her one day if she knew anything about love karma? She told me not really, and I explained to her how things she did in her past lives, may have caused her to experience what she is going through now! She wanted to know more, so I explained to her that oftentimes what we experience in relationships with another person, is what we did to that person in one of our past lives together!

I also told her that this pattern would keep repeating in any and all future relationships – regardless of whether or not she left him to try again with another person. I explained to her how negative love karma follows you around like a shadow – until it gets resolved!

So I asked her if she’d like my help to release her negative love karma, and she said she really wanted to feel happier and was willing to try anything! I even explained that once I did this work with her, that her relationship with Bob (not his real name) would improve!

She seemed skeptical when I told her that, because they had already been together for over 4 years, and she didn’t feel he would ever change! So I did this work with her and then told her to let me know if she saw any changes over the next few months.

She called me about a month later, and she had a big smile in her voice! She told me that it seemed like an alien walked in and took over Bob’s body because Bob was changing into a totally different man!

She told me he sent her flowers last week, then came home a few days ago and cooked her dinner (he never cooked), it was a candlelight dinner, and over dinner, he told her how much he really loved her.

He explained to her that he always felt trapped inside, unable to express his true feeling to her over the years. But he said that for some reason, he felt like he was recently released from these internal chains, and could finally express his love completely to her now!

That was over one year ago, and they recently got engaged. She told me she never believed in a thousand years that this would happen, and she is happier than she had ever felt before!

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Another Love Story

I had another friend whose husband never showed her any affection, she suspected he had had affairs on her, and she was totally miserable! So I asked her if she knew about negative love karma, and I asked her if she would like to learn how to start having the love she desired between her and her husband.

She told me she thought karma was a bunch of nonsense, and besides, she felt it was too late for their relationship to ever improve. She said she’d rather just live with what the cards dealt her!

I asked her to just keep an open mind and try what I could teach her, and if it didn’t work, she wouldn’t lose anything! She still refused.

I heard from her a few months ago. Sadly, her husband ended up leaving her for the next-door neighbor, and her kids went to live with her husband and his new wife. She was left all alone!

She told me she has decided not to date anymore because she said it is too painful, and she moved away to a small farm in Idaho! She has totally isolated herself, and decided to live the rest of her life alone!

If she had only tried what I wanted to teach her, I can only imagine how different this sad ending would have been!

Her Ex Came Back

About a year ago, a client of mine asked me if clearing up her love karma could bring her ex back. She told me she still knew they were meant to be together, even though she hadn’t seen him or talked to him in over four years!

I explained to her that if it was part of her destiny that he would come back – once she cleaned up her negative love karma. I explained to her that nothing can prevent a love that is supposed to be – except negative love karma!

So I worked with her during a session, and I cleaned up her karma! Her love karma was a huge mess! I then told her a gemstone to work with, and then instructed her to place it near a photo of him. I then told her to keep me posted!

Less than 2 months later, she called me and said she was in shock! She said her ex called her out of the blue, after over four years of not seeing each other or talking to each other! She said he got her number from a mutual friend she hadn’t talked to in years either!

He flew in to see her a month later, and she said they have been dating ever since! She said he told her that he felt a sudden urge to call her – and that he had never forgotten about her over the years! He said he had never met a woman like her in the years they were apart!

She told me they are already talking about marriage, and she said she was ecstatic! They have since gotten engaged! Her love karma was finally changed and she found true happiness!

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Signs Of Negative Love Karma

You will know if you have been experiencing negative love karma if you answer “yes” to any of the questions below:

– A relationship ended with a person you knew was your soulmate

– You can’t seem to find or meet anyone you are compatible with

– You can seem to meet anyone at all

– You see the same patterns repeat themselves in your love relationships

– You are in a relationship and it is unfulfilling – you want more out of love

– You feel trapped inside and want to experience the love you dream about

– You know you have love problems and can’t seem to figure out why

– You know you’re a good person, worthy of love, yet you can’t find seem to find your soulmate

Eliminating Your Negative Love Karma Can Change Everything

Negative love karma has the power to create – or destroy – love between any two people! Even if love is meant to be, but there is negative love karma that has not been resolved, the love between those two people can be destroyed as a result of it!

I talk to many clients who could have been having happier love experiences if they had only known about their negative love karma, that they could fix it, and then experience deep love with the person they were meant to be with!

Instead, their negative love karma destroyed it, just like it did for my friend who was unwilling to even give it a try when I offered to help her!

2021 Will Be The Year Of The Soulmate

My Ascended Master guide Macar told me it is time to heal as many hearts as possible since 2021 is going to be The Year Of The Soulmate! In other words, in 2021, more people than ever before are going to find love! But if they have unresolved negative love karma, their love will end in the same heart-breaking ways that all of their other relationships ended!

When I offered Love Karma Sessions in the past, the results were powerful. People’s love problems disappeared, and many of my clients ended up finding true love once and for all!

So I have decided to start performing Love Karma Healings once again, at the recommendation of my Ascended Master Guide Macar, because I want to help as many people as I can to find their true love! Click here and fill out the form to schedule a Love Karma Healing

What To Expect After A Love Karma Healing 

Here is what you can expect to happen after a Love Karma Healing:

– True love will finally come to you – seemingly effortlessly!

– Your love problems will seem to have disappeared like magic!

– You will notice people being attracted to you like a moth is drawn to a flame

– You will start meeting people who you are compatible with

– You will find yourself reconnecting with ex’s of the past – if they were your true soulmate!

– People you meet will adore and love you as much as you adore and love them too!

– If you are in a relationship – you will see drastic improvements! Just like magic!

– Plus a whole lot more positive and unexpected wonderful results!

If you are having struggles, feeling unfulfilled in love, and just sick and tired of being alone, then a Love Karma Healing will eliminate your loneliness, and put you on the path to finding your one true soulmate!

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How To Schedule Your Love Karma Healing 

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In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S.  Here’s Your Love Horoscope For April 2021

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