Here’s Your Love Horoscope For August 2018

I received a few emails during the week, asking me some questions about their psychic readings. So I thought this email would be a good way to answer those questions, since it seems many people often wonder about the same thing.

Here is one of the emails I recently received:

Dear Tana,

I had a reading with you about 2 months ago, and almost everything you told me came true. But there was once particular thing that has not happened yet, so I was wondering why everything except that one thing came true? Is it something I did?

Tammy C.

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Dear Tammy,

There are a few things that can be the reason for this.

  1. Free will, either yours or the other person’s, changed the outcome.
  2. It has not happened yet due to not enough time has passed.
  3. Sometimes Angels and Guides are off on their time frames because time is different in the spirit world. (One year on earth equals one day in the spirit world.)


Free Will

Free will can change outcomes, this is why I recommend readings at least every three months, so that if free will is causing something not to happen, we can catch it and see what needs to be done to correct the situation.

Not Enough Time Has Passed

Some things happen quicker than others. So sometimes it requires some patience for things to transpire.

Spiritual Time Frames

The time frames on earth and the spirit world are different. My guides try to be as accurate as possible when giving time frames, but sometimes they can be off by a month or two. Please remember that! Remember, a year on earth is only one day in the spirit world!

I hope that answered your question!


Here is the other email I received:

Dear Tana,

We had a reading a few months back and you told me I was going to meet a man. You even told me his first name, what he would look like, and even what his favorite color would be! Well, I met him and he was just like you described!

He is a great guy, and nicer than anyone I’ve ever met before, but now that I have met him, there is one thing that bugs me about him. He showers twice a day! He likes to shower at night and in the morning! I understand wanting to be clean, but showering twice a day seems to me to be a bit extreme!

He is everything I ever wanted, except for his extreme showering habits! Could he still be my soulmate?

Amanda L.

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Dear Amanda,

I don’t think there is anything wrong with someone wanting to be clean! As a matter of fact, many people often shower twice a day! It seems to me that he likes to keep himself clean. I imagine he likes to smell good for you at night!

If showering twice a day is the only thing you find wrong with him, then maybe you need to reevaluate your concept of a soulmate? Soulmates are based on the connection two people share, not on how clean someone likes to be!

When it comes to finding a soulmate, it is important to really think about what is, and what isn’t, really that important! I think his showering is a good problem to have!


The above email brings up a good point. Sometimes we can be so picky about the littlest things that we forget to focus on the things that are really important!

When two people bond to a level of love, trust, and respect, they have found a rare and unique love that should be cherished and built upon!

I hope you found this email helpful! And I look forward to talking to you again very soon!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. PSYCHIC TIP: Here’s a tip that will make your reading even more powerful!

Just before your reading, write down your questions, then place the piece of paper between your palms, and ask your angels to give you answers that are only for your highest good during your reading This will magnetize and attune your vibrations with the higher vibrations of the universe, and help your answers to come through even stronger!

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P.S.S.S. Here’s Your Love Horoscope For August 2018

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  1. That feeling u feel is from me and I don’t know what to do my relationship seems to be going nowhere

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