Here’s Your Love Horoscope For February 2018

Hi there,

Last week, I received quite a few emails from people after they read my email about how a psychic reading can actually help you change the outcome of a problem or situation by letting you know about it BEFORE it arises!

Having a reading and knowing about a potential problem in your future BEFORE it happens gives the ability to stay one step ahead of it before it explodes like an unexpected bomb in your life.

I received over 250 emails from my clients after sending out that email, and as always, I wanted to share a few of them with you!

How A Psychic Reading Prevented My Breakup!

Dear Tana, 

I had a reading with you about one month ago! I wanted to tell you how helpful it was for me! 

You told me my boyfriend was thinking about leaving me because he was losing his sexual attraction towards me! It was hard to hear at the time, but I have actually gained 40 pounds since we met about one year ago, and he didn’t know how to tell me he was no longer turned on by my physical appearance! 

I started dieting, and have already lost 10 pounds! Tana, you were so right, just 10 pounds has made a huge difference. Three days ago he came unto me for the first time in over 4 months! 

It felt like the first time we met! I truly believe he was planning to leave me like if I didn’t lose the weight, just you had told me during our reading! 

You were so kind and caring the way you explained to me what I needed to do! And you know what Tana, you were right! What you told me to do really worked! 

I love this man with all of my heart, and I never want to lose him. I now am on the road to losing the rest of my weight. I feel better, and he looks at me differently already! 

Thank you, Tana Hoy, for saving my relationship! You are wonderful! I’ll be calling you for another reading next week because I need to know about my job! 

Jolene F. in Santa Fe, NM 

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How A Psychic Reading Saved My Job And Prevent A Serious Lawsuit! 

Dear Tana, 

I had a reading with you about 3 weeks ago, and you told me that I needed to be careful because my coworker was backstabbing me to my boss! 

Tana, I have to be honest and tell you I thought you were way off during our reading! I was a star employee at my job, and my boss loved me! I actually believed you were dead wrong! 

Well, let me tell you, Tana! Two days after our reading, my boss who loved me, called me into her office and gave me a verbal warning and accused me of something I never did! 

She was cold as ice towards me Tana. I had never seen this side of her before! 

Come to find out, my coworker, who is/was also my best friend, had been going behind my back because she wanted my position! 

She acted all nice to my face and we even socialized outside of work! But she was totally fake and trying to get me fired behind my back! 

Everything you told me during our reading started to happen! I realized you were not so dead wrong after all! I was speechless Tana Hoy. 

I did what you told me to do when this happened, and I demanded my boss to watch surveillance videos, or else I threatened to file a lawsuit against them for false accusations! 

Just as you said Tana, my coworker was stealing money, and using my ID number, to make it look like I was stealing money from the company! 

She was immediately fired, I got a “fear” raise of $15,000 if I signed something saying I would not press charges against my company, and my boss promoted me to a supervisor! 

Tana, if I had had that reading with you just a week later, I would be unemployed and possibly homeless right now! Thank you for saving my career! 

Tana enclosed is a “Thank You” check to you for $1,000. * 

Thanks, Tana. 

Linda C. in Los Angeles, CA 

* (NOTE: Although I appreciated her gesture, I returned the check explaining to her that there was no need to tip me for helping her! I told her that as a psychic, I am supposed to help people in that way! I then told her how much I appreciated her generous gift, but to please use that money to buy herself something nice as a reward for her courage to take my advice and instead of sitting back and letting her company dump on her!!) 

How A Psychic Reading Saved My Life 

Dear Tana, 

I wanted to tell you that you saved my life! During our reading last month, you told me I should go to the doctor immediately, and not wait past the next day! I was really worried when you told me that, but you assured me that if I took immediate action, I would be okay! 

You told me you were not a doctor, and could not diagnose me, but told me to have a doctor look over my back area just to make sure everything looked fine there! 

I did as you said, and my doctor found a small spot that he wanted to biopsy! He biopsied it and the results came back positive for cancer. Tana, my doctor had a look of relief on his face when he gave me the results. He told me that it was a fast-growing type of cancer, and if I had waited a week longer, it could have been too late! 

He asked me why I demanded an appointment that day when I called his office, and I told him I acted on a “hunch”! He told me my hunch was right, and he was glad I was so insistent with his secretary! 

Thank you Tana. You have my full trust from this day forward! 

Terry L. in Kalamazoo, MI. 

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I didn’t expect to receive all of the emails I received, so thank you to everyone who emailed me! 

If You Need Help – I Can Help You! 

I can use my psychic powers to help you prevent problems before they occur by looking not your future and finding them before they happen!

If you want to prevent unseen problems, or if you are faced with a problem that you need answers to, suspect something that you need confirmed, or need to know how something in your life is going to turn out, let me use my psychic powers to give you the answers, and show you the best solutions to any problem you have!

You can call my office at 614-444-6334 or click here to set up a confidential and private reading with me!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

Here is your Love Horoscope For February 2018

P.S. Please email me and say hi! I love getting emails from people! I also think it might be time for a “check ahead” reading as a preventative measure! Especially if we have not had one yet!

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  1. Hi Tana,

    I plan to contact you soon for a reading. I listen to you all the time on 93.9 WKYS in the Baltimore/Washington area and I am also interested in your feedback. I have always wanted a reading from a psychic/medium as I my father past when I was 13 and I’ve always wanted to know if he is proud of me today. I am also interested about my love life as I am not sure how it will turn out and I will make the right decision for my future. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

    Thanks for all that you do!


  2. Irma says:

    Hi Tana, I enjoy your emails! Thank you.
    I’ve had several readings with you and the only thing that you were right on was our dog. You predicted us getting a dog . He’s perfect for our small family. I tried the love mantras and nothing. It’s like I’m not readable in love? This is the longest I’ve been single in my life. As I get older, I see a lot of single people, choosing to be alone! I don’t want to be single, we were created to be in partnerships. Why is love decreasing in the world? They are even working on robots to have sex with people?! As if people are not disconnected enough with all this technology . Will they find a cure of the HPV? There is a vaccines now but a cure? Why is it spreading ?

  3. Mary Morris says:

    Thank you!!! They said I would never make it home

    But I did!!!


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